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on May 21, 2013
First of all, I'm a flight attendant for a commercial airline. I have normally used a Crew 3 and Crew 4 rollaboard for my trips throughout the years and I must say, they are MUCH better made than the Crew 9 series. Even better than the Crew 7 and 8 actually. Flight crews still use the Crew 3's and 4's for durability. I recently purchased this spinner bag to ease up on the constant pulling of weight behind me through all of the airports, hotels, etc. because I'm sure you all know, we carry a lot with us due to the length of our trips away from home.

Now the bag: The material on the outside and inside is very durable, stiff, but durable. I don't use the tie down straps inside, so I have them tucked underneath the inside lining and wrapped around the two support poles and are completely unseen. The handle is quite sturdy and I really like the ability to have it all the way up tall, or lock it a little shorter at waist high, etc. It IS one inch shorter than my usual Crew 4 rollaboard, but I don't notice the difference much. A previous review stated the inside mesh pocket is small and not gussetted, this is true.

In my opinion, the wheels are not good. As a flight attendant, we almost always switch our wheels out for a much higher quality inline skate wheel. This is easily done by unscrewing the wheel from the box/luggage from the inside, and then the actual wheel from the assembly. I have taken off one of the front and one of the back wheel joints from the bag, but cannot seem to figure out how to remove the actual wheel to replace it yet. That is my next step. These wheels are cheap plastic, they get caught on the metal dividers in the jetbridges, difficult to drag through the carpeted airports, stuck on curbs and sidewalk cracks, however, it DOES roll nicely if you are just on straight tile. They are just too small of a wheel and too hard of plastic.

I have not had a problem with it tipping over, but I also have not used the small hook and attempted to hang anything on the front. I use a lunchbag/tote that slips over the handle and rides on top. I think if you hung anything on the front, it would tip on you. I carried my iPad, magazines, apron, sweater, and papers all in the front pockets. It does help to pack heavy items inside the bag towards the back and bottom for weight and balance.

Folks, replace the wheels and pack light and it's an okay bag! If you want a fantastic rollaboard, look for the older Crew 3 or 4, they are made differently for us. :)
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on September 12, 2012
I travel every week and as an owner of 4 other TravelPro pieces, this is by far the best. I love not having to pull all the weight myself and the ease of walking through airports - I am never going back to 2 wheels. The removable suiter worked a lot better than I thought, as it kept my suits and dresses wrinkle-free. This bag is very well made, the handle is sturdy, and it has a lot of handy compartments. I use the front pocket for my liquids and I also bought the matching briefcase, which has a checkpoint friendly laptop compartment; both of these features have cut my security checkpoint time in half.

The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it is still difficult to push it through thin carpet, which many airports still have. Maybe TravelPro can change the finish on the wheels, or change the size of the wheels? Either way, this is not that big of a deal and it is MUCH better than the alternative. The wheels are sturdy, they can turn any direction, and they easily glide through most surfaces.

I would estimate that I can pack 1 week's worth of clothes at most, and that is traveling very light. I wish this bag was made in 22" but the wheels take it to that 22" carry-on maximum, so it would be impossible for a bigger bag to fit in overhead compartments.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I think it was a good investment. My arms no longer hurt from lugging around a laptop bag and a 2-wheeled carry-on on long travel days. I get compliments on this luggage all the time, which speaks to how nice it is because people almost never say anything about your luggage. I was also very happy that I returned the titamium color and purchased the black one. The titanium colored bag is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the color that is on Amazon's image. I thought the titanium would be a dark, charcoal color, but when I received it it was much lighter gray. I didn't keep the lighter one because I travel too much and it would probably be visibly dirty after a few trips. If you are a frequent traveler I would also recommend purchasing the Crew 9 briefcase. It has many compartments, its very comfortable to carry, it has a strap in the back to attach to your luggage, and as I mentioned, it's checkpoint friendly.
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on October 10, 2012
I spent a lot of time finding a replacement for my two wheeled 22inch roller. I travel 3-5 days at a time and carry 1-2 suits in the bag. I considered a rolling garment, and many others. The Crew 9 spinner is truly unique (spinner with a suiter!)- but would it actually fit the bill??

YES. This little bugger is amazing. I recently had a longer-than-usual trip where I packed 3 suits into the removable garment bag. They all fit, plus shirts, jeans, etc and even a spare set of shoes. This would have been tough in my older, larger bag. I'm sold.

The spin factor is pretty much everything it is billed to be. When the floors are hard enough (even light rug is fine), it is a dream. It feels like floating compared to a pull-roller. And if you pay attention, it works even on uneven surfaces like parking garages or sidewalks. Plus you can always turn it into a two wheeled roller.

Like others, I feel that the wheels could be smoother on thicker carpeted surfaces. Also, when FULL, it tends to be a little unbalanced at a standstill. And on a train or similar, be ready to wrangle it- it'll move around on you. Wear and tear? Not sure yet, but three trips in it is looking good.
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on February 13, 2013
The Travelpro 21" Expandable Spinner Suiter is everything you're looking for in a carry-on bag: it's well made, packed full of features and priced reasonably. The 38 - 42.5" telescoping handle is extremely long, making it simple to navigate on all four wheels. The contoured handle is also a nice touch for pushing, demonstrating that Travelpro has put a lot of thought into how to maximize the performance and function of its spinner luggage. And this bag pulls well on two wheels when necessary.

The front exterior pocket is lightly padded to accommodate a laptop or tablet when you aren't using a second bag. The second exterior pocket is shallow, perfect for quick access to your liquids bag while passing through airport security. Inside, the bag is well designed and straightforward. There are two zippered pockets running the length of the interior. The first pocket is made of clear, molded plastic for additional toiletries and easy clean up should any leakage occur. The second zippered pocket is made of the same lining of the interior of the bag. There is also a large mesh pocket on the interior of the zippered closure for dirty clothes or additional storage. A pair of shoes actually fits well in this space. The suit sleeve removes/installs easily, includes a built-in hook for the closet and is large enough to handle even the longest suits. This bag even has a collapsible-zippered water bottle sleeve on the exterior.

It is worth noting that the telescoping handle protrudes into the main storage area in such a way that it divides the base of this bag into thirds for about the first 1.5" off of the bottom. In order to maximize packing space, I place socks, underwear and t-shirts into these divided spaces to make them flush; then you can pack your dress shirts, pants, etc. on an even plane preventing wrinkles. Also, collapsed, this bag will fit into almost all overhead bins. However, once expanded you will likely have to check or gate check this bag.

* Long, contoured handle combined with four spinner wheels provides a superior, more maneuverable experience over two wheels
* Top quality materials and craftsmanship
* Excellent versatility via expansion and removable suit sleeve
* Lifetime warranty

* Telescoping handle is somewhat intrusive within the main storage area
* Styling is conservative and only comes in two colors: black and gray

Overall this carry-on is a top quality product, intuitively designed to make your travel experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Given its price point at $195 delivered, this bag offers exceptional value.
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on December 17, 2012
I used this for a 6 day business trip and it was perfect for a suit, dress shirts, and all the casual clothes I needed. It fit in all the overhead bins, which was my primary concern.
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on March 25, 2014
I have heard rave reviews about how great the Travelpro bags are from colleagues at work. We all travel every week as consultants and the bags get heavy use. The problem with this bag is that it is Front Heavy and does not stand up on it's own. You take it out of cab and set it down on the sidewalk and it falls face first. With this winter being as bad as it was, I can't tell you how many times I had to clean salt and snow off the bag. My colleagues have the 2 wheel version which does not have that problem. I even tried to pack differently but without luck. This is simply a bad design with the wheels too close. I used to push my old Tumi spinner on its wheels and you could not get it to fall down if you tried. This bag falls without any help.

Would not buy again.
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on June 27, 2013
Purchased this bag in Nov. 2012 after much research, wanted to replace my Delsey 2-wheel - the fully packed Delsey, with another bag on top (purse, computer bag, etc.) was very hard on the shoulders when pulling through sometimes 3 airports, parking lots, etc. on any given trip, and I travel weekly. This bag does not hold as much as the Delsey does, because as another reviewer mentioned, the 4 wheels make up part of the overall size of the bag to comply with size regulations. Standing it next to the Delsey, it is the exact same height, but it has approx. 2 inches less interior lengthwise space. I've only used the suiter feature a couple of times. It seems to take up a lot of room in the bag when placing a couple of jackets and a pair of pants in it. The Delsey I own has a bi-fold suiter that zips to the inside of the front flap of the bag and seems to take up less space that way. I use this Travelpro bag if I'm taking a 3-4 day trip, but for anything longer I use my Samsonite spinner garment bag - it's falling apart but I love the size.

This bag has some nicely usable pockets - the front pocket works well for folders, flat slippers, etc. The upper front pocket works great for my liquids bag, quickly accessible at security line. There's a neat little pocket on the side for holding a water/soda bottle, or my Contigo coffee mug, zips away when not in use. The only drawback is you have to remember to take the drink out before gate checking the bag on smaller regional jets - this bag will likely not fit in the smaller overhead bins (it would probably fit if placed in lengthwise, but most flight attendants won't let you get past the door with it anyway).

The spinner mechanism works great on most floors, although heavily padded carpeting is somewhat challenging. If a jetbridge is steep, I usually end up pulling it up rather than pushing it up on the 4 wheels. The 2 back wheels are a bit larger than the front wheels for the purpose of being able to pull it when necessary. The handle is nicely shaped along the top to be able to push the bag when needed, although the button to raise the handle is still somewhat stiff and requires some force to push.

Another reviewer mentioned the color of Titanium being too light. It is indeed quite a bit lighter than the picture shows, but I wanted something other than black for the times I do need to check the bag. The fabric, even with the lighter color, seems to repel stains and having used it on 15-20 trips since November, I can only see one small scuff-type stain on it. The fabric, zippers, piping/trim, are all holding up very well so far.

As an aging, weekly business traveler, having decided that spinner bags are the best way to go for me, I'd recommend this bag without hesitation. I took away one star only because I'm having trouble dealing with the smaller interior space of this spinner.
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on October 30, 2012
Best travel bag I have used. I am a moderate level traveler. I am 6'4". My shirts and pants easily fit in the garment section. Can pack three days worth of clothes for business travel.
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on December 19, 2013
Verdict: BUY
I recently started traveling (alot) for work and my cheap-o Samsonite immediately began to fall apart. So I did my research and decided on this bag. I could not be more happy with it. Spinners make life easy and have reduced my shoulder pain dramatically because the weight of the bag is not pulling on you.

- Build quality is super solid. I fly 2-3 times a week and toss it around like a rag doll. No problems.
- Zippers NEVER jam and are very easy to pull.
- Wheels are very smooth and go from upright spinner to traditional roll behind effortlessly.
- Wheels are very large for spinners and very quiet.
- Once it is broken in, the wheels wander minimally (so you don't have to fight with your bag) unlike other spinners.
Bag Handle
- Bag handle is sturdy, sets at multiple heights on the fly and is padded for comfortable spinner pushing.
- Bag handle button is in a place where you do not hit it accidentally.
- Perfect balance, my old spinner would tip over every time I let go of it. This one has NEVER tipped over on me.
- At 21" it is not the largest carry on, but it will fit in overheads wheels deep / handle out (vs sideways) making it easier to find space. Trust me, this is very helpful and much appreciated by airline employees. It also fits on almost all regional jets where larger carry-on's won't.
- Will fit a suit.

- Smaller than the maximum allowed carry-on size.
- Sturdier handle takes up storage space inside the bag.
- The smooth wheels can are slowed down on taller carpets making it more difficult to push as a spinner in some instances.
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on January 19, 2014
I came back to Travelpro after several years away due to previous quality issues (most notably zipper pulls that consistently broke off and handles that would no longer retract all the way) based on some more current feedback of better quality and features. Unfortunately, this Crew 9 has not lived up to my expectations of luggage--especially at this price. As mentioned in several other reviews, I was "upgrading" from a Samsonite 22" expandable carry-on "suiter" to this 21" Travelpro suiter. The 1" may not seem like a "big" deal, but it is a HUGE deal. The loss of that 1" dramatically reduces the capacity of this suitcase. In addition, the new, thicker handles used on this bag, which may be more stable, take up MUCH more space inside the bag, so the loading floor isn't close to flat. The zippered pockets on the inside are useless if you have a full load for a trip, and the mesh pocket on the lid just zippers across the top only, significantly reducing its effectiveness. Finally, the thing simply isn's stable as others have noted. I packed, repacked and repacked again to try and get the center of gravity over the wheels, but it just doesn't work. Even without expansion, it will fall over the airport, checking into the hotel, waiting for a cab, etc.--all times when you need you bag to stay upright. And, dangerously, it just isn's stable on an escalator in the airport. I am very disappointed with this bag and the design of what I thought was a respected brand in luggage. I will return to my Samsonite specials from Marshall's. They last long enough to justify saving the $100+ on a Travelpro.
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