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on August 21, 2012
The sequel to High Moons awesome War for Cybertron is finally here. Yesterday (August 21st, 2012), I went to GameStop and got it. Mine was preordered, so that will explain the things that are included in this review that involve the G1 Retro Pack.

Graphics- The graphics are prettier than War For Cybertron. Probably the best on a Transformers game.

Gameplay- Like War For Cybertron, Fall Of Cybertron is a third-person shooter. You got weapons from WFC, like the Neutron Assault Rifle, and the Scatter Blaster, but also new ones like Riot Cannon (But its probably just the Fusion Cannon with a different name) and the Corrosive Slime Cannon (I think that's what it's called). At the campaign, you get the G1-esque weapons Throwback Cannon, and, my personal favorite weapon, the Slingshock. And for you guys that go, "But that's only if you preordered!" I already discussed that in the beginning.

Story- I don't wanna spoil too much but here's the basic plot- The Autobots, who are on the ark, are being attacked by the Cons. Bumblebee was sent to help Optimus, who was duking it out with Megatron. Then the game shows you what happened 6 (earth) days ago, on Cybertrons last days, all leading up to what happened on the first chapter. I hope that's not too revealing.

Multiplayer- Awesome multiplayer. You can customize your character in four different classes; Infiltrator (Scout), Destroyer (Leader), Titan (Soldier), and Scientist. Each class has thier own ability you can do by pressing RB (ei, Infiltators have Cloak, Scientists have Heal Beam, etc.) You also have items you can use by pressing X to equip them, and then using either the left side or the right side of the D-Pad to activate it.

Other- Metroplex and Grimlock. Need I say more?

Graphics- 8/10

Gameplay- 8/10

Story- 9/10

Voice Acting- 10/10 (Peter Cullen and Gregg Berger FTW)


EDIT (8/23/12:) Today I beat the campaign (on Normal) and now there are parts that I left out, once you beat the campaign, you get the weapons you won't get in Multiplayer; Electro Bolter and the GG Cannon (GG is Glass Gas). Also, I forgot to mention Escalation, which is kinda like Firefight from Halo Reach. Yes, WFC has it too, for those who haven't played that yet. There are , I think, five, no wait, four locations you can play in: Oblivion, Ancient, Downfall, and Ignition. And the last thing I forgot to mention was the lack of co-op campaign, which is unfortunate. Hence the score is now an 8.5.
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on September 1, 2012
When I was a kid, I watched the 80's Transformers cartoon religiously. I spent countless hours with the Hasbro toys dreaming up epic robot battles, and even used scraps of trash and metal to create a pretend-Cybertron world. To this day, my faithful companions stand proudly on my work desk, reminding me of a time when big robots and explosions were the only thing I could think about. In a way, not much has changed. When Activision reintroduced the franchise to the gaming world with Transformers: War for Cybertron back in 2010, the sequel was the only thing on my mind.

It's one thing to pay homage to a beloved cartoon, another to tap into its origin story - these are dangerous waters when you're dealing with diehard fans, but developer High Moon Studios managed to do the impossible. They created a back-story that fans of the original have joyfully embraced and made the Transformers' universe feel fresh, relevant, and better than ever.

The Good
- Breathtaking graphics
- Character specific abilities keep the gameplay diverse
- Make your own Transformer
- Dinobots

The Bad
- No more campaign co-op
- Occasional texture pop in and technical hiccups
- Shorter and easier than the predecessor
- Disappointing end fight

During the finals days on the Transformers' dying planet Cybertron, the Autobots have built an Ark in hopes of reaching a new home beyond the stars. Shortly before crossing a portal, they're attacked by the Decepticons in their warship Nemesis. A battle breaks out and Optimus Prime ends up on the receiving end of Megatron's gun. In an attempt to save Prime's life, Bumblebee plunges between them and takes the shot. We're then taken back six days prior to the launch.

If you're unfamiliar with the predecessor, the game is best described as a Gears of War with robots - but it's so much more. You can't duck behind cover and constant movement is necessary to survive, but the third-person shooter principles are fundamentally the same. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron keeps the gameplay diverse by introducing character specific abilities. You're playing a different Transformer in every chapter and new skills that change the way you traverse the levels keep the battles fresh and interesting. Autobot Jazz, for example, has a grappling hook that allows you to zip to high places. His levels offer more verticality and sniping opportunities. Cliffjumper's stealth segments present slower pacing and exciting silent kills. You can even play as the colossal Bruticus who transforms from several smaller Combaticons.

While all the different skills are fun to play with, the biggest and most exciting addition are the Dinobots. Taking control of Grimmlock for the first time in twenty years is invigorating. I still remember playing with the Dinobot as a kid, pretending to crush other toys with his tail and fiery breath and now I'm doing it with a controller in my hands. Awesome! Grimmlock can't transform at will like the other robots. Battling opponents accumulates rage and he can change form temporarily. This brings a bit of strategy to combat, as you need to save your transformations for the most heated battles and deal with the rest using your powerful sword while in robot form. Unfortunately, Grimmlock is the only playable Dinobot in story mode. This is very unfortunate, because it essentially feels like the Dinobots were just tacked on - rather than being a significant part of the narrative. Nevertheless, the variety in the gameplay is really refreshing and the elasticity of the campaign is the game's strongest point.

The visuals in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron are superb. While the predecessor boasted incredibly detailed environments, they were repetitive and monotonous. Fall of Cybertron is a graphical masterpiece. Cybertron breathes with its moving machinery and feels surprisingly organic. The Transformers' home planet feels like a place with history and I commend the team for pushing the console to its max. The frame rate is fairly steady, with only minor dips during extremely hectic battles, but texture pop-in prevails throughout. It's not game breaking by any means, but it happens often enough to be noticeable and occasionally distracting.

There's more variety in the environments and you no longer feel like you're running down the same corridors. The scenery changes with each battle and the Dinobot chapters have a mechanical-jungle vibe to them. The lighting has improved dramatically and adds a deeper, more realistic sense of atmosphere. Of course, the real stars are the Transformers and they look spectacular. Each robot is enveloped in meticulous detail that's constantly in motion. They animate flawlessly and you never feel like you're controlling the same machine.

Cybertron is a war torn planet and the deep, throttling explosions follow your every step. This is a surround-sound paradise and the accompanying orchestral music makes each shootout feel epic. The score is more climactic than before and gives the narrative a bold, cinematic energy. The authentic voice acting returns and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime is once again at his best - but it's Nolan North as Bruticus, Cliffjumper, and Brawl that steals the show this time around. North is an extraordinary voice actor that brings an unmatched personality and charm to everything he does.

The campaign is significantly shorter and easier this time around. It is clear that invaluable time and effort went into crafting the world, but unfortunately, overall value and content take a big hit. The campaign is over in less than seven hours and the ending fight is shockingly easy. Once you've beaten the main story, you're left with Multiplayer and Escalation modes, but they aren't enough to disguise the flawed single player experience. Don't get me wrong; the story mode does the franchise more justice than all of the Michael Bay movies combined, but the lack of challenge takes away from the game as a whole. Luckily, the multiplayer mode offers a Transformer-creator and gives you plenty of reasons to unlock all parts. You can mix and match any combination of limbs to form the ultimate fighting machine. Escalation is probably the most fun to play. Just like before, you fight waves of increasingly difficult enemies and the sense of camaraderie as you rush across the battlefield to revive an ally is great.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a turning point in the Transformers universe. High Moon Studios established a groundbreaking back-story that both satisfies fans and welcomes new audiences without losing genuineness of the franchise. Despite a lack of challenge, the sequel brings gameplay diversity that's rarely seen in the third person shooter genre and presents it with breathtaking visuals and a fantastic soundtrack. This is a dream come true for Transformers fans and I cannot wait to see where the series will go from here.

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on July 16, 2013
So when the Transformers movies were first announced, I was pretty excited. What's not to like about a massive civil war between two factions of giant alien robots? That can only be awesome. Of course, Michael Bay chose to put in far too much Megan Fox cleavage and not near enough giant alien robots (I mean, the series isn't named Overrated Actresses Show Off Their Bodies or anything like that). So I'll say, there are definitely some things I would've done differently were I in Bay's shoes (which of course I'm not, so I accept what I can get; the third movie was legit).

Hearing about this video game and its predecessor (War for Cybertron), I was excited to see see that the games were based in and on Cybertron, in the heat of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. While War for Cybertron was awesome, Fall of Cybertron went above and beyond my expectations. One of the major reasons I've seen this game get some not so good reviews is because unlike the first game, this one doesn't allow for co-op. Aside from that one detail, this game blows the first out of the water. The campaign is decent in length, letting you alternate through the storyline as both Autobots and Decepticons, each with their own unique special ability and vehicle mode. Classic characters from seasons 1 & 2 of the 80's G1 TV show make appearances, both as playable and cameo roles. The gameplay can be a bit difficult to get the hang of at first (I don't use the default button layout), but when you can fluidly alternate between a robot in the middle of a firefight and quickly transform into a vehicle, boosting your way accross the's a pretty awesome feel.

What this games lacks in co-op, it more than makes up for in multiplayer. You have several game modes, each requiring you to be strategic about your character class and gameplay style. With tons of bot parts and bodies to choose from, you can easily make your own unique Autobot or Decepticon to take out into the firefight. There's nothing quite like being in the middle of a firefight and seeing your ally's health dwindling accross the battlefield, and in a matter of seconds, you trransform into a jet and are quickly by his side taking on the fight with him while simultaneously healing your comrade. Or speeding through a map as a scout and quickly ambushing the enemy with your cloaking ability. It's certainly a unique game style, but it is so much fun once you get into it. This game is freaking awesome!
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on January 5, 2014
The game was a basic arcade shooter with different characters assigned for each level. You pretty much advance through each level shooting and smashing and collecting heath refills and points to purchase upgrades. The snipers totally reminded me of the Jackals from Halo. There is no replay-ability unless you are playing online and I don't have Xbox live. I don't care to be online and i feel cheated.
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on August 27, 2013
This is truly a great game. A great Transformers game. But fans of G1 series will notice the storyline retcons many things and adds some things from the much maligned Bay movies (Bumblebee doesn't talk?!?). Character backgrounds are re-imagined (Dinobots). Still many nods to the G1 series, and the G1 movie are great. Not sure if this counts as **spoilers** but the ending seemingly doesn't fully match up with the G1 continuity and it basically ends in a cliffhanger.

The gameplay is very enjoyable. There are some features removed from War for Cybertron. Double jump no longer possible for some reason. Every transformer has the dash ability and sprint. Local co-op is still not possible, unfortunately. Now online campaign co-op is no longer possible either. There is a new feature that's a great idea, I feel. The teletraan 1 store appears in Campaign and Escalation mode. Basically, you have access to most of the weapons in the game, right off the bat. There are weapons that require you to find blueprints throughout the campaign.Once you find them, you can buy them with in-game coins. There are some weapon limitations. You can only have 1 standard weapon paired up with 1 support weapon at one time. Do you want to carry 2 rocket launcher type weapons at once? Not possible. This limitation might prove annoying to some, but I felt it created balance and I never felt the need for more than was given to me.

The multiplayer is very COD like. The high-level players easily beat lower-level players. At first glance, it seems the multiplayer is unchanged but it seems there is a larger skill gap between players. War for Cybertron seems more balanced in this regard.

I haven't tried Escalation mode yet, it seems mostly unchanged. It is like a Horde/Firefight mode.

There is 1 issue I want to point out. Currently, the DLC is about 30 bucks for nothing but transformer skins, and some weapons. Kinda pointless. Why would I pay for weapons with real money? Every time you visit the teletraan store, the weapons are there, locked because you haven't bought it. This is stupid.
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on August 25, 2013
This game is amazing the graphics are mind blowing the game play is beautiful
i would recommend this game to just about anybody
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on April 27, 2013
I'm big TF G1 fan. I own every single original TF G1 toy, comics, all DVD seasons, The Movie, etc... from the 80's cartoons. Transformers The Movie is still my fav movie of all time even watching it a 100 times. Loved TF War for Cybertron. This is more of the same which is awesome. Peter Cullen is back (as always) as the voice of Optimus Prime.


- Fun and awesome campaign from start to finish.
- Just like WFC, G1 style Transformers.
- Awesome graphics, sound, music, and gameplay.
- Get to play as Autobots and Decepticons.
- Bruiticus is playable. He's been my favorite TF combiner through my childhood in the 80's.
- Seeing Metroplex is awesome.
- We finally get the Dinobots in a game. Get to play only as Grimlock.
- Multiple great moments that reflected Transformers The Movie in which I thought was cool. I counted at least 4. SPOILER FREE... The scene w/ Starscream at the end, a Dinobot scene, a Soundwave quote, and ending credits.


- NO ONLINE COOP!!! While not a deal breaker but more of a heart breaker. Many of my Xbox Live friends and family are huge G1 TF fans too. We had a blast in WFC in the 3 player mode playing levels over and over taking turns using differ characters. This is not a reason to skip this game but just hurts.
- While Metroplex is awesome, he's not playable. Dang.
- Being a G1 nut, the way the voices were done for the Dinobots didn't fit them. Plus they seem too smart.
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on January 10, 2013
I absolutely loved War for Cybertron. So imagine my delight to learn there was a sequel. The graphics in this game are just as amazing as they were in War for Cybertron. The story is a great continuation from the previous with great voice acting. Gameplay feels the same as the previous game. I'm happy that they expanded on the characters you can play as (Dinobots or Bruticus anyone?). I also like the fact that now you can purchase upgrades in campaign. In War for Cybertron I found the energon shards collected to be for nothing more than visual effect, but here there is actually a purpose to collecting them.

I do have a few complaints which prevent me from giving this a 5 star rating.
First, in War for Cybertron during campaign episodes you had a squad which allowed to choose one of three controllable characters for the duration of the mission, each with their own abilities. In this game that feature was removed so you know are limited to one character per chapter. I found this to cut down on the variety and replayability of the campaign chapters.
Second, I can't understand why the developers had to change the names of some of the newly introduced characters from the original series. Two of the main Insecticons are not named correctly (Shrapnel and Bombshell have new names). Also, the Dinobot triceratops is called Slug. His name is SLAG! This annoys me as someone who has been a fan of Transformers since I was 5 (right around 1988 is when I got into TF's). I can't see any reason for the developers to have done this.

Overall, I like this game the expansions that were made but there were a few minor things I thought could have (and should have) been done better. Overall, this game is worth playing for anyone that's a fan of G1.
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on February 10, 2013
He really enjoyed playing through the campaign and now is enjoying continuing to play . The graphics aren't bad on a small screen (30" tube tv ) . A large improvement over the first game which we never finished . He says the missions are better in this game.
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on July 13, 2014
Even though I bought this a few months after it came out, I didn't get around to playing through the whole game until last week when I was on vacation. This review may be late and thus somewhat unnecessary, but I wanted to make up for the fact I had to give Dark of the Moon such a low score.

First, if you're not used to shooters where you're being attacked from multiple directions, don't be afraid to play on 'Easy' your first time through. Also, be aware that you will have access to 4 weapons at any one time, 2 in robot mode and 2 in vehicle mode, although Bruticus and Grimlock control a bit differently from the rest. You can also buy power-ups for all of your weapons throughout the game, whenever you come to a Teletraan store.

While you can't choose from a small roster of characters in each of the levels like the previous game, each level is custom made for the robot you are controlling at the time. Throughout the game, you'll play as Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Cliffjumper (who's really just a clone of Bumblebee), Jazz, Vortex, Swindle, Bruticus, Soundwave, Megatron, Starscream, Grimlock, Jetfire, and temporarily as Swoop. Backgrounds are beautifully done for what is now a last generation game, and levels are craftfully made. There is always an indicator pointing to the direction you need to go so most of the time you shouldn't be too lost. There are some crevices where your character can get physically stuck in the game, but a lot of times you can transform or use a 'boost' power to 'unstick' your robot. Unfortunately, I came across a couple of places where the game froze up on me, but it could be the fault of my console, although I bought it in 2009 after most of the 'Red Ring' incidents.

The best features of the Cybertron games is how respectful there are to the original G1 Transformers, which means you won't see any Michael Bay influences here. But understand even with G1, you had two continuities: the comic and the TV series, which often gave different backgrounds to characters such as the Dinobots. The Cybertron games just try to take or make the best from each of these sources. Most voices sound spot on- such as Perceptor, Grimlock, and Jazz, while some voices just don't fit the character, such as Cliffjumper.

Metroplex is a sight to behold, although you never really get to control him directly. But then you never got to control Omega Supreme or Trypticon from War for Cybertron, so it may have been too hard to figure out a way to implement control of such large characters in the game. Playing as Grimlock is loads of fun though, as you work up his fury to transform him into his powerful T-Rex mode. Another fun touch is that at the end of levels, you are often required to race out of the area before time expires. I hope to see further efforts from High Moon, as the latest Rise of the Dark Spark game from another developer is getting pretty bad reviews.
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