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on August 2, 2012
I had an Otterbox for my Droid 4 that costs $39 and while it was less bulky it ended up falling off a lot and not being very effective. I looked around for a different brand and I found this Trident case - took a risk and got it. I have very impressed. The only drawback is that it is more bulky than the otterbox case, BUT, I would say with this phone it is a good thing. All of the slots (Power, HDMI, Headphones, etc.) are all much easier to access and plug into, and the case fits more securely. This case does an excellent job of protecting the phone while still allowing the slide out keyboard to move freely. I am very happy with this purchase and will not hesitate to buy other Trident Cases in the future. And the price is a big draw!
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on September 24, 2012
Ports: One of the biggest advantages of this case is that it covers all of your ports with a plastic cap. The caps are easy to pull out and remained securely attached to the case. 5 stars

Back and lower keyboard: The case comes in 2 parts. One part covers the back and stays attached to the phone by tabs that go over the physical keyboard. The back part of the case is very rugged and is covered with a non-slip coating. It also prevents the camera from being scratched as the there is a lip around the camera area. Finally the case has holes for the speakers and microphone; I have had no issues hearing people or having people hear me when I make telephone calls. 5 stars

Front case: The second part of the case protects the screen and attaches to the bottom of the top part of the phone. The case provides a "roll cage" by having a thick coated lip that goes around the entire top edge of the case. If dropped on a flat surface, the lip would take the hit and not the screen. The biggest issue with the front case is that the tabs securing the case to the phone are not very strong. (I am guessing this was done so that the physical keyboard could still slide in and out.) The tabs on my front cover have already snapped after two months of normal use (although to be fair, there was one drop involved (which could be viewed as normal use)). 3 stars

Overall: This is a great case to protect your phone. It adds a ton of protection for the screen, ports, and the entire phone while not being too bulky (I found this case to be much less bulky than an Otterbox case.) The only downside is that the front cover tabs seem to be rather weak.

Update: 27-Sep-12: I dropped my phone again today and the front case tabs broke again. The good news is that the phone was protected during the fall with no damage. The bad news is that this will be two broken front cases during a four month period. (The worst news is that you cannot buy the front case alone; this would be nice as the back case is very ruggid and has never broken.)

So the case will protect your phone - just be prepared to have to buy a new case each time you drop your phone.
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on August 6, 2012
Before getting this I came close to dropping my new Droid 4 several times. It was slippery in my hands and I had trouble getting the keyboard open. Now, it's really great. Makes me glad I chose the phone I did. The colored parts are not too sticky feeling and don't hang up when I slide it into my narrow purse pocket. But since the colored parts stick out further than the black plastic it works great as hand grips. I found the case makes it easier to hit the "on" button and the slide on the keyboard works great now -- very smooth and controlled in my hand. I had seen on a YouTube review on this case that it made the "number" keys on the keyboard hard to reach, but mine clears them just fine. Very happy with the quality and protection it provides as well as the sharp design.
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on May 6, 2013
I am HARD on my phones, I admit this :) I first purchased and Otter Box for my Droid 4, worked good for about a month then the front of the case broke. Otter Box guarantees their cases if you jump through hoops and I got sick of jumping. Hubby found the Trident case, in my favorite color and got it for me for christmas. Im clumsy and drop my phone a lot and the Trident case really took the punishment in stride.
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on September 10, 2012
I love this cover. It does give a lot of protection and is nice looking. I have a Droid 4 and it fits perfectly allowing the phone to slide open and closed with no issues. The colored part is rubbery and I feel if I did drop it, my phone would be okay. It fits comfortably in my hands to text too. Not too bulky. The areas that need accessing (to charge your phone, on and off button, etc) have a rubber part that lifts, but does not remove. After you are done charging your phone, it fits back into place. I would recommend this cover!
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on October 2, 2012
I'm a career firefighter and do building maintenance on my days off. I've taken my Droid 4 into structure fires with this case and come out soaked to the bone. My trident case has protected it perfectly. I mow grass and weed eat and my phone is covered in dust. The case simply comes apart so I can wipe down my phone and reassemble. I've had otter box cases in the past and this trident case is every bit as good. Well worth the money.
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on December 10, 2013
Meh... I'm disappointed with this case. On the one hand, the soft silcone lower case is excellent. It seems sturdy and when it was on my phone kept it from slipping on surfaces or getting water into the phone. The upper case to protect the screen, seems to be an after thought. This portion of the product has no extra corner or impact protection and consists of only a plastic edge piece to surround upper case.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the case are the small tabs used to hold it on the phone. The tabs holding the upper case to the phone are short (2mm at best) and do not grip well. Worse, the upper case left distinct 'bites' in the clear screen protector. Had this not been applied, I believe the screen would have been scratched around the edges. The tabs holding the lower case are longer (3.5mm) and hold onto the phone better, but aren't guaranteed to sustain multiple bounces. I discovered this (fortunately) when the phone was accidently swept off a desk at work. As I lunged to catch the phone, the upper case detached on the first impact bounce. The lower case separated on the second bounce. While the phone was fine, I suspect that was more a testiment to the phone's design versus the 'protective' case. When I reattached the shells, the lower shell re-installed normally. The upper case had already suffered a broken tab. The remaining tabs would hold the upper case on, but the least jolt would cause it to come off reducing it's effectiveness as protection.

Ergonomically, the cases are clunky and poorly designed. The upper case, makes using the number keys on the slider keyboard difficult. The silcone lower case has a great grip feel to it. It is thick and a little bulky, so it doesn't fit well in pockets as a result. Since the edges of the lower case are designed to flush with the upper case, when the upper case broke, the lower case now looks tacky on the phone solo.

I wish I could recommend the product, but after only a few months of use, I've retired mine.
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on September 19, 2013
I bought this case cause it seemed like a durable solution to any other case I have seen, and well it looked cool. I just received it the other day and put it on my phone. Yes it is bulkier than my previous (and now current) case but I was ok with that. My problem...the tabs holding the back piece on. They positioned the tabs on the sides, not the bottom so that the phone has to slide over them. They are not flush and got caught up, not allowing my phone to open or shut without actually forcing or lifting a bit on the front piece so it would go over. Waste of money and contacting amazon today to return.
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on June 22, 2013
I've had this case for about 3 months now and I gotta say this case does deliver. I've only dropped my phone twice, second impact was pretty harsh. Both times phone dropped it was protected. First time the top hard plastic cover popped off but I think that was my error. Second time nothing popped off and my phone was unharmed. I went with this case over Outter Box because the reviews were much better, and my phone is still in one piece!
The case also came with a screen protector, so no need to buy one. Unless you don't read directions on how to put it on and completely ruin it!
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on October 6, 2012
After doing way too much research on about 20 different protective cases, this one seemed to be the best for me. I am going to be on the go working on copiers and needed something that offered decent grip and protection from getting knocked around. So, here is what I have found:

Good solid fit on phone
Corners are well protected from drops
Plastic is very rigid and maintains its shape well
Dust covers protect the ports
Does not cause the slide to hang up like others

Dust covers can catch on things
It does not lay flat because of a large logo on the back
Number keys are a bit tight to get to

Overall, this is a great cover. I may, however, end up cutting off the dust covers for the ports that I use most.
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