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on October 23, 2013
I don't understand the negative reviews on this tool. It's perfect for what it is intended for. It is made for those times when you're not near your tools and you need to make a quick fix. It all but vanishes when you put it on your key chain so it never feels in the way. I have had many times when I got a splinter and was never near tweezers. Now I always have them. I have had many occasion where I thought "I'd tighten that real quick if I had a screwdriver." and then never got around to it. Now I always have one. The bottle opener works great. I can't think of anything bad about this tool when used properly. Are you going to work on your car with it or do major home repair? Of course not. It's for those times when you're out somewhere and thought "I wish I had a (insert tool here)"...With this tool, most likely you will!
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on July 28, 2015
I bought this because I wanted a weird key chain gadget. That's what this is. If you REALLY need the tools this KeyTool provides, I suggest an actual MultiTool with pliers that unfolds. This is more of a novelty item. I also thought that the tools would preform better then they did.

The gold key that this comes with is cheep plastic. Just toss it. You are going to want to put the KeyTool on a key that you rarely use because to use that key, you now have to flip the KeyTool off every time.

The bottle opener works, but not great. It's awkward to hold to be able to open your bottle with out poking your finger/hand. After opening just one beer, I gave up on using this and went and got a bottle opener from the kitchen. A regular bottle opener works so much better. If you don't have one though, the KeyTool bottle opener does remove bottle caps.

The nail cleaner just doesn't work. It's too small and not shaped right. It just stabbed under my nails when I tried to use it. There's no way it will slide under my nails to clean anything and I have short nails.

The nail file. If you chip your nail, this would probably fix it enough. I didn't chip my nail to test it, but tried it out on one of my nails and it filed it okay. It's a thick file though.

The tweezers work. It takes a bit of a squeeze to use but they're not terrible. I would take the KeyTool off your key chain to use them though.

The thread cutter works. Does what it says it does.

The screwdrivers are okay. Probably the most useful thing here. Your other keys may get in the way so you may want to remove it from your key chain to use.

The quick release clip. The clip is not very quick to release. It's very tiny and hard to open up to release the KeyTool.

The KeyTool's Plastic Case (see attached photo). I actually really like the case that this KeyTool came in. It's clear hard plastic with some rubber around where it opens and closes. The documentation says it's weatherproof. It's a really nice case for storing small objects in. I'm surprised at the quality.

Conclusion: Every tool on this KeyTool works (except one), but preforms poorly. If you find that you actually need to use these tools often, you would be better off to get a real MultiTool with pliers that unfolds.

Also, to use some of these tools, it's best to remove the KeyTool from your key chain. Doing that, you have a chance to loose the key that's attached.
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on June 9, 2014
This little tool does a number of things. I can't even begin to describe how handy it has been. I use it daily to pop open my charging cover on the Galaxy S5. It also works great for slicing into packages and tightening eyeglass screws.
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on June 11, 2013
This cheap piece of steel is novel and ridiculous for a keyring multitool. While these things often come down to feature packed bottle openers for most, this one stretches it a bit far with a whatever they can cram on as a "function". The file and tweezers are the absolute worst. The bottle opener works, but it's awkward due to the other tools and thin edges poking into you. It's hard to use just about any function of this tool because of the complete lack of ergonomics.

The pros are that it fits over a key, takes up little room and it weighs almost nothing. Get a Swiss Army Knife or a solid keychain tool with 2-3 good features rather than 8 compromising ones.
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on September 20, 2013
Tried this on my keychain as the knifeless multi tool I would bring on flights, trips to schools and more secure buildings. After a few months I still have mixed feelings. First of all I would say that the only great part of this is how in weight and space it disappears on your keychain until you need it. That's why I feel odd trying to take it off. What would be the point? Any way after some bad public relations problems with he key tool(Mainly with the tsa and colleagues)I have ordered the Gerber shard and will be retiring this tool for now. Here's why. This is one of those cool designs where from really has to follow function to make it good. In the key tool, I see some issues in that department. The screwdrivers are weak and don't have much torque from the design. Also no Phillips, which you would think would be okay, but according to my glasses wearing friend, the Phillips screw is on most eyeglasses. The bottle opener is one of the hardest I've come upon (Worse than the squirts) and whenever your using it feels like the tool will snap. Ahh signs of quality. As for the nail cleaners and the file, I'm not a connoisseur but other opinions who know better frown upon them. Also of all the tools, the nail cleaners are the ones that poke you the most. Also I will say the same about keychain whistles and nail clippers and tweezers, do you really want a product you'll use on your body exposed to whatever is on your keys or in your pockets? Finally, the thread cutter and the tweezers. First of all, the tweezers cannot be used while the device is attached to the key. Not great. And the thread cutter looks threatening to some and doesn't cut much. The only thing its good at is loose threads and those plastic tags that come on clothes. Though bot are more easily fixed via scissors. So after all this here's my verdict: While it looks cool and disappears on your keys, Its strength and functionality fail big-time. To someone looking for a tool of this type I would recommend a single piece of steel tool like the shard or brewzer. Hands down.
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on August 23, 2014
I've had this key multitool for a while now, and it's nice to have. One thing to note is that it actually comes with a key, a plastic, cheap key. I promptly threw that part away and put this over one of my lesser used keys and it's been nothing but handy. I've tightened up small screws on my medic unit, pulled splinters out of my hands, opened beer, and cleaned under my fingernails with it. It's a smart tool and it gets a lot of compliments.
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on January 2, 2014
I have no real complaints. It does pretty much what it says. $8 seems pretty pricey for a keychain tool, akin to a Gerber Shard, but not thick steel or titanium. I got this because I was tired of being caught without a bottle opener on work lunches at local food carts, and while I've only used it twice so far, it's worked as it should without feeling too flimsy or having to be removed from the keyring it's on. The biggest sell is that it really does add no weight to the keys in my pocket, and it's easy enough to find a key I rarely use to keep it on.
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 This is mainly a fingernail maintenance tool. Yes, it has a bottle opener. And yes, it has a couple of flathead screwdrivers. But as I see it, it's mainly a fingernail maintenance tool. As such, I still like it a lot -- particularly since it stays completely hidden, making it so easy to carry. I've given this keychain multi-tool five stars because it is completely un-noticeable on my keychain and can be turned to whenever it's needed.

With that said, let me go through what it can and can't do:

●' my favorite thing about this tool is how it fits tightly around an existing key, completely hiding itself and keeping it from snagging on things
●' the bottle opener works well, which isn't exactly something special, but it's nice to have in a hidden tool; because this tool is so lightweight, I kind of wonder if it might start bending after 100+ bottles ... but I haven't used it as an opener that much
'● the nail file is really quite good, being wider and much rougher than others I've used
'● the nail cleaners/scrapers are also nice and sharp; they're also easy to use, since they're out on the end of the tool
'● the tweezers connect nicely with both sides; note that these are flat tweezers, so not the kind of pointed tweezers you usually use for removing splinters, but more the kind you'd use for tearing off bits of skin or pulling broad, protruding splinters

●' this tool is very light and made of aluminum, so I suppose the main weakness is that if you try to do too much with it, it'll likely bend; you've gotta take it easy with this lightweight tool
'● the cutting loop hasn't worked for me at all, as I show in my video; it's not the kind of thing you can use to easily slice through line or cordage, unfortunately
'● when positioned on your keychain around a key, the tweezers don't work; I don't find this annoying, since I seldom use the tweezers, but it's worth noting

Having tested out quite a few keychain multi-tools at this point, I can say that I've found much sturdier ones. With that said, I've also found keychain multi-tools that do almost none of what they promise to do. Most of the keychain tools I've bought I've actually discarded; this one I actually keep on my keychain! This one does almost all of what it claims to do, and the fact that it's so easily hidden is a big plus. I think of having a multi-tool as back-up for my back-up, so I'm glad to have it on my keychain.

This product was NOT given to me as part of any promotion. I bought it after doing some comparison shopping and this review is entirely the result of my own opinions and use of the product.
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on June 20, 2014
Good quality on this product. I think it will last a long time. Have had it for a month.

Good for those little tings on your key chain EDC.
Recommended for all who think a bigger tool is to much to carry, but not a tool that cowers all needs.
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on August 3, 2014
The concept is great but the execution of this idea falls short. Quality control in the manufacturing process falls a bit short.
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