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on September 30, 2005
This book rocks for sure, anyway, i've to warn about some odd things that may bother you as they bothered me.

I think 70% of the printed-code isn't useful at all, some snippets would be good enough to express the concept, for more code there is the companion CD but, anyway, you can always skip those code-filled pages on your own.

Explanations are really well organized, but you need a solid background in order to follow the book completely, some concepts need experiments on-your-own rather than running-a-demo: for example, the "Perfect Perspective Correct" algorithm is well explained, but the demos "as is" doesn't give you the chance to see the really perfect mapping at all: just move close to the objects and you'll see bad textured polygons here and there, BUT those are demos, not full-games.

There are some math errors here and there but the most hard-to-find one is surely about this texture mapping stuff: you can crash the demos too while getting close to some of the objects with perfect texture mapping activated and this is due to wrong FIXED_POINT math used for making it running faster: if you already own the book, at page 1230 (fig. 12.22) you are going to line up the fixed points, this is correct, however shifting this way you are losing precision on the leftmost bits causing math overflows and wrong calculations (from a 10.22 to a 4.28 you are throwing away "pag. 1228, paragraph 1"'s efforts ;).

And note, there is NO 4.22 fixed-point format, Zi is a 4.28 one, fig. 12.22 is correct but pag. 1228/1229 states wrong, while pag. 1230 states at the last paragraph is correct again.

Personally, i think even these errors alone (chapter 12) would worth an errata, because some new-comers couldn't figure out what's wrong, but let me say this book is the most complete work i've ever seen on software rasterization: if you are serious about 3d graphics, buy it!
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on April 7, 2015
great book
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on October 24, 2003
Anyone who has this book knows what I am talking about. The demo programs included with this book do more with a software engine than any book on hardware 3D programming i've ever seen. The jet ski one in particular is so great. I turned it into a whole jet ski game! i am currently working on a fighting game using the awesome mech demo at the end of the book. whenever i get a new computer book I always start by going over the CD demos, and this is one of the few books i've ever really been excited about after just seeing the demos! Of course the book itself is a monster; there is so much info in this thing i am going to be busy for quite a long time. in other words, i got well more than my money's worth, and would recommend this to ANYONE who has an interest in games or graphics programming.
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on December 14, 2003
First of all, I would like to say that this book is probably the only thing that you'll be needing to learn 3D graphics/game programming.
And "Mr. LaMothe" is the greatest computer programming author that I know of. But heck, that's my opinion, right?
The bottom line is that this book is not out of date, and you will only read it only if YOU want to read it. Therefor you will not listen to haters,
and if you think that this book is pretty cool, you'll give it a try. The first week when you buy the book, read it, do you like it? Keep it.
Did you not like it? Return the book back to the bookstore. From common sense every book store gives a satisfaction guarantee right?
Note to haters: you're wasting web space and bandwidth =D
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on June 30, 2003
LaMothe has done it again, he wrote another GREAT book.. I really like his style of writing and the humor mixed through the technical details...
Better refresh your math skills, before reading this book! It contains lots of it!
Also you might want to visit a sports school before you start reading. You will feel it in your arms when reading this book, its HEAVY! Stuffed with information!
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on October 5, 2003
The whole book looks like a chaotic package of articles. Some of them are too long, some are too short. There is no path, that leads you through the book. The author constantly tells you how great he is. The visual appearance of the example programs is not very pleasant. The performance of the examples is very low. You won't be able to use this engine in a real-world application.
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on July 26, 2003
Without doubt Andre' LaMothe is the best Author in game programming filed , his book is the best book i have ever read , i have a large library of Game Programming Books , All My Books Includes His Name.
The Book Teaches You The 3D Game Programming Using The Software what it means there is no DX or GL , but as He said ( If You understood This Book , You Will Learn Those Api(s) In a 2 weeks) , sure i belive him , my skills are updated when i read this book , i finished it , i think now im a master 3d games :) . i always buy all books written by LaMothe .
Thanks Andre LaMothe For Your Efforts.
Note: If Author stayed about 4 years writting a book , what do you think of that ?! .
Ahmed Saleh , CEO
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on September 24, 2004
I'm a software developer, working for a big company (big M).

There's only one author better than Andrè in this stuff (I mean trying to explain how a 3D engine works without accelerators) his names? Mr. Abrash the King(Zen of ASM..,Zen of Code opt,Black book).

Only one thing that explain how useful this book is:

Who drives the hardware manufacturer (ATI, NVIDIA) crafting their HW chips that all of ya use and loves?

The manifest difference between a Directx poor programmer and a "3D Innovator that knows how it happens" stands in this book so take it now, learn the basis and contribute to change the next Directx or OpenGL set of API's :D

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on June 20, 2003
this book is the coolest thing I have ever seen. i am a HARD CORE warez webmaster and i rarely buy anything, but lamothe always delivers and this new book is without a doubt his best. i don't know how he does this, the book is actually not 1760 pages, its more like 2000 since the appendices are on the CD, i can't write 10 pages, he's a machine. as far as the book goes, i have written emulators, mame ports, and more, but i am weak in 3d, this is my new bible, its in my backpack, and where i go, it goes -- my only complaint is that why can't books be color now? with digital printing technology, i would think it could be done, the screen shots arent done justice in grayshade -- its a game book you would think the publisher could find a way to make it color on the inside?
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on July 14, 2003
Before you buy this book, be warned that it will only teach you how to develop a software rendering engine, that is to render graphics without taking advantage of hardware acceleration... and you should know that this is not how modern games are developed. So if you want a kick by the humorous Lamothian style
and a not too abstact introduction to 3D graphics concepts buy this book, but if you are looking for a good text on how to implement a real world 3D engine or game, well you will have to wait since this book doesn't exist yet! Or you will have to do like all other newbies game developers.. hunt through lots of books and SDK documentations....
I am very disappointed because I had the impression that with this book Lamothe had stopped writing "fake, for dummies" books
useful only for his bank account and had taken the effort to write something less nice and easy but "REAL"
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