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Since the 1950s the US government has covered up the truth about a little town called Nilbog. Gene Freak was a young up and coming scientist with a covert government operation that cross-breeds plans and humans to "further medical advances." Somehow Gene got involved in the occult and that is where the horror started. A superior race of burlap wearing goblins was created instead. For decades the Nilbog family exchange program brought families from the country to the quiet town of Nilbog for a little "relaxation." None of those families were heard from again. Many concluded that the peaceful existence of Nilbog enticed families to stay there, however a few thought it was actually much more depraved than that. There were always whispers that these families became food. Fast forward to 1990. Grandpa Seth, although dead, was one of those truth-seekers who wanted to expose Nilbog for what it is. His desire to get the truth about Nilbog, to the citizens of the world, was so strong that he was able to come back from the dead to warn his grandson, Joshua. Joshua learns the truth and must spread the word to save his family. When his family arrives at The Presents house(the family they exchanged with) there are delicious food items left out, but there is something very sinister about the food. It is green, which usually means it is quite healthy, but in this case if you eat it, you turn into a plant, and the goblins then eat you. Joshua's sister and mother(played by Sissy Spacek I think) don't believe Joshua's tales about the goblins or the food, so(after an apparition of Grandpa Seth giving advice and stopping time)Joshua does what so many of us have done at a family gathering: he urinates on the food. For this he is admonished by his dad(a strong performance by Craig T Nelson of "Coach" fame) who says, "You can't ... on hospitality. I won't allow it." Meanwhile, his sister's boyfriend and his very close friends are in town looking to score with some Nilbog hotties, are oblivious to what evil fate awaits them. Sheriff Gene Freak offers one of them a delicious green glass of milk and another is seduced by a corn on the cob wearing beauty.Unfortunately, like many visitors to Nilbog they "bite off more than they can chew." This movie is so shocking, so real and so courageous that it is a must see. The special-effects(especially the lightning) make "Jurassic Park" look like "Land of The Lost." The performances are delicious: Gene Freak and the Drugstore Owner were both nominated for Best Actor at the Academy awards. The preacher won best supporting actor in a movie about Goblins. Unfortunately, the US government does not want the truth about Sheriff Gene Freak, nor Nilbog, to be exposed. This is the reason it took me 8 phone calls to 8 different video stores to finally track this movie down. Has anyone else found it curious that these "actors" were never seen from again? Many think these were not actors at all, and this is just a documentary. I called amnesty international and they "claim" to know nothing about Nilbog, even when I informed them that it's Goblin speeled backwards. I think it is all one big cover-up. Please see this movie and learn the truth. Sheriff Gene Freak must be stopped at all costs.
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on March 3, 2000
Once in a great while, a movie comes along that defies description; a masterly-crafted piece of cinema that is so awe-inspiring that words such as "amazing" or "majestic" fail to do it justice. Troll 2 is one of these movies, and the effect it has had on my life is so profound that it is difficult to put into words. Without revealing too much of the movie, let me just state that Troll 2's plot was a stroke of genius, and offers something for every type of movie-goer. Horror fans will rejoice with delight when they first witness Nilbog's resident goblins, which are a tour de force of special effects coupled with extremely realistic-looking makeup and potato sacks. Drama enthusiasts will be riveted by the phenomenal performances of the various actors and actresses, all under the direction of the highly-underrated Drago Floyd. Comedy devotees looking for a dose of witty and sophisticated humor need look no further, as the hilarious antics of Elliot and his gang keep the laughs coming. On top of all this, the storyline and accompanying musical score will keep you on the edge of your seat. Will the unfortunate protagonists devour the toxic substances labeled by the Nilbog townsfolk as "food," or will Joshua and his family be forced to endure a bout of the dreaded "hunger pains?" Can an ear of corn possibly be used as a seductive tool? Is everyone in Nilbog actually a goblin in disguise, or are they just misguided souls held captive under the authoritarian dictatorship of Sheriff Gene Freak? Finally, what ghostly entity repeatedly buttons and unbuttons the father's shirt, and is this scene used to foreshadow the appearance of the deceased Grandpa Seth? Many more questions will arise during your first viewing of Troll 2, and you will probably have to watch it multiple times before the whole plot starts to fit together. Troll 2 contains a plethora of superb acting talent, suspenseful moments, and some truly original special effects, yet remains an undiscovered gem that will never receive the artistic and influential credit it deserves. The morphing scene alone, which involves one of Elliot's boys tranforming into a tree, is worthy of an Oscar. I am extremely happy to be a part of the whole "Troll 2 Experience," as it is now referred to, and can honestly say that this movie has changed my view of society, relationships, and life in general. Find this movie, whatever it takes, and prepare yourself for a life-altering experience.
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on August 29, 2005
I've studied this film over the last couple of months and this is my analysis of Troll 2. I would like to begin my review by saying that watching this movie will be like taking a hot fork and shoving it in your eye socket for some people, whereas for others it will be the funniest F'n thing you've ever seen.

Before I get into the meat of the story or as I like to call it a double decker bologna sandwich...Troll 2 has nothing to do with trolls (just goblins), Troll 2 also has absolutely nothing to do with Troll 1. AHA but that's not all!!!! The guy who made the cover for Troll 2 didn't see Troll 1 or Troll 2!!!! The original cover of Troll 2 has a werewolf (Not in Troll 1 or Troll 2) chasing a little boy who doesn't even appear in either of the Troll movies! If that doesn't make you want to take your head and smash it against concrete, I don't know what does.

I will now begin with the double decker bologna sandwich part of my analysis. The film begins with Grandpa Seth talking to his grandson Joshua. Joshua is constipated throughout the film and grandpa is dead. You know the kind of dead where you say you will be gone forever and then you come back and then you say you will be gone forever and then you come back and then you give your 12 year old grandson a Molotov cocktail and then you say you will be gone forever and then you come back...that kind of dead. He tells that old story of how Peter Pan ran through the woods one day, ate green goup, and turned into a MLANT. The mother, played by Margo Prey (AKA greatest actress ever) assures Joshua that it was just a dream and goes onto explain that Grandpa's death was, "Very difficult for your father, for Holly, and for me his daughter." You may want to give that quote a second reading... The daughter is also brilliant in this picture. The chemistry between her and her boyfriend Elliott is sizzling!!! Ouch very hot! So sizzling that Elliott and his friends couldn't be more gay! Holly explains, "You take them to bed with you too (referring to Elliott's guy friends that are hanging out the window) and I don't believe in group sex". What??? Holly then explains that her parents don't like Elliott (that he is a good for nothing) and that they are going on vacation for a month. Ellliott then asks, "Is it true you're going on vacation tomorrow?" "Yes!" "I'll come with you?" "OK I'll tell my father that you're coming with us tomorrow" Believe me the movie keeps going...Joshua must do it he must do it! He must pee on everyone's food before they eat corn with green paste on it. Oh my god! Or how about "You're a genius big Sister!" Watch for the mother staring directly into the camera and yelling, "Oh dear god what can we do!" So they have this family exchange and they go to Nilbog and oh my god!

This movie is a pure masterpiece. It's so bad it's fantastic! I recommend everyone to give it one viewing just so you can say you've survived it's stupidity. Make sure you watch it with friends though...DO NOT watch this movie alone or you will try to figure it out. This movie cannot be understood! If you think this movie is good in the way that "Braveheart" or "Pulp Fiction" is good you should seriously get your head examined. I will leave you with this: Mother says "Elliott what are you doing here?" Daughter says "Elliott is part of the family now!" Mom puts her hand on Elliott's face, "Oh Elliott!"
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on February 23, 2006
Let me start by saying, there is absolutely, positively NO good reason to see this movie!! With that said, you really do need to see this movie.

Confused? Good, then you are ready to watch this film. The acting is awful. The costumes came straight from a feed barn and K-Mart. The effects can be found in any quarter-taking, green slime-dispensing gumball machine. And the plot is non-existant. You will sit through this film torn between - scratching your head in confusion, laughing at the absurdity of it all, and wanting to claw your own eyes out of your head.

However, if you are in the mood for one of those movies that has nothing whatsoever to do with the title it carries, then boooooy, are you in luck! There are no trolls in this film at all ... I mean none! So all you troll's rights activists can rest easy, watch away! (All you goblin fans however, prepare to heave your guts out at the horrible portrayal of your beloved little imps.) The film basically revolves around a young boy, his braindead family, his sister's heterosexually dead boyfriend, and his actually dead (but persistantly present) grandpa. They play "trading houses" with complete strangers who just happen to be goblins in disguise, who just happen live in a goblin-infested town called (wait for it .....) NILBOG! Yeah ... I know, it's not all that challenging for you "New York Times" crossword solving types ... it's "GOBLIN" spelled backwards. GENIUS!! If you didn't figure that out immediately, don't feel to bad, the characters in the movie won't figure it out until 3/4 of the movie has past (and your medication will probably kick in very shortly).

But hey, what's to worry? The Goblins are vegetarians! Oh ... wait, they all want to turn you into plants first, and theeeen eat you. Of course! Why didn't I think of that sooner?! Worry not though, intrepid watchers of this piece of Oscar caliber cinematic gold, one good Mickey D's cheeseburger will solve everything! (Well ... that, and a molitav cocktail, lovingly supplied to a young boy by his "dead only when it's convenient" grandpa.)

In short, this is one for the ages! If you are a fan of Spielberg, Lucas, or Capolla, skip this at all costs! If, however you are a great fan of B movies ... skip this at all costs! If though, you don't mind the occasional Z movie, then hallelujah! you have arrived!!
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on March 31, 2011
This is a stunningly brilliant cinematic wonder. Mankind has produced the Sistine Chapel, the Collected works of William Shakespeare, the IPod, and Troll 2. We've cloned, we've sent people to the moon, we've split the atom, and now we've achieved movie perfection. Einstein? Da Vinci? Fellini? Idiots! Morons, compared to the director of this masterpiece, this ultimate realization of humanity's potential. The discovery of fire? The invention of the wheel? Inconsequential, compared to this movie. An absolute marvel of a motion picture. Tremendous, stupendous, divine. It made me laugh, it made me cry. This is not just a film. It represents a collective apotheosis. It's a landmark; a milestone, a toehold on our heavenward climb. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
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on August 20, 2013
For those of you who are new to the Troll 2 experience I highly recommend that you start by watching Best Worst Movie, the documentary made by the now grown up child star of Troll 2. (Available on Netflix) To really appreciate Troll 2 you have to understand that the Italian boneheads who made it thought they were making a decent film when they shot it and, astoundingly, STILL think its a good film! The screen writer was serious, the director was serious, the cinematographer was serious, and the editor was serious. The editor is even laboring under the delusion that the Harry Potter franchise traces its origins back to Troll 2! Even one of the lead actors, the woman who portrays the Mom, thinks that its a fine film and compares it to Casablanca!

It is only after you understand that the people who made this train wreck of a film did so as part of an earnest effort to make a good movie that you can really enjoy it in all of its splendid awfulness. And, when you do watch it, do stick with it until the final 20 minutes or so. As bad as the first hour+ is, it isn't until the final reel that this thing really soars into a new realm of almost surreal poopitude. There's a prolonged scene involving an ear of corn that has to be the most delightfully bizarre thing ever captured on film. It is so funny that I almost can't bear to watch it.

Troll 2 stands alone.
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VINE VOICEon June 13, 2015
So bad it's good!

There are a few things you need to know about this movie:
First the director and his wife wrote this movie. Italian is their first language and they speak poor English (according to IMBD). They insisted that the characters go by the script as it was written when the movie was filmed. Second, ALL of the main characters went into the auditions hoping for parts as extras and were given the main character parts.

In this movie, a young boy is hallucinating that his granfather is still alive and trying to help him save his family from trolls. The trolls have managed to turn themselves into human look alikes. This way, when they are hungry, they can go to town and take their pick of tasty humans to eat. Through a house exchange, the Wait family is on the menu. There are any number of ways the trolls can make you digestable for their system, all of which involve turning you into plant slime. Eat the green food and you become green plant slime, drink the green drink- plant slime. And once you are plant slime- you are eaten!

This movie has all the earmarks of a cult classic- poor acting, strange creatures that aren't scary, green food, and someone peeing on the dinner table!

What makes it even better is that it's so quotable. I have started quoting this movie to my children. "Big Sister, Your a Genius!" It's a Double-decker Bogna Sandwhich." etc.

There is very little of redeeming value if you are looking for a true horror movie, a good kids movie, a movie the whole family will enjoy, or really, any kind of movie. Even the gratuitous scenes that show the girl and the boyfriend alone, together- are simply horrible. The only type of person that will enjoy it is those who have an oddball sense of humor, enjoy watching quotable bad movies.

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on June 9, 2015
Watching a film, even though we are conscious that we are seeing a performance by actors, we lose ourselves in the events and "suspend disbelief." That allows us to "get into the action," providing, of course, that the actors are good and the storyline is more or less plausible.

In this film with its inept actors, you never succeed in that suspension of disbelief. It is quite impossible to immerse yourself into the story for wincing at each new acting disaster. I have rarely seen such grotesque overacting and amateurish performances outside of a junior high school play. The "actors," if we may generously call them that, are further hampered by a very poor storyline which has nothing to do with trolls.

Its only potential future is as a "cult classic," a compendium of what not to do when making a film, a library of laughable acting.
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on February 28, 2000
This movie is the holiest of holy grails in the film community. There is only one video store I know that carries it and it's only rented by me and my circle of friends. Well, that all needs to change. This stellar film is the epitome of all thats good about bad movies. There are countless mistakes, like the entire film for starters. My favorites being that the movie is called TROLL II and there are no trolls in the thing. The box cover shows a boy with a creepy troll doll. Are these images from an as of yet unreleased TROLL III? Why, do you ask? Because that kid, doll, or even the giant troll with an axe are not anywhere in the movie! How great is that. Top off the worst film of all time with the funniest sex scene ever with a Tom "THE Man" Jones soundtrack and you have a movie worth killing a small town for. This movie has enspired my friends and I to film our own TROLL III. We already have the first few scenes done and it'll be distributed as soon as the prints are dry!
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VINE VOICEon March 8, 2011
Joshua (Michael Stephenson) is your typical 10 year old boy from Salt Lake City who's family like the slutty sister (Connie Young), father (George Hardy) and Mother are preparing for a vacation. One night the spirit of his grandpa Seth (Robert Ornsby) tells him a story of a Peter Pan like fellow who is chased by Goblins until he turns into a plant-like being that Goblins eat as they are vegetarian creatures. The family head out to a town called Nilbog where the folks are very weird and all that but something doesn't seem quite right for the town is ran by an evil witch and the folks are goblins in disguise as they trap tourists to turn them into dinner but can Joshua and his grandpa's spirit fight the menace?

One of those guilty pleasures you can't help but liked! in 1990 three Italian movie makers were making a low budget horror movie called "Goblin" then re-titled to "Troll 2" to think it would be a sequel to 1986's Empire Pictures production was filmed in Utah and released on video in late 1991 to major negativity from everyone and the cast members were ashamed they made this movie. The guy who played the father is now a dentist in Alabama but feels like a cult hero because of his famous quote that is seen on T-shirts and been shown on HBO back in 93. I saw this so bad it's good film when i was 12 about 18 years ago on HBO and thought it was a funny as hell even with the "Oh MY GODDDDDDDDD" line and those trolls look ridiculous with faces that look like halloween masks with pillows stuffed in their shirts. If you like Mystery Science Theater 3000 then give this hoot a try at home.

This DVD/Blu-Ray has ok picture and alright sound but the only extra is the trailer. I also recommend getting the brilliant documentary "Best Worst Movie Ever" to see why this movie is a cult classic now.
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