Transferring MP3 collection to ipod Classic 160 GB - pros & cons? I am thinking of making a change from Archos & Cowon MP3 players to an ipod Classic (newest one). I have looked for a simple & unbiased answer to this question: Can I simply transfer my MP3's to itunes or drag & drop onto an ipod or into itunes. I do have a very large collection and I expect some may get caught as unidentifiable by itunes. That has always been my biggest beef with itunes. Is making a move to an ipod & itunes worth it?Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
asked by cgrinned on November 11, 2011
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If you have an MP3 library, you can import those files (under file menu) over when you open iTuens, but it will take time to do so. I would do it in batches. There is a function where you can rename the album, artist, song title... if it is not recoginized by iTunes. I think if it is named properly in your MP3 files, it transfers over the information.
twister411 answered on March 8, 2012
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Is it worth it? That depends on your point of view. For me, I've been using ipods for years and for me it wouldn't be worth switching over to a Cowon player now (even though I had considered it). For starters, I already have my music library ripped into Apple lossless and/or the AAC formats which most other players (like the Cowon's) won't recognize. And it would take days if not a week to rip it back over to some other format that Cowon's could play. Another reason I'm staying with ipods (and consequently, why I switched over to them in the first place) is because of the numerous 3rd party hardware that exists for ipods. The stereo in my car, the speaker dock in my room, the earbuds with in-line controls; are all ipod specific which I've already sunk hundreds of dollars into. So for me, trying out another brand of player just isn't worth it for me. I'm pretty happy with the ipods I've used, although I've heard that the Cowon players have better sound chips, and therefore, have better sound than ipods.

If you want to take advantage of all that 3rd party, ipod specific hardware out there then yes, I think it is advantageous to get one. As you've pointed out though, yes you have to deal with itunes to transfer everything over to the ipod. When I first started using them (about 5 years ago) I thought itunes was an atrocious and annoying bit of software to have to use, but now it isn't nearly as bad as past versions and rather easy to have to deal with. The one thing you need to keep in mind when using ipods/itunes is that they depend on all your music file's ID tags to be in order. Like for any particular album they need to have the same artist and album name, proper track numbers and titles, etc. I use dbPoweramp to rip all my CD's which lets you automatically retrieve and edit the tags before you rip the CD and most places you download from now a days have the music's tags labeled properly. I don't know from what source(s) you've gleamed your digital library from, but if your tags aren't in order, there are some programs out there (as well as itunes itself) that can help you put them in order faster than you having to edit all of them manually yourself.
Hectic answered on March 14, 2012
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itunes is a pig. You should expect it a full day to get it loaded. Leave yourself the better part of a week if you have to restart or play around with it. Don't bother letting "gapless playback" scans run. They buy you nothing but take forever (literally).
A. Felson answered on February 28, 2012
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You actually CAN transfer music and videos onto your iTunes library from your computer. Just open iTunes and the file which contains your MP3s and drag all of the songs onto an iTunes playlist. They'll be automatically added to your iTunes' music playlist. From there you can right-click the item and go to Get Info where you can change the name, artist, album, artwork, and other information/options of the song for better sorting. The only downside of this is that if you move the MP3 file from one place to another or delete it, you'll have to start the process over again. Also, you won't be able to download the song straight off the iTunes store as you would be able to if you purchased it from there.
Jong Seung Kweon answered on November 16, 2013
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