Customer Reviews: ASUS T300 13-Inch Laptip [OLD VERSION]
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Style: Core i5 4GB 128GB SSD|Change
Price:$499.99+ Free shipping
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on December 5, 2013
Let me first start with the cons

- No backlit keyboard
- SSD/Memory are etched to the mobo. They cannot be expanded
- Keyboard and Tablet need to be charged separately. The dock doesn't transmit charge
- No WACOM digitizer support
- Tablet on the dock can't be pushed back far enough. The tilt angle could've been better.
- Max brightness could've been better

Now after mentioning the above cons, I still give this a solid five mainly because this is the best Hybrid tablet/laptop in the market powered by the Haswell series. Yoga, Taichi, ATIV, Split x2, Venue Pro... none of them offer what this offers at its price point. I bought it for $760 on Black Friday. Now about the pros

-Solid construction with Aluminum
-Screen is gorgeous with full 1080p support. The tablet itself feels like holding treasure
-Performance is quite smooth and pleasing. I have Netbeans, MySQL, Tomcat running comfortably.
-Full sized Wireless keyboard works even when the tablet is not docked
-Battery life of solid 5 hours with decent brightness and multitasking.
-Specs are quite decent for most day to day tasks - i5 4020u, 4GB ram, 128GB SSD
-Enterprise support with TPM
-13.3 inch screen size hits the sweet spot (12"-13") as 10.1" sucks for office productivity and anything greater than 14" becomes too bulk.

If ASUS fixes the following in the next release, it would become a very attractive choice compared to its competition

-4k resolution
-Expandability for SSD, Memory
-Simplified Charging
-Reduced overall weight (Current tablet weight is 2.4lb, Dock weight is 1.7lb)
-Support Hybrid mode for Windows & Android (Like Samsung ATIV Q)
-Digitizer support (Will please graphic designers and artists immensely)
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on March 4, 2014
This machine is a god send. First, the stats...

i7-4th gen Haswell dual core processor
8 gb of ram
256gb SSD

Oh, and it boots up in LESS THAN SEVEN (7) seconds and it shuts down in less than TWO (2)!

Those stats alone are amazing but add in the fantastic 13.3" screen with 1920x1080 resolution, the excellent battery life (at LEAST 6.5 hours but if you tone down the brightness your battery will last WAY longer), the incredibly light weight and all of the other great things and you come to realize... ASUS is insane for only charging $1399!

Disclaimer: I do NOT work for ASUS. ;)

Seriously, I love this 2 in 1 laptop. I am a student programmer and Link (the nickname I gave this amazing robot) can handle anything I throw at him. Visual Studios with all of its additional components, compiling and multitasking etc, all while looking sleek and futuristic.

ASUS has created the perfect machine.

That being said, there are a few things that might dissuade other buyers... possible cons:
- Only one (1) usb 3.0 port
- Keyboard is NOT backlit
- Keyboard does NOT display its battery life... kind of a guessing game as far as I can tell (possible that I just have no idea how to tell haha)
- Lack of expansion options (to be fair you don't need it but hey, some people might want it)
- Non-capacitive screen. It is a 10-point multi touch screen but you cannot use a capacitive stylus with this machine

I would recommend this laptop for sure. It is, for me, literally the perfect machine. I'm sure in a few years there will be newer, cooler things but, for the moment, the T300LA reigns supreme in my opinion.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions, I will try and answer them as best I can.

A few things I'd like to add to help answer some questions:
- Micro SD slot is located along the bottom of the tablet portion (note: SDXC capable)
- has a MICRO (NOT mini) HDMI out
- does have a connection for standard headphones
- has front AND back webcams/cameras

edit: added one new possible con (non-capacitive screen) and a section at the end listing other features that were not included in the original review. As per Steve's comments we have confirmed that SDXC micro SD cards are usable.
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on December 3, 2013
I had been on market for an ultrabook since Haswell processors have become more available on the market. In the past I have used mostly brink like machines for computational power and 3D rendering capability. I figured this is the time for a change. Instead of getting an laptop with big RAMs for simulation /data processing and a dGPU for hardcore gaming perhaps it is better to let desktop to handle that type of stuff. I wanted something portable, something slick to bring with me in the public, with a touch screen, and it must last long.

I have been eyeballing on the Asus T100 64GB transformer book for awhile. It had a great budget during thanksgiving, but I missed out every deal which were going at $300!! How about a MacBook? Nahh, no touch screen. I was serious thinking about getting the UX302 from ASUS but they decide to not come out in US till later quarters :< Why did I decide to go with the T300LA even though the price is triple? Comparing to T100 the CPU benchmarking is almost three times higher. Two times more ram, two times more memory. instead of a 720p T300LA is a 1080p. A bigger screen. Aluminum top instead of plastic. Roughly 2-3 X the computational power in a roughly similar size device, the extra is actually worth it.

So about 1 week the machine been running like a charm. It is an eye candy. Everytime I dock my T300, or detach it for tablet use, I feel I am under spotlight :D

My GF and I saw a two HD videos on medium brightness setting on the airplane for about 4hours and the battery went down from 80%- 40% (without wifi on). so I would proudly say the 8hours+ of usage advertised is actually valid here. The device came with a keyboard, I believe it has a 1 cell battery in there. The tablet itself has 4 cell 50whr battery. (I think) The keyboard is comfortable to type on and the touchpad is sturdy, accurate, and responsive.

What I am effy about the tablet is.. it seems like the keyboard needs to have battery to be functional, and it is only chargeable through a micro usb port.. The device only have 1 USB 3.0, so this means sometimes you will have to use that port to charge your keyboard so that you can use it? Pretty weird setup, why isn't it possible to charge via docking? Also the maximum brightness is kind of low compare to most of the laptop I had. The maximum brightness is just right for indoor bright environment viewing.

I haven't install any games on this machine yet. I will, just to try it out and I will be updating this review to see if the T300LA is able to run them. I will update on this review if something goes wrong :)

Update: I transferred War Thunder, a World War 2 flight simulation game using a usb 3.0, the speed goes up to about 60mb/s top. with 1920x1080p at low setting the game was running around 28-18 fps. is it playable? your call. I noticed at the "minimum" setting, even with 1920x1080p in airplane selection window solid 50-60 fps, and in game.. I got 90-50 mostly hanging around 65fps... holy I am amazed! To be honest for this game at minimum setting everything looks better than low! because it cut out many unnecessary things.

Diablo 3 works with no lag at lower setting. StarCraft 2 works with no lag at medium setting. I am impressed. However, my other laptop with i7 HD4600 have an obvious advantage of 25-40 frame rate when a lot of things are happening.
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on April 20, 2014
Purchased this convertible laptop as I wanted a more powerful tablet - one that can run full windows programs such as office, Quicken and a bunch of other software applications, while maintaining the ease of use and touch screen capabilities of a tablet.

As a laptop, this is quite a powerful machine. It had a sturdy design and feel, hardware keyboard is very comfortable despite the smaller size compared to a standard keyboard, and the SSD allows this laptop to restart in just a few seconds(!!) and provides an overall excellent performance and responsiveness. As a pure laptop, this is one of the best and most comfortable laptops, I've used till date.

There are 3 issues I have with the overall physical design:
1. Form factor: I guess a better from factor would be the ability to fold the keyboard all the way to the back as done is some other convertibles, negating the need to search the keyboard every time one needs to heavily type or edit.
2. Keyboard charged separately from the screen (which actually contains the laptop hardware). As there is only one USB port, charging the keyboard while using a mouse, requiring connecting the keyboard to a separate power source instead of the main battery on the top portion.
3. Limited screen backwards bending. As the screen section contains all hardware except the keyboard, there is a limit to how much you can bend the screen back - otherwise the unit will just fall backwards due it's uneven weight distribution. This limitation can be very annoying if this laptop is placed on a low table or if you attempt to use it, keyboard attached, when lying on the sofa for example. There is a reason why most laptops can bend almost flat and I've only realized how important this is when using this laptop.

However, the above drawbacks are not as problematic as the attempt to use this as a tablet when the keyboard is detached.
The main problem has nothing to do with Asus design and everything to do with the limitations of MS Windows 8/8.1.

In all fairness, Windows was never designed to support the coarse touch of a finger but rather the pinpoint accuracy of a cursor operated by a mouse. And I'm not even sure if there is a way to combine these two capabilities (how should both left and right mouse click menus be combined for a finger use?) Indeed, when using the "tablet" apps (as opposed to full fledged software applications) designed around touch screen capabilities, the system behaves very well; but when trying to use regular software applications (e.g. a spreadsheet) without the hardware keyboard (and mouse) using touch only, expect only frustration as the smooth touch usage of any smartphone or tablet is just not there and really limit the usage of this as a tablet only for those tablet applications - which really defeats the purpose from my perspective of purchasing this laptop in the first place.

As an example of Windows 8/8.1 shortcomings when it comes to tablet mode usage is the software keyboard which uses almost half the screen and most times covers the text entry fields, requiring hiding and un-hiding the keyboard just to see what I've types. (e.g., I cannot type this review comfortably without connecting the physical keyboard)

In summary, if you are looking for a laptop with some tablet/touch capabilities, this is one of the better choices, especially when price as factored in. However, if you are interested in a powerful tablet which is also able to run full fledged Windows applications, then I guess you'll have to wait for Windows 9 or 10 or maybe even longer than that, as currently such a device does not yet exist; and maybe never will.
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on December 23, 2013
The build quality is OK not great. There are some flex in both slabs if you try to bend them, not enough to cause a concern though. Part of the reason here is probably relates to aggressive weight control.

It is acceptable using as a tablet. However, it is a little heavy in ultrabook form at over 4 pounds. Most ultrabooks weigh around 3 pounds. Therefore, it is not ideal for travel, unless you are willing to use it purely as a tablet.

Docking works well. An issue is that the keyboard is too light to support the weight of the screen, which could cause it to fall over. The opening angle is also a little too small. You might want to consider a separate tablet stand for it.

I think it is about average. The view angle is a bit lacking. A main pro here is that it is large enough to do real work. After having a Surface Pro 2 for about a month, I am now relieved.

It is works quite well. You need to charge it separately, and remember to turn it off when not used. I use a 750ma wall USB charger to charge it. The keyboard is wireless too. You can almost think of it as a keyboard accessory to the tablet with docking support. It is a great addition to the tablet.

Battery Life
It will get you about 8 hours under normal use. I am very pleased with the battery life so far.

Heat & noise
It stays relatively cool, which I think is a big plus. The fan can get noisy though; however, considering the damage from heat, I'd rather have the noise instead.

As a tablet
I actually love it as a tablet. It is thin and comfortable to hold. You can easily pick it up and enjoy the big screen and long battery life. The big screen also made the onscreen keyboard easier to use. Unlike a lot of people, I think this device is a tablet first computer. I only wish it had a kickstand.

As a notebook
The important thing again is the screen. It is large enough, and you are able to do really work on it and you do not have to rely on an external monitor. The combined weight is the major con here as you are not going to like to carry it around.

In conclusion
If you consider it as a tablet, at $800, this is the best haswell windows 8 tablet around. It has a big screen, runs cool and lasts for a long time. It is actually the only w8 haswell tablet with 1080p 13.3 inch display, full usb 3.0 and 50wh battery. If this is what you want, go for it.
If you need a keyboard and work on your laps all the time, there are better alternatives that are lighter with better screen support.

Another opinion after having a surface pro 2 and returned it. I only wish MS went bold and gave the surface pro line a 13 inch screen. It would be a true ground breaking device. It would be a true 2 in 1 device for all people and not just for photographers and artists. At least, it would eliminate excessive heat issues and give it a longer battery life. With Apple/Samsung going for larger tablet devices, I wonder whether MS would regret. Great concept, but barely practical.
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on June 12, 2014
I really wanted to love this bad boy, but some issues lead to sending it back.

I don't want to make a big review, since pros and cons are already well-discussed here.

+It is a beauty, very excellent finish of the keyboard surface. Design and Appearance is flawless
+Very powerful performance. I bought the i7 256GB. Perfect for working. 13.3" also replaces my old laptop
+ Nice balance for the both working and entertainment purposes. Ideal for surfing the web on a couch in a tablet mode and a solid keyboard for working.
+ Detachable Keyboard with docking. I preferred this solution over the Yoga 2 Pro or the Dell XPS, where the Tablet is not detachable. Its also more elegant than the synthetical material of the Microsoft Surface's Keyboard, which is also detachable, but looks more like a toy.
+ Display resolution is awesome. No worries here.
+ Awesome touch response. You could write a symphony on tablet mode

Problems, but resolved:
o Gestures on trackpad were heavily lagging. It was a very bad first impression, where you expect the trackpad to run smoothly. I had to change the power settings of Wifi to fix this problem. After that, gestures were working as they should, though not as smooth as a Macbook, but negligible issue in my view.

- The mostly discussed drawback is a design fail in my view. The Keyboard is just a "consumer" with no hard-drive or interfaces but for its own power supply, which leads to:
- External power supply through an additional cable, which uses the only usb slot of the tablet. The dock connection is not used as power supply, which is a lost opportunity
- Weight distribution is subpar and one of the major issues. Keyboard is way too light and tablet is slightly heavy. If they had more functions built in in the keyboard, they could have distributed the weight better. Can somebody tell me why they miss this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone?
- Loud clicks of trackpad. Just for you picky users.
- Exhaustion could be little quieter, but okay.

All of the above bugged me, but I was ready to overlook at those cons and accept this bad boy with all its flaws. But the last con set an end to our "relationship":

---In laptop mode, the tilt angle is highly restricted. Due to the bad weight distribution, the OEM did this intentionally, otherwise the tablet would fall back. The tilt angle is some essential feature which no laptop user ever has appreciated because it is a MATTER OF COURSE. Never ever had somebody to worry about this feature. When the sun shines, or tall ppl use the laptop, you want to tilt the display more than 10°. This is sheer not possible with this one.

I cannot work with this. Considering I spent 1300 bucks for the i7, I should be satisfied for at least the next four years. Nobody wants to commit to such along-term "relationship" where the partner cannot bend over properly...

If you go for a cheaper version like i3 and you can live with the cons, go for it! It was rly a pity for mebecause anything else is everything I wanted in a 2-in-1 Device.

Peace out

P.S.: My alternative will be the Surface 3 Pro. I abandoned my demand for an solid and elegant keyboard. Yoga2 Pro and XPS are not "real" tablets and macbook pro is excellent in finish, but also not tablet.
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on December 22, 2013
(actually PURCHASED the laptop at $788 before tax)

Other hybrid laptops with similar specs but much higher price point: Yoga2Pro and Sony Flip 13.3.

Great price point and specs for a tablet/laptop hybrid.
Sturdy construction.
Great battery life.
Laptop stays pretty cold, and haven't over heat so far. (20 days and counting)

Keyboard use separate battery.
Keyboard doesn't go to sleep mode if you don't use it. (If you forget to turn the keyboard off it's going to result in full battery monitor with 0 juice in the battery.)
Keyboard needs to be connected separately with a usb cable to the monitor in order to charge.

Tablet is little bit heavy in comparison to your everyday 10 inch tablets but it's no where close to the point where it's unusable.

At this price point this laptop is a steal at this price point especially considering it's an Asus.

If you have any question ask away. I will do my best to help =).

The vending of the laptop is a bit loud. The laptop is on right now, and I'm sitting 1 feet away can hear clearly the air coming out of it's vents.
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on December 5, 2013
My laptop recently stopped working (Sony Vaio 2nd Gen i5) and really needed a nice laptop. The specs for the ASUS Transformer Book T300LA are up to par with the Surface Pro 2 and is more likely to be on sale. This is not an ideal tablet if you want it to be portable, but as a laptop, definitely performs nicely.

Pros: Definitely cheaper than the surface pro 2 alternative and has a larger screen. Some people don't like large screens, but as a main functionality of a laptop, it's a lot better as a 13.3 inch. Battery Life is as stated. I got a solid 5-6 hours on high performance use along with multitasking. The transformer is very smooth and responsive. HD videos come out very clearly.

Cons: The keyboard and trackpad are not the best, but definitely can get used to it after some use. The keyboard is a bit stiff and does not type as well as say the Macbook, but gets the job done. The trackboard can be somewhat unresponsive at times, but most of the times it works just fine. This laptop is particularly on the heavy side if you're looking for a portable tablet, but not something that will make it difficult for travel. There really isn't much issue with the tablet itself.

Hope this has helped people decide on this product. Definitely a consideration if you want a nice laptop with a tablet integration. On the high side, I would say it's a 4.5 out of 5. But definitely a solid 4 out of 5.
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on March 21, 2014
I've had the Asus TX300 for some time and really enjoy most everything about it. It recently came time to upgrade the wife's HP Elitepad (the Z2760 processor just has no power) and she had commented about liking the 13" size of mine. I thought of buying her the TX300, but it's biggest drawback wouldn't work with her computing style, that being the battery life. So I went on the hunt for a 13" Windows based tablet/convertable with at least an I5 processor. There are a few options out there from Asus, HP and Sony, but after doing in depth research on all of them, the T300 came out on top.

Some things that swayed me were,
The Asus has a U processor instead of the lower power Y. However, units with the Y are selling for the same or more.
The Asus has a much better screen than the competition in this price range.
In tablet mode, the Asus is thinner than it's competition.
Previous experience with Asus quality.

When the unit arrived, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't already upgraded to Windows 8.1. I spent about 4 hours upgrading and updating Windows, then transfered all of her material from the HP before I could get into testing the unit. The build quality is good and the unit feels very solid, though I'm not a fan of the plastic sides between the aluminum back and glass front. The keyboard is solid and in all my tests, never lost connection with the tablet. The keyboard does have a switch for power, but it will go to sleep if not used for a few minutes. Upon waking, it reconnects immediately. I'm also not a fan of the charging method for the keyboard. At this point, you must use the tablet to charge it utilizing the USB cable connector. If Asus had put the same kind of power connector on the keyboard as the tablet, you could charge it seperately.

The TX300 has a third gen I7 processor while the T300 has a fourth gen I5. There's not a lot of difference in performance between the two. This unit completes most tasks just barely behind my TX300 and does it using less power, so the battery lasts almost twice as long. It also finishes some things first because of it's faster SSD.

Side by side comparisons of the screen quality shows improvement as well. It's crisper and clearer with brighter whites than the TX300. You will want to turn off the auto brightness to see it at it's fullest.

I do like the USB on the tablet, but would also like at least one on the keyboard. A backlit keyboard would be nice too.

Overall, I'm please with the purchase and the wife couldn't be happier. I knew when I bought her the HP that it would need to be upgraded in a year, and was. This unit should last her at least twice that long.
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on March 20, 2014
Really annoyed that the reviews are lumped together for two very different builds of this concept.

For the record, I have purchased the t300LA-XH71T model (8GB Ram, i7 4500U processor, 256GB SSD). The computer performs very well and my only limitation at the moment is getting used to the Windows 8.1 OS.

Out of the box, the setup was easy. The only tricky part was installing the windows updates (if they get stuck, perform update troubleshooting....that fixed my issue). After performing updates for Windows 8 Pro (took about 2 hours with my "issues"), you can start the Windows 8.1 installation (took about 1.5hrs).

After that messy updating/upgrading is complete, you can start to appreciate the device. The build feels like it is pretty high quality. I love the look of the brushed aluminum. The computer is top-heavy as other reviewers have pointed out, but I haven't had many issues using it as a laptop. I went in knowing this particular design aspect (I'm fine with the overall package being lighter instead of trying to counterweight the tablet portion).

Speed of restarts, sleep/awake transitions, etc are fantastic, but expected from a device sporting a SSD.

I now use the device regularly in all three modes. I have a WQHD monitor that I hook up to it via a USB 3.0 Docking station (Plugable UD-3900) along with a mouse, keyboard, external drive, and printer. No issues with that "desktop" mode and all the peripherals played very nice.

I use it in laptop mode for productivity applications at work or on travel. Mostly, I have it sitting on a desk...but occasionally I have it on my lap and you have to maintain it somewhat near-level to avoid tipping it over. The keyboard works fine and is responsive (though there is some very slight lag at when syncing or waking up). It would be great if the keyboard could let you know what it's current charge is. You basically find out when it is dead when it stops working...but that can be avoided by plugging it into the tablet's USB port every once in a while for a charge.

I use tablet mode mostly at work to stay productive in meetings (can work in my IDE, edit documents, and have terminals open to servers) It is also handy for when you want to take a roaming break or show something to someone in the office. At home, the tablet is nice to have in the living room...mostly to browse the web, check mail, etc. I look forward to someday soon being able to take advantage of the XBox One interactions.

I have not noted any issues with the screen/keyboard connection yet, but will update the review after a month or so with how it performs. The touchscreen is responsive and has great picture quality. Only drawback is the lack of stylus compatibility.

Overall - I think this is THE device Microsoft had in mind when Windows 8 rolled out and it has a solid build with great performance.
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