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on June 4, 2012
The Transcend 16GB High Speed Class 10 UHS-1 SDHC memory card is one of the fastest SDHC-type memory cards you can currently find on the market. This is great for transferring images from your card to your PC or Mac using your computer's SD card reader. However, this memory card may or may not be any faster inside your camera than a slower memory card. The Ultra-High Speed (UHS-1) standard supports a clock frequency of 100 MHz (4 times faster than the original default speed for SDHC), which in four-bit transfer mode could transfer 50 MB/s. UHS-I cards also support a clock frequency of 208 MHz, which could transfer 104 MB/s.

This is all well and good, but most cameras don't support this kind of rapid read/write speed and unless you have a USB 3.0 memory card reader you won't be able to transfer files that fast either. The newest professional-grade DSLRs usually support UHS-1 speeds but in the overwhelming majority of cameras this memory card isn't much (if any) faster.

If you know what you're buying and either your camera or your USB 3.0 card reader can handle UHS-1 speeds then you should buy this memory card. If not, you can probably save some cash and buy a cheaper 16GB SDHC card.
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I ordered this Transcend 32 GB Class 10 UHS Flash Memory Card TS32GSDHC10U1E during an Amazon Lightning deal. Prior to this purchase, I have used over one dozen memory products (CF/SD cards and USB drives) from Transcend, and have good experiences with this brand.

I tested this card upon its arrival using several benchmark programs. Note that my computer only has an USB 2.0 port, so it is unable to reveal the full potential of this card. But here are my findings anyway:

First, I used a benchmark program called "H2testw v1.4" to find out the write speed for large (1GB) files. This is essentially the same as the sequential-write speed used for SD card speed ratings. To qualify as a class-10 card, the card must be able to sustain sequential-write speed of 10MB/s.

Results for all my class-10 SDHC cards, from fastest to slowest:
- Transcend TS32GSDHC10U1E (this card) : 15.1MB/s [*See update below]
HP CG790A : 15.1MB/s
Transcend TS16GSDHC10E : 14.6MB/s
PNY P-SDHC16G10 : 13.6MB/s
Kingston SD10G2/16GB : 10.7MB/s
SanDisk SDSDU-032G-AFFP : 10.6MB/s
(See the chart I uploaded to 'Customer Images')

For completeness sake, I also benchmarked this Transcend UHS1 card using other programs, including "Flash Memory Toolkit v2.0" and "CrystalDiskMark 3.01". The results are even more impressive (see 'Customer Images' section for details). The card delivered excellent write speed for both large and small files, while most other cards performed poorly for smaller files.

Of course, the REAL benchmark needs to be done in the actual application. For that, I inserted each card in my Canon Rebel T1i, set it to save both RAW and JPEG formats, then took 10 consecutive shots in burst mode. Again, the Transcend UHS1 card is the fastest, taking only 16.2s to save all 250MB of data. This beats my previous speed-champ (HP class-10) by 0.5s. It is interesting to note that the Sandisk Ultra took much longer at 23.8s, even though it also qualifies as a class-10.

The capacity of this Transcend card, as reported by my computer, is only 30.1GB. This is actually normal because computer people count one Gig as "2 to the power 30", which is 7.3% larger than one billion. So 30.1GB translates to over 32 billion bytes, which is '32GB' according to marketing people.

Bottom Line:
This Transcend UHS1 SDHC card turns out to be the fastest among all class-10 cards I have ever tested. Unfortunately, since I don't have an USB 3.0 port, I am unable to unlock its full potential. I still consider it a great value, especially at the Lightning deal price I paid (around 80 cents per GB). But in case this item is not on sale, you may want to consider the HP class-10 card which is almost as fast when used in USB 2.0 mode.

[*Update on May 5, 2013]
The old card reader I used (Transcend M5) was limiting the speed of this Transcend UHS-1 card. I re-ran the H2testw benchmark with a new Transcend USB 3.0 Card Reader (TS-RDF5K), and the Write speed jumped from 15.1 to 22.5MB/s. The Read speed also jumped from 18 to 30MB/s, which is limited by the USB 2.0 port I used. I should expect even better results if I had a USB 3.0 port.

[**Update on Dec 26, 2013]
I re-tested this Transcend card on USB 3.0 port, using 'CrystalDiskMark 3.01 x64'. The new results are:
- Sequential Read speed increased from 34.8MB/s to 90.0MB/s (+160%)
- Sequential Write speed increased from 29.0MB/s to 41.6MB/s (+43%)
review image review image review image review image
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on April 25, 2012
I've got five Transcend flash cards now (4 SD, 1 CF). Haven't had any problems with any of them, and have taken thousands of images on them (I'm a part-time professional photographer; mostly weddings). In general, I think Transcend cards tend to be one of the better deals out there for flash memory. Would I rather have the name Sandisk or Lexar on the cards? Yes, for peace of mind, if the price were the same. But it's not (for an equivalent product). And I think that's the point. These work just about as well, *and* they're reasonably priced.

SPEED: Using Atto Disk Benchmark, I had consistent read speeds of 80 MB/sec and write speeds of 45 MB/sec using the USB 3.0 connection on my SSD-equipped laptop and the Kingston USB 3.0 card reader. That's pretty good. My standard class 10 Transcend 8GB card only gets 20MB/sec read, 14MB/sec write.

Keep in mind that this card is only faster than a standard class 10 card when used with a UHS-1 compatible device (a USB 3.0 card reader, etc). If you don't have one of those (most people don't), a standard class 10 (or even class 6) is likely to perform just as well, and at a much cheaper price. You won't notice a difference while it's in your camera.

Transcend 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC10E
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on June 23, 2014
I now use this card but only as the backup card in the secondary slot of all the company cameras. For the money you get alot more card than you do against most of the major players in the memory card business. But to do do this, something had to suffer....... I am not going to go into the specifics of the problems created by this card ie failure of the communication circuit between the memory and etc.... and then sorry we can not recover the images, but you can send it to a 3rd party specialist for a tremendous fee who can probably recover most of the data. In the meantime, we would be glad to send you a new card.


What I am going to say this if this is going to be your main card or only card in your camera..spend a little more and buy a different card.. but if your profession, like us, is professional event photography and you always are running two cards in both slots as mirror images of each other, then for the money, this is a great card to use in slot 2 as your backup card. For the money and performance
you can't beat it. For the reliability the odds are against you according to our in house statistics. ( We operate with about 700 cards)

Very seldom do I ever take the time to write a review, but since I am in the business of capturing memories that can not be recreated I ask you.....Is the loss of those memories worth the few dollars in savings by buying this card.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon June 14, 2012
I was a little apprehensive about buying this card because it was stated that this is a Class 10 as well as a UHS-1 card.

In the fine print on the packaging, it actually says the maximum speed requires UHS-1 compatible device. This is important to note.

The maximum official speed is stated to be 85MB/s. And Class 10 speed is 10MB/s.

While I'm using this on a Panasonic GH2, I'm getting performance that is significantly faster than my previous Transcend Class 10 SD card. However, the GH2's camera limit for writing is around 45MB/s. So I wasn't getting the full advantage of the Transcend card on that camera.

I also tried it on other cameras. From the performance I'm seeing, this card is quite fast. Performance difference compared to the SanDisk 95MB/s card which I also have is not huge. However, the price of the SanDisk is much higher.

So overall, the Transcend SDHC card is a good deal for the money.
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EDIT: 1/2/15 I used this 3 times in my Canon camcorder....after the third time I placed it in my camcorder (Christmas Morning) and it wouldn't read the card. I tried formatting it but the camcorder nor my pc could find the card. This is the first Transcend card I have purchased and will be the last. I have 7 Sandisk Extreme cards that I have had for 6 years, in various writing speeds and they all still work. I gambled to save a few bucks and yourself a favor and get something different. Trust me, you don't want to go somewhere and want to record and this card will be stuck not capturing the moment. Thank goodness I had brought along my backups. I payed almost 25 bucks for this on Amazon and its in the trash after 3 uses.

So with almost 300 reviews I doubt this gets read but I am very pleased with the card. I have had Canon and Sandisk cards forever. I recently got a Canon camcorder. I pulled the card from my canon t3 camera and placed it in the camcorder ..shot a few videos and went to dump them to the pc and sweet lord. It took almost 20 minutes to dump a 3 minute video from a Sandisk Ultra to my pc. So I went shopping. That was not going to work for me. It great for the camera but not for the video camera. I took a chance on this and I was blown away on the speed of this thing. I'll leave the numbers to the techs on here but I dumped an 8 minute video in about 15 seconds to my pc. In short this solved my problem and seems to be a very nice card. I would order this again and I will recommend it to anyone with a high def video camera looking for good speeds. Happy Shopping!!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 20, 2013
This memory card was purchased for a trip to Sicily. I took over 500 photos on the trip. On the next to last day of the trip and error message came up in my camera. I tried the card in another camera and in a computer, all showed an error and the photos could not be retrieved. Multiple retrieval programs were tried but to no avail. All my photos were lost. I then tried to format the memory card but after formatting the card it still would not hold a photo and still gave an error message. Bottom line, this card had a manufacturing defect and this Transcend brand I will never use nor would recommend it to anybody. I will stick to more reliable brands like Sandisk.
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on March 5, 2014
I had been using this to hold mp3's for the player in my car. Just tried to reload some different files on it and all the storage has become inaccessible, without the ability to recover any space. Two months is all this was good for and I seem to have no recourse...

Not what I would call a good purchase.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 5, 2013
I have bought four of these Transcend SDHC UHS1 Class 10 cards, TS32GSDHC10U1E, over the past 10 months for my Nikon D600 and they've all worked fine until last week when one of them is no longer able to be formatted and registers as "FAILED" by my camera. Fortunately, it was after I'd dumped the photos onto my hard drive, so no lost data, but that's $30 down the tubes. I'll have to dig up my warranty info and see what "Captain Transcend" will do to replace it.
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on February 21, 2014
Both me and my daughter love phtogralhy and each of us have a Canon. My one is a 60D, an excellent device.
I had already 8GB Transcend memories and I bought these 32GB cards both for me and for her. The transfer speed is far better, the memory is so trustable: I've been using the 8GB cards for more than 2 years and I never lost a photo.
For those who are willing to buy a camera memory, an IMPORTANT WARNING: Transcend has a site for COMPATIBILITY CHECK:
It is highly recommended to check the compatibility before, since some cameras don't recognize some memory cards.
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