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on May 31, 2007
I tried this cream out for my husband who has a recurring skin problem on his elbow and knee that drives him crazy. It got so bad this year on his knee that it seemed like his skin would never be normal again. His skin was so dry, red and thick -- and the itching drove him mad. He has tried numerous prescription creams and ointments from doctors -- nothing works. Gold Bond gave him some limited relief, but not enough. So I decided to give this cream a try. Well, what a surprise -- the results are stunning! And the best part is, it's natural, virgin aloe. When you have a severe problem, you really need to apply it twice a day -- but does it ever work. It's a greaseless white cream with no unpleasant odors, which makes it pleasant to use. I can't get over how it healed my husband's skin completely. The problem does still try to come back now and then, but at least we now have something that really works. And a little bit goes a long way -- one jar has lasted us many months.

I also found that it helped me when I got a bad poison ivy rash on my arm that left my skin dry and uncomfortable as it healed. I had to start out first with Zanfel scrub, which I highly recommend for poison ivy -- it is also miraculous. But once it began healing, my skin felt dry and had red marks. I used this TriDERMA and it really soothed the skin and helped the angry looking red marks fade away more quickly.

I highly recommend TriDERMA -- it's fantastic and makes your skin feel so good. This is a good price also -- I had paid much more through a catalog. I haven't found this product in stores and our local pharmacy can't even order it.
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on April 6, 2010
I used this product on an incision wound that was taking forever to heal. I had surgery in May 2009 and due to being ill and having a very poor immune system, by my second surgery in December, the wound still had not fully healed. It was still raw skin, and I was gauzing and taping it up every day. They used the same incision in December, and I was faced with another long bout of poor/slow healing. A couple months later (March 2010) I came across this product. I have been using it now for 3 weeks maybe? And the incision has healed more in the last 3 weeks than it did in the last 10 months!! I was blown away!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this product.
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on May 31, 2014
I usually don't write reviews unless I am astounded or terribly disappointed by a product. This cream is amazing and there really are not enough positive words to describe it. Let me explain..I have had only what I can describe as thick 'patches' of dry skin on my face (of all places) and nowhere else, for 14 years now, only to be told by doctors and dermatologists that, of course, it is eczema, because lord forbid they actually put some effort into diagnosing a condition. Through my countless hours of research on eczema and what it looks like, along with other skin disorders, my 'patches' never seemed to match up to anything specific. However, I have been prescribed the steroids and such (horrible for the face especially!) and they never did they did much of anything! I have been DESPERATE! I can't even tell you the anxiety that having this on my face has caused. It has kept me from going out in public many days over the years because of embarrassment. Needless to say, I have tried so many products to no avail and spent hundreds of dollars I am sure. And each time I try something new, it is basically with the realization that it is not going to work because nothing has worked before. And even though I pray that each new product will work, I had pretty much accepted that I will deal with this the rest of my life. I had come across this product on Amazon while searching for yet something else for my skin and I had it in my cart for many weeks because, of course, I was skeptical and didn't want to waste any more money or be let down once again. But something told me to try this and reading the other reviews, it seemed like this might actually work. I am SOOOO glad that I purchased this because IT ACTUALLY DOES WORK! And for my stubborn skin patches, that is saying something. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for this product. I have been using it for 10 days now and all but one of the worst patches are smooth, and the most stubborn one is well on its way to being normal also. Also, if you are prone to 'picking' at your skin, I know it is hard, but stop, and allow this product to go through the process of healing your skin, because it will. All I can say is AMAZING!!!

February 14th, 2015 AMAZING Update
I wanted to update my response because I thought it would be helpful to others who suffer from skin issues. This product is JUST AS AMAZING now, after using it for 9 months, as it was when I first started using it! It literally continues to save my skin (and my life) every day. I now get compliments on how beautiful my skin is, which I would have NEVER dreamed in a million years! I will NEVER be without it, and I will NEVER stop using it! I pray they never stop making this cream!
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on June 4, 2011
I am a senior citizen, and have found this product to be very good at treating skin keratoses and other skin irritations. You need to treat daily for best results. We used it to treat the bed sores suffered by my mother-in-law; this ointment worked better than her prescription drugs.
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on September 29, 2007
I came out of a leg cast after six weeks with a Stage I pressure sore on my heel and some very tender traumatized skin on my ankle. This cream has been very effective in soothing and healing the traumatized skin, the surgical scar areas, and the pressure sore. There has been a significant diminishment in heel and skin redness/tenderness, as well as a relief of the "burning sensation" on the ankle skin. The skin is now soft and much more comfortable. I'm applying at 3x a day after range-of-motion exercises, and one final time before bed.
There really is no added fragrances for those who need unscented products. The smell is faint and pleasant. The texture is creamy without being greasy. The 4 oz jar will probably last 2 months or more using it 4x's a day. I would definitely recommend and buy this cream again.
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on May 25, 2008
This cream and the others Tri-Derma has in it's line of creams is just one of the overall creams I buy for my household. They all have qualities that are beneficial for promoting healing. Scars,Diabetic sores,abrasions,excema,dermatitis, antiseptic values(contains zinc), and overall use for softer and more subtle skin.
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October 29th 2013 review update.
I still recommend this product for skin issues but my problems have for the most part gone away.
I started using Clear Hair Shampoo for Men.
I also switched barbers...turns out he wasn't disinfecting his clippers like he should have.
My scalp issues were in fact barber rash.
I no longer use this particular product but I still recommend it.

Many people know I have scalp issues.
My barber told me I have ingrown hairs.
I'm not sure if it's ingrown hairs, scalp acne etc... as I have never been to a dermatologist and been officially diagnosed.
It's an embarrassing condition but one I could live with. Well, sort of.
You see, I like my hair short. As in Marine short.
The back and sides shaved.
I sort of gave up on that look as my scalp was too atrocious to look at.
I've tried everything...
Oil or Oregano
Tea Tree Oil
Bump Stopper
Emu Oil
Organic Shampoos.
I even switched out my shower head with a shower filter.
Some of these things worked, but after a while the bumps would return with a vengeance.
Itchy, painful.
Then after giving in and getting another military hair cut I started Googling out of sheer disgust.
I found that zinc is used as an acne treatment (One of the ingredients in this version of Triderma).
After much searching I finally found a link to Triderma.
The reviews all over the web are stellar, so I marched down to Walgreen's and bought a tube.
It's fairly pricey but I was desperate...again.
I applied just a tiny amount to my raw scalp at 1:30PM today, it is now 7:00 PM.
A measly five and a half hours later scalp hasn't looked this good in years.
Almost all the bumps are already gone or are shrinking rapidly.
Amazing, nothing short of amazing.
I don't care how expensive this stuff is, I'll keep using it.
Will the bumps eventually return???
Only time will tell and I'll make sure and post a future update.
Yayyyy...I can finally look like a tough guy again.
So cool.
Thanks Tridermal, you have given me my scalp back.
A few bumps here and there, hopefully they'll be gone within a few days.
Effective, non greasy, no fragrance, highest recommendations.
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on May 29, 2013
This is such great stuff! Keeps my rosacea away, use it everything...breakouts, dry skin, (sun)burns, bee stings. Works for and is easy on the dog too. A little goes a long way so a jar will last several months.
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on May 29, 2007
This product is the best I have ever used foir chapped damaged skin.

I work outside and have always suffered from rough, cracked skin on my hands- this is one of the only products that has helped them heal- it is at the very lease worth a try to see if you get the same result!
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on May 1, 2012
I bought this because I had awful skin problems on my face including eczema, dry peeling skin which would tear and scab, and breakouts. I had tried many, many expensive products including other healing creams in an effort to remedy this problem with no success. While my results were not as fast as some others have described with this product, about 3 weeks after using this my skin looked soooo much better. I even stopped breaking out and got that "healthy glow" back. If I stop using this product my problems come back almost immediately so I use it every day as a moisturizer. My skin hasn't looked this good in years. The smell doesn't bother me, it's not perfumed so it doesn't smell great but the smell does not bother me either. To me it has no smell. I just pray they never discontinue this because it's lifesaver!
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