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on April 28, 2006
As a wife in a long-term marriage, I was afraid of losing everything when my husband confessed his secret addiction. It began in his early teens, and he successfully concealed it from everyone for more than forty years.

I had no hope that he could overcome his problem, and I knew I couldn't stay with him if he didn't.

My first impulse was to leave him but then I came across Dr. Skinner's book and tapes on Amazon and ordered them. I listened to the tape for spouses first and felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I understood that this problem was one my husband would have to solve on his own.

The trouble was that he lacked the know-how--until he listened to Dr. Skinner's tapes and read the book. Three months later, he's still listening, still learning, and living the lessons.

It's not enough simply to want to get over a problem that is so complex and deep-rooted. A person needs information, insight, practical skills, and support. Also to be held accountable on a regular basis.

I didn't know any of this until I heard Dr. Skinner's tapes; they teach all of that and much more. It's hard to convey his thorough understanding of 's dark territory and the light he brings to bear on the subject.

What I learned is that even the most addicted man CAN get over this problem, and a marriage CAN survive - but only with the right treatment and both partners' hearts must be willing to make the effort.

Dr. Skinner offers hope and help to all who seek it. I cannot recommend his work highly enough.
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on October 11, 2006
I read this book in one evening. Being the wife of an addict, I have read many books on this topic looking for some sort of sanity. This book has simple advice and tools that are easy to apply for anybody willing to take that next step.
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on April 15, 2006
Dr. Skinner wrote the keys to overcoming pornography addiction and very helpful exercises to self-evaluate your addiction status. If you do the things asked in this book you will find yourself looking back at memories in your life that have effected you but you did not realize it. It helped me find key insights on why I was drawn to pornography, that it was a synthetic negative replacement of what I was really looking for and that I would be far happier in life pursuing other fulfilling endeavorer.
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on January 15, 2007
I highly recommend this book to counselors or individuals seeking practical methods of dealing with pornography addiction. Dr. Skinner's does a great job of describing the drivers and nature of the problem and his approach outlines doable steps toward recovery. It is the best book on the subject I have seen. We are now recommending it to individuals in our counseling practice with good success.
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on March 13, 2006
this book is great if you or your spouse has a serious addiction to pornography. it helped me to understand what it is men go through. however my husband didn't fit into any of the 7 levels the book presents. so i was a little disappointed because we both felt like he couldn't really relate to what the book was talking about. the questions that they have you ask are great though. my husband has a hard time talking about his feelings and the questions really helped open up some doors. overall, it was worth the price, and does have some great information.
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on August 5, 2007
This book was life changing for me. It showed me the origin of my issue and then it outlined the cycle that occurs when I am feeling driven to internet porn. It then gave me the tools to understand how to stop the compulsive behavior that lends itself to the escape. This is really a handbook as much as anything. You can go back to the book on a continuous basis until you have developed the skills to control your behavior. This book works.
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on January 23, 2006
This book is truly a great help for anyone wanting to free themselves from an obsession with pornography. Dr. Skinner also has CDs available under the same name at Amazon and they are worth the price! Whenever you want to review the information, you can just pop in a CD and get motivated all over again. It is also super for people who you may not be able to persuade to read a book. It is a great product and a valuable tool, indeed!
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on December 19, 2007
This book is important because pornography addiction still doesn't get the attention it deserves. For many people it is a real and serious problem. But I'm not convinced that Skinner adds much new to the discussion.

He does offer a powerful model for how to approach addictions in general, but not much nuance about the specific issues around pornography. Where the psychology of pornography addiction is touched on, it tends to be simplistic--about unsatisfying human relationships with others and so on. And there is a false presumption that once a teenage boy gets a look at a lingerie catalog that there will be an inexorable decline into depravity. People are actually more complex than that.

But my biggest issue with the book is the somewhat moralistic tone. There is not an acknowledgement of an appropriate role for erotica or sexual fantasy in a person's life. Sexual fantasy itself seems to be on trial, from a moralist's vantage point. One of the criticisms of pornography is that it erodes the spiritual life. Although that perspective could be important for many people, some will find that less relevant or even an obstacle. Another common problem caused by pornography addiction is the shame that usually accompanies it. But this book does nothing to address the negative attitudes about healthy sexuality that fuel that shame. In fact it could indirectly support those negative attitudes.

Maybe I'm asking for the equivalent of beer ads at the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. But I think that sexual compulsions have to be understood in the context of what would be healthy sexuality.

If a moral/spiritual approach could work for you, or if you can sidestep that aspect of the book, this could be a useful roadmap.
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on February 15, 2009
I have been in a 12 step program for sexual recovery for years and this
book put things in a new way that was very helpful. Rather than just
depending on a vague higher power there are very concrete tools and processes to use in this book. The author certainly understands pornography addiction thoroughly (unlike most therapists) and talks about it in a way that any pornography addict can relate to. A definite addition to a toolkit to deal with this horrible addiction
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on April 29, 2014
My husband and I read a lot of this together as we are working as a team to help him. I am going through school as an addictions counselor and I think that this is by far the best book I've seen besides those provided by my Church, the LDS faith, such as He Restoreth My Soul, by Donald L. Hilton Jr. MD and the manual for the 12 step program. Pornography is a problem that has become very prevalent in all of society and no one is excluded. I have heard a statistic that states 80 % have been exposed to pornography in one way or another (though I bet it's higher) and 60% are currently involved in some level of addiction. Some people want help and some don't think it's a problem, but as a wife and victim I understand the pain and sense of betrayal. But because of my education I also understand that there is literally a high-jacking of the brain that takes over just like any drug. This book gives a very clear explanation of the specific levels or degrees of involvement and severity of addiction which helped my husband give me a clear picture of where he was now and where he had been without giving me the grisly details I wasn't comfortable hearing. Once we discovered his triggers he has been more confidant with his ability to prevent more relapses. Excellent tool for process and understanding what the severity level is and where to go from there. Step by step recovery procedures.
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