Customer Reviews: Star Wars Trilogy (A New Hope / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi) (Widescreen Edition with Bonus Disc)
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on December 9, 2015
If you're wondering why this is less expensive than other options out there. This comes in one case for all three movies. It has 6 discs - 3 blu-ray and 3 DVDs, but they are all in one case. Not an issue for me, but I was curious about the less expensive price.
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on June 1, 2010
It's real simple, George. The vast majority of people who will buy the Blu-Ray versions are middle-aged nostalgia hounds. These people will NOT pony up more of their hard-earned dough for CGI "enhancements." They WILL, however, whip out their credit cards for the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL RELEASES faster than Han Solo's draw-down on Greedo.

Find your best exant print each film of the original trilogy. Have the ILM lab boys scan in every frame @ 4k. Do the LEAST amount of color correction and dust/scratch removal--only in a restoration sense, not "improving color" or anything like that. Approach it like archivists.

Use your technical advancements to do the finest BR encoding of those individual frames. I want to see film grain, dude. Matte lines. Pancake makeup. Absolutely naked and unvarnished. The final result should be a monument to the format, really.

Do the same with the audio.

If your ego won't let you "let go" of your CGI meddling, then make every feature a two-BR set--your best "improved" version + the original theatrical release. You can charge more that way, have your final vision, and still satisfy the fans who want the '77, '80. and '83 prints. And line your pockets with more filthy lucre as you sell the same product to us for the umteenth time.

Call it a "Special Edition Archivist Series" or something like that.
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2011
This disc features the excellent documentary "Empire of Dreams" which also appeared in a heavily edited and truncated form on American television in 2004 when the disc first appeared. Running at 2 hours and 30 minutes this is without a doubt the best of all the "Making of..." documentaries covering the production of the Original Trilogy.
Sold as part of a box set I have held onto this disc keenly aware that it was very unlikely that this disc would reappear when the series arrived on Blu-ray (time has proven me correct on this prediction).
Now this disc sits with the 3 theatrical release non-anamorphic DVDs (that appeared two years later as bonus materials to the individual releases)in a 4-disc Blu-ray case (with a custom cover) sitting alongside the Blu-ray series which I opted to begrudgingly purchase due to the presence of the 3 OT documentaries.
Incidentally this disc also features the 15 minute "The Birth of the Lightsaber" and the 19 minute "The Characters of Star Wars".
If you can find anyone willing the part with this DVD I would recommend purchasing it.
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on November 5, 2008
I see this box set is getting a lot of bad reviews so I thought I'd chime in.

Most people giving it one star are just mad that there is another boxset release. This doesn't bother me at all. I never bought the other boxsets because of all the CG that was added, those aren't the movies I love.

People are also upset that the originals aren't in anamorphic widescreen and are poor transfers. Yeah an anamorphic version would have been nice and maybe they could have been retransfered, but these movies look a lot better than my old VHS set. Most likely these movies look better now than they did in the crappy theatar I saw them in.

In conclusion, this is a very affordable way to get all the original versions of the original trilogy, plus you get all the touched up versions.
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on June 18, 2009
This box contains the previously released "limited edition" 2-disc sets, now in 3 slim-line cases, which means you get STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and RETURN OF THE JEDI in both the original theatrical versions (for the first time on DVD!) and the re-worked "special editions" from the mid 90's.

I purchased these mainly for the original theatrical versions and my comments relate to those versions only.

The Original Theatrical versions are in their original 2.35:1 Widescreen aspect, letterboxed within a 3x4 screen format - not anamorphic - which is clearly indicated on the packaging. You can view this "full-size" on your 16x9 TV by setting your DVD player's HDMI output to 3x4/pillar-box if necessary, and then setting your TV to "zoom" so that the screen is filled side to side with the picture. There will be slim black bars on the top and bottom, just as there are on anamorphic DVD's with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

Even with the zoom in effect, the picture is crystal clear and the color great. I'm using an upconvert DVD player with HDMI output (1080p), and a 50-inch plasma HD television. Some have said in reviews that the picture quality is poor, even "VHS quality", but that's totally false. I've read that the originals here were taken from the laser-disc masters done in the early 90's; well, they look great however they were sourced. The sound is Dolby 2.0 Stereo (as indicated on the package) and sounds excellent. I get some center-channel and sub-woofer action as well as the stereo music and sound-effects on my system.

If a blu-ray/HD version is ever issued, that will be great and an improvement; but this is the only way to get the original films on DVD at this time, and they look great, so this set is essential for fans who saw these movies in theatres when they were released between 1977 and 1983 and want to see them once again in their original glory.
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on June 4, 2010
The box it comes in, is really cool. Better than the 95' and 97' editions. The videos are also in a video holder thing, which i think is ok. But i do like the art work on both the box and video hholder. The video cases them selfs have some cool art work as well. This is a collection in my star wars collection. So I'd get it right away before they are gone!!
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on April 28, 2013
I haven't purchased the trilogy yet, I was investigating the versions. I read the one review that helps to clarify which boxed set contains the original release versus the special edition. I still wasn't absolutely sure which one to get though so I went digging around and I found this comparison chart on Amazon that I thought might be helpful to others, so posting it here. I didn't want to bring down the rating of this boxed set so I gave it 5 stars just so I could post this. Hope it's helpful to anyone else who isn't quite sure which set to get.

Go to this link for the blu-ray version then scroll down to find the comparison chart:
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on May 2, 2015
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on September 12, 2009
The Star Wars Trilogy Bonus Material DVD is really good. Plain and simple. It is an excellent set of documentaries that discusses the making of the three movies (episodes IV, V and VI). I especially enjoyed the features on A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. George Lucas and many of the actors from these movies discuss what went on behind the scenes and tell lots of neat little stories. It's interesting to hear how A New Hope almost never came to be, and how the crew had to hurry up and finish the movie in a short period of time with many obstacles standing in the way of progress. Other features talk about the evolution of the light sabre, the characters of Star Wars, the special effects, interviews, and behind the scenes footage. If you like the whole Star Wars saga, then you'll love this DVD. Definitely worth the money. It is 236 minutes long (3 hours and 56 minutes).

I have the 4-DVD Star Wars Trilogy that features episodes IV, V, and VI and this disc called Bonus Material. This set was released in 2004. These are the movies that were not the exact theatrical releases from 1977, 1980, and 1983. Modern computer technology was used to slightly alter and make these movies closer to what Lucas had originally envisioned them to be back in the late '70s and early '80s when he couldn't do some of the things he wanted because of smaller budgets and the non-existence of computer generated images. At the same time, there no doubt was an effort made to have these movies be more in line with Episodes I, II, and III as far as the look and technology goes. Unfortunately, I think this was the wrong approach to take. Lucas should have made episodes I, II, and III using episodes IV, V and VI as a reference point or an example. In other words, the technology/spaceships in episodes I, II, and III should have been less advanced than in episodes IV, V, and VI. Instead, everything is MORE advanced for the most part.

Personally, I like the original theatrical releases of these movies, but there are some good changes made to these movies that I accept, particularly the Emperor's hologram and Cloud City in Episode V. If you're curious about these 2004 updated movies, then I would recommend them. If not, then you can still buy the Bonus Material DVD separately.
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on January 2, 2011
These discs are the "THX" remastering of the original versions of the movie. The same version was converted to VHS but has much lower quality due to the format. The DVD/BR releases have both the special edition versions and non-remastered versions of the originals. This version is MUCH better quality than the non-remastered originals and doesn't have all of the annoying changes of the special edition. If you happen to have an LD player.. I'd pick this up.
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