Travelling Toddler Straps Would like to purchase straps, but not sure if they would attach to a car seat purchased in Australia. We have a Safe n Sound, which looks similar to car seats in most of these travel system photos. Can anyone see any reason why the straps wouldn't attach to a car seat not listed in the product info.
We are desparate to find something to assist w/ a big trip to the U.S. in April. Cheers
asked by S. A. Marett on January 15, 2008
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Don't know if you've already made your trip, but here's my two cents. I push/pull my 2 year old in her seat attached to the suitcase just fine (she is about 26 lbs.). I use this strap all the time and love it. The thing I would be most concerned with is if your suitcase will support the weight. Be sure the suitcase you use has a very sturdy and strong expandable handle that secures into place when extended. Also, be sure that your suitcase has firm sides and that you pack it full so that it is a solid base for the seat and child to rest upon. When I just made a trip with my daughter, I did think that the whole bundle was quite heavy. I have a 21 inch Ricardo suitcase from Kohls (

Hope this helps. Good luck!
S. R. answered on April 24, 2010
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I would not know if it would attach to your carseat but this is what the straps looking for since it only has three-hole ring. one on the top, two on the side. Therefore you would need on your carseat: - tether and LATCH for attaching to the first hole on the middle top and the lower tether (LATCH) for the two side holes.

so i dont know what else can cause problem in attaching carseats to the luggage. well someone else might know better =D

i also purchase this for a long travel reason (US to asia pacific). which is as far as your trip too. =D

good luck!
MelMom answered on January 19, 2008
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my 3yr old is still in a car seat and weighs almost 40lbs. will this strap work for us along with the carseat when we travel??
Kimberly Cardona answered on March 12, 2010
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hi, is this compatible with the recaro prosport or proride carseat? thanks!
odessi guinto answered on November 1, 2011
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