Customer Reviews: Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 22-Inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter Bag
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A few years back, Travelpro split its luggage lines into two series: The "CrewX" series is designed to be pretty and marketed to consumers, while the "FlightCrewX" is designed to be rugged and is marketed directly to pilots and crew. The "Crew9" series is the newest version marketed to consumers and the "FlightCrew4" is the current version that is marketed to pilots and crew.

I bought the prior version of this bag, the Travelpro Crew 8 22 Inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter before I came to this realization, and have been disappointed ever since. I hated the design of that bag. While it is light, it is much too flimsy to any kind of heavy duty use. Travelpro included a relatively cheap, but pretty design on the attachment strap and the short handle, both of which are sure to break with significant use. They've also rotated the axis of the long handle so as to make it harder to slide an extra bag over them. The front pockets are designed for appearance instead of utility, and so the zippers have a funny looking "U" shape and the pockets actually overlap, while being too thin to really hold anything. The nylon is a thin weave designed to have a nice "shine" instead of being resistant to damage.

I had a chance to inspect this new version at a luggage store. While different aesthetically, has all the same flaws, except that they have rotated the axis on the long handle back to where it should be.

I later purchased a Travelpro FlightCrew4 20" bag from an online store that caters to pilots and flight crew. What a bag! Nice sturdy ABS frame, real inline skating wheels, heavy duty handles with the axis in the correct direction, well-laid out pockets, padded laptop pocket, and heavy duty nylon -- and more than $40 cheaper! If you want to ensure that you can carry it on, avoid the 22" model, which is actually about 24" in length including wheels and handles.

I also own a Kirkland 22" suiter (available only at Costco), which is better than this one and only $99.00.

So, do yourself a favor: Skip anything in the Crew9 series (or any of Travelpro's consumer lines) and buy the FlightCrew4 from an online retailer or get the 22" Kirkland at Costco.
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on August 26, 2013
It was time to replace my carry-on bag and I wanted a good one. I travel light (very light) and for this two week adventure it was this and a backpack. Although the professional luggage from this vendor is the best since I travel less these days I took a chance on the consumer version. Glad I did, it worked fine, no zippers broke, and the suit feature worked better than I expected for my s***s and slacks. Never had an issue with any overhead compartments which was an issue with my old carry-on. Delivery only took a couple of days even though I live in Hawaii.
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on August 20, 2013
I retired the first one after more than 1M flight miles.
The second one is still in great shape, and my son tried to take it to college; now he has his own.
Each version has distinct small improvements. The suit holder for the latest Rollaboard fits Long/Tall suits, and that is an important improvement.
For durability and function enabling uncompromised heavy travel use, this is the only bag to get.
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on April 29, 2014
Bought this suitcase for my dad's Christmas present as a newly hired Frontier Airlines employee. It's AWESOME!! It's super light-weight, has lots of compartments to put all his gadgets and a flip-out suit garment bag all in one. I thought he was just telling me he liked it because it was a Christmas gift, but he keeps sending me pictures of him using it in different cities and how well it's been working for various climates he's had to pack for. Yay! Best gift ever!
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on October 21, 2014
I have been borrowing an older version of this travel pro 22" bag from a friend of mine for several trips and decided it was finally time to buy my own. The bag I have been borrowing has seen over 500,000 air miles as my friend traveled professionally nearly 100% for work and was over 100,000 miles on multiple airlines some years. The bag saw the inside of nearly every international airport you can name all across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the US for over five years and it was for this reason I was borrowing it from my friend. HE SWORE BY TRAVEL PRO.

So, after trying his bag several times with my suit when I traveled, I pulled the trigger and bought my own. So far with 5 trips I have not been disappointed.

~ Despite what the top review suggests, I don't see anyway in which this is less durable or rugged than the FlightCrew4 models or its predecessor models. So far mine has only seen a few trips, so a full study of its durability is underway, but for now I am confident it will last. I haven't been babying it, nor do I plan to; I am happy to see it dirty and worn like my friend's.
~ I find the telescoping handle to be very well made. It feels sturdy and there is very little flex in the handle when fully extended. I also like that there are two heights because if you are tall like me, the extra handle extension makes rolling at a full walking pace easier. If you are shorter you can use the lower position.
~ I did find myself using the side and top fixed handles regularly when boarding the plane and shoving it into the over head compartments. You wont be able to roll it down the isle so this makes sense.
~ I like that the suit holder now uses velcro instead of using a zipper to attach it to the lid. I always found the zipper in the older bag to be more of a risk in long term durability.
~ the 22" size is just at the limit of what you can bring on board. I was able to fit a week's worth of clothes, a pair of dress shoes, and my suit in this bag once I expanded the main compartment. HOWEVER! note that if the airline you are flying is particularly rigid on its carry-on size limits, once expanded this bag might not pass the test and you could be forced to check it.

~ I find that the two front pockets are essentially useless outside of stashing papers or very thin items. Certainly, due to the lack of padding, they are not an appropriate place for a laptop. It really depends on how you travel, but I tend to keep anything small and paper-like (boarding pass, passport, reservation paperwork) on my person, not in the bag, so for me I don't see any need for the pockets but to collect clutter. Depending on your use, you might find them to be more workable.
~ Can anyone explain to me what the tiny pocket on the side is for??? I am adding that as a con because I have no idea what the heck I am supposed to use that little pocket for?
~ This is the case with every roller bag, but the telescoping handle mechanism actually takes up a fair bit of the internal storage space. Careful packing is required to take back some of that space and get the most bang for the buck.
~ Straight wheels... I prefer them usually because I find them to be more stable, but I have run into a few circumstances in tight security lines or while boarding where the spinner style wheels would be nice. That isn't truly a mark against this bag because there is a similar version offered by TravelPro with spinner wheels, but its something to keep in mind.
~ I found the straight shape of the handle to be somewhat awkward. There are two thin rubberized pads and it seems evident TravelPro made some attempt at shaping the handle for ergonomics. However, it wasn't working for me, I kept having to adjust my hand and find a new position to pull the bag along. It just didn't feel natural no matter how I tried. A z-shaped handle would be nice since the natural alignment of you hand is with the thumb forward, not to either side. Again, very few bags have this and its not a deal breaker for me as most the bags time is spend lying flat while I sleep on a plane.

Overall, I after my friends experience and now my own, I trust this Travel Pro 22" bag will last me many years and many miles. The few cons I have noticed are merely small nitpicking details which don't truly effect the usefulness of the bag. I have no problem recommending this bag with confidence to any other travelers looking for a quality carry-on bag.

Update 06/15/2015:

The bag is still running strong. I haven't seen any signs of wear or damage after several more trips--some checked and some carry on. Also, my friend informed me the small side pocket is for a water bottle? Useless...

UPDATE 1/17/2016:
Another few months and another few trips. Most recently to Washington DC, Boston, and Las Vegas. All of which I was served well by this bag. I am very happy. In the end, the price of Travel Pro doesn't seem so bad when the bag continues to perform for me. Usually by down I have broken a zipper or ripped something, but my little suiter just keeps on trucking. Maybe I should say flying...
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on January 29, 2014
I returned my bag after I measured the one they sent me (it seemed big) and discovered it was almost 24" tall. I have seen several overzealous gate agents at United airlines "sizing" and gate checking bags. As a photographer I cannot afford to have this happen, so I'm not taking any chances. I sent it back.

Not sure how Travelpro can call this a 22" bag.
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on April 9, 2015
Hating it is extreme, but I more than "don't Like It." As a flight attendant, I need a bag to be functional and sturdy. I only used this bag twice, once from Detroit to Los Angeles, then back. I had it stuffed but it zipped fine, and I didn't even have it expanded. Then I couldn't pull the handle up! In order to get the handle up EVERY TIME, I had to unzip the bag and move the clothes around that were along the internal handle base. WHAT A HASSLE!!! When the handle was finally up and I was walking through the concourse, the button to retract the handle is so sensitive that with barely a touch, my handle collapsed while walking, making my bag nearly drop to the ground. The outer pockets are few and not functional like the pictures showed. There is a clip on attachment for a smaller bag. The fabric seems too small for the clip and as many times as I adjust the height of the pulley thing, it keeps extending back and my small bag drags on the ground. This bag is definitely not for someone who travels often for work as it doesn't seem able to withstand daily use and it actually makes travelling inconvenient. I am returning this ASAP! This was my first time buying TravelPro and I heard great things, but this bag cannot be one of them.
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on September 23, 2015
After I had used the product 2 times one of the wheel axels came out. I inspected and the threaded axel had been screwed into the plastic carriage of the case. The design is horrible as the plastic carriage is a soft plastic that is being used to accept the most abused part of the case (the wheels). I contacted Travelpro and they suggested that I take it to one of their repair facilities for hour from my home. They also said I could ship it to them and they would evaluate, at my cost. The design is faulty and the company's unwillingness to accept responsibility within 30 days of receiving it is worse. I specifically purchased this product as I travel extensively and felt the investment was worth it. I typically buy something at TJ Max and then in a couple of years it's ready to be replaced. So I spent triple the money thinking it would last for years...I am such a fool, spend less money and get better quality elsewhere.
review image review image
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on February 17, 2013
This is a great size for a couple nights or an overnight, and the quality and features of the bag look great. Especially for this price. I was completely doubtful about the "suiter" but it worked really well ... I only used it for shirts, pants and sweater, and just did a minimal iron touch-up to get them ready to go. The materials look good, but what I really want to know is: Why does it tip forward?

I suppose it depends on how you load it, but you and I do not have time to sit around in a hotel room racing home thinking about how to pack our bag and keep it upright. There's a big fat pocket in the front, perhaps you aren't supposed to put anything in it that weighs much?

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this bag due to the tipover issue. I returned a different TravelPro because it tipped forward and shattered my glasses in the front pocket... This is better, but still tips.

Incidentally, TravelPro's whole reputation is based on the idea that flight crews use these bags. They use a completely different line from Travelpro, and those bags are more durable, although a bit stripped down and with a different finish. Google flightcrew4 if you're interested.
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on August 7, 2014
Doing lots of travel; especially short trips on small regional airlines; I needed a piece of luggage which could be carried on most planes so I could easily get off and get to the car rental counter. However, most of those short-haul airlines allow you to bring the bag to the gate but then take it and store it in the "belly" of the plane. This is how the bags get really rough treatment. I watched as my luggage was forced unto a cart below my window seat. The luggage was then pushed by this huge airline baggage handler. When I got my bag, the wheel had been crushed. So why do I tell you this? Because the Travelpro bag is the perfect bag for the frequent traveler. It is tough; it is durable; it has so many features; it has great wheels which are as well recessed as possible. It came with a free TSA lock. I highly recommend this bag. It comes at a very competitive price for the features and quality. And, do not buy those bags with 4 wheels on the bottom. The wheels will sheer off when forced. The "wheelers" as they are called are not as versatile as pulling this bag behind while navigating the airport halls with all those other travelers.
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