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18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on October 7, 2007
The Trouble With Paradise by Jill Shalvis is a fun filled, sexy and spectacular romance.

Dorie Anderson wanted a break into fashion design but it has been tough going. She is working at a dead end job at Shop-Mart. When she wins a chance of a lifetime trip to Fiji she can't pack her bags fast enough. Her first boarding of the ship Sun Song lands her on her butt in front of two very handsome men.

The two men vying for her attention are a pro baseball player and the ships doctor. But when Dorie sees a man being pushed overboard and the ship caught in a dangerous storm, her dream trip takes a bad turn.

Dr. Christian Montague is just putting in his time working as the ships doctor. Until his contract is up he is stuck catering to these tourists. Christian cannot afford to be attracted to a passenger but there is something about the unconventional Dorie that catches his eye. When they share a passionate kiss it really rocks his world.

When the storm causes them to crash on a deserted island. Everyone is weary of each other, especially when they realize someone from the crew is missing. Which one of them did it???

Christian and Dorie's island adventure is filled with hot and searing passion. Watching them try to stay alive and fight their attraction is pulse pounding on all sides. Trying to figure out who done it will catch you off guard. But the romance will make you believe there is someone out there for each of us. Great job again Jill Shalvis.
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on July 1, 2008
Dorie Anderson is stuck in a dead-end retail job with a chronically crabby boss. Then she gets a phone message saying she has won a prize: a week in Fiji on a yacht with a handful of other people. Of course it's because they're trying to sell her something, but she feels like she needs the escape from her dull, unsatisfying job and her mom nagging her to settle down with a successful man, so she tells the telemarketer she'll go.

When she arrives at the dock, she meets a shipful of hotties, including a professional baseball player and a doctor with a sexy French accent. Poor, klutzy Dorie knows how to make a lasting impression - she falls before she even gets onto the yacht, hurts her ankle and gets a splinter in her butt. Too bad the ship's sexy doctor isn't very friendly. In fact, he's downright crabby and distant.

Little does she know, her artless sensuality has piqued the interest of the good doctor. He's just resisting mixing business with pleasure. She's getting some attention from hunky Mr. Baseball, too. But before things can progress any further, the ship is caught in a storm and is badly damaged. Now they're shipwrecked on an uncharted island hundreds of miles off course, and one person is mysteriously missing. Dorie has a sick feeling there's been foul play, and that means someone on the island might be very dangerous indeed...

In The Trouble with Paradise, Jill Shalvis has a smooth, uncomplicated style that's a pleasure to read - light, fun and very engaging. I could tell from the prologue that I was going to like her style. Their ordeal with the storm is a big part of the story. It isn't just glossed over; the fast-paced drama takes you there, and feels very real. The mystery of the missing crewmember is very well written, and Ms. Shalvis keeps you guessing throughout the book. Her flowing style will suck you in, and you'll find yourself turning the pages faster and faster, utterly unable to put the book down. The romance is the icing on the cake; I got happy tingles and sweaty palms when Dorie finally hooks up with her man. Very highly recommended.

4 1/2 Kisses, 1 Pepper

Reviewer, TwoLips Reviews, LLC
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on October 30, 2007
From Shop Mart in Los Angeles to sandy white island beaches, THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE follows the adventures of a young woman who's certain that true love will forever elude her. It takes a shipboard accident, a baseball player, a French doctor, and murder and mayhem to prove her wrong.
Dorie Anderson is biding her time working a dead-end job at Shop Mart, working day by day for a nasty, inconsiderate boss while dreaming of someday selling her own designs. When she wins a free cruise to Fiji, things begin to look up. That is until she takes a spill over her luggage the very first day of the cruise, which catches the attention of not one, but two eligible guys. Unfortunately, that wasn't the sort of attention Dorie has in mind for this cruise. Andy, a professional baseball player who is a consummate ladies' man, and Christian, the ship's dark and intriguing doctor, both make their interest known. The worry of which guy might be right for her takes a flying leap when bad things begin to happen, like a dead passenger and a shipwreck on a deserted island. All thoughts of romance are soon overshadowed by the threat of an unknown killer.
Typical of a Jill Shalvis heroine, Dorie is absolutely adorable and readers will find her irresistible and will champion Dorie's simple wish for happiness, someone to appreciate and love her, and her own clothing design business. THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE does have touches of trouble as well as paradise, but it is also written with the trademark wit of Jill Shalvis, and just the right touch of passion and sensuality.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2007
Dorie Anderson is pretty much just a doormat, albeit a cute one, working a dead-end job at a Shop-Mart for an unforgiving boss while daydreaming of one day being a clothing designer. But upon arriving at work one day, she learns she's won an all expenses paid trip on a sailing yacht to the lovely island of Fiji, and she can't wait to pack her bags and head to paradise.

When Dorie gets to the island, the sounds and colors awaken her senses, and she's determined not to let negative thoughts ruin her much-needed vacation. Wearing one of her Anderson originals, she's ready for an adventure and looking for excitement, and maybe an island romance.

But Dorie has this little problem when it comes to good-looking men: her tongue swells and she becomes rather accident-prone, which is evident when she meets Andy, a gorgeous ball player with a Texan drawl. She gets all flustered and trips over her luggage. Soon she realizes she's surrounded by gorgeous men, from the doctor to the chef and the captain, and despite her little problem, things are starting to look promising. Now she just has to get her ankle taken care of, and she'll be able to enjoy herself as she'd planned to do. After an awkward and disturbing encounter with the cranky French doctor Christian, Dorie is determined to do just that.

But before she can do anything about it, their lovely vacation is marred by a violent storm, one that damages the boat and has them stranded on a deserted island, with no immediate hope of rescue. To make matters worse, one of the crew is missing, presumed dead. Murdered. And no one is sure who they can trust. The conditions are rather primitive, but they have reserves, though limited, onboard, and things aren't as desperate as they first feared, but there's also no way of knowing when or if they will be rescued before turning on each other....

"Trouble With Paradise" is a fun and frolicking beach read with a heavy dose of sexual attraction. It's sweet and sensual, with that signature humor that Jill does so well. Dorie is the kind of woman other women would have as a girlfriend, and the man she chooses is the type of guy we would want to fall in love with: honorable, sexy, caring. I think I will definitely need to re-read this one while I'm waiting for her next "Sexy" book, which is a month away. And if you're in the mood for a fun, sensual escape to an island paradise, then you definitely need to pick this one up. Jill rocks.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2009
I'm a longtime fan of Jill Shalvis just never got around to reading this book until now, and boy was I missing out! Jill had me laughing at loud throughout this book. I loved the whole whodunit vibe--what a great storyline to be trapped on a desert island with a possible killer--who can you trust? Jill does a great job, yet again, with the characters in The Trouble With Paradise--Dorie is so likeable and lovable, and even Christian with his brooding ways made me want to hug him as well as hit him. I loved how Dorie bonded forever with Brandy and Cadence, there was a lot more to them then met the eye.
This is a great light read, something to make you laugh and smile and catch your breath!
The Trouble With Paradise is definitely rife with all of Jill's trademarks--hunky heroes, spunky heroines and a bit of a whodunit!
If you're a fan of Rachel Gibson, Susan Andersen and Erin McCarthy please add Jill Shalvis to your list!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 21, 2011
If someone gets through this book without wanting their very own Christian to play with, they're made of stone. However Dorie's character is just a little too - I don't know... something. Too clumsy, too everywhere, it's hard to explain. The book is good - it just isn't on par with something like SEP's latest (Call Me Irresistible) or classic Crusie (Bet Me, Faking It, etc). I felt like the mystery subplot wasn't well thought-out, and didn't even really make sense - nor did their 'rescue' and subsequent pairing ups. But whatever, I read these types of books because they're not heavy, they end well, and I'm giving my brain a break. So yeah, it's ok.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 14, 2009
Loved this book. Great characters (hunky hero!), interesting plot, funny with witty dialog, etc. Don't miss this one. But I can't say the same about Shalvis' Sky High trilogy. I suggest you skip those three books. The heroes are pretty much the same, the plots pretty much parallel. But definitely read this one.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on February 28, 2008
for me. I had never read any of Shalvis' books, but I have certainly started to now. Funny, sensual...a fine read, and surely a nice way to spend an afternoon. Take a chance on this one.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on March 6, 2011
The first two books I read by Jill Shalvis were Slow Heat and Double Play. They were EXCELLENT, and I was looking forward to diving into this one. However, I found it to be mediocre. I would read more of her books, but would NOT recommend this title. It was trite. I was sick of hearing about the tongue swelling, too! I tried to care about the protagonists, but just couldn't. Dorie's physical description at the beginning had you thinking that she wasn't that attractive, but suddenly she has two gorgeous men competing for her attentions, and by the end of the book the hero is calling her beautiful. A suntan would not change her that much! Oh, well, on to the next read.
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VINE VOICEon January 4, 2011
Stuck in a dead-end job she hates, Dorie Anderson was thrilled to win an all-expense paid South Pacific cruise. This may be her one shot at the sort of adventure retail clerks at Shop-Mart only dream about. She starts to feel like she's getting a bit more than she bargained for when she first sees the plank leading up to the exquisite 80 ft sailboat, and has a bit of difficulty actually crossing it to get on board. The appearance of totally gorgeous and really quite sweet baseball player Andy Hutchinson probably would have helped...if Dorie's tongue didn't swell beyond the point of speech every time she looks at someone that good looking and nice.

So far her dream vacation is little more than a comedy of clumsiness and she hasn't even made it onto the ship yet!

Finally taking her fear of heights firmly in hand...once waving off help from the drool-worthy Andy...she manages to make it part of the way across the plank when a polite, if chilly...and very French voice from behind her does nothing to try to help and instead, insists on getting around she dangles over the water way below...on a tiny little plank with little bitty chains keeping her from plunging into the ocean. Yeah. And if that's not bad enough, tall, dark, broody...and very French guy is gorgeous in a dangerous sort of way. But he surely doesn't make her tongue swell. There's nothing nice about HIM.

Getting on board proves to be more than half the battle, but it costs Dorie a sprained ankle and a couple of splinters in unmentionable places. A quick trip to the ship's doctor, however, puts her face to face with one darkly brooding but gorgeous...and very French Dr. Christian Montague. Who's so not nice.

He may not be nice, but Christian's got his own problems. He doesn't want to be on board and can't wait until he can get back to France and be a real doctor instead of little more than eye candy for all the bored rich women who want a piece of him. That tends to make him cranky, as he never mixes business with pleasure. Ever. Well...mostly ever, as there's something about Dorie's guileless eyes and winsome smile that he can't seem to get out of his head. But that feeling he gets when he sees the obviously interested Andy try to make a move on her isn't jealousy. No. It''s indigestion...or something.

Once they've set sail, though, the cruise takes a turn towards bad when the storm the captain thought he could weather turns out to be a hurricane. Blown far off course and now on a sinking ship, Dorie's not enjoying her vacation nearly as much as she thought she would, and the fact that she thinks she saw one of the crew thrown overboard in the middle of the storm doesn't help. No amount of attraction to Dr. Grumpy Gorgeous is going to be able to make her feel better about that, especially after they find themselves and the rest of the crew and passengers stranded on what seems to be a deserted island. And one of them is a killer.

The Trouble With Paradise starts out strong, with a quirky heroine and a smoldering...and very French...hero. I enjoyed Dorie's personality and was pleased by the humor and quick witted dialogue between her and Christian. The characters lacked some depth, but they were pleasant enough, and the plot seemed set to sail with a light, fun, fluffy romance. Then the storm hit and from that point on, this book didn't totally work for me.

As the hurricane was lashing the sailboat for what seemed like days on end, the plot sputtered and the pacing dragged, and instead of feeling life threatening and dangerous, that thread seemed to take far too long to evolve and lacked any sort of emotional impact. The additional plot twist of the missing crewman and potential murder seemed almost an afterthought and was given less attention than the attempts to garner chemistry and heat between Christian and Dorie. And I just never felt that there relationship had that much chemistry to begin with, unfortunately. I liked both of them well enough, but for some reason they didn't quite click for me.

Secondary and ancillary characters were very two-dimensional and not given enough development to fully escape cliche. Andy was perhaps the most well rounded of them all, but even he was little more than a foil for the budding romance between the two leads. Two female passengers, the vampy Vegas dancer Brandy, and the hyperactive Cadence, were both a bit more like stereotypes than real people, and didn't offer much to the story or to draw out more depth in Dorie's personality.

From the point that the storm finally breaks and the boat makes a shaky landing on the deserted island, the plot takes another plodding turn. The unavoidable suspicion everyone has for everyone else when the crime is discovered felt labored and forced. The potential gold mine of development as the crew and passengers realize their stranded and have to survive by wit and wile goes largely unexplored. By the time rescue came, and events started to crystallize, the crime didn't really seem to faze anyone and the answers didn't make all that much sense.

In the end, I was left feeling that everything was just a little off in the book, and while the lead characters were okay, and the overall plot arc was all right, there were a ton of missed opportunities and not a lot of depth to any of it. Still, Shalvis is a talented author and she excels at witty dialogue and quirky characters, so while I did have problems with the book, I didn't dislike it. It just didn't have much of an impact. For a stronger read by Shalvis with characters that have a lot of genuine chemistry and depth and a plot that had a few more layers, I'd recommend Simply Irresistible. Quirky, funny, and poignant, that one worked for me in ways this one didn't.

Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.
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