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Physically, this Transcend 16 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB Flash Drive looks almost identical to the SanDisk Cruzer Micro 16GB drive. The retractable USB plug on the Transcend drive also works EXACTLY the same way as the Sandisk (I'm surprised that somebody hasn't got sued yet). But that's where the similarity ends, because the Transcend JetFlash is a whole lot faster!

A bit of background information: I own both the Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4GB and 16GB versions. What I noticed is that the 16GB version is much slower than the 4GB version, especially when witting data. I even contacted Sandisk customer support, trying to find out what is the speed of Cruzer Micro. The response I got was quite useless:
"There is no guaranteed speed for SanDisk Cruzer Micro flash drives, as the speed for these flash drives have not been tested. If you need a flash drive with fast data transfer speed, we recommend SanDisk Extreme Cruzer Contour for this."

Prior to ordering this JetFlash drive, I visited the Transcend USA web site to search for information. Surprise, surprise! The data transfer speed of JetFlash 500 (under the 'V' series) is actually specified as:
"Read 15 MByte/s, Write 7 MByte/s (16GB)"

Once I received this Transcend JetFlash drive, I put it through several benchmark programs, to compare against the Sandisk Cruzer Micro:

- For typical photo files, write speed of the Transcend varies from 6.8MB/s (for 1MB file) to 11.3MB/s (for 5MB file). In contrast, the Sandisk only ranges from 2.0MB/s to 3.5MB/s. That means the Transcend is about 3x faster than the Sandisk! (See my Customer Images for details)

- For very large video files, the Transcend writes at about 7.8MB/s, while the Sandisk only reaches 5.1MB/s. The difference in smaller but still significant.

In terms of storage space: The Transcend drive reports 15.1GB of total capacity, while the Sandisk drive reports 14.9GB. Note that it is normal for a '16GB' flash drive to show only 14.9GB of storage, because 14.9GB for computer people (where 1GB = 2 to the power 30) actually translates to about 16,000,000,000 bytes. So that can be called '16GB' according to marketing people (where 1GB = 10 to the power 9).

In summary, the Transcend JetFalsh 16GB drive looks and works just like the Sandisk Cruzer Micro, but its write speed is +50% to +200% faster than the latter. As of this writing, both drives are available at similar prices, so this makes the Transcend a much better value.

[Update on Nov 3, 2010]:
- The price of this Transcend USB drive dropped further during the past two months. So now it is an even better value.

- Several reviewers have reported bad experiences using this USB drive on the Xbox 360. Right now your only safe bet is to get the Xbox 360 - 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive by SanDisk, which costs twice as much.

- If you don't intend to use the software supplied by Transcend, simply rename the file "Autorun.inf" (located at the root directory of this drive) to something else, such as "Autorun._inf". Then you can use it as a simple USB storage device.
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on February 13, 2011
Bought this to replace a 4gb Transcend drive. I've been impressed with all the Transcend memory products I've owned so far (mp3 players, flash drives, flash cards) and this continues with this product. The drive is fast enough for my uses. The build quality is good, although it feels a bit flimsy at times. I've dropped it a few times (by accident, I swear!) and I've not had any data problems unlike a Kingston flash drive I own that gets corrupted files with every drop (yes, I could try to be a bit more careful). My only qualm about this flash drive is that although the slider locks into place, it's sometimes quite easily pushed back if your trying to push the drive into a tight usb port. And I was hoping that the activity LED would've lit up the majority of the drive or at least the thumb slider (like the Sandisk Cruzer) but it's a pretty tiny LED. I would buy this product again though.
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on February 23, 2011
There's another review on here that goes into technical detail about how this flashdrive is faster and more efficient than the Sandisk competetor, it's the truth. It also comes with some software that can encrypt certain files and folders, which essentially means that it password protects them. I usually think the software that comes with a flashdrive is obnoxious and unnecessary, but this is a pretty nifty feature.
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on April 3, 2013
Several weeks after the 30 day return period the Transcend 64gb flash drive cease being recognize by any of my three computers. Amazon offered me the option of an exchange or a refund. I opted for a refund as the flash drive appeared cheaply made, only had only been subjected to very light use and it would lock up every computer it plugged into.

In fact, none of the three computers were able to boot until the drive was unplugged and each computer had to be cold rebooted twice after the device was unplugged before they returned to normal. This reboot problem occurred in Linux, Windows 7 and Android, so the issue was not OS specific. I regularly use a number of brands of flash drives and Ive never seen anything this before.
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on August 29, 2012
Flash drives get cheaper or faster. USB 3.0 flash drives are often much faster but cost twice as much as good USB 2.0 drives.

Is the price difference worth it? It all depends on what you use it for.

After I discovered a $2 "Nexus Media Importer" app (no root required) that would allow me to access my media files via the USB 2.0 port on my Google Nexus 7 (N7) tablet, I had to find a reasonably big and reasonably fast USB flash drive for those times when I don't have ready access to WIFI. (With WIFI, the N7 can easily view large video files via network Windows or Linux Samba shares.)

For N7's USB 2.0 port, I chose Transcend's $38 Jetflash 530 USB 64GB flash drive. (Note: 530 series is faster than 500 series.)

As you can see from my Crystal DiskMark test image (see photo at top of product page), the Transcend is fairly fast while reading large video files and still not bad reading small files. It has decent speed writing large files but performs poorly when writing small files. For use with the N7, writing small files is not important at all, so this flash drive matches my N7 requirements.

As others have mentioned, it looks like (but is much faster than) a slightly elongated white version of a SanDisk Cruzer slider.

The Transcend 530 64GB comes formatted as FAT32, making it easily accessible on both Windows and non-Windows devices.
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on February 2, 2013
32 GB at an amazing price! The JetFlash 530 is fast and lightweight. Although it's a little large when compared to the newer, ultra-small flash drives out there, this thing gets the job done. I use it with my MacBook Pro Early 2011 -- which has 2 USB ports placed at most 1/8 inch apart -- and it's narrow enough to plug in and remove without interfering with the other USB device.

My only complaint is that the slider switch to retract the USB plug makes a little rattle noise when retracted. This kind of makes the device feel somewhat plastic and cheap. But again, can't stress how easy it is to transfer large files, reinstall your operating system, etc. with the Transcend JetFlash 530! Throw away all those 1 GB flash drives in your desk drawer and upgrade to this 32 GB beast!
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on December 4, 2010
I've shopped around for a good-all-around flashdrives but couldn't find that's better than this one. The color is office friendly, no other flashdrive has white and as stylish as this one - easily distinguishable, most people have the generic black color "micro cruzer" - when they see I have this type - they want one, too, the design is a quick draw in/out - no more losing caps! I bought a Case Logic black case for it from Walmart for $4 bucks and snap a swivel larnyard. Loop the larnyard through your belt and stash it in your pocket - if you don't want anything dangling around your neck.

First you need to download the (Jetflash Elite) software from Transcend's website. It offers a password capability - note: most flashdrives do not have a password capability (don't buy one without it) so all the information you have in there can be compromised - kinda like leaving your car with valueables inside UNlocked in public.

Price is fair. Capacity is midrange (8GB). Performance is very fa s t. Works great with Windows 7 and later. Works with Macs as well.

Stop your shopping around and get this one - there's just no comparison!
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on April 20, 2011
The flash drive I received had unbelievably slow (as in hours to transfer 30-50MB of files) from the get-go. I worked with a number of utilities to diagnose the problem and all of them failed to complete running their tests. I was not even able to re-format the drive for use, indicating something seriously wrong.

If you receive a good quality drive I understand the transfer times are fast, however I did not, so apparently quality control is not entirely there. It's too bad - great capacity, a sharp design, and I've been pleased with other products from Transcend but not with this one.
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on August 15, 2013
I have bought Transcend flash drives in several sizes, and all of them are working well. My husband and I generally use the smaller ones to transfer translation jobs, which we collaborate on, back and forth between our computers, and as we go along, we keep saving our work to both the desktop and the flash drive, just in case something important should get erased. This practice has saved us a number of times.

It is important to know, if you buy one of these drives, that pushing the USB connector out all the way will allow you to insert it into the port without holding on to the colored "slide," whereas if you push the slide only part way, the connector will not remain out and the slightest pressure will send it safely back inside the shell of the drive. When I bought my first Transcend drive, I was annoyed because I thought I had to hold onto the colored slide in order to insert the drive into the USB port. Not so.
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on September 6, 2013
I'd been using this pendrive for almost a year and I liked it: it was big, fast, cheap, didn't get hot, and didn't have a cap to lose - hands down my favorite pendrive. So I was sad when it went missing a week ago.

Imagine my joy this morning when I put on my pants only to find my lost pendrive there waiting for me in the pocket! Imagine my dismay upon realizing that I had washed my pants since the last time I'd worn them.

I put the pendrive in a bag of rice just in case there was any residual humidity inside, though I suspect that the permanent press cycle took care of that. This evening I took it out of the bag, shook the rice out, uttered a small prayer to the gods of NAND, and stuck it in my USB port.


Not only was the drive recognized, but it still has all its data! I started checking for corrupted files but everything's OK. I copied a 600 mb file back and forth from the pendrive to my desktop and, even with a bunch of other windows I got 22 MB/s write, 7.5 MB/s read. Win.
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