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on September 4, 2007
I recently used this product with my 2-year-old (23 lbs) in a Britax Marathon and a 22" carry-on roller. Overall, I am very happy with the strap. There are some minor details you need to know, here are the summary:

- Your little one(s) will love it, it's a novelty stroller for them
- Strap is simple and easy to use, it leveages(extends) the car seat's belt system (top and two sides) to attach to your carry-on roller.
- It works well but make sure to do a test drive at home.
- You will get postive comments from almost everyone you pass by. If you have extra straps with you, you can probably sell them on the spot. Amazon should be paying me for the upcoming business they will get from my word-of-mouth advertisment!

CON: (not really cons but just observations)
- Expectation on size. Not really a con but just a little let-down when you get your package. Has nothing to do with usability.
- Price but still affordable. Probably cost $.50 to make so hats off for the inventor that came up with the idea
- Roller fitting. Make sure to try it with your roller. Three points on this: 1) make sure to pack your roller full, otherwise it's difficult to "grab" the car seat; 2) make sure your roller's handle is not a single arm , you will need an opening to thread through the top belt; 3) make sure your roller handle is long enough so you don't have to bend down too much to pull or push the car seat/roller when attached

Again, overall a fantastic product. I took a star off for the price. Otherwise it's a great purchase.
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on November 27, 2010
I showed my husband the picture of this item because I thought it looked pretty darn smart. Well, two minutes later he had the carseat attached to the rolling carry on WITHOUT an added purchased strap. You still use the seat hooks from your car seat - both side clips and the top clip. Put the top car seat hook under the top handle of your luggage & the side ones simply around the sides of the luggage. Buy a $0.50 metal ring from a hardware store & clip the car seat hooks to it & tighten all straps. Voila! We tested it with our kiddo in it & she giggled as we wheeled her around the house. Perfect. Now I can easily transport my kid, carry on luggage & the car seat while I travel with her solo. Super easy to detach and reattach while my child is sitting in the seat buckled in (not running around the airport ;) Luggage must be full (duh) and helps if your carry on has larger wheels & a longer handle, mine doesn't but still super easy.
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on July 9, 2010
I can't believe that I almost bought that $80 contraption from One Step Ahead. This was awesome. After reading the bad review about the woman who had the horrible experience, I was nervous. I was traveling alone with my 10-month old for the first time and had the jitters. I had to practice at home first and think the whole scenario through; Going through security was my biggest fear. Turns out, it wasn't bad at all, and mind you, I was at ATL, the busiest airport in the world.

Key points:

-I know they tell you to not let your child stay in the seat when you detach the strap...(in a whisper voice) they're just covering themselves. DO NOT remove your child unless there is someone to hold them. Mine would have crawled away immediately. All you have to do is keep one hand on the seat just in case it tips(mine didn't budge, but just in case) while you unhook the strap.

-Once I had it tightened to my liking, it took one hand to unhook the top and one side. Then I just tucked the whole thing, with one side still hooked(there are 3 rings) into my carseat.

-In a nutshell, security went like this: Unhooked TT from carseat(4 seconds), took liquids out of carry-on(2 seconds) Unbuckled backpack diaper bag off me (2 seconds). Then I took my son out of his seat and with one hand, was able to lift all of my items that were lined up next to each other(purse, diaper bag, liquids bag, carry-on bag, and carseat) onto the conveyor belt and in the bins in like 10 seconds. I even took my out my baby food, while bouncing my little guy in my arm. Of course it was more of an ordeal than if it was just me, but hey, I had baby. People and security understood and gave me consideration...well actually, I demanded it, I'll never see them again. I didn't allow myself to get flustered and it went fine.

-After I walked through, I just did everything in reverse. Took my items off the belt, strapped my little guy in, hooked my carry-on to the seat, and went on my merry way.

-It was even easier coming back because I felt seasoned.

So in conclusion(LOL)it took a little planning in my head before hand, but worked great!
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on May 25, 2010
My husband and I recently traveled internationally with a 2yo AND 3yo (AND their carseats). To add to it, we took the subway to get to the airport. For cost reasons, I decided against buying 2 of the Go-go Kidz travelmates. I do feel that it is a superior product, but had a hard time with the price, especially considering I needed to transport 2 carseats! However, I didn't want to buy two of the Travel Accessory straps in case it didn't function so well/couldn't carry the carseat with the child seated; etc. So, as a compromise, I bought one of each.

In my opinion, as I stated before, the Go-go Kidz is a superior product - it rolled super smoothly and was just as convenient/nimble as you could expect any carry-on or stroller to be. My girls each wanted their turn in it.

However, there were some advantages to the straps: Of course, Price! But in addition to that, it just so happened that when it came down to it, we didn't actually have enough hands to wheel all our luggage PLUS 2 additional carseat travelmates. We ended up travelling with 3 suitcases and one of the Go-go Kidz travelmate (and so our 4 hands were full). So luckily, by strapping the other carseat onto one of our suitcases, we were all set. And happily, we *were* able to leave our other child seated in the carseat.

I would add a caution to always tilt the suitcase by anchoring your foot low near the wheels as you tilt back as you may risk snapping off the handles of the suitcase with the added weight. This did not happen to us on this trip but i did once have a good quality suitcase snap at the handle for overpacking it in weight and not leaning it carefully so I was nervous that it might happen the whole trip long.

And while this style of travel worked as we got to the airport, as soon as we checked our 3 pieces of luggage, we were now left with one carseat to carry (our carry-ons were bookbags, not roll aways). So, of course, at that point I would have much preferred to have two of the Go-go Kidz travelmates to wheel around instead of just one, but as I mentioned before, two would not have been feasible for getting to the airport as we just didn't have enough hands!

So, my final decision is that *both* products worked well and served their purpose. The Go-go Kidz Travelmate is a breeze to travel with - if you have an extra hand to push/pull it around. The Travel Accessory straps are a much more inexpensive solution that is particularly convenient if you don't have extra hands. In the future, I may eventually buy another Go-go Kidz travelmate, but am glad I still have the straps, as I may need them as a back-up plan! (And I'm glad I saved the difference in price on this particular trip, as we applied it to a taxi ride home to spare us the subway again!)
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on March 1, 2010
I am a single mother who travels on Amtrak frequently with my toddler. I would not be able to do so without this product! I was totally skeptical when I bought it, but relied on the strong reviews. Now, I can't imagine traveling without it. However, I have never used it for air travel, just from taxi to train station, through station to train and back again. Yes, it takes a minute to connect it, but it is super easy. I even lift my almost-2-year-old out of the taxi strapped in her Britax Boulevard, set her down on the sidewalk, and fasten the seat to my carry-on sized suitcase right there. That way, no worries about her running about while I'm attaching it! So long as you are careful to get the positioning correct (follow the directions that are included for ideal strap placement) the seat is totally secure. Also, the directions recommend having the suitcase pretty solidly packed for a secure fit. That's never really a problem when traveling with a child! I've never had a problem with it at all.

The added bonus is that we get tons of compliments! Families toting cumbersome luggage, a car seat and a squirming child eye me with envy. My daughter rides by happily, swinging her feet while attached to the suitcase. The suitcase also is lugging the matching carry-on bag, plus my daughter's small book bag. I simply pull it all behind me while whistling a happy tune! Gotta love it.
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on October 19, 2009
The Traveling Toddler is a fantastic invention worth its weight in gold (or more, since it's quite light) for parents traveling with young children and their car seats in the airport. We recently traveled with our 2.5 year old (30lbs) and her First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat along with a 22" roll-aboard suitcase. To transport the car seat, the Traveling Toddler is ingenious. It attaches quickly to the LATCH straps and top tether of your car seat to give you an easy way to roll your seat through the airport -- much easier than the GoGoKidz TravelMate, which takes far more time to install.

The only drawbacks I see of this product are:

*You need make sure you route your LATCH straps through in the forward facing position, or they may not be long enough to reach around your suitcase -- so if you're using your car seat rear-facing, you'll have to re-route the LATCH straps before reinstalling it in your car. Not a big deal, but takes a few extra minutes.

*Not so much a drawback of this particular product, but of this concept in general: this strap turns your car seat into a very novel stroller, which will likely attract your toddler's attention. Sounds good in concept, right? In practice, 20lbs of suitcase (or more) plus 20lbs of car seat plus 30lbs of toddler make for one really, really heavy contraption to be pulling through the airport! The product photos show a man pushing the seat and suitcase, but in reality, to get an angle that keeps your child's feet off the floor, you have you exert a fair amount of force, and at 5'10", I would be walking pretty bent over to accomplish that. So we pulled it -- still bent over, but less awkwardly.

Overall, I highly recommend this product and will keep it in my travel arsenal for quite some time.
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on April 28, 2010
When I first considered purchasing this product, I was very skeptical! I have a 9 month old baby girl and traveling with her is a nightmare...her diaper bag, a carry on piece of luggage, her car seat and of course, her! It was all so much to handle! So, after reading the reviews, I decided to take the chance and spend the $15. I got the product and was unimpressed with the look of it, it's a small nylon "t" strap with D rings on each end. Like many reviews noted, it isn't really worth $15 however it's a better deal than a $200 travel car seat and seemed more effective. Well, I had the chance to use it and what can I was a lifesaver! I have a safety 1st car seat and a nice piece of luggage (can't remember the name). It was a tight fit on the luggage which is a good thing because it can't slide around. I put her diaper bag around the handle of the luggage and literally carried NOTHING! It does take some practice to hook and unhook it from the luggage however after some practice runs it worked just fine. We received so many comments from people around the airport, it was kinda fun! My daughter didn't seem to mind being in it, she didn't seem to care one way or another. I would purchase this again and again!
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on November 24, 2010
This product is so simple, you may wonder what you paid for when you receive it. Then, when you use it, you will realize that you have paid for:
1) Being able to rush from one gate to another without worrying about your kid's slow, meandering walking.
2) Not having to bring a stroller to the airport.
3) Not having to lug a car seat around, dropping it on your foot as you try to balance it on top of your suitcase.
4) The adoring gaze of other travelers as they contemplate how ingenious you are and how great you are at keeping your kid under control.

Out of all of the stuff that I bought to help care for my children, this is my favorite device. We misplaced the first one we bought, but for our most recent trip we bought two more. They worked equally well for both our 2-year-old and our 4-year-old (about 40lbs). And, when the kids wanted to walk, we threw our extra bags in the car seat for a rolling luggage carrier.

You can push the seat or pull the seat. For long dashes through the airport, the 40lb kid does get kind of heavy, so it is good to have the option to push or pull.

This item should go on every traveling parent's baby registry.
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on December 30, 2008
****UPDATE 4 years Later *** I gave the straps that my sons have now outgrown to my nephew. Still love it and so does his parents. Note, we used this intending to NOT put our kids on our laps on the plane. I am an advocate for safety and had to buy a seat with twins anyway so always bought one more. It keeps them safer, keeps them more contained, and gives me peace of mind after the struggle of kids and airports. If you are lapping your kids, just take a stroller and don't bother. Would buy again and again.

No way was I going to pay $70 or more for the traveling car seats. Not when I would have to buy 2. Love this. Easy to use. Convenient and inexpensive. Couple of hints:
1.Pack your carry-ons very full. It doesn't adjust (but would be PERFECT and 5 stars if it did) as it depends on your car seat straps for adjustments. You may need to overstuff your carry ons to get it to fit snug. Favorite pillows, blankies, lovies work well.
2. Make sure it is very tight. If it sags, it can drag the carseat on the floor, sidewalk, street.
3. Adjust it before you leave. It does take some time so don't wait till you are standing at the airport.
4. Adjust it with your kid in it. Pull/push them around the house to make sure it is good to go.
5. Practice unhooking and rehooking with out having to loosen it. You will have to detach the car seat from your carryon in security. The first time I was sweating by the time I was through and had both boys re-attached. After using it 4 or 5 times, I am good and quick. Less sweat.
6. Take a little bag for them. After you unhook them and get on the plain or in the car. Stick them in a bag or a pocket so you don't lose it. (Take it from me)
7. Prepare to work your arms. It does take some effort and muscles you don't normally use.
8. Don't expect miracles. It is not has simple or effortless as those expensive seats. But worth the savings and completely gets the job done. Especially since your kids grow so fast and won't use them for long.
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on November 3, 2006
We recently used this with my 26 month old son on his Britax Marathon. It was so simple. With my husband's help, we were able to attach it to the carry-on while my son remained sleeping in his seat. My son is a real busy body and hates strollers, so I worried that he would not want to sit in it during our layover after being stuck in a plane for 4 hours, but he loved it. He actually couldn't wait to sit in it and be wheeled through the airport. Once we got to our final destination, he actually threw a fit because we would not take the seat out of the car and wheel him inside the house.
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