Customer Reviews: Travelers Choice Freedom 3 Piece Lightweight Hard-Shell Spinning Rolling Luggage Set
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on May 7, 2009
1: This set is much more flimsy than it looks.

2: This set is NOT made of a hard shell.

3: This set has no latches, but uses only zippers to hold it closed

4: "Latches" on the straps broke the first time I used them

a: This set is light weight and easy to travel with

b: This set is very roomy in each bag

c: This set looks really really cool and the pictures do not do it justice

d: I travel on 4 planes per week (live in Dallas and work in Washington DC) and these bags have not busted yet, after 3 months of ownership

---------UPDATE--------(3 years later)

United Airlines managed to finally crack the medium sized bag so badly, that I had to throw it away while on a business trip. I believe they just stacked some very heavy items on it which created a long fracture along one of the corners.

The other two bags are still going strong. They have been through some tough trips and have some scratches and marks on them, but they are still as functional as the day I got them.
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on November 9, 2012
On the first use, I was walking home and one of the wheels frayed off and I ended up having to drag the thing. I was really disappointed because I really like the look of the product and the sturdiness of the case. I totally wasted 129 bucks. :(

edit: I got my initial set replaced and on my second overseas trip, the wheel once again splayed. It was very horrific trying to haul the large suitcase around with a busted wheel. I am extremely displeased with this product.
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on September 14, 2013
Well, almost 2 years to the day I finally killed 2 of them. They have been stood on, left behind, rained on, dragged, dropped and generally treated like luggage I wanted to hurt. They were heavy, but packed a lot! They have been flung onboard, under board, in the hold, forgotten in NYC, frozen, left in the blazing heat and so forth. When you tip the bag over, there is a brake or hold for when its not resting on its wheels. 2 finally popped off which left screws sticking into the luggage. No way to repair. I promised I would edit when I finally killed them. For $100 it was the best money ever spent on luggage. I almost had fun trying to find ways to kill them. Children bouncing on them. Dogs knocking them over. and yet they stood tall. Im telling you, they were a great investment. I was tough on these guys and they stood right up. Im finally ready to move onto a new pair. Lets see which ones I beat on next. Below is my original review and I stick by it 2 years later.

I am visually impaired (read blind) so I wanted a BRIGHT NEON set of luggage to take on trips to make it easier to spot. I got the CANDY PINK set. I debated about APPLE GREEN, but in the end wanted Light bright and more feminine. I have NOT used this yet, I promise to update when I use them on a trip at the end of the month.

I was so worried by some of the bad reviews on this product, but I noticed about 1 in 4 was bad. it normally had to do with the wheel or the zipper. If you read the reviews on ALL luggage, you will see the same thing. I figured one in four bad reviews was not bad odds since most bad reviews on bags is one out of two or lower. I am glad I got the set. Now, lets start abusing it. Dont hesitate. Order in advance long enough that if you get a bad product there is time to exchange it. if not, go to a local store where you can actually touch it.

1. This set is MUCH darker than you think. its NOT candy pink. its a Victorian Dark Dusty Rose. While I was disappointed at first, now that I have been able to see the set clearer in the light of day, its a grown up pink. its not that teenager, blush, or candy pink. its a grown up Rose color. I really like it, and if the set turns out to be darker, I am glad I didnt chose the green.

2. All my wheels were intact, but one wheel on my luggage appeared to be used. Funny it was just one. Perhaps it was a display piece? The luggage has all of its stickers, and tags, and the inside was squeaky clean. I expected it to have an odor, but it did not. All zippers were intact and glide smoothly. They closed without complaint. The luggage straps were tucked into the inside pocket and installed easily. Many roomy pockets inside and those zippers closed smoothly. I plan on soaping the outside zippers to keep them trouble free. I yanked and jerked on all the wheels and dragged it across my home in hopes I would find one of those broken wheels before I go. They wheeled quickly and quietly across carpet and tile alike.

3. The smallest carry on does NOT have spinner wheels. It has in line skate wheels. This was disappointing, but for the price, I am not going to cry too loud. Its smaller than I expected, but once opened I saw that it has a ton of room.

4. The outside is a harder case, but is not polycarbonate and does have a bit of flex to it. I just know the TSA is going to abuse this set, so I chose to not buy a very expensive set in favor of a set that while I hope lasts, I cant cry too loudly if it gets abused. It wont matter whether my set is cloth, Tweed, leather, or bullet proof. They dont look down and say "oh that set looks expensive, let me be careful." this simply grab and fling, grab and fling. if a heavy bag full of bricks lands on your stuff, that is the way the cookie crumbles. Present your luggage to the lost claim folks and ask for compensation. I have been reimbursed for bag several times in the past. I will let you know how they hold up after my trip.

5. This set will probably scrub or scratch. Its washable, which is good. When I arrived home in a downpour I saw the boxes uncovered on my porch. The cardboard completely soaked thru and the bags inside stayed dry. I had a set of luggage that was expensive and gorgeous and they sat on the tarmac in the rain. Everything in my bag was the color of the luggage because it bled thru. I am happy this set wont do that.

6. my set came with a free TSA lock, but only ONE. I guess they dont expect me to lock the other two bags. I purchased a set of keyed alike locks so I will only need one key for all locks. I hate juggling keys, but the gift was a nice touch.

7. The set is quite light weight. it tears me up that I have a 50 pound weight limit and my bag normally weighs 10. The big guy clocks in at half that, and the mid size bag even lighter.

8. They nest! I love when they store inside each other. I dont have a ton of room in my closet and this helps. I stuffed the bag full and then dragged it across the carpet and tile floors. The bags rolled easily and quietly.

9. There really is a ton of room in these bags. I would NOT over pack them as that tends to put undo pressure on the zippers (the normal reason for failure) and it puts pressure on the harder shell (which would not allow it to have give if its bounced or something bounced off of it) I can literally fit months worth of clothing, shoes and accessories in this set. no problem. Use the zip lock bags and push the air out to make more room.

10. recap. Wheels appear sturdy and well fitted. Color is MUCH darker than you expect. Zippers are great if you dont force them past their break point. Flexible shell, but not polycarbonate. VERY roomy. Awesome price so you wont be too crushed if TSA dances on them. Get a refund from the airline if they do. BUY LOCKS! Watch Video on how easy it is to force open zippers with just a pen. Know that YOU need to keep an eye on your stuff, and not leave it sitting out for the public abuse. Put it AWAY if you leave your hotel room, and LOCK IT. I like this color better than the baby candy pink. its grown up and pretty, not shiny and childish. Promise to update after I abuse it a bit.

UPDATE...a year and a half later and I am still dragging this set around. The zippers have held, the wheels have held, and the shell has held. I have dragged this set far and wide. Planes, trains and automobiles. I am no longer as careful with it as I used to be, and yet it keeps on holding my junk. I have seen it wet on the tarmac and dry in a bus belly, all my stuff has stayed clean and dry. Its an easy color to spot (pink) in a sea of black bags. Easy to clean off the marks and I have not been kind to this set. At this point it has become a challenge. I will update when I finally break them. Happy Travels!
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on March 8, 2011
We love being able to identify our luggage without having to look for a stupid little ribbon or the old duct tape wrapped around our old crappy luggage. We've probably traveled 6 times or so since we purchased this luggage. It's held up pretty well. Although this last trip coming back from Colorado, there was a tear on the carry on suitcase, but i think it is still usable. It is amazing how much these things hold. Wife typically gets to use them and i use my old junky suitcase and she gets to pack much more when we're just using our carry ons. Stupid check baggage fees.
The only reason i wouldn't recommend it is i don't want too many people to have the same luggage at the conveyor belt.
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on February 22, 2013
Large capacity and wheels make it easy to move around. Plus when not in use, they store inside each other unlike conventional luggage. They come with carrying straps and lock and keys as well.
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on July 16, 2009
In packing the suitcase, it was easy to pack alot with the space offered.
The luggage rolled wonderfully through the airports and was easy to handle and for me that was important as I use a cane to walk. It was easy to spot(color) when picking up in baggage claim. The bag survived airport baggage handlers with no damage to the outside. I am very happy I bought this travel collection.
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on February 9, 2012
The bags arrived quickly after I placed my order, however, once they arrived the same corner on all three bags was cracked &/or dented in. I'm not sure if it was shipped that way from the warehouse, or if the delivery person picked up the box and dropped it over the fence in my yard onto the block walkway. Either way, I now have three unusable bags.

I love the green color. It will definitely stand out at baggage claim. And, the largest bag is huge. I really like the inside of the bags as well with one side being able to zip up. That way it won't dump out when I open the suitcase after going through an airport. All three bags were very lightweight, my four year old had no problem handling them. I think she is as disappointed as I am about the damage to the bags. The handles went up and down easily, and the wheels spun nicely. All of the handles seem secure.

I was planning on using these bags on a trip to Argentina. I have filed a report with Amazon, and I hope all of this can be resolved before my trip. I will add to this review after I get replacement bags (hopefully) and I get to use them on my trip. I was very excited to receive these bags and I am hoping to change my review from 1 star to 5 stars because I really do love them. If it just wasn't for those pesky cracks and the dent in the largest bag.

One month later . . . Amazon was great assisting me with contacting eBags and arranging a refund. An exchange wasn't allowed because I purchased through Amazon (according to the gentleman at eBags). So I ended up reordering from a different website because of a cheaper price. I have now received an email that I am being refunded again, because my order "was lost or damaged". Because of my previous experience, I believe that the bags were damaged again. So, I've taken the hint and picked out a different set of luggage to order.
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on April 18, 2013
I am a college student, and a bit of a girly girl, who will be studying abroad twice in the next year. Knowing that I would need a durable set of hard-sided suit cases, and seeing how much my sister has enjoyed this set in Arctic Blue, I went ahead and ordered the Dusty Rose.

To my shock and horror, their color is absolutely not the candy pink I was expecting. They're mauve mauve mauve like old dust-packed curtains, 90's metallic lip gloss and the bridesmaid dress of your nightmares! I am extremely disappointed in that regard.

As for the quality of the cases, the plastic is quite thin but the ribs provide some stability. The shell does seem to rattle/rap against the telescopic handle which rests against the inside with no clearance, though. I wonder if an impact such as being thrown by a luggage handler will cause the handle to bend... Also, they smell a little awkward, like hairspray and something sour. I do like that they have a zipper divider and shoe slots built in, though, as my other luggage has clip dividers that don't stay closed.

Overall, I think these would be decent if they were aired out, and a different color. I'm exchanging them for the green and will report back with whether they survive their first trip.


I have just received my replacement set of cases in apple green, and they are much closer to the actual color pictured. However, they're much less vibrant: kind of a pea green. I think I'll go ahead and return them for the blue and see whether I like that better.

I'll keep you updated!
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on January 14, 2012
I purchased this set in 2010. I checked the bigger bag to travel twice-once to Jamaica and more recently to Tampa. The first time I used it, the icon on the front popped of sometime during airport handling. No biggie. This time, one wheel was completely gone when I retrieved it from the baggage conveyor belt. Of course, a rolling bag with 3 wheels is useless, so I trashed it. I know airport handlers can be rough with checked luggage, but "hard-shell" luggage should hold up for more than just two uses. Would NOT recommend this set.
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on August 22, 2011
My husband and I were so excited to use our first "real" set of luggage together on our honeymoon two years ago. We came back with two cracked bags. We wanted to give the product the benefit of the doubt so we blamed the airline...that made us feel better. But every trip we've taken since that first trip has resulted in more and more gashes and cracks. LARGE cracks. So after only two's time to retire our first purchase we made as mr. and mrs. Pretty disappointed in the very short life these $500 bags lived.
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