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on May 24, 2014
I purchased this case for my Asus T100 laptop. Great value for a stylish, snug case. The case does not interfere with the tablet's ability to detect when opened (i.e. tablet wakes from sleep mode when the case is opened). Excellent prop-up feature with optional vertical or horizontal orientation.

The case fulfills its purpose but was not designed well for usage while the keyboard is attached to the tablet. The case is not affixed to the keyboard and shifts awkwardly. If dropped the keyboard is completely unshielded. When keyboard is attached it obstructs the magnets connection that helps keep the case closed. The band that keeps the case closed is hard to reach as it rests underneath the keyboard, so it’s a process just to grab the band to close the case.

- Stylish look, case not excessively thick
- Keeps all ports and buttons free, does not cover the SD card slot like other cases
- Excellent prop-up feature with optional vertical or horizontal orientation
- Tablets auto sleep and wake feature works well with the case
- Holes in case to account for speakers

- Case too slick. Hard to grasp with one hand, must hold like a book
- Cheap closing mechanism, wimpy band
- Too much effort to reach the hidden band and wrap around case to close
- Keyboard left completely uncovered
- Ugly lumps on spine of case when closed (back of keyboard pushes through)

After reading the other reviews I want to clarify:
- ALL the tablets buttons and ports are accessible through the case
- Built in camera is not covered
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on February 7, 2014
I am very happy with this case. Exactly as pictured, black leather outside with a soft cloth lining on the inside. Magnets keep it closed when not in use, and also activates the auto-wake capability of the tablet simply by lifting the cover. The tablet is held in the case securely due to the leather/velcro "strap" that folds under tablet at the bottom, no risk of the tablet slipping out unexpectedly. All buttons are easily accessible, including the headphone port and the camera cutouts are both large enough to never get in the way even if the tablet shifts around inside the case a little. I also really like having the slots that hold extra MicroSD cards, I use this tablet primarily for watching movies/videos while travelling (without wifi access) so having multiple MicroSD cards with various media comes in very handy. One card with movies for the kids and one card with movies for me! The case allows you to swivel the tablet from horizontal to vertical very easily and when placed on a flat surface it holds the tablet in position securely. Only possible complaint I can think of is that there is only one position/angle available for both horizontal and landscape but I haven't had a situation yet where it has mattered.
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on March 22, 2014
I had a bit of a problem finding a nice case for my T100TA since the tablet had not long been released. Searching Amazon I found one which was nice, but I had trouble swiping from the left of the screen. I went back to searching, and found this case. I have to say it was just right. The edge cut outs all line up. The screen cut outs are perfect, now I can swipe left, right, and down with ease. Good job Coodio. I would recommend this case to anyone.
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on May 31, 2014
I bought this for my Asus Transformer T100 Tablet with keyboard. It took me a little bit to figure out to flip the cover back to disconnect the keyboard. I love how the stand works - instead of folding back int a tab like other brands. You can adjust the angle to avoid glare or sit in different positions. It is much lighter than the Caseen case I tried (and returned) while still not feeling flimsy. Easy access to all ports. Before I bought this case I was carrying this in my purse without a case. Several times when I pulled it out I had accidentally turned, and after being in my purse all day the battery was almost dead. This case protects the edge so that hasn't happened in the two weeks I've been using it!
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on June 13, 2014
I ordered eight or so various cases for my ASUS T100. What I wanted wasn't complicated. I wanted one that would hold it well whether the keyboard was attached or not, one that was slim, one that was bi-fold instead of tri-fold, and one that looked nice. Out of the eight, there were really only three designs. Seven of the other ones were all knock-offs of somebody else's design. This is the only one that suited all of my requirements. This is the only case I have found that functions well as both a laptop case AND a tablet case & stand.
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on June 22, 2014
This case works perfectly with my Asus Transformer Book. The screen can easily disconnect from the keyboard and still remain in the case for protection when I don't want to take the keyboard with me. The rotation part works very well also.
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on June 19, 2014
I have no idea what the "hand grip" is, but other than that, the case indeed holds the tablet, has a magnetic on/off with the lid, allows the tablet to be docked with the keyboard, accommodates the keyboard dock inside the case (it doesn't provide any protection for the dock other than folding over it though), has a nylon strap to hold it closed with the dock in case you need it (I think a review mentioned it snapping though, no idea how durable it is), and can function as a stand for the tablet in both portrait and landscape mode without the dock attached. All ports and such seem to have appropriate cutouts. It seems like an elegant design that fits my needs.

There are two criticisms I have so far: 1) The spine isn't stiff, so without the dock attached the screen cover can easily slip from its magnetically affixed position if you apply pressure to the spine (e.g. if you hold it closed by the spine like a book). This will wake the screen as well. I assume it will go back to sleep after a few moments as long as you aren't repeatedly shifting the position of the cover. I assume it was necessary to put a bit of give in there so you can fold the cover back for tablet use AND accommodate the keyboard dock in the case, etc. etc. 2) It kind of smells chemical. I am hoping that a good surface cleaning and/or time will fix this.
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on July 16, 2014
Fits the unit just fine. The blue was a lot more startling that expected but looks nice against all the black covers of my other products. Looks really nice when it's just with the tablet part of it but was a little bulky when the keyboard was connected but since it's a bulkier unit than a traditional tablet would be so it's totally expected. There's nothing really to hold the keyboard to the cover so be aware of that when you purchase this; it kind of just hands by the connection to the tablet so be careful. Nice addition to protect my transformer with.
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on January 29, 2016
Since this product was very inexpensive I did not really had high expectations, but expected at least the basic functions to work. However the sleep/wake function did not work and the cover did not completely lay flat against the screen of my iPad Air, so I was worried that smaller articles and dust could slide through and damage the screen. (see pic)
The leather is pliable and I like how the iPad itself is cradled (not snapped in) - the corners are not completely covered but pretty well protected. It stays in place by a flap that folds over the side of the iPad and is secured with Velcro on the inside (see pic). All the function buttons as well as the hole to charge and the camera are uncovered.
I assume the little black elastic flap on the side is to keep your stylus in place, however the opening is very small and it is hard to insert a stylus. Handheld strap is a handy feature. Inserting cards did not interfere with the cover function.
No problems with the 360 Degrees rotating function however to keep the iPad standing was quite a task, especially in landscape mode. It keeps falling over, have to make sure the surface is as flat as possible. Very hard to use while I am laying down.
That being said, I still give it 4 stars because after I contacted the seller, they informed me that the issues with the cover and sleep/wake function might be because it was deformed due to vibration and impact in transit. Even though it was well protected/packaged. So, if this is the reason, than the only real big issue left for me is the case not being able to keep my iPad standing as well as I wanted it to be.
So for the price paid ($4.99) this was not bad at all. I would not buy it if higher priced.
review image review image
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on April 23, 2014
I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing because of some bad reviews. I did have to cut out a hole for the power cord, but was not a big deal and cosmetically not too bad. In the upright position it stands up well too and not too difficult to get it in that position. I'm happy with it, as it's one of the few cases I could find with a hand strap and has the magnetic on/off function and can be used in landscape or portrait positions. I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.
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