Customer Reviews: Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 20-Inch Expandable Bus Plus Rollaboard, Black, One Size
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on November 25, 2012
While I am overall pleased with my purchase now, I just want to share the issue that occurred with me.

I waited a long time to purchase a Travelpro suitcase. But with a new job that involves frequent international and domestic travel, I decided to splurge on a product with a good reputation after I went through 3 different suitcases that didn't stand up to the rigors of travel. The appearance and "packability" of the 20-inch Crew 9 rollerboard is great. I love it over all the other suitcases I've used previously. However, on the first trip out, without expanding the suitcase and having a relative light load (<25 lbs), I was dismayed to find that it tipped forward and fell over relatively easily.

I contacted Travelpro and I will give them props for their responsiveness. They directed me to their website to find a certified Travelpro repair center or call them for a Repair Authorization number, if one wasn't locally available. I was able to find a repair person who evaluated my case and changed the skid guard to one that now tilts the case back on its wheels. It didn't tip forward like it did previously, it just became unstable.

I sent some videos to the repair person, one of which is attached here and he placed a second skid guard which seems to have addressed the problem. It may be that I just got a bad suitcase out of what would ordinarily be a very reliable and good product as Travelpro let me know that they had not heard of anyone else having the same difficulty. It's a new line for them, so maybe not enough people have purchased this item yet.

I'm now satisfied with my product, but with that kind of reputation and product that Travelpro has, I shouldn't have had to make the two trips to the repair person in the first place. Hope this helps someone else.
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on September 8, 2013
This is a fantastic piece of luggage except that, when fully loaded (which I tend to often do for a week of business travel), the luggage chronically tips over. VERY frustrating when whipping through a business trip and I cannot ever, really merely free stand this not-very-inexpensive piece of luggage. I'm constantly looking to prop this thing such that it won't fall over. Ultimately, as other reviewers have noted, a serious design flaw. I'm fairly handy and will likely look to improvise a modification myself (a well equipped garage and a trip to home depot) but, frankly, I'm busy enough these day's and a bit irked at the need to correct this myself. TravelPro came very close to crafting the (for my travel needs, at least) near perfect 3-5 day (with office/computer gear) piece of luggage. But close is no cigar. Consequently, I can't really recommend this luggage due to this one fatal flaw.
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on May 17, 2014
The bag I received measures L just over 21 inches (with wheels and handle), W just over 14.5 inches with side small pocket, and handle, 14 without, and H 9 inches if the two pockets (tablet and notepad ?) are COMPLETELY compressed . Packed as intended (some modest use of sleeve and pocket ) US Airways appears to be the only major carrier whose size limit it satisfies.

If handles and side pockets don't count I'd be happy to be wrong but I have no interest in negotiating with an airline employee.
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on January 21, 2013
I purchased this bag some months ago and have used it on five trips so far. I tend to excessively research before buying anything, and I am completely satisfied with this bag. Extremely sturdy, looks great, closes securely, fits neatly everything I seem to need on a few days trip, and I travel for both business and personal. Very well constructed and wheels roll smoothly and quietly -- overall this bag is, to me, an excellent value comparable to much higher priced luggage. One minor challenge is that if you load the farthest front compartment, this bag does tip a bit, but for me, this is a minor thing. I'm so satisfied with everything else that I am willing to let that go. Btw, the pictures seem to show that the collapsible handle is two-tone, which I was not looking forward to when I ordered, but in fact it is all a matte stainless steel color -- very happy with it. I have recommended this bag to several professional colleagues already, and am looking to replace my larger pieces of luggage with other pieces from the Travelpro 9 line.
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on April 4, 2013
I received the luggage and promptly put in the closet awaiting my next trip. When starting the packing process, I found an ID card with another person's personal information in the ID sleeve. It was only then that I looked more closey at the bag, which I didn't do immediately upon receipt because it never even crossed my mind it would be anything but new. Sure enough, I could tell the bag had been used. The wheels were not in new condition; the skid plates on the bottom had scratches and abrasions; all indicating the luggage had made a couple of trips. The bag is in good condition; but it isn't new. My complaint is when you order something new, it should be, well, new. An alert should be given If the item is used or refurbished. The hassle of returning the luggage is such that I won't go through that exercise, but neither will I place another order. And when I buy other merchandise through Amazon, I will be looking at every item closely before discarding the shipping container and product brochures enclosed
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on June 7, 2014
This bag falls forward almost every time it is placed on the floor/pavement/sidewalk. Hotel shuttle drivers, limo drivers, and baggage handlers get frustrated and embarrassed every time they set the bag down, because it falls over and they fear they have been careless with or damaged the bag. I've tried balancing the contents, attaching a tote bag to the front (to prop it up)...really, no matter what I do, the bag falls forward onto the pocket where I would place my laptop if I were to use this bag for its intended purpose. The whole reason I purchased the bag was to be able to carry my laptop with my necessities, and not have to bring an additional briefcase or tote for the computer. But, the computer is not safe in the bag, because it consistently falls over...onto the laptop pocket. Even with nothing in the front pockets, the bag falls forward.

The bag was disappointing for other reasons, too.

Previous incarnations of the "Crew" series luggage had pockets on the back, convenient for quick placement of itineraries, boarding passes, newspapers, etc., but this bag has none. Minor inconvenience.

As others have mentioned, the normally spacious interior of "Crew" luggage is limited by the substantial bracket housing for the handle. I am able to place a few soft clothing items within the brackets to recoup some of the lost space, but that is an annoyance. Essentially, I purchased a 20" bag, but have the useable space of a 16" bag.

The tote attachment is different from other "Crew" series luggage, too. Previous pieces have a buckle type attachment for hooks and straps. This piece has a clasp. So, the straps I have from previous TravelPro Crew bags cannot be used with this bag. The bag comes with a hook strap, but if you place a tote bag or brief case handle on the hook and then board a downward escalator, the bag will be raised enough that the handle is released from the hook and your tote/briefcase left on the escalator whilst you walk away. I've had to modify the hook with a carabiner so as not to inadvertently lose my tote bag. Unfortunately, that means I must un-clasp the strap each time I remove my tote, or I must remove the carabiner. Either way, it is not convenient nor efficient. Moreover, the clasp on the included strap is difficult to maneuver and is constructed of what appears to be flimsy plastic that seems likely to break after relatively moderate use.

Additionally, the handle movement is not smooth - especially if the bag is packed full. Periodically, it will get stuck in place either extended or whilst inside the bag. In order to "un-stick" it, I must open the bag to alleviate the pressure, or force it. I estimate that if I were to continue to regularly use this bag, the handle would need maintenance rather frequently.

After weekly use for 6 months, I have a replacement bag on order. I've decided this bag is too frustrating to continue carrying, and I'm afraid the handle will get stuck in the midst of a multi-day trip and render the bag too long for overhead bin stowage. This bag will soon sit in the closet and collect dust as a backup to its successor.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 9, 2013
As a frequent business traveler, I have gone through quite a few lesser bags and have learned my lessons. This bag fits most overhead bins (watch out for regional jets as they rarely fit a rollaboard), has a very stable handle, has great organizer pockets for laptops, pens, etc, and has a very nice expansion panel which is great for those 3-5 day trips where I still want to avoid checking luggage. The wheels are like the ones used on rollerblades and REPLACEABLE! Having destroyed quite a few wheels, this feature will allow this bag to survive for much longer than my other ones. The handle is much less wobbly than most rollaboards, but does seem to take up a bit more internal space. I don't mind missing a little more space as a trade off for not having my bag's handle bouncing around when rolling.

It's a bit more expensive than other bags, but totally worth it.
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on May 4, 2015
UPDATE: After using this for about a year I can say that this design flaw of it tipping over is HORRENDOUSLY annoying and I HATE this bag because of it. Every single time I let go of the bag it tips over. And I stopped putting my laptop or ANYTHING AT ALL in the front pockets and still the damn thing tips over every time. You're at the airport and 100 times you run into situations where it tips over. Checking in at hotels. Walking here to there, and everywhere. The damn thing never stops tipping over. And with that metal handle extended up, it clangs against the ground or hits people nearby and it is just annoying as hell. I am going to get a new piece of luggage because I cannot stand it anymore. Otherwise, it's a good bag. But for a carry-on bag that you roll around all the time...every time you let go of the handle it tips over. I can't stand it. HORRIFICALLY STUPID design flaw. ENDLESSLY ANNOYING. Just don't buy this bag. DO NOT BUY THIS BAG.

I like it very much, with one complaint: if you put a laptop in the front pocket then it will cause the case to tip over rather than remain upright. Other reviewers noted this problem. Yes, it happens frequently. So I have to be mindful of leaning it up against something to prevent it from tipping over. Otherwise, it's an awesome bag; solid, looks great, feels and handles well when rolling it. Sturdy handle. I love the bag, I don't care for the flaw in design that it tips forward when you put your laptop in the front pocket that was clearly made for laptops to be put in.
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on May 17, 2014
As stated by others, this piece of luggage is an engineering failure. The laptop storage is at the very front of the bag, and with a heavy, long weight like the laptop, it's no surprise that this thing loves to fall forward. There is even a pocket behind the laptop area and in front of the main storage part of the bag, which is pointless. I put my laptop there, partly for the weight balancing reason and partly for the simple fact that my laptop (15") just barely fits in the actual spot meant for the laptop.

In this day and age, you'd think there would be more luggage with laptop options for non-business people who simply want to bring a laptop on vacation and not have an extra laptop bag to drag around, but I guess the market isn't there? At least this luggage appears well constructed otherwise and rolls more smoothly than my 15yr old previous carry-on. I'll just have to prop this one up against walls until a better piece of luggage appears.

Edit 12/12/2014: And the more I use this bag, the more frustrating it becomes for me. I've accidentally hit innocent people with the handle when I think the bag is balanced and I can step away for 10sec to grab a bin in the security line, but no, it falls at the worst moments. Worse, with Frontier now forcing you to verify your bag's size before boarding, it is ALWAYS a hard and embarrassing push to get it to fit with the double pockets on the front. I wish I could rip off the useless actual laptop pocket and just have the secondary one.

If someone discovers a better carry-on with a place for the laptop, let me know!!
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on August 29, 2014
Nicely designed and made carry on that is sized for international flights. It is quite light and computer protection is excellent. I have a minor criticism regarding the main case area (by this I do not mean the front areas which have space for the computer and files). The main case does not have any pockets or easy access bags for storing technical items or personal items. I end up putting items in small zip up cases and then storing them in the bag. Not a particular problem, but can be a hassle when TSA require you to unzip them all.

So overall a nicely made case with some slight design flaws.
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