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on March 2, 2012
I'm a bit different -- I'm a female private investigator. This means I have to sit in my car for hours. When men are private investigators, they can just use a bottle. I don't want to have to leave the scene I'm investigating just because I'm a girl. These Traveljohns are amazing. I tried something else before that didn't work at all. With traveljohns, I don't even have to get out of the front seat of my car. It's kind of gross to discuss, but these work and they do not leak. No accidents. Just make sure the bag is straight and not twisted. Also, they do have a limit on the amount of liquid they can take (although it's a lot), so if you have to go really badly just make sure you are mindful of when it is getting full. As I said, not pleasant to discuss, but I read all of the reviews before I purchased the product, and they helped me decide. So perhaps this review will help someone else decide. You will not be disappointed. ***update: still loving them and don't know how I lived without them. Someone else mentioned putting them in individual ziplock bags before you leave home, along with a paper towel. This is a must. Then you have somewhere to put your used (full and heavy) bag. Love love love these!
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on October 18, 2008
My family enjoys a tradition of attending my college's homecoming football game every year. After noticing a lack of port-a-potties last year during the tailgating and spending most of our time standing in line with full bladders, we insisted we would find a in-car solution this year. After scouring the internet and local drugstores for a solution (female urinals, mostly), I came upon the Travel John urinals on Amazon. They seemed PERFECT for our purposes and I immedately bought them.

These were GREAT for men and women alike. We no longer had to spend our tailgating time standing in line to use the disgusting port-a-potties. We had our stash of Travel Johns in the car and had complete privacy while emptying our bladders. The women especially enjoyed the convenience of an instant relief when nature called. A couple of people near us were complaining about the lines so we told them all about Travel Johns and gave them our box. They were THRILLED with the idea and couldn't wait to get some of their own.

I have already bought another larger pack...these will come in handy during many roadtrips. I travel 65+ miles to work every day and almost dehydrate myself just so that the urge doesn't happen until I get to my destination. No more...I will always feel confident to know that I have a few Travel Johns in the car if I need them. And no need to get off the highway to find a bathroom either!

The Travel Johns themself were very easy to use. Just unroll, position, and go. They instantly turn to gel and are completely leakproof. They're easy to dispose.

The ONLY complaint we had is that they only hold 28 oz. of liquid. After a few drinks, a couple of males in our group would have liked to see a Travel John that could hold more liquid.

Either way, this product is definitely a 5-star rating, and we will absolutely have these for next year's game.
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on May 17, 2010
This is a must have item for road trips and camping. It works as advertised, which is really great. I took a package of them camping and my friends laughed at me, but after it was the middle of the night and pouring rain and my friends had to either go out in the rain or make themselves wait for relief, they apologized to me in the morning. I also found these things very comforting on a long road trip in a state that provides no sanitary facilities in its rest stops.

I suggest that you separate them into individual zippy plastic bags when you get them. That way you can remove it from its plastic bag, use it, drop it back in the plastic bag, seal it, and dispose of it appropriately. The zippy plastic bag helps ensure there is no odor. (My experience is that doing this has successfully ensured that the ready-to-dispose traveljohn does not smell at all that I can notice, even after leaving it in the car trunk for hours.)
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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2012
This really is an outstanding product and easy to rate at 5 stars. Use this device as a portable urinal for potty breaks when a toilet is not available, sitting or standing, for men, women, or children. Sanitary, leakproof, and completely disposable. Use for disaster preparedness at home, car trips, camping, backpacking, sporting events, on the boat, days at the beach... anywhere. Though purposely meant for urine, this also makes for a perfect airsick/seasick/carsick bag. Small, light, packabe, relatively inexpensive, and discreet, these are super handy to have in your glovebox, camp kit, or otherwise nearby. Here are the main points of my review based on my family's use:

* Convenient - Ever been on a road trip miles from nowhere when the tiny, urgent voice in the back seat says "Daddy, I have to go pee pee?" Funnily, my daughter only mentions this when she's got about 30 seconds of restraint left. Well, this product is a lifesaver for that particular situation. If ever you or a loved one has had to go - RIGHT NOW - this is the product you want in your glovebox, kit, or purse. What it is: Basically a sturdy, slender leakproof plastic bag containing a super-absorbent gel that instantly soaks up, retains, and neutralizes liquid. It holds a respectable 28 ounces, which ought to be enough to give most anyone relief.

* Unisex - An excellent and smart feature is an anatomically-shaped piece at the top of the bag that allows ladies and girls to use this while standing. My wife has attested that this feature is huge in the convenience department, and my daughter mostly just got a kick out of the novelty of it. As both have reported, the device works well and keeps the liquid from going where it is not wanted. For men and boys, it's used the usual way: while standing.

* Versatile - So long as you have the barest modicum of privacy (in the shade of an open car door, tree, bush, etc.) you can use this anywhere. Is the nearest bathroom 40 miles away? No problem. Are you in an area that doesn't permit cat holes? (eg: ecologically sensitive areas in the backcountry) No problem. Is the only toilet accessible to you such a nightmare that you don't even want to go near the thing? No problem. This device is a sure kidney-saver when you really have to go, but just can't wait to get to the nearest (acceptable) toilet. As mentioned, this also works as an excellent motion sickness bag.

* Sanitary and responsible - I regret to admit there have been times in my life that I've gone places I shouldn't have, because I didn't have an option. This device gives you the option so you can be responsible about taking the call of nature. It allows you not to create a mess, as the bag holds everything you pour into it. (up to 28 ounces) It allows you to not leave your puddle where it oughtn't be; this is especially important in the back country as so many streams are fouled by increasing numbers of hikers and backpackers relieving themselves near or (God forbid) in the water. When you are done using this device, just take it with you until the nearest trash can and toss it in. That's it!

* Disaster preparedness - I live in earthquake country and it is a very real concern and possibility that we'll lose water (and therefore the toilet) in the event of a major earthquake. These disposable urinals are part of my emergency kit so we can keep things sanitary for days or weeks if need be. After all, sanitation would go downhill fast if we had to make do for a week without proper facilities. (I prefer Wag Bags for non-liquid sanitary events)

* Value - How much is convenience worth when you really, truly have to go... Right Now? I think that for just under two bucks each, these represent fair value. Naturally, I'd love it if they were cheaper... but I've got significant peace of mind knowing that former road trip/camping call of nature emergencies are easily handled with these, and that I can take care of them in a sanitary, responsible way.

For those who also want to prepare for the less common but just as critical non-liquid call of nature emergencies, I recommend Wag Bags, which I find excellent. For the liquid variety, these TravelJohn disposable urinals are outstanding. They work well and they are sanitary and responsible. They are super for women and girls, as they provide a dignified, standing option. Highly recommended for anyone who camps, backpacks in sensitive areas, goes on long road trips, has a boat, or may ever find themselves a little too far away from a useable toilet. Great product!
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on October 11, 2012
This product is awesome! Went tent camping for two nights with a bunch of other families. With me in my tent were my 5 year old son and my husband. Of course neither of those two had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I however had to pee in the middle of the night both nights, as I always do, despite going right before I went to bed. Anyway...

I was able to go in my tent without having to go out in the pitch black, cold night air. I had unfolded one, looked it over, and made sure it was accessible before I went to sleep. When I woke up and just could not hold it anymore, I hopped off the air mattress, did a kneel/squat kind of thing, lined up the urinal and was ready to go. It gelled up instantly, so no chance of spillage. There is also no odor. I placed it in the corner of the tent towards my feet, got back on the air mattress, snuggled back under the covers and went right back to sleep. Husband and son had no idea of what had just taken place. In the morning I placed the bag in a plastic shopping bag, tied it up, and brought it with me to the bathroom trashcan to toss away.

I must also note that the first time I used the TravelJohn Urinal I was a little nervous about being heard by someone in a neighboring tent since there were several around us that were pretty close. It was virtually silent! The second time I must have been angled differently because there was a very slight sound, but still very discreet. I would imagine it would be much louder in a traditional plastic urinal bottle that did not have the gel to muffle it.

I will never go camping without these again. And I like the idea of keeping a couple in the car for emergencies. Traffic jam, break down, etc.
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on June 12, 2007
This was perfect for those times when restrooms are not available and neither is much privacy. men are able to use the shelter of an open car door and the women don't need much more either," squating not required. highly recomend!
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on February 9, 2011
I was recently traveling to a village in Africa on a medical mission trip and one of my biggest travel concerns was the middle of the night visit to the "bathroom". Being in a remote area, the thought of having to wander in the dark to an outdoor latrine in the dead of night was not something I was looking forward to. I investigated several "portable urinal" options and decided on the Travel John.

Best money I ever spent on a travel product. I liked that it is self-contained, it packs very small and is discreet. I had no problem with "leakage"; it was easy to position (no gymnastics required) and there was no odor that I or my roommate noticed. I also had to use one of the bags twice (dont' ask)and there was no issue with that at all. It holds quite a bit of liquid and doesn't leak, so no worries.

Seriously, I was telling everyone on the trip about these things and will most definitely make them part of my "must have" travel gear when there is the slightest possibility that I would be in a "potty-less" situation.
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on September 21, 2015
It's about that time of year again when you get ready for the snow and ice and emergency time of having to use the restroom and not having one nearby. I am buying my emergency gear right now, the Traveling John is part of that gear. I will be ordering more in the near future, Thanks.
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on August 17, 2009
I bought the travel john disposable urinals because I cycle in remote areas and with all the water I drink, I have to go. I'm a city girl, so going behind a tree is not something I am willing to do. Snakes, poison ivy, and other cyclists might be lerking. I haven't used them for cycling yet, however on a camping trip, I got caught inside my tent during a long thunderstorm. The travel john worked out perfectly. I'll never be without it again on a camping or cycling trip. The Travel John is easy to use and holds alot of fluid. It doesn't leak even when it falls over on it's side. I was very pleased that it is easy to use for females.
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on November 8, 2010
This product has given me the freedom to go out for the day and shop or go to lunch with my friends. I have ALS and am in a wheelchair. Transferring to the toilet has become very hard without help and I did not feel I could ask friends to do that when we would be out. Using this product has allowed me the freedom to participate in life without needing help from friends. The plastic cup fits so well that although I use a pad under it for caution, I have never had any leakage. Someone also suggested that because the bag holds 28 oz, it could be reused if at home and that works well also.I couldn't be more pleased.
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