Sony DVDirect DVD Recorder VRDMC5
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Transfer legally purchased VHS tapes to DVD Will this thing copy my personally owned VHS tapes to DVD, for preservation purposes? I have over 500 movies and many (most?) are not available on DVD. These movies are not homemade movies of the kids or family, but commercial movies (probably copyrighted) slowly deteriorating from repeated play. The DVD copies are definitely NOT for resale or other distribution.
asked by G. McGowan on November 18, 2007
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Thanks for the tips. I ordered the VRDMC5 then went to ebay and searched for the DVS. Found five for sale-only three were new. I purchased on wiht Buy it Now option for $34.95. Am anxious to try both in combination.
Risdon W. Hankinson answered on December 2, 2007
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Back about 20 years ago or so, I purchased for $19.95 a "little black box" that allowed me to make back up copies of most of my Disney and other "protected" tapes. For my own use and my protection against the tape eating VCR's. Some colors on the copies faded and changed as
they were made. But mostly the "Digital Video Stabilizer" from HSN Marketing on Fulton Street in Boonton, NJ (201-316-2400) worked.

Some of the earlier original and/or protected VHS copies that play so well would not capture and save to the Memorex DVD+R disks I am using successfully.

So I thought I might just hook up the DVS between my Orion VC player (not a vcr - BUT IT ALSO WORKS THRU A VCR AND ALSO AN ORDINARY DVD PLAYER) and the 4000 and see what happened. Have now successfully made my back up DVD's from most of my original and copied Disney classic movies and other movies .

And the beauty of making the DVD copies is I bypassed all of those 10 or so minutes of teasers that Disney loads my purchased VHS tapes up with to entice the grandchildren to scream for those that I dont have yet.

Not trying to deprive Disney and/or their merchandisers of their revenue on my already purchased movies. But if they elect to put enbargoes on certain classics, both VHS and DVD, there was an answer.

I am even providing from an offering on Ebay what appears to be an exact black box that I purchased many years ago for the $19.95 each (even bot 2 of them). The seller doesnt realize what is being sold. 11/19/07 BUT THIS NEW SELLER BELOW DOES.

Searched on Ebay for Digital Video Stabilizer

Found the same box. Now asking $60.00 obo. Might want to make an offer and also keep checking for another offer.
Kindle Customer answered on November 19, 2007
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The DVS device was used about 20 years ago to copy protected VHS tapes to new VHS tapes using 2 VCRs. The new copies were then available without any protection and could be used to make additional backup copies of my own originally purchased protected tapes.

So when using those unprotected tapes copied from original protected tapes to make the DVDs with the Sony device, the SVD is not required. I do leave the DVS black box connected to the VCplayer at all times regardless of the tapes being copied to either the Sony and/or the HP Movie Writer 4000/5000. Believe I read some long time ago that using the DVS can improve the quality of the final copies.

Suppose your question regarding "previous models" concerns the Sony, since it seems the DVS is the same from about that 20 years ago or so. I had checked the Sony site and some of the "reviews" about the different Sony models and seems that this newest edition offers additional functions that made its purchase worth a difference.

Would be interesting and informative to know how Mr. H. is coming along with his 500 tapes to be converted to DVD.
Kindle Customer answered on January 14, 2008
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did this work? do you have to have the digital video stabilizer to record an old VHS movie onto DVD?
Alan Mushnick answered on December 14, 2007
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I now have both the DV stablizer and the VRDMC5--I have not had tome to try them in serial yet--well do so this weekend--let you know what happened.
Risdon W. Hankinson answered on December 14, 2007
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Mr. Hankinson,

Have now made perfect backup DVD copies of some 40 of my own personally purchased original VHS tapes from VCPlayer on the Sony w/black box.

Have found that the Sony and the black box have rejected as PROTECTION DETECTED - COPY DELETED 3 tapes that were actually saved off the internet or were VCR to VCR copies i had made many years ago with no original copy protection. Strange. But was able to use standalone HP Movie Writer, computer and black box to make DVDs from those same 3 tapes. Sony may have found a glitch in the older tapes after some time of copying and decided to reject. But whatever was copied earlier is available on the
dvd disk and readable.

Have found that using Memorex DVD+RW disks from Amazon - 25 for $12.50. 2 spindles and shipping is free- in the Sony or with my HP Movie Writer may be cheaper if having problems with any of the tapes and those "coasters". Save on RW, then use the free VSO Inspector to scan disk for errors - also can check entire file it desired. Also use Inspector to confirm that saves directly to DVD write once have no disk errors. VSO also offers a free Image Resizer. Best I have found for reducing or enlarging those digital jpeg pictures for viewing or emailing.

I also use 2 programs from AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. They might be of interest. Most supported with free updates as author finds the need of any program bot in some 28 years. Does a perfect job of making copies of your own personally owned original DVDs and allows copy without all the ad's some of the DVD's want the buyer to sit thru.

The Slysoft programs allow me to copy the material from the RW disks to a write once DVD or another RW with just one DVD writer. Msft copy and Sonic Recond Now will not copy RW to write once disks with just one drive.

And after the fact. Just found this week that MCM offers the same black box I bot from Sharper Image those many years ago. For same $19.95. Thought you or other Sony users might want a new back up black box to back up your tape material.

Have found that trying to use the black box from a DVD player to the Sony direct DV does not work. Immediate rejection as PROTECTION DETECTED. But before Slysoft was able to use black box to copy original DVD movies from DVD player thru my HP MW.

Much joy with your 500 tape to DVD conversion project and hopefully much success.
Kindle Customer answered on December 14, 2007
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If there's no protection on the VHS tapes do we still need DVS to transfer to DVD?

Also what are te previous models? If cheaper I might go for a previous model.
Dream answered on January 9, 2008
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I had some VHS tapes made from old super 8 movies. I copied one of the VHS tapes to a DVD with no trouble.
Donald MacGregor answered on January 9, 2008
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can I transfer original purchase VHS tapes to the DVD format?
Ted T. answered on July 14, 2014
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