Customer Reviews: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 3-Users
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Until recently my favorite virus protection program was whatever I could get cheaply, usually by a rebate offer around tax time. Thus I've used quite an assortment of programs including: Panda, McAfee, Norton, Kapersky, and others long forgotten. Last year I put Trend Micro Internet Security on my computers; I like it so much that this year I actually bought Trend Maximum Security with no discount or rebate. It's something I haven't done in years.

Why do I like the Trend programs enough to be a repeat customer?
Installation is easy. Just load up the disk and directions appear on the screen. After a few clicks, including inputting your email address and the owner's registration number, the program is loaded. That's it unless you want to make a few adjustments, turning on some security features or tinkering with the parent protection option.

Most of the virus programs I've used are intrusive and annoying with frequent pop ups and questions I don't want to be bothered with. Some even perpetually ask me to upgrade to a more feature packed version that I don't need or want. I found Norton particularly hard to remove.

If you want a program that works in the background, doesn't frequently ask for your permission to zap malware, and effectively protects, Trend might be your program. After a full year of Trend Internet Security on three computers, I had no problems at all. I expect the same performance with Trend Maximum Security.

Trend offers three levels of protection - Antivirus, Internet, Maximum. I chose the Maximum because it offers many more features for a few more dollars, features like :Children protection, data protection, and platform protection.

Purchase allows the owner to load the program on three devices. I loaded mine on two computers and an Android tablet. It was much easier to load Trend on my tablet that I had expected. Directions are posted on the set up menu.

The only negative is the lack of documentation. There are some help screens and directions included with the program, but for more detailed information and help one must visit the Trend Micro page online. It's a little bit of an inconvenience, but something that users shouldn't have to do often.

If you like lots of charts and graphs and interactions with your antivirus program, look at other options. If you like a program that works undercover and works well, consider Trend Micro.
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on January 30, 2013
To whom:
I am very pleased with Trend Micro Titanium; 2013. I had Norton 360 for the past year, and the comparison is laughable. "PC Tuneup" with Norton was an instant "pop-up" identfying at least 19 "problems" that could only be solved with a $5 call to their "specialists"; wait-time about an hour. Sound familiar? "PC", and those other "free scans" that identify 300 or so problems that can only be solved if you buy their software? And, since the software is written in India, you are actually importing virus'and "startup" problems along with the program.
Norton 360 interferes regularly with pop-ups that "freeze" your computer, trying to encourage you to keep spending money on a program you thought you purchased in the first place. "PC tuneup" in Norton 360 does nothing but trigger further advertising. Their annual subscription ($79) was auto-pay and came without notice, causing consternation and bank over-draft fees.
I purchased used Trend Micro 2013 for $11 (including shipping here on Amazon)....and couldn't be happier....Trend cleaned up my computer,and the PC Tuneup feature is very thorough and immediate, and operates on a maintenance schedule. The "history" of operations and status of the internet security is readily available and easily understood. Again, in stark contrast with Norton's vague references to "virus blocked".
My computer (a 2011 Lenovo w/ Microsoft student-office 8) is noticably faster, most apparent with photo library and the internet. Norton would often "corrupt" my home page to their associated vendors, and make it difficult to get the home page I wanted. I had to change home-page addresses on a daily basis, once my Norton "subscription" expired. Every time I booted up, I had to undergo Norton's "Trial Subscription page" that only gives two Norton now, or buy Norton later....I must say, that got quite annoying.
No question....I've had McAfee, AVN, Kaperski, and Norton (several times)....No, I recommend Trend Micro; Titanium; 2013
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on January 13, 2013
I highly recommend TM Titanium 2013. The software does it's job everyday. Having no worries with my systems is what Trend Micro's software does for me everyday since I first began using their product. I stay with what works. I recently spoke with TM technical support about a basic download request and the Representative was professional, courteous and took care of my inquiry immediately, even helped me with some questions I had regarding their Android protection. Great software and their 3 product version always works for us at our home and away.
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on January 7, 2013
I was fed up with other security suites that either failed at protection or slowed down my computer. I tried the security from Trend Micro last year(2012). I love the product, so I bought it this year too (2013). I love the link scanning feature. Many times it has even got me to check a website's reputation because it said unsafe which saved me from fraud. This one doesn't slow down my computer. The scans found things that other security suites did not and that is great. It was easy for me to install too. By the way, I suggest you go in to settings after you install it under internet & email controls and activate the firewall booster to further increase your security(it will tell you what it does when you find it). Yes, I would definitely recommend Trend Micro to others.
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on July 18, 2013
I've been using trend micro for years and have always loved their products. For 3 users at only $24, it's a great deal. Doesn't seem to hog much as far as system resources. During bootup I haven't noticed any delays with startup times. However having a high end gaming pc with ssd's and plenty of ram helps also CybertronPC Kombat-X Gaming PC (Black). I haven't noticed any compatibility issues with Windows 8, 64 bit on my computer. I have also tried it on my copy of Windows 7, 64 bit on my other pc and it seems to work well also. Installation is quick and easy and doesn't seem to have any bloatware running in the foreground. There isn't a lot of intrusive pop-ups like some antivirus programs (Norton Antivirus 2013 - 1 User / 1 PC [Download] *cough cough*). It runs with very little input needed from you.

There is one thing that bothers me however, and that's the data protection option that comes with it. It's great and really guards the info that you don't want getting out into the wrong hands. The downfall is that it does it too well sometimes. IE: shopping on Amazon/Ebay it tends to keep you from checking out because you are logging in with your email and password. So you have to confirm with your password and then try again to send it through. It allows it for 20 minutes and then it reactivates. You can set filters for sites you trust, so I added Amazon/Ebay to the filter list. However, since the url changes from product to product so it tends to still cause issues. It's not a huge deal, however it gets annoying sometimes.

It's also nice that you can download the app to run after you get this for your pc and can track the health of all of your systems from the main menu screen for Trend Micro. The app tends to use a decent amount of system resources so be sure you don't have a lot else running or at least have a decent amount of ram to keep up with it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it seems to hold up quite well and the protection lasts the full year as does the protection fro your pc. You need the key on the box to use the app and put it on other pc's. Don't throw out your box! At least, not until you have it installed on everything. I tend to cut the key off the box and keep it with the discs to save space.

It has several other features also, as with most products anymore, this too has access to "the cloud". You get 5gb of storage which is ok.. Not a lot of space, but enough to get your important files back up automatically in the background. You can choose what folders of files to keep backed up as well. I don't really bother with this feature as I prefer to use a wireless NAS at my own home than trust my data to be held elsewhere. I use HP EX490 1TB Mediasmart Home Server (Black) instead to backup my data.

There is also parental control features which I haven't really bothered with at all. As I'm the only one who uses my pc. Yet another feature that comes with it is secure deletion of your files with various means of encryption. Seems to work well, but, with the NSA watching everything now, I guess it doesn't matter unless you're a private business. It's a little slow as it rewrites data over the files to make it unrecoverable by normal methods. So all in all it's a nice feature to have.

And finally, like any good antivirus, it watches your online browsing and will let you know if a link is safe or not while you're browsing. A nice feature to have before you go clicking away. Although a little common sense goes a long way also. All in all a great investment and a must have if you ever want to go online. Even if you don't do much on the computer, it doesn't mean that you still wont end up as a target to malicious hackers or the NSA.
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VINE VOICEon February 15, 2013
Whenever anyone asks me which virus protection they should use - this is the one I recommend - for several reasons. It is fast and light and has no noticeable impact on pc performance. It is reliable, I put it on my kids computers (and anyone with kids know they are at a higher than average risk for picking up viruses/malware) and they have never had a virus/malware infection on either of their computers. What I also like is that if you try to go to a site that is dangerous or hosting malicious software it blocks it and puts up a warning sign saying that the site is dangerous - this is a great learning tool for the kids to learn what kind of websites they should and should not visit and helps them learn what they should avoid in the future. Another must have is the link scanner, so that when you search up a topic, it'll tell you if the search results link to dangerous sites - invaluable in this day and age when so much malware come from poisoned search results. Also a must have, is a facebook privacy scanner that tells you how to lock down your facebook privacy as much as possible, and also a facebook link scanner that will tell you if that video your friend posted of the gross spider bite is actually a virus. This too, is a great learning tool for the kids, so they can see what kind of facebook posts are likely hiding viruses. If a facebook link is safe, it puts a green check mark next to it, and if it's dangerous it puts a red x next to it. If you get it on sale, then you really can't go wrong and it is worth every penny. I always believe that infection prevention is they key (as opposed to having to clean it up afterwards), and Trend Micro titanium is top notch at preventing infections.
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on March 4, 2013
My husband loves Trend and we got a great price for it on Amazon. He has 3 PC's: Windows 7, Vista and XP. He had no trouble installing it on the Windows 7 & Vista machines, but couldn't get it to install on the XP computer. In the past, I've found that Trend has excellent customer support and I'm sure they would have helped him get it installed had he called. But he just went ahead and purchased another license for the XP computer. Alas! I wasn't home to help him. Personally, I prefer the free program from Microsoft, Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender as it is called on Windows 8.
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on February 16, 2013
I would reccomend this product to everyone ,was using titanium befor for years and never a problem but upgraded to maximum security with so many more specialized features ,even security scan for facebook privacy and onscreen facebook with highlighted issues that you may need to change for security reasons and it runs full time and shows step by step what to click to make facebook more secure and protect from malware and price unbeatible on amazon .
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on April 20, 2014
I have been a Trend Micro user for more than 8 years and have had relatively few problems using it, however, there are a couple of virus/malware/trojan items that Trend Micro failed to stop/block, one called "DOJ", and the other "Administrator X:". In all cases of the "DOJ", I have been able to reinstall the system to factory new, however, the "Administrator X:" caused my Windows7 laptop to become completely useless. I used System Restore, Recovery Partition, Recovery Disks, and even a factory Recovery disk. I contacted Trend Micro on several occassions concerning this but I received no satisfactory response...only a survey. Last night, I did a scan with Trend Micro on this found nothing. I downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes and it found a trojan. My loyalty to Trend Micro has expired. They don't appear to be the company that they used to be...I'm moving should you.
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on March 9, 2013
Hi. Recent reviews of this security program rated it more highly than Kaspersky, the program I formerly used. Installation could not have been problems or difficulties at all. Scans of my drives were rapid. If you have a Fries store nearby, they regularly have sales on this that bring the effective cost down to the tax on the list price. I am quite satisfied.
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