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I'll admit I had few expectations of this little film, and it exceeded every one of those. The plot line takes more than a couple of interesting twists. The acting is far better than I expected, with the exception of one female supporting lead. It's well worth the time and a few dollars to rent.
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on December 2, 2013
Following his return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Chris is having problems adapting to life in San Diego. After several job offers fell through, Chris reluctantly agrees to a proposition from a young woman, whose brother died in Chris’ unit overseas. She hires Chris to seduce and kill Andrew, her brother’s lover, in order to receive a valuable inheritance that would otherwise go to him.

This film is directed by Sean Paul Lockhart, aka gay porn’s Brett Corrigan, who also plays Andrew. Judging by Lockhart’s long-winded introduction that preceded the film on the DVD, I wasn’t expecting much, but it was somewhat better than my reduced expectations. The plot is far-fetched and far from cohesive, some scenes are stretched out way too long, and the acting by the secondary characters is cartoonish. Still, the story does provide some suspense, and the final reveal is something I was not expecting, so I’ll give them three stars out of five for effort and eye-candy. Unrated, but would be a solid R for male nudity and simulated sexual situations. DVD bonuses include outtakes, a music video and a “behind the scenes” feature.
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on February 28, 2014
U.S. gay cinema is enjoying a growth spurt. Suddenly we have some new sexy adult dramas that are about American gay men. Nothing wrong with watching British gays, Scandinavian gays, German gays, Latin American gays, and all the other internationalities that kept gay cinema going, but it's nice to be able to watch American gays for a change! This is a unique film, a twisty modern noir that is also a compelling romance and also has touches of real humor; and it's very sexy. Sean Paul Lockhart is almost like Marilyn at times in this, as the lead he has a really endearing star quality. This is the first film I have ever seen where a total gay bottom is upheld as the "good woman" (in heterosexual terms) in a story in which he gets betrayed by one loser ("looks like Tarzan but sounds like Jane," as they say in Araki's Mysterious Skin) only to be saved by a hunky Marine whose love is tattoo-true. Go with this winner!
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on September 4, 2014
Well, the premise/plot of this movie started out in a credible manner and then descended into the implausible, then the ludicrous, the absurd and then the utterly ridiculous. The notion of gay military personnel with partners on the civilian side living their lives while anxious for their partner to return is very current. That premise in and of itself is a story worth telling. To ineptly add all the layers of treachery and betrayal and implausible situations, just makes it a soap opera. I know that finding a motivation is important, but knowing how to do that in a new way, is the art of film making. Sean Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan, pornographic movie actor who was unintentionally--and not criminally--involved in a notorious homicide years ago), is probably one of the most handsome fellows around and is demonstrating his somewhat credible acting skills and technique in role after role. Even in the context of movies that aren't so good overall, Sean is showing some ability to really act. This film was written by, directed by and stars Sean. In general, my feeling is that projects that are written, directed, and star the same person, require a lot of talent from beginning to end. It is an enormous effort and weakness in any area (the acting, the story or the direction) can doom the project. Sean is apparently ambitious, but at this stage of his "legit" career, he should collaborate and become excellent in one area of the business at a time. I have the feeling Sean will continue to challenge himself and find a different voice that makes a contribution not just to gay cinema, but mainstream cinema as well. I give Sean an "A" for effort and ambition, but the movie is a clear "F." Not the sort of work you want on your resume, but if Sean learned a lot, maybe it was worth least for him.
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on June 30, 2015
Triple Crossed is a movie that requires close attention. Clues and explanatory resolutions are shown behind opening and closing credits. NB: Don't leave the DVD the moment the movie ends. A worn out veteran (with possible PTS) named Chris Jensen (played by newcomer Jack Brockett) returns from the Afghan wars and settles down in California. He faces difficulty in adjusting to his new life and finds potential employers unwilling to hire a veteran who also appears to be "damaged goods". Suddenly, out of the blue, he is approached by an attractive and forceful young lady who somehow finds out about him and offers considerable compensation for a job requiring his "special talents". All he has to do is kill the former lover of her late brother who also served but died in Afghanistan and left 51% of his father's company to his lover (Andrew Warner, played by Sean Paul Lockhart who also directs). The sister wants it all. The problem now is how to get close to Andrew and then make his death appear as an accident. A contrived plan to meet Andrew during a jog in the park works and gradually the two begin to bond over a period of time. Unexpected feelings on the part of Chris towards Andrew emerge. Andrew comes off as a really nice guy and Chris's own inherent sense of decency and his new relationship with Andrew (both emotional and sexual) serves as a blockade to fulfilling his latest mission. The sister (well played by Laura Reilly) becomes more and more impatient and demanding. Time is running out. From this point on the pace of the movie rapidly picks up. Without giving anything away (NO SPOILERS HERE), the question for Chris is whether or not to dispatch Andrew as planned; make believe that he has done the dirty deed (Andrew doesn't really care about his inheritance) and fool the sister into believing he has; and how to deal with the sister in general who Chris really doesn't like nor trust. To say any more would be giving too much away. Suffice it to say, as is the case with most "murder mysteries", all is not as it appears and this film's title and subsequent information are the best clues. The ending is a humdinger. I did not give the movie 5 stars because the credulity of certain segments seemed a bit too stretched. A nice extra deals with the making of the film - which also contains some very pleasing "eye candy". The movie is "unrated" for obvious reasons (a hard "R" might apply).
The ending to this film is worth the price of admission.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 23, 2013
I am a big fan of indie cinema and they are often timely reminders to the big studios as to just how good and innovative films can be. This is not one of those films - sadly. It starts with the star and director, Sean Paul Lockhart (Andrew), doing a piece to camera explaining why he made such a great film and how they all put `blood sweat and tears' into the production. Actually judging from some of the scenes there were probably a few other bodily fluids thrown into the mix too.

We then have a veteran of Afghanistan, Jack Brocket playing Chris, he has returned with PTSD and just wants a job, but instead winds up getting hired as a hit man. This is to kill another vet who has inherited a fortune from his now dead gay, soldier lover and whose half sister will then get the lot if Andrew goes to the big gay disco in the sky. So begins his courtship of Andrew.

This is gay and so as such there are what can only be called `gratuitous shower scenes', some bedroom action and some nudity. I think it might have been me but the plot is so ludicrous that I stopped caring. Scooby Doo has better thought out plots and the acting lacked more conviction than a hedge fund manager trying to explain why he deserves a bonus. The sound levels vary in places and the CGI action is poor. The two leads are good looking but there needs to be more than good looking guys who are allergic to wearing their shirts to make a film more than just a pre watershed porno. So sorry good effort but no cigar and all that - it is not disastrous hence my rating but there are too many issues to make this anything approaching `good'.
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on February 13, 2014
I knew it was shot in a few days and had newcomer actors. So I wasn't expecting art. I knew Sean Paul Lockhart had directed it which is why I wanted to see it. He did a great job! Very proud he's moving onward and upward. He deserves the chance.
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on November 12, 2013
What can I say, the movie was decent -- at best.

It really felt like an extremely low budget production that was filmed by a college student who decided to take on the project for their class final exam. The video quality looked like those used on Soaps and the script had glaring holes in it.

However, despite the issues I had with the film, I'm a sucker for cute looking guys playing in gay themed movies. It was still a half way decent movie to watch, but I won't be buying it on DVD.
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on August 16, 2014
First off this movie has some very nice eye candy. Sean Lockhart and the male lead are both extremely good looking and there is some nudity and a few sex scenes which are not bad, and that is is the good part of the movie. You have to know if you watch many gay themed movies and I do, that the acting is always bad and low budget and this is no exception. I tried to overlook that when it started but the from the get go the plot was silly, and the actors were merely phoning in the performances. If you want eye candy it is nice but if you want a story skip it and the ending was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. You won't see it coming but when it happens you won't care.
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on February 2, 2014
The movie quality was really good. The two main characters had some great chemistry, in and out of bed. Some problems I had with the movie were the flash backs that Chris kept experiencing, it was very unrealistic and child like made. Also the end was a little too quickly said and done. No real explanation of what happened, just a pow (here it is). Overall I liked the picture quality and theme of the movie.
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