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on July 26, 2015
Mark Wahlberg plays an inventor who somehow stays in ridiculously good shape. The Autobots are being hunted by humans who claim to be saving humanity from alien machines while working with evil alien machines. Explosions. Something about his daughter and she has a boyfriend? Stuff happens. Bad guys want money. More explosions.

By the end, Optimus Prime had a sword and shield, riding a dinosaur into China facing off against American made cars and Mark Wahlberg is defending humanity with a sword gun.
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on September 9, 2015
So bad it was good. The movie is slightly brain-dead and full of barely hidden tropes. I started to enjoy it when I stopped taking any part of it seriously and just watched the director blow things up. Runs long. Its like 2 mini-movies, a traditional Transformers movie first, then a Transformers teams with Godzilla smashup in China. It got that awesomely weird. If you like funny and weird with explosions you will love this.

For those that like a little social commentary- it is a reflection of our currently tortured relationship with the hero-warrior archetype. We want to watch the hero warrior even though it feels thoroughly discredited. So it was reincarnated as a robot, an ALIEN robot. HELLO, OPTIMUS PRIME! And this particular movie goes further, surrounding the unreconstructed hero with all sorts of examples of hero gone bad from the cruel self-centered CIA director to the clueless, greedy best friend . The human lead, Mark Wahlburg, even has a line: "Humans make mistakes, that's what we do." Sadly there are days when I can relate all too clearly.
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on February 15, 2016
I liked the film when I viewed it on Netflix, but bought a BD copy because streaming movies don't live up to the video/audio departments. This BD is supposed to be in Dolby Atmos but default to Dolby True 7.1 for systems like mine that haven't upgraded yet. Unfortunately, my disk defaults only to 5.1 and more so unfortunately does not engage the rear speakers which virtually all of my 5.1s do! Very disappointing and would like to know why this happens. Same situation with Unbroken, Dolby Atmos supposedly defaulting to 7.1 True. I will explore further, maybe someone here knows what is up ... otherwise, I would rate the disk much higher.
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on September 20, 2014
I love all the transformers movies, just because they're entertaining. I know they're not critically acclaimed for the acting or the heart-wrenching story like say a Terms of Endearment, but they're not supposed to be. They're action, they're visually spectacular, and very fun! It's escapism at it's best. Watching these movies with a nice surround system is a must. The explosions, the sounds of the transforming, all of it is a much better experience with surround and a good subwoofer! I can do without 2 things in the movies...the eye candy that is the chicks in short shorts! To me, it just doesn't add to the movie. I guess because I'm not a adolescent teenage boy. Secondly, is the language. it seems like all sequels, things are pushed further each time another one is made. There was more profanity in this one than the others. It too doesn't add to the movie. My 4 year old son loves Transformers, too and I don't want him picking up the language. I know one day he will be exposed to it, but c'mon! These movies are enjoyed by all age groups, Michael Bay, please tone down those 2 things and all will be well. Mark Wahlberg did a good job in the movie... I like his movies anyway. I didn't miss Shia LaBeouf or any of the other actors from the previous ones. Also, this one had more work done on the video side. The greens were way greener. My wife noticed that almost everyone had colored eyes, and over exaggerated at that. I didn't mind all that, but it did seem a little weird. I loved the robots! All of them were too cool...Lockdown is a bad dude! His walk, his whole demeanor...I found myself liking him. Those Dinobots were massive! I can't wait to watch it again...and for the next one, which is probably already in the works.
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on July 17, 2015
This has been covered elsewhere, but I'll add my two cents: parents, this sends a terrible message that it OK for a 17 year old girl to date (and have relations with) a 20 year old man. The justification is base on an incorrect assumption that such a relationship is covered in Texas by a "Romeo & Juliet" law. The guy even keeps a laminated copy in his wallet! Creepy!

Google it. The law apparently is real, but not really a license to troll for jail-bait in Texas.

This movie is connected to HASBRO. It is meant for kids. But the character of the 17 year old girl is exploited as "eye-candy" and she also is a liar.

While acting goody-goody to her overprotective father, she has a relationship with a 20-year old man and also participates in his car racing career as a "stick man," a second person in the race car who shifts gears. This is a kid who cannot get her ears pierced or a tattoo without parental permission but is allowed in a race car? Give me a break.

There is an unhealthy combination of (robotic) extreme violence and pandering to pre-adolescent male hormones. Anything to make a buck.
review image
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on June 15, 2015
One very long movie I am glad I did not pay money to see it 2 :45 of shoot a ups and carnage + a few boring moments. The acting was flat out bad and I do not think I will bother watching the Dark side of the Moon. Sorry there just better movies out to watch and this series really gone about as far as it can. Unless you are a 10 year old and like watching action toys beat up and explode then this is the movie for you. I give it a c- rating and had the acting and plots been better and not so goofy I give it a c++ or B-
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on November 30, 2014
Movie was way too long; should have cut 1/3 movie out to make it better. I have no idea why the director felt the need to have the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship continue in the series - it added no value to the movie (just a distraction). The plot had too many loose ends – made no sense; it is like they are not even trying anymore! I really like the action and the mechanics of the robots, special effects – likely because I am an engineer, but I found myself bored through a lot of the movie. The Dark side of the Moon movie was much better – at least that one had a plot. This is a rental movie for the kids (keep them busy for almost 3 hours).
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on September 30, 2014
This movie seemed to forget what plot to stick to. They started out with what looked like an intro to the dinobots. Then they go to another storyline. Lockdown is the main villain rather than the resurrected Galvatron.
They had a cool storyline with that where Galvatron has tricked the humans into bringing him back and helping him raise an army. This is similar to Transformers Animated where Megatron influenced a human to put him back together.
THEN they stray from this storyline and just subject you to mindless explosions and action.
It's like the movie kept forgetting what plot to stick with.
It bounced around a lot too. For instance, Optimus is severely injured when awakened. He then is completely revamped when he scans another Mack truck. It felt rushed.
Optimus himself is completely out of character in this film. He is angry and full of hate. These are characteristics of deceptions, NOT autobots.
You don't get a climactic showdown between Optimus and Galvatron. If feels like ROTF all,over again where Megatron/Galvatron is a side character. After sitting for over two hours to get a mediocre ending is disappointing.
Mark Walberg was a welcome addition to the cast. The boyfriend of his daughter was an empty character.
Kelsey Grammer was the evil government guy hellbent on wiping out all transformers.
I felt little political vibes about immigration there. Please keep politics out of a transformers movie.
The dinobots don't get a lot of screen time and are mindless. They had personality in the G1 series.
Here, they are just there, and grunt a few times. The way Optimus reasons with them to join their cause is again, uncharacteristic of Optimus. He just beats the hell,out of them until they comply.
The movie just drags out the constant repetitive explosions and ridiculous banter.
By the time it was at the 90'minute mark, I couldn't wait for it to just end.
There were lots of action, it just dragged on a little to much. I was glad that this movie had removed the gutter humor that plagued the first three films. The second movie was one long gutter joke.
At least they didn't subject you to three hours of toilet jokes.
As for other transformers, Hound was funny but looked stupid in robot form. Drift looked too cliched.
Over all, Mark Walberg was very likable. The daughter was more believable than the fake plastic actress from the third installment. The special effects were pretty great. A few scenes looked like too much cgi was there but did not affect my rating of the film.
It was the lackluster plot and length of the movie that made me give it one star.
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on October 7, 2014
Driven by curiosity regarding the dismal critic reviews, I decided to give this a watch. I have only seen the first Transformers movie and didn't care much for it other than the showdown at the end. This being a reboot, I will review it on it's own merits.

The CGI is amazing.
The Transformers are well-done in animation and voice.
Lockdown's ship was surprisingly atmospheric.
Great fight/action sequences.

Subpar performances from most of the human cast.
Weak narrative.
Flagrant abuse of slo-mo.
It's lllloooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
Rather profane for a movie geared toward families, especially Hound.
Dinobots were under-utilized.
Most insane amount of advertising I've seen in a movie, including, but certainly not limited to Victoria's Secret, Bud Light, Red Bull, Armani, Gucci, various automobile manufacturers, protein powder, coconut water, and numerous Chinese products.

Overall, an okay movie. If you just want fantastic CGI and action, this will satisfy. It you're looking for meaningful human relationships, dynamic characters, or intense interpersonal interactions, this is not for you. I've certainly seen worse movies (anything by Uwe Boll). There are certainly better. A solid way to kill a few hours. Little more, little less.
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on May 12, 2015
This is not a good film. The script is terrible, the acting is terrible and there is nothing new to the action. We have now gotten to the point that we need a damn good script and acting to do any more of these films. The action scenes are not enough anymore. I was bored watching what should have been a high-octane good-time popcorn flick with a snappy and clever script. The look of the film is fine. The rest sucks.
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