Triple flanged tips? Have had these buds for a while now and although they sound great, I'm not a fan of the stock tips it came with. My last set was a discontinued set of Shure's that had triple-flanged tips which I absolutely loved. I can't seem to find a decent replacement for the Klipsch's though. Anyone have any leads?
asked by Luca Ben on March 31, 2012
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I got my S4s last week and the stock ear tips didn't work out well for me, either. I bought these and I love them:

Comply Tx-100 Foam Tips (Black) 3-Pair Pack, Medium

The medium size works great for me, but small, large, and a variety pack (one pair of each size) are also available if you're not sure which will be best for your ears, or if each ear canal is shaped/sized differently. To use them, you replace the stock silicone tips with the Comply memory foam tips, then roll them between forefinger and thumb to squish them into a smaller diameter. Next, insert them at a comfortable depth & angle and hold them there for 20 seconds or so while the foam expands to conform to the shape of your ear canal (or COMPLY, as the appropriate product name suggests!). The material feels slightly tacky to the touch, but leaves no residue. I believe this helps them stay in place... and they DO stay put! The seal they achieve is complete & firm enough to provide both isolation and proper bass response, and the material is soft & supple enough to be very comfortable for long-term use. The Image S4's are my first pair of earphones that are inserted into the ear canal, and I feared I'd find the sensation irritating, but both the stock silicone tips and the Comply foam tips become hardly noticeable after about 20 minutes. If you have previous experience with IEM's, the Comply tips will probably be like a dream come true for you.

On the other hand, you specifically mentioned that you really liked the Shure 3-flange tips you had before. I have no experience with those, but I found some that should fit the Image S4's:
Shure EATFL1-6 Triple Flange Sleeves (3 Pair)
Shure EA306 Triple Flange Sleeves for E3c, E3g, E4c, E4g, E5c, I3, I4c, E3c-n and E4c-n models
These look like an older model: Shure PA755 Triple-Flange Sleeves for Shure Sound-Isolating Earphones (1 Pair)
Etymotic Research ER38-15SM 3-Flange Replacement Eartips - Small - 10 Pack - Frost
Etymotic Research ER38-18 3-Flange Replacement Eartips - 10 Pack - Gray

Why do I think those will fit the Klipsch Image S4's? From the product page for the Comply foam tips (linked above) you can download a pdf file that shows which Comply tips are compatible with the various brands and models of IEM's. The link to the pdf is on the right-hand side above the picture of the guy adjusting his hat where it says, "Click here for compatible earphones." It shows that the Tx-100 model will fit the Klipsch Image S4's, as well as just about all models of Shure and Etymotic Research IEM's. Thus, the eartips from all of those brands and models should be interchangeable with one another.

I hope you find something that works for you!
TwistedMentat answered on March 31, 2012
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I ended up buying the 10 pack of the Gray Etymotic ER38-18's. I received them today and they feel alright, but there is the slight problem that the tips are just a straight cylinder, it doesn't lock in around the retaining ring of the earphone so it kinda pops out but leaves the tip in my ear. It's only happened with one tip, after swapping it out and hasn't happened so far.

I guess this will be an alright go-between before I opt to do an ear canal mold or something. Thanks for the help.
Luca Ben answered on April 17, 2012
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