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on December 27, 2007
This is my third electronic dog collar and by far the best. The previous collars were a Tritronics original Sport and an Innotek IUT-300. The original Tritronics Sport collar worked well but was cumbersome to change levels and had a too limited range of correction. The Innotek worked well and I liked the tiny remote but the range was not adequate for my needs. While it reached it's claimed 300 yard range under ideal conditions it dropped drastically when conditions were not ideal. We live on a 6 acre parcel in the country and there were occasions when I could see the dog but could not correct him. The Sport Basic G3 corrects all the others flaws. It has 10 continuous and 10 momentary corrections instantly selectable from the transmitter. The settings are easily repeatable even without looking due to the numbered click stop setting wheel. This wide range of corrections should accomodate everything from the most sensitive to the most stubborn dog. The Sport Basic G3 also has a tone function that can either be used as either a command, a warning, or for praise. I have associated it with the recall command so I can call the dog from beyond voice range. The Sport Basic G3 comes with a training DVD using the "escape" method of training. As with all electronic collars there is a huge potential for abuse. I recommend at least watching the DVD several times and better still call in a professional with electronic collar experience for a few lessons. Tritronics claims 1/2 mile range and I have not tested it. If I can see my dog I can correct him and it has worked in the same situations the Innotek failed. Most experts maintain Tritronics collars always meet claimed range and I have no reason to doubt it. Both collars and transmitters are completely waterproof and very well built. The transmitter is made from high impact Lexan with rubber armor. I have dropped it on asphalt from waist high with no damage. The Sport Basic G3 uses Tritronics newest receivers. These units are smaller and lighter than previous ones. The new collars are also capable of marrying to a transmitter in the field. With the addition of extra collars the Sport Basic G3 can be used to control up to 3 dogs. The collar charges quickly in the included charger and I get several days use out of a charge. The battery is also user replaceable when it dies. The transmitter operates on a standard alkaline 9V battery. Mine is going on the original battery after 6 months. Tritronics invented the electronic dog collar and has always been the number one choice for dog training professionals. The Tritronics Sport Basic G3 is an affordable example of why Tritronics is still the leader.
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on January 21, 2010
I got this collar about 2 months when treats and positive reinforcement were not helping much outside the house. Even with chicken and hot dogs in my hand my dog would run about and just do his own thing. i've tried every suggestion on the internet and have read multiple training books. This was my last resort as my dog's safety became an issue. In the house my dog is fine and mastered the sit/stay command, leave it, drop it, roll over, beg, shake paw, wave, and stand. However, once he is outside in the park and off leash his energetic side takes over and not even chicken or hot dogs can get him to obey the above mentioned commands. My dog is a highly energetic 1 and a half year old weimaraner/greyhound mix. Even having him outside and exercising him for about 3 hours a day was not enough to bring down his energy level to the point that he would obey my commands. One day he ran into the parking lot of an open park and it took me over a half hour and a near heart attack to get him back. I hadn't returned with him to the park and he was restricted to gated dog runs, which meant less time exercising since these dog runs are far away from my house. I followed the instructions and the dvd training that came with it, as well as, researching online. This collar has definitely changed my life and my dog's life. I now bring him on a regular basis to the open park and i hardly ever have to use the collar. He even sits and stays when he sees another dog and won't move unless i give the command. I even walk him back to the car off leash, which i park in the street. I'm still amazed that this is the same dog that use to run circles around me and fly to the other end of the park and nearly run into a busy intersection and get hit by a car. People think that this is torture and inhumane. I've tried this on myself and it is not painful unless you go to the highest settings and even with my energetic dog i haven't had the need to even come close to the midway point on the remote. Like i said i hardly even use it now. i probably average 1-2 times of use in the park over a one hour span. Most importantly his "come" command is spot on and will drop anything he is doing once he hears the command. I love this collar and the only inhumane part would be keeping your dog trapped in the house rather than having him run out in the open chasing the ball,playing with other dogs, and just simply sniffing off leash by your side. Remember its important to use it responsibly and take your time training yourself first. You won't be dissappointed.
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on March 24, 2011

Tri-Tronics Pro 200 G3 collar is the one I settled on after researching dog e-collars extensively (dogtra and cheaper petco collars). I will write/ link to a more extensive review with pictures and video at a later date. Will provide the url to it in an update but suffice it to say here are some of my findings and I hope this helps a dog lover with an unmanageable/ aggressive dog.
PLEASE, if you are considering `giving up' on your dog read on - this is a tool that if used properly can really help your dog become a better citizen despite what people tell you about dogs and shock collars/ e-collars.

E-collars are for dogs that are `hard' dogs. This term refers to an aggressive dog - toward other animals or humans and views your commands and hollering as `optional'.

The opposite is a `soft' dog - may not follow your instructions but listens and tucks its tail between its legs when you raise your voice - these collars SHOULD NOT be used with soft dogs (more on this later). For a very good video on this and how to use e-collars see link below:


We have had a rescue for six years and have contemplated getting an e-collar/ shock collar but have been very reluctant b/c it can cause pain to the animal. Last winter we found a small dog abandoned to die in the woods by our house (still makes me very sad to think that people do this). Our shepherd-mix is very aggressive, so the problem we had was she was ready to kill the little guy. Luckily we have a large home and could separate the two dogs and worked on slowly introducing them. Took some 6 months to where we could allow them into the same room (on leashes). Given the big dogs aggression we needed to get her under voice command - every time. Also, given her high prey drive and tendency to roam we walk her on a 50ft. leash. She did break the leash a couple of times and it took a good hour to catch her as she would take off chasing an animal in the woods.

Along comes the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 collar. After following the leerburg dvd instructions and some 12 months later I can truly I WISH I HAD BOUGHT THIS SIX YEARS AGO. I can take our big dog off leash in the woods and SHE ALWAYS COMES BACK. I can make her stop in her tracks with my voice command - NO. I have used the shock feature about 10 times in one year. Only one time have I used it on a high setting (66% of full power). The rest of the time it has been on low settings (16%) - it snaps her out of her prey drive and makes her pay attention to me. I MUST EMPAHSIZE I ALWAYS HAVE DOG TREATS IN MY FANNY PACK for both the little dog and the big one and I FOLLOWED THE DVD INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. Had I not bought the DVD I would have done it all wrong so I cannot recommend the product enough (see url above).

Why I chose the Tri-Tronics Pro 200:

1. I wanted a collar that would allow me to control my dog from a distance. If you are in the woods and there are rock outcrops the stated distance on e-collars at which you can control your dog drops off considerably. Given how much I love my dogs and how paranoid I was about the distance issue I wanted one that would, without a doubt, control my big dog, whatever the terrain - I therefore settled for the one with a range of one mile. Keep in mind I had never used an e-collar but envisaged letting my dog roam free with the little dog (the recent addition) probably following her and wanted to ensure that I could control her over a long distance - both dogs off-leash. This was the ultimate goal and I was very unsure how long this would take but wanted to have a collar that would work to satisfy this endpoint.

2. There are two different ways to `shock' your dog. One is `CONTINUOUS' - lasts for ~10 seconds the other is a `NICK' - last for ~0.5 seconds and is momentary. Reading up and watching all the material I could find I felt that the NICK in the end would be what I used more than the continuous. A year later I can confirm I was right.

3. Gradations - More the gradations for the shock - nick or continuous the better - so I could dial in the exact setting to get our big dogs attention - fine tuning the device to her sensitivity.

4. Expandability - keep in mind we had just found the second dog. He was small, very badly abused. I wasn't sure with time if he too would turn out to be a stubborn guy so I wanted to be able to use two collars (one on each dog) controlled with one remote (in my hand) if need be. After a year I can say with certainty that this is not the case at all and so I will never use an e-collar on the little fellow. He does wonderfully with my voice commands.

5. The two manufacturers that came to the top early on were Dogtra and Tri-tronics. Each of these manufacturers have several different models and this is where it gets tricky and why I am writing this review (for now without the pictures and videos of my beta-testing). I decided I needed a 1 mile range and as many nick gradations I could get. I looked at the Dogtra 3500 NCP and the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 because they met my criteria. I decided to buy both and then keep the one I felt was best - returning the other one.

6. The Dogtra has 127 continuous gradations for both the nick and the continuous mode. It is smaller than the tri-tronics and I was leaning toward this manufacturer. After having bought both to test out I quickly realized that the tri-tronics is actually far better for both the dog and the trainer. The way the e-collar works is there is a component that sits around the dogs neck (the receiver) and the transmitter (you have in your hand). The component on the dog's neck has two prongs that push into the dog's neck and this is what carries the electric shock to the animal after you press the button on the transmitter. The prongs on the Dogtra were brutal. They were significantly more pronounced and pushed into the dogs neck in a way that I thought was excessive, especially when compared to the Tri-tronics design. Keep in mind I was using the SMALLEST prongs from both manufacturers. The prongs have threads that screw into the receiver and you get a couple of different sizes in each box. Dogtra is a Korean company and I felt that keeping the dog comfortable while it has the receiver around its neck was not a priority and came through in the design. Remember the receiver is only activated for a very small fraction of the time the dog has this around its neck. This was something that I never did see in any reviews and was surprised to find out when I actually had both units in my hand and was beta-testing them for my use.

7. The Dogtra has 127 gradations while the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 has 18 for Nick and still fewer - 6 for Continuous. On the face of it I thought this was a major drawback with the Tri-Tronics Pro 200. Also, the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 has a bigger transmitter (the part that sits in your hand). Surprisingly the Tri-Tronics is really a more thoughtful design and SUPERIOR product despite having less fidelity in the transmitter. Turns out the 18 gradations for the Nick and the 6 for continuous in the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. IMO there is also a design flaw in the Dogtra transmitters (regardless of model #) that again I only discovered because I bought both and was trying them out side-by-side and I haven't seen mentioned anyplace.

The Dogtra feels like a thick cell phone (think Motorola startac vintage but 2x thicker) that has a knurled knob where the antennae would go that you rotate and as you rotate it the level changes in a little LED screen on the face of the device, displaying the setting value (between 1 and 127). As you rotate it the value changes from 1 - 127. You have two rubberized buttons labeled nick or continuous positioned on the side of the instrument (where the volume buttons on a cell phone would be). You also have a vibrate button (more about this later) but this is on the face of the device above the LED display.

The Tri-Tronics Pro 200 has a knob on the top, with hard stops, and these go from 1-6. This device looks like a 2D maglite flashlight, albeit smaller and lighter. On the SIDE of the cylindrical device you have three buttons that control the levels of the shock - low, middle and high. Take a look at the picture else it will be very confusing.


So, if you set the knob on TOP of the device to a 3 and press the low button on the SIDE of the device the dog get a nick at the 3 level. If you press the middle button instead (again on the SIDE) the dog is now nicked at a 9 level. If you press the low and middle buttons together the dog is now nicked at a level 12. So, you are ramping the level at which your dog is being shocked very rapidly. The third button is colored red and will provide a continuous shock (for ~10 secs) at a high setting (keep in mind the knob on the top stays at a 3 in each of the scenarios I listed). This is VERY IMPORTANT in your training and let me give you a real scenario where this became CRITICAL.

My large dog was out in the woods and as I have mentioned she has an incredibly high prey drive. She saw a woodchuck and took off after it down a valley (this is after we got the e-collars but were still testing them out). She was off leash b/c of how well the e-collars worked out. She had the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 on that day. I use it at a "3" on the top of the device and press the low button to get her attention. So, I am nicking her at 16% of the full power. Once she had locked onto the Woodchuck and took off I could not get her attention at this setting or the middle setting. I was worried she would catch and kill the woodchuck and so I pressed the red button, again with the setting on the top remaining unchanged and still at 3 (Here it is 66% of full power). She came back squealing really quickly. This has been the ONLY time in a little over a year that I used the high setting on her and I have never had a problem stopping her with a NO voice command since. Had I had the Dogtra system I would have had to have fiddled with the knob first, raised the setting level, and then pressed the continuous shock button. In the heat of the moment I am quite sure I would not have gotten this right and it would have taken me longer because I would have been messing with device. With the Tri-Tronics set up you are pressing a large button, without even really looking at the device in your hand. So, I went from pressing one button to pressing one above it - almost reflexive - never taking my eye off my dog. I think if you are training you want there not to be a time lag of any kind so there is no confusion in the dogs mind. Also, in this instance, I was able to avoid an untoward incident. If you have an aggressive dog you need to be able to switch to the highest setting instantly, without taking your eye off the dog.

8. Both units clearly work well. I think the Tri-Tronics Pro 200 is a better unit. If you have a dog that you are considering euthanizing or giving up for adoption because of behavior issues PLEASE CONSIDER trying an e-collar - Dogtra or Tritronics in conjunction with the video I mention above. You will find your dog changes dramatically within a week. If you follow the instructions and the prep work in the video to the letter the first 15 minutes where you actually use the e-collar on the animal will have a DRAMATIC impact on behavior. Please do the prep work, it takes about 2 weeks but the results are truly stunning.

It took us rescuing our little dog to actually look into an e-collar for the Shepherd-mix. I wish we had done this sooner because she now roams without a leash and really enjoys herself on walks where before she was always on leash. I am happy to report the two dogs are now best of friends and the little fella actually loves the Shepherd more than he does us.
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on May 9, 2008
I purchased this product to help with my dog's search and rescue training. He had a bad habit of chasing critters and getting horribly distracted. After just a couple training sessions with the collar, he obeys better than ever for every command, not just searching. He is quicker to respond and and generally more attentive. The collar fits him comfortably and has an excellent range. I bought the collar a month ago and have yet to need to recharge it; a testament to both its long battery life and effectiveness in training. The effectiveness in training is evident in the decreasing need to actually shock the dog as training progresses.
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on December 7, 2009
For safety, I use a Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 remote shock collar for two issues. First, this collar has assured me that my dog will "Come" when commanded. I also used this collar to stop a problem in the local dog park that my dog was causing. And it worked!!! It has been one year since purchased, and I now rarely have to use it. Training my dog was a snap too - 1 day. VERY IMPORTANTLY, I recommend you initially supplement your dogs training using TREATS after any shock. When you see the look on your dog's face after his first few shocks, you'll understand why this is a great, and humane, training method. Treats, and lots of petting, were used to let my dog know that everything was OK, and he obeyed my order. "Good boy! Here's a treat." I believe it really made all the difference in how my dog interpreted those initial shocks. Additionally, if you take your dog out for off-leash fun at night, purchase the optional (red, white, or blue) light that can be added on to the collar for $44 or so. So far, it has passed the rabbit chasing test and has not shut off like most cheap clip on type LED lights. Highly recommended for off-leash.
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on December 23, 2010
This device is a humane way to train a dog very quickly. I cannot speak more highly of this product, which is very well made, and this type of training system. With the collar and a well trained owner the action and offending item that stimulates the dog will do the training. So the dog associates the negative stimulus with his action or the item and not you. So the dog will not become in danger of becoming "hand shy" or terrorized of your voice (or ignore it).

For example my dog had a number of behavior issues that needed correction. She would paw at the sliding glass and screen door and bark and howl to be let in. This was very annoying and was going to destroy the screens. Two corrections on the 2.5 setting solved the problem entirely. She now plays happily in the yard. She was also trying to get over the fence to the rabbits, two corrections solved this problem. Now she knows there is a force field around the rabbits and the door. She does not hate the door or the rabbits, just does not paw at the fence or door as she knows there is a consequence.

So too with picking up people's gloves in the winter and running away with them. So too with eating dried grass and throwing up and the next day on the walk in the woods eating the frozen vomit. So too with the garbage can, food and dishes on the counter and the recycle bin, each provided their own correction and she respectfully keeps her distance. Today we are going to learn that there is a force field around those delicious UGG boots the girls leave laying around the house.

I had this insight one day at the dog park when I saw a pack of dogs running and playing with each other and occasionally smashing into their owners, sometimes at top speed but I notice that they never ever hit the trees. Why? The trees provided a correction to the dogs that running into them would hurt. The dog did it once or twice but never again. The owners are soft and squishy (in more ways than one) and did not provide a similar correction. My friend's wife had to go to the hospital and have knee repair from this contact.

We used this device on our previous dog who was very sweet but "prey aggressive" she pre collar she learned not to bother our cat but during her life did kill three neighbor cats, 3 skunks, 4 ground hogs, and one porcupine (cost $1200) to remove the 300 quills from mouth, tongue, throat, lips, gums and face. On the collar she was miss perfect (cat what cat?, I never chased a cat, I ignore cats) after that and could heel without a leash. And I could ride my bike on city streets with the dog heeling, unleashed. Interestingly she would pull on the leash when she was off the collar, but heel nicely when wearing both. She was a happy and confident dog on the collar.

I saw a Dog Whisperer show where he used this device to stop a cattle dog from biting moving pickup and tractor tires, one correction and the dog was cured and he would follow the vehicle (a desired outcome) but not bite the tires. Previously the dog had bitten the tractor tire, locked on to the tread, rode the tire around in a circle. His head was run over and his eye popped out, so he now had only one eye. This is the kind of behavior that is difficult or impossible to train out of dog but the collar did it in 3 seconds. Note that he still chased the tires after the skull crushing eye popping incident. Our vet told us our dog would continue to attack porcupines.

The different settings provide for different corrections. The very light setting can be use to alert the dog to you for heeling or sitting just like a tug on the leash.

This is an investment in a well trained dog, your peace of mind and happy neighbors and relatives and a unblemished house. I will never have a dog with a device like this.

Obviously this device can be used improperly and PETCO stopped selling this device as some owners were abusing their dogs with it, PETCO still sells the invisible fence as this is passive device with no remote. People can be idiots but you wise readers are not.

This is what this product can prevent.


That's my dog Tesa who continued to bite the porcupine over and over again without making a sound. That is one tough dog.
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on June 15, 2011
I own one of the most stubborn, willful and prey-oriented German Shepherds I've ever known. I'm not new to dogs, and not new to basic training. Positive reinforcement? Clickers? Worked fine IF he felt like listening, but when he didn't feel like it, nothing worked. I was deeply regretting buying him.

The day he chased my cat across the street, I went online and bought this collar (I'd been eyeing it for a month or so). We like to say it's the best $240 we ever spent. I started slow, letting him wear it for ten days turned off so he wouldn't get "collar wise" (what happens when the dog behaves well only when he's wearing the collar). Then we started the lessons, going one step at a time, beginning with recall. Soon he was coming when called even if a dog was walking twenty feet away, even if he'd just found a delicious pile of rabbit poo. He seemed genuinely pleased about his recall skills, and it made me wonder if he just had never fully understood what I wanted from him, before using the collar. Next he learned to stop short when I call "stop" or "no..." no more chasing cats! Next he learned that cars are dangerous. Then he learned to wait at the door and not rush ahead. Then he learned to stay behind me when we cross the street until I say "cross."

I can take him anywhere off leash now, so he's got a lot more freedom and isn't shut up at home all day. Best of all, with each new skill he learns, I need to use the collar less and less... the verbal command suffices. The collar has also taught me to be a systemic and more fair trainer, so that's not bad, either. He's a happier dog by far, and I'm a happier human. Now I need to start training him to heel on a leash again... I keep forgetting because he's so completely reliable off-leash!

DO read the advice and articles on the Tritronics site. Don't try to teach your dog more than one thing at a time. Use tons of praise. And don't use the collar for a week or two after getting it! Don't even charge it: just put it on the dog and let him/her wear it and get used to it. Can't stress how important that is.

Oh, and check the prongs every day when you take the collar off to recharge it. They can come unscrewed over time. I bought a couple extra just to keep handy.

Update May 2012: The collar continues to work beautifully, though I don't often "zap" him. The other day he chased (with my okay) a squirrel: when it crossed the road, he stopped. And other dog owners and just plain strangers compliment me on his behavior; ask what I did to get him to respond so well to a simple "off" or "down/stay." I would never have believed anything would work so well.

Update August 2013: Still working like a champ. I replace the 9V battery in the handheld/wearable controller every 8 months or so. The rechargeable battery in the collar itself never fails. We put it on him twice a day for walks at the park, etc., but it really seems like I never actually use it anymore. What a nice dog I have. Thanks, collar.
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VINE VOICEon December 22, 2008
I purchased this collar to better train my dog. This was the first electronic collar I have purchased, though for a time I previously had an electronic fence/collar combo with a previous dog. I will limit my review to the product itself, and not the training philosophy or methods, as they are very subjective and I am certainly no expert.

The unit is top quality, very well made. It is fully waterproof on both ends - the collar itself and the remote unit that the trainer/handler uses. Operation is very simple and intuative, and I have not experienced any problems with it. With a very long range, this collar has the potential for many uses and should be highly reliable. My only minor complaint is the number of levels of stimulation available. There are essentially ten levels, marked 1-5 with 1/2 increments - but many trainers suggest that twice that number is better. It hasn't really been a problem, but I see their point.

The collar unit holds a charge for a very long time, and re-charges quickly in the provided charger unit.
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on December 26, 2011
This collar really works after 7 months trying to train what I thought was a brain dead dog well I guess I was the one who was brain dead should have gotten this collar from the git go>It works in the rain as well tried it out on myself at 1 mile on low and yup was not in line of sight and I got a buzz
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on September 5, 2011
I've had this collar for nearly a year now and this collar has performed a miracle in the behavior of our border collie. Despite more than a year of classes, daily bike rides, visits to the farm, and walks in the woods, Charlie had problems with others. Other dogs, other people, anything else on the planet that he didn't think should be there. Our first time out with the collar, we had stopped by the river for a drink and a rest when a family came up behind us that I didn't notice. He took off after them. (He isn't the biting aggressive type, but he sure enjoys barking at things). I hollered at him to stop, he didn't, and so I zapped him. I'm not sure who was the most surprised at that point--Charlie who had just been zapped or the man holding his child as he couldn't figure out why the dog yelped when he hadn't touched him. Charlie walked back to me and I acted as though nothing had happened and we continued on our ride.

From that day forward, Charlie has only received 3 additional reminders. Merely placing the collar on him turns the once monster into a perfect gentleman. And, he likes the collar because it means that we are about to embark on a fun journey into the woods, river bottoms, or farm. The collar has survived numerous trips into the river and canals and continue to works flawlessly.

Thanks Tri-Tronics, even my wife likes Charlie now. Could you make a product that worked this well for children?
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