Customer Reviews: F Troop: Season 1
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I loved this show as a kid and I love it now. When I was a kid, this show was good clean stupid fun and I was a good clean stupid kid. Now I love it because it's good clean stupid fun in a world where sit-coms are crass, dirty, and most of the humor is pornographic in nature.

The reason that F-Troop works is that it had a great cast with great chemistry and timing. There was a lot of repetitive slapstick humor, maybe too much, but there were veteran actors making that humor happen.

Also, the sets were expansive for a sit-com. You had an entire fort, a western town, and an indian camp with not very politically correct indians. (In fact, the sheer non-PC part of the show is something I enjoy as an adult. This show probably couldn't have been made today.)

And, there were just a lot of people in the show. There were many supporting actors among the F-troopers and the indians, just a lot of people involved to interact with the main characters. Contrast this to so many sit-coms that for the most part take place in a living room or a restaurant, or a living room and a restuarant, but not much more.

The humor is probably a bit repetitive and I don't see myself watching more than one or two episodes in a sitting, but I'm thrilled to have this show back in my life in glorious DVD resolution. When my morale droops, I watch F-Troop.
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on March 15, 2006
After 40+ years, They're back. The whole crazy bunch of misfits of Fort Courage return and they are funnier than ever.

Capt. Parmenter, Sgt. O'Rourke, Cpl. Agarn, Wrangler Jane, Chief Wild Eagle, Crazy Cat, and Troopers Hannibal Dobbs, Duffy, Hoffenmueller and Vanderbilt provide the laughs while parodying life between the soldiers of Fort Courage and the Hekawi Indian tribe.

It appears we have a nicely packaged set with single-sided picture discs containing all 34 episodes from season one. A great job from the good folks at the Warner Bros.!
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on March 17, 2006
I purchased the 6 episode "TV Favorites" version of F Troop and it only whetted my appetite for full season releases. This was my favorite show in the mid-sixties. It is hilarious with a great cast and a list of guest stars that's a Who's Who of that long ago TV era: Milton Berle, Vincent Price, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Paul Lynde, Harvey Korman, Charley Weaver, Don Rickles etc., etc. Be forewarned though! There is no "message", no "social relevance" and there was never a "very special F Troop" episode. Buy it!!! So they will quickly release Season 2!!
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I bought this for my ten year-old son because I would rather he watch "good wholesome comedy" than most of the shows on TV today. He loves it and wanted me to write "it's the best comedy since Giligan's Island!" The antics, humor, and story lines make me wish there were more shows like this that the whole family can enjoy.
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on June 28, 2006
First, I waited YEARS for this show to be on DVD. it was a Hold-out for some reason onto DVD. They finally released all of Season 1, in order on DVD. Unfortunately there are no extras at all, and there are no 'chapter" breaks in the episodes 9that really sucks). The episodes are in generally excellent shape and its GREAT to see them UNCUT (all of the TV prints on Nikelodeon or syndication were edited by 3-5 minutes!). The first season is the BEST of the two seasons for one reason--MORE HEKAWI INDIANS!!

I love the HEKAWIS--they are the funniest Indians I've ever seen on TV. Mel brooks STOLE a lot of this for BLAZING SADDLES. Even better, the first season features the great actor Edward Everett Horton as The Medicine man, Screaming Chicken ("Somebody sick, Need soup"). He's hilarious! he didn't sign on for the second season. Now, the show has elaborate sets for a SIT-COM. They used the old (now demolished) Warner Back lot for Fort Courage and the Town. They used 35mm film, stuntmen, horse wranglers, guns, and an entire second set for "The Hekawi" tribe. Most of the show was shot "on-location" which in todays world would cost millions. When you combine the prohibitive costs of the show and the politcally incorrent , but funny as all hell Indians..this isa show that will never be duplciated. The negatives are the DVD box set has absolutely NOTHING but the episodes on it and the episodes feature the same "gags" and "O "Rourke Enterprises" stories over and over...but there are some truly funny bits and gems in this series. I hope season two has some extras!! PS---I bet none of you know this---but in the original broadcasts of this show in 1965--during the first 13 episodes---there were LYRICS TO THE CLOSING ENDE CREDITS!! That;s right=-there was an entire set of OTHER lyrics to close the show (with the same theme song). I guess they LOST those credits because none of the episodes has the original end credits with the lyrics. I only have ONE poor VHS tape with those lyrics and i am very glad i did NOT toss that tape out before watching this show!!! If anyone knows anything else about the original closing credits with LYRICS..please put up a post!!!
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on June 23, 2006
I have loved this show forever!!!!! Captain Parmenter, Agarn, Sargent O'Rourke, Jane.... It is simply the best. Great acting, great script, and the chemestry between all the players was a match made in heaven! It only lastet two seasons.... but oh how lucky we are that it even came to be... and now is finally out on DVD so that new generations can discover and fall in love with this classic piece of slapstick comedy treasured by the 60s generation. Great for the whole family.I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!

BUY IT!!!!!!!
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on June 12, 2006
I learned about F-troop back when they showed it on Nick at Nite and Nickelodeon, and loved it then. Watching it now that I'm a littler older (27), I like it even more. It is full of goofy comedy and lots of running gags that keep getting better the longer the show goes on. I could go on writing a paper about why I love F-troop, but my comment is more about the DVD set itself. I give them 4 stars for finally releasing a season set, beforehand I had to settle for a few Columbia House tapes with 3-4 eps each, in random order (and 2 of those tapes cost more than this set). The only reason it doesnt get 5 stars is because there are no extras, none. Not even closed captioning or subtitling in English for the hearing impaired. Each disc pretty much "Play All" and "Chapter Index" and thats it. I'm not an expert but to my eyes the transfer looks really good and is definately the clearest I've seen F-troop. Its the only way you'll get to see every episode (assuming season 2 is released eventually), but some commentaries or anything along those lines would have been nice, many of the major actors are still around and probably available for such things.
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on September 5, 2006
I would argue that there *are* messages in the series.

For one thing, the power of kindness. Everybody is kind to one another. Captain Parmenter is kind to all of his men, including the lowest ranks. He's kind to the town drunk and to the gunfighter who wants to kill him. He even tames the angry renegade Bald Eagle with kindness. In turn, O'Rourke, Agarn, and Dobbs are always kind to him ("Are you all right, sir?") and his men watch out for him.

Parmenter is brave. He always leads the charge and faces every problem. He does his duty and pushes the others to do theirs. He tries to do the right thing. He keeps going, no matter what happens. And he *does* succeed in his job of keeping the peace in the area. (He just doesn't understand why.)

Wild Eagle doesn't kowtow to the white men. They come to him for help and advice. He keeps the pressure up on O'Rourke and outsmarts him regularly. The chief uses his intelligence, shrewdness, and drive for the good of the people he leads. He, too, is successful... his tribe is prosperous and at peace.

O'Rourke's crooked schemes fail, his noncom club warehouse regularly going up in flames. However, his kindly schemes succeed.

Lots of messages in this show.
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on April 2, 2007
Comedy doesn't get much better than this. Politically incorrect lampoons and gut busting slapstick, this series was thankfully made at a time when most people knew the difference between comedy, and serious hurtful stereotyping. A must have for serious comedy afficianados.
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on January 9, 2007
This black and white 1960's series is a easy-going smile-on-your-face send up of the wild west. The plots are quite simple with the strength being the the humour generated by the bumbling characters, some of which is traditional slapstick. Captain Parmeter is well-meaning but incompetent, while his subordinates, O'Rourke and Agarn run an unlikely souvenir and contraband enterprise on the side with the help of the local Indian tribe 'The hekawi's". The ineraction with the Indians gives the shows some of the funniest moments. The explanantion of their tribe name is halarious. Other troopers in the Fort include a non-musical bugular, a short sighted lookout, and a non-English speaking interpreter. The most dangerous place in this fort is not fighting the Indians, but being in the ill-fated lookout tower.
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