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on September 30, 2011
It's suppose to be a minimalist design which made me wonder why when packed full of stuff, it became so thick. The empty look of it is awesome. Truly a museum piece. I can picture it in a glass cage but not used as a wallet - for me anyway. Even their website is cool! Note that the outside of this has a single line while the money clip version has 2 lines - a detail perhaps not noticed by everyone.

Perhaps I shouldn't be mixing my maximalist lifestyle (carrying 8-12 cards) with a minimalist wallet that's only designed to hold 6. Don't try to fit 2 cards in each slot. It won't work. Most would-be buyers are looking at this to simplify their lifestyle and show off a bit while doing it. Note that this particular model with the bill flap is wider as well as thicker than the money clip version. This didn't occur to me when I first ordered it. Good to know though.

You may wonder why the cards slip into the wallet the same direction on both sides, rather than mirrored. There's a reason for this and it's pretty ingenious. When the wallet is closed together, the cards sit perfectly aligned. Tough to explain, but it's like alternating 3-ring binders as you stack them on a desk. If you stack them with the binding all on one side, it'll topple over and be too thick on that side. By alternating it, you can finish with a flush top. Same idea with the cards. Pretty smart.

I ended up sticking with my magic wallet which I find to be the absolute smallest wallet ever. The problem with the Dosh wallet is that the material btw the cards adds thickness. 6 cards gives the thickness of 12. I then purchased another 6 slot magic wallet thinking it would be better than my 4 slot one - mistake. Stacking so many cards on top of on another in 3 slots (each side) creates that binder effect I was talking about. I'm sticking with my 4 slot magic wallet for good.
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on December 7, 2012
I have had this wallet for a year now and it is GREAT for people that want to keep a lightweight profile.

Some Facts:
- It only holds 6 cards. You can double up if you're talking about non-laminated cardboard cards
- The cards "click" into the slots if they are laminated and do not fall out easily
- Card slots cause all cards to line up so fingering through getting the back card may be a hassle for large hands or with gloves on (That's why I sort them by usage/priority)
- American money sticks out of the top around quarter inch or so
- Wallet material is a great grip to ensure it doesn't slip out of your hands

So why is this such a great wallet? Well you must fit into this category:
1) You only need 6 cards, if you need more, you can just slip them into where the money goes on the left or right side of the pocket
2) You DON'T carry cash in your wallet
3) You DON'T carry thousands of receipts
4) You need a very lightweight and high quality wallet to carry very little while you're out

Don't fit into the criteria above? Despite being great quality and very stylish, I can't recommend this as a typical wallet for most people due to the facts above. If you're a lightweight user or want to be one, man or woman, this is a great tool to carry your cards around with you.
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on November 10, 2012
I reeealllly wanted to give this product a "five-star review," but I just couldn't. The Dosh brand - in general - is really on to something. Their wallets are innovative, stylish, cool, and resilient. However, the Street just didn't cut it for me. Many of the reviews by other purchasers hit some of the key "cons" on the head.

For me, the primary issue was the "feel." The material - while tough, contemporary, and even eco-friendly - was something that I just couldn't get used to. It made the wallet feel to "loose" and "open." It didn't "mush" or compress together like leather or fabrics. It simply stayed in its form and remained very open on the sides This might have been something I could just get used to. However, with the way cards didn't quite lock into the slots and were left slightly unsecured, I was in constant fear that everything would dump out of my wallet any time it was removed from my pocket.

With some tweaks, this concept could be a great wallet. I haven't tried the other Dosh models, so I can't speak to them. This could still be a great wallet for many people, but it just didn't jive with my style and preferences.
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on January 13, 2015
ive never been good with my stuff, especially wallets. this wallet has been amazing and still catches peoples attention after almost 3 years of service. the only downside is getting used to not putting everything in your wallet(IE: receipts or membership cards) its tough getting down to six cards(drivers license, insurance debit and credit cards) but makes life simple once you get used to it. being bothered by sitting on your wallet is a thing of the past. the clip for the money clip was built almost to well. I almost tore a twenty yesterday because the clip hasn't lost its form.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on September 2, 2011
Wallet is awesome - the texture can be described as a matted rubber-like soft plastic. When the wallet is loaded, it's very flat. I first thought that the card slot design was weird as the cards slots are going in the same direction on both sides (this is so that the wallet stays flat when cards bulge more on one side, the other side balances. I was surprised at how well the cards stayed in the slots - did shake test with no cards falling out. You'll want to put your most important card (license) on the right side far slot just incase though. Is it worth the high USD cost? I would say YES. It's fresh style and easier to replace your cards after using them than with a traditional wallet. I wish I could afford to buy many of them so I could have all the different color combos.
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on December 29, 2011
So i got this wallet because it looked awesome. I half expected a Silicon oven mitt esque material, but what i got was entirely different. It's very soft. I like it a lot. The piano color scheme is perfect. Very contemporary, clean, streamlined look. Good buy. Do not buy, so that I can be the only one with a dosh wallet. ;)
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on January 6, 2014
For the price and for the praise Dosh has received for their designs, I was hoping that this wallet would exude a greater feeling of quality. It does the job, holding money and cards, but I never felt safe about the cards. They seem to slide out very easily, and I feel as though they could spill out any time, but they haven't done this to me yet. I also found the way this feels in my backpocket a little unusual. The hard plastic insides slide against eachother and allow the wallet to take an odd shape when I sit down.

Ultimately I went back to a leather wallet. Perhaps Dosh should try their hand with something more traditional.
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on August 11, 2014
Like other Dosh wallets, the Street is durable and resilient, and its card slots are perfectly sized to keep cards safely stowed. Unfortunately the wallet's main pocket is not a particularly good fit for U.S. currency, or perhaps it's more accurate to say that it is too good a fit: the depth of the pocket is unforgiving shallow, and while bills do fit in it, it takes a lot of careful positioning to keep the edges of bills from peeking out of the top. It's not practical for real-world use. Anyone carrying U.S. currency would do well to look at either the Luxe3 or the Luxe6 instead.
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on May 8, 2013
If you are like me, I put all kinds of stuff in my wallet and is always bulky and full of garbage. Well, this wallet makes you organized, it has 6 card slots that keep your cards organized and accesible, and not of space to out miscellaneous garbage papers, if you need more space than that, you need a purse. Very comfortable, since it stays slim, BUT... the US currency sticks out a little since the money pocket isn't deep enough. Had it over 2 months with no issues.
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on December 8, 2014
Thoughtvthis would be a nice switch from my traditional leather wallets but Mine fell apart after not even 1 year! And I wasn't rough with it, the strip on the side is crap and falls off and it was holding the whole thing together so in short I'm getting a leather wallet this one is crap. If only 0 stars was an option here
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