Customer Reviews: True Blood: Season 5 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
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on January 1, 2013
The Bon Temps gang returns for the fifth season of HBO's "True Blood". I am a colossal fan of the show, having seen every episode since the pilot. Like every show, "True Blood" has had a few ups and downs in terms of writing. Seasons one and two were the show at its best, in my opinion. Season three was a lot of fun, but suffered from cluttered storylines and tonal problems. But, season four -- although it still can't top season one or two -- was a solid return to form (and I can't understand the bashing it regularly receives on here from other fans).

So, how does season five compare? I found this year to be even better than the last; the most compelling reason for this is the fundamental shaking up of all things comfortable and familiar on the show. All of the close relationships have been compromised or changed or they've grown apart: Sookie/Bill/Eric, Sookie/Tara, Pam/Eric, Jason/Hoyt, Tara/Lafayette, etc. This was the year of the Break Up (friendships as well as romances). But, the interesting thing is how this made way for all sorts of new and compelling bonds to form: Bill/Eric, Pam/Tara, Jason/Jessica.

Season five was definitely a game-changer (probably because it was creator Alan Ball's farewell season). There isn't even a clear-cut Big Bad this year. The villain could be seen as The Authority and through our infiltration of the system this year, we get the sense of just how ambiguous the concepts of right and wrong, good and bad really are to the vampires of the True Blood 'verse. The most compelling part about this story is finally getting to see the inner workings of the Authority and how fundamentally it changes both Bill and Eric (especially toward the latter half of the season). The members of the Authority themselves, though, are a mixed bag. Christopher Meloni proves himself to be the awesome actor he is as Roman, but he's sadly underused during the season. Valentina Cervi didn't really do it for me as Salome, neither did Lucy Griffiths as Eric's vampire sister Nora.

The regular actors, however, were all in top form. It was a refreshing change to see Anna Paquin's Sookie almost entirely unattached romantically. It led for some interesting directions for her character to go in, as well as Ryan Kwanten as Jason (who had what was probably his most powerful arc this year). Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard reportedly had a blast filming this season and having Bill and Eric be partners in crime instead of foes and competitors for Sookie's heart. This sense of fun really does show and highlights the fact that these two do have great screen chemistry together.

But, my favorite part of this season was the pairing of Pam and Tara. It was a brilliant turn of writing, in many ways. Tara started off as a great and complex character: troubled but also strong, smart, and resourceful, as well as very funny. But, around the time of season three, she became the "eternal victim" in a way that was really running out of steam. Having her reborn as a baby vamp really breathed new life into the character and Rutina Wesley did a fantastic job of convincingly reinventing Tara while retaining her essence. Her scenes with Kristin Bauer van Straten were easily some of the best moments of the season, as these two actresses have wonderful chemistry. Kristin also had what was her best season yet, getting able to reveal new dimensions as well as the past of our favorite sardonic vampire Pam.

As great as this season was, it wasn't perfect. My sole criticism for True Blood is that they stop with all of the extra story lines. Not every character needs their own arc on the show. Supporting characters, like Terry, Arlene, and Holly, can remain just that. SUPPORTING characters in the story lines of the more primary ones. Some of the fat I believe could've been trimmed included Terry's Ifrit drama, Holly and Andy's romance, and some of Alcide's wolf pack politics. Even Lafayette (one of my favorites) didn't have much interesting to do this year.

Luckily, by the time of the season finale, the writers did a good job of streamlining most of the stories into one cohesive finish. And what a finish it was! Just wondering what season six has in store for us.
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on December 27, 2012
I've been a fan of True Blood since the beginning, but this past season has begun to test my loyalty. The seasonal villain is too far-fetched. I know the characters are vampires, but it would be nice to see even one of them maintain a successful relationship. If this keeps up, we're going to need a flow chart just to keep up with who is sleeping with whom and who is now a vampire and who is still human. I still have hopes for the new season, but I'm only cautiously optimistic.
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on May 25, 2013
Season 5 of the fantastic HBO series True Blood follows quickly on the heels of Season 4; Sookie has to think fast with a dead Tara in her arms while Bill and Eric are off trying to stake Russell Edgington for good.

In addition to simply furthering the plot, True Blood also raises the stakes to the highest level we have seen on this show. The majority of the season is spent in the underground lair of The Authority, the vampire governing body, and we are introduced to wonderful new characters like Roman and the dangerous Salome. The Authority initially vows to destroy Russell and the threat he poses to all the progress made in human-vampire relations.

As expected, things don't quite turn out the way they are supposed to - and this happens pretty early on. True Blood works best when it is operating within sheer insanity and Season 5 illustrates that beautifully. We get to see the demented fairy nightclub, a fiery Iraqi smoke demon, and an angry vampire goddess throughout the course of 12 episodes that literally fly by.

In addition to all the sheer chaos taking place, Season 5 maintains True Blood's status as a genuine horror TV show. This season is full of truly scary moments, especially because we the audience do not know how powerful these creatures are. How much of a threat can they pose to the characters we love? And what do we have to do to kill them?

What I like best about the season, however, is that it finally addresses the long-waiting issue of how the vampires should deal with their identity. Is mainstreaming a good idea? Is being accepted by society worth compromising who they are, or should they embrace their inherently brutal animalistic vampire selves?

The season finale is a phenomenon on its own, bringing together all the madness without quite wrapping up every loose end. (It'd be too network-television if they did!) The very last cliffhanger in itself is a terrifying moment that undoubtedly dropped jaws across the country. Five seasons strong, True Blood still has plenty of bite.
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on November 30, 2012
True Blood started as everyone saying you have to see this and me grudgingly taking Season 1 from a friend. I now own all the seasons, know each character by name with background story and am humbly awaiting the release of season five. Its addicting, dont' say I didn't warn you
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on June 30, 2013
As a long time fan of True Blood, I can tell you in complete sincerity that season 5 adds to the series stellar reputation, while upping the ante unlike any of the previous seasons. Season 5 is multifaceted with many thrilling and thought-provoking themes, including the bizarre and skewed ideologies between the Authority and the mysterious Sanguinistas, anti-supernatural hate groups, Sookie's shrouded past, and the return of of one of the show's most memorable villains. This season keeps viewers on the edge of their seats by boldly diving into each character's psyche and revealing some of their twisted and surprising motives.

Season highlight: The final scene, which is arguably the most shocking cliffhanger in True Blood history

Fans of True Blood will absolutely love this season and devour every last drop. If you're new to True Blood, please quit reading this review and go purchase season 1 :)
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on May 29, 2013
This is a must watch. I will buy the last season and re-watch it. As I rented it & feel better having a full week and all the dvds to watch it. Can't wait to watch next season. I hope Bill will be back to "normal" next season & more of Lafayette's powers show up.
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on May 26, 2013
Not alot needed to say if you know True Blood. If you don't know True Blood but love adult scenes, humor, and strong men then you need to start from the beginning with True Blood, and purchase every single season and then watch this June as the new season begins! YAAAAAY so excited!
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on February 3, 2014
I love True Blood. I'm a new fan. I bought season 1 on Blu-Ray just months ago and loved it so much I sought after the later seasons. There were some things which I thought they focused on too much, like the sex scenes, but I assume some people love the sex scenes. Ha.

Anyway, season 5's ending is the most abrupt of all the endings in all the seasons thus far. I have not seen season 6 yet, mind you, and there is a season 7 in the works. You may want to wait for the series to end before watching it if you're the impatient type. Consider yourself warned.

The special features for season 5 are actually a lot more informative than those found in the previous seasons. We get more information about the vampire bible, and we learn a lot more about Eric's backstory. We also get a couple in-character monologues for Godric and Steve Newlin. Steve Newlin's monologues are great. Godric makes his appearance in this season, and he does have a moment in the character monologues, as well, but his part is so small I wouldn't pay it much mind. Some cut scenes were made available in Enhanced View mode which I thought were rather nice additions, but I couldn't name those scenes off the top of my head. Episode 6 has a behind-the-scenes extra that I honestly have not watched yet.

If you're looking for a show that is given a lot of attention to detail, True Blood is a nice choice.
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on March 1, 2016
I love this show! I only had 4 episodes on season 4 when i purchased this. It arrived ahead of schedule so i only had 2 days without my true blood addiction (haha). Discs are in mint condition and so is the case. Cant wait to see what trouble Sookie finds herself in this season!
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on May 5, 2016
Well, to be fair I'm only halfway through this season but so far I'm really enjoying it. Again, it is interesting to see what's been taken from the books and what is totally new. In several of the situations, some of it was in the books but not exactly the same circumstance. I'm hoping, in many ways, they keep changing it up like that because a couple things from the books were so annoying.
I like to dynamic between Bill and Eric and how they are both just waiting for Sookie to say "on second thought, let's give it a shot" and yet they continue on with their vampire schemes and motivations. This season we learn about 2 different factions of vampires, some want to peacefully coexist, others see humans as a delicious food source and little more. Which side will our local vamps choose, because I'm betting by the end of the season they'll have to pick?
I am happy Tara is still around-no thanks to annoy Debbie Pelt, who died way better in the book. And I really look forward to seeing her character grow in new ways now that she's a vampire (definitely not in the books).
Who is shooting the local shifters? This is one of the other story arcs this season. I have no idea who to suspect at this point... I'm glad that Andy is taking some help from Sam on this investigation.
Is Jason going to meet the future Mrs Jason (and will she be the nice girl who tames the man down)? What's with the fairy bar in the field? Will Jason ever figure out that, like his sister, he has fairy blood? Hello, it's like saying my sister is 1/2 Irish, but it skipped me... Is that going to be in the show?
What's up with Andy (fairy flings, really)?
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