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This boxset will include the remaining 13 episodes out of 16. You must buy the "Transform and Roll Out" dvd if you want the pilot.

Included episodes are:

Episode 4: Home is Where the Spark is
Episode 5: Total Meltdown
Episode 6: Blast From the Past
Episode 7: Thrill of the Hunt
Episode 8: Nanosec
Episode 9: Along Came a Spider
Episode 10: Sound & Fury
Episode 11: Lost & Found
Episode 12: Survival of the Fittest
Episode 13: Headmaster
Episode 14: Nature Calls
Episode 15: Megatron Rising, Part One
Episode 16: Megatron Rising, Part Two

I did not include any synopsis in case you did not get the chance to watch all the episodes and wanted to be surprised.

This is a fantastic series and great for both kids and adult fans. Season 2 just ended, and it just keeps getting more and more exciting.

From what I gather, it will be in full screen, and Dolby Digital Audio with a total run time of 286 minutes.

I highly recommend new and old fans alike to buy this!
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on August 10, 2008
People keep complaining that this set is missing the first 3 episodes. This is not true, as "Home is Where the Spark is" IS the first episode. Transform and Roll Out was produced AS A MOVIE, and was only split into episodes for reruns.

This season also has several great episodes, such as Blast from the Past (Introducing the Dinobots), Thrill of the Hunt, and my favorite, Sound and Fury, introducing my favorite character, Soundwave.
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on August 20, 2013
I've loved every episode of this TF series and the characters have so much more personality than G1 ever did. I'm not bashing the original, but I've never laughed so hard at G1's 'humor' than in Animated. The plot in this version of Transformers runs a lot deeper and flows nicely. The action during the battles is amazing and having the main protagonists be rookies and work themselves up is a delightful change to the norm.

The characters are very likable and will grow quickly on you. Even Megatron himself and his cynicism will have you chuckling.

My only gripe about this DVD is that it's missing the pilot episodes. It's not a complete Season 1 set without "Transform and Roll Out". That's just money grubbing Hasbro for you. So, I'm forced to buy Transform and Roll Out to complete the first of my collection.

Next is to scrape up enough money to buy Seasons 2 and 3. Or hope the price lowers enough.

In any case, all Transformers fans should pick this series up one way or another. Get over your qualms about it being different and enjoy it!
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on May 26, 2013
While I wasn't sure I would like this series, it is one that does grow on you if given a chance. Here, the rules are a little different, and Prime isn't at the top of the group as he was before. There are nods to G1 and the Movie here, and Prime's entourage has at least a new face in the form of Bulkhead. Prowl is a motorcycle rather than a police unit and is more of a ninja and Bumblebee is more of an outgoing character. This time, their base is Detroit and their sidekick is an outgoing girl named Sari Sumdac. The stories are much better in this series and while old faces do appear, it is not in the same way. Not only do the Autobots have to contend with Megatron, but with earthly villains as well and the contention between Starscream and Megatron here is much sharper and Starscream reveals a much more sinister side--although there are still moments of humor. It's not the old series, but one with a different approach.
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on October 9, 2008
Overall, this is an enjoyable series, but I do have two complaints.

The first is just a matter of taste. I am not a huge fan of the style of drawing used in this series. Far too many cartoons these days are regressing to this simplictic, childish style of animation. The stories, however, are good enough to help overlook this and the type humor in the show would likely not work as well with more realistic artwork.

My bigger complaint if in the depiction of Optimus Prime himself. There is no sense (at least where I am at, just finishing disk one) that he is in fact the leader of the group. Without Bumblebee calling him "Bossbot", and the history of the whole Transformers franchise, you would think of him as just another member of the group, and not a particularly major one. He is weak, unsure of himself, and is not commanding. As a huge fan of Prime, this was a major let down.

On a postitive note, I very much like the Prowl in this version, and Megatron, though just a head so far, has an air of menace that he lacked in the orginal G1 series.
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on February 1, 2012
Transformers Animated is awesome!The Autobots have the Allspark&The Key which the Decepticons will stop at nothing to posses.The Autobots find a human friend in Sari Sumdac,an 8-year old girl that plays a vital component of the team and keeper of The Key.Season 1 includes the introduction of some G1 favorites like The Dinobots,Soundwave,and my favorite Blackarachnia.This Decepticon vixen looks the best she ever has with straight up looks that kill.Blackarachnia is the best Decepticon fembot ever with one wicked cool spider mode that is one of the most realistic ever.Megatron is as menacing as ever for an excellent representation of the classic decepticon leader.Optimus Prime grows more into the leadership role as the series progresses.The battle scenes get more amazing as well with cool special effects.Starscream is his sinister self with schemeing plots all throughout the series to really keep the season interesting.Transformers Animated Season 1 is a thrill ride from start to finish that will please any transformer fan around.Bottom line Transformers Animated Season 1 has compelling storylines,amazing action,and awesome characters throughout the series that make this DVD a 10 out of 10 experience that all transformer fans will enjoy.I highly recommend Transformers Animated Season 1 to all transformer fans out there.Transformers Rule!!!
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on August 10, 2008
This complete what Transformer and Roll Out left. Great character, great history and fun to watch. I can't wait for season 3 and the release of the 2nd Season on DVD. Excellent for all kids and for the truly Transformers fans
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on April 3, 2009
Transformers Animated is the most recent Transformers cartoon series, and, while it is a little kiddish, it retains the good old-fashioned Transformers feel to it.

There are a few episodes that were a little annoying--especially the ones with the pathetic human villains, which I felt are unnecessary.
My other big problem with Sari (besides her obnxious behavior) is that she has a Deus ex machina Key that fixes everything throughout the series. Even though the Key has side effects, it does not detain Sari from constantly (irresponsibly) using it throughout the series.

The Autobots are adjusting to Earth's ways with the help of a little human girl named Sari (who is, IMO, a spoiled brat--give me Spike any day!), while the Deceptions are mostly just looking for Megatron (and the AllSpark).

All of these characters have personalities. Optimus Prime is as protective as ever, Bumblebee is chatty and childlike, Prowl is as serious as ever, and even the Decepticons have personality. One Decepticon in particular has (literally) three personalities!

There are some other Transformers that show including a certain spider from a certain Beast Wars and Sound Wave.

This series has humor and action. I highly recommend it (as long as you do not mind the annoying humans, especially Sari).
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on December 18, 2012
Easier to buy these then collect off cable. Getting them in order helps the series make more sense. Looking forward to getting the rest
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on December 7, 2012
It is a four star because disc two skips a little bit. But I enjoyed them. Blitzwing is my only favorite decepticon!
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