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31 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on September 28, 2010
I purchased this because I was unhappy with my red dot sight on my AR and the difference is like night and day. Because it's an open design as opposed to the tube design of the red dot, I don't have to worry about tilting my head at bizarre angles to maintain proper cheek weld while looking through the sight. It is much easier to co-witness my back up sights with the Truglo and the option of four different reticles (I mainly use the crosshair- I'm a traditionalist of sorts) as well as red or green illumination of those reticles make this a winner. For one fifth the cost of an Eotech, you can have a holographic sight that does the same basic thing and nearly as well. While the quality can't be the same as the Eotech, it is more than good enough for anything other than actual combat (and it would probably hold up fine even then). While it's not designed for precision work, getting rapid target acquisition and hits on man sized targets out to 200 yards is no trouble whatsoever. It's unbeatable for the money- go ahead, give it a glo.
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2011
Purchased this product from the recommendation of a few people. I have used it 2 times before and on my 3rd outing the optic goes out when shooting. Takes a bunch of messing with for it to work. Now I have to rezero in and waste ammo doing it. The brightness isnt as great as I would have liked and some of the shapes are blurred together. Overall product is subpar. I am going to invest in a much better sight when I can afford one. Really wish I didnt purchase it. Also tried contacting the company and email no response and by phone if you select customer it hangs up on you. Finally got through for them to say ohh ok send it in.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
I wanted a good red-dot sight for my Ruger Mark III hunter .22 semi-automatic pistol. A friend recommended this one. Well, the price was right. It mounted quickly and easily on my Mark III pistol. At the range it was easy to zero in, and after I did, it was bull's-eye after bull's eye.
This sight is designed to mount on any Weaver-style mount, and does so quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, my sample started malfunctioning after one day, and stopped working altogether in two days. There are some clear manufacturing issues going on here. After a few hundred rounds, the sight would intermittently stop working. It turned out that the intensity control switch was malfunctioning and not making good electrical contact. For a time a few jiggles would get it to work, although the settings no longer corresponded to what actually happened in the sight. Then the unit stopped working, period. Bad design, manufacturing quality control, or both.

Note: I have corresponded with one other gunner who has used and abused his Tru-Glo, and he reports excellent, trouble-free results. I am sending mine in for repair. If my problem turns out to be an anomaly and the repaired unit performs well, I will revise this review.

Too bad about the reliability issue, because this site is laden with some very nice features. First of all, it has four different reticles: a single dot, a circled single dot, an "X", and an "X" with a dot in the center. You may select one of five intensity settings, in either green or red. All but the lowest of the intensity settings are suitable for bright daylight. You can use this sight in the desert, or in my poorly-lit indoor range.

Another nice feature of this unit was (I have to say: "was") that the optics were pretty good. The red dot was crisp with no flare (watch for this when checking other red-dot sights) and the other reticles were similarly good.

The sight is very easy to zero in. The supplied Allen wrench adusts for elevation and windage. At the range I had mine zeroed at ten yards within about ten minutes. After that, as I said, the bullet went where the dot was pointed. Can't beat that.

I really wanted to like this unit, but there are quality-control issues. Not recommended. RJB.
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34 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2010
I purchased this sight at a gun show for $70. It was a great deal on a great sight. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that the glass over the laser emitter was cracked. I thought, "No problem, lifetime warranty". I contacted TruGlo by phone, only to get a recorded "Call back later message", no opportunity to leave them a message. So I sent an email. They responded back "Contact your dealer", well I can't do that, I got it at a gun show and don't have his number. I repeatedly emailed them requesting some sort of warranty exchange. Now they won't even return my emails. I have been trying to exchange this for over a month.

My opinion, stay away from TruGlo products!
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on April 6, 2012
Due to failing eyes, I needed a different sight/scope for my turkey shotgun. I searched the market and decided to purchase this red dot scope due to its multiple reticles, different color options, and brightness adjustments. I also liked the relatively slim profile that provided less obstructed view of a potential target.

I mounted the scope on my Remington Model 870 SPS Super Magnium 12 Gauge turkey shotgun. The scope mounted very easily to a picatinny rail (separate purchase). Since mounting I have been to the local rifle range to test pattern the shotgun with the new sight/scope. Targeting adjustments were very easy and the scope appears to be holding its zero even after shooting a dozen or so 3-inch and 3.5-inch shells through my shotgun. Would I recommmend this sight/scope, definitely yes, especially for the price and its mulitple features. Why didn't I give it 5 stars? The scope is still new and I want to see how it performs during the upcoming turkey season.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 24, 2012
Recently purchased truglo products both the open reflex design with 4 reticle and dual color and the 2x traditional tube design. Put the tube design on my pops flat top bushy and with 1/2 inch riser co-witnesses the front post sight perfectly. Put the reflex design on my romy ak with side mount scope rail and proceded to bore sight them in. After roughly 10 minutes had both on paper at 100yrds and so far after about 1k rounds throu both the bushy and the romy they held zero quite well. The only drawback is the small pins holding the lens covers on the tube style which in the feild fell out and off the the land of lord knows where, but as far as function and what was advertised I would say truglo makes some decent red dot sights for the money spent. Now while they are no Trijicon or the likes there more then worth the sub $150 price range there in. The dual color reticle on the reflex design is nice and works well for both night and day and if I had it to do over again I would have gotten the 2x tube design in both colors as well. They may not be "battle proven" but after 1k rounds and numerous trips to the range would have to say me and my father both are quite pleased.
also...on the last trip to the range it was raining and I wasnt hesitant one bit to let the ak burst rounds down range in the rain and the reflex on the top held tru to its advertising to be water resistant. So far so good with the sights. I look forward to many more k's of lead downrange with them. I noticed some had issues with the battery cover/lid which I only had the issue of lining up the lid right, after that screwed right in I also used the indention on the lid iteslf to give it a final snug while holding the brightness part of the lower. hasnt loosened nor has it "popped" off.
"EDIT" ok its now october and time for deer season and what can i say as what i previously said im now sending mine back to rma it and then its gettin sold and im gonna buy a real sight...that being said here is my delema...last weekend we took our bi-weekly shooting session and for the first mag was noticing the the reticle itself was bouncing around inside itself, 7.62 isnt by far a heavy recoil round but nothing like a 5.56 round as far as recoil is concerned. So im at this point baby'ng this thing thinkin great here goes and guess what...assumptions correct. 5th magdump in and now when the reticle is in the "on" position got nothing but i put it between settings it turns on but one shot and its off again. Some of the green reticles doont work at all and the reds are hit and miss. Now the reticles are still crisp but cant keep the darned thing on. I think Tru-Glo should put a disclaimer stating that if "Heavy repeated recoil" is your ball game then this isnt for you. I wouldnt recommend this for anything over .22lr as even my nephews .22mag makes the reticle jump all over the place....something his utg has no problems with lol....on that note the tube style is still going strong on the bushy, when fired it stays true and doesnt bounce all over the place...using m855 greentip 5.56 ammo. I have concerns that the tube style will eventually do the same as the reflex style so I am now in the market for some better, built to last optics.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on August 28, 2012
The product is just as described. 5-power levels each for red and green, 4-reticles. It is very easy to adjust the power and compensate for bright sun - Visibility is not an issue.

I haven't had any issues with battery life - Still on the original battery after a couple of 2-3 hour sessions at the range.

I installed it on my S&W M22A-1 and it works great! It has needed just minor re-adjustment each time after I put 300+ rounds through my pistol.

The sight installation is very easy - Figure out where you want to place it on your firearm and tighten the screws. Be sure to follow the instructions and use loctite on the screws. Just a couple drops of 'blue' works great. The sight stays tight but can be removed if necessary.

Sighting it in is a breeze with a laser bore sight. I find switching between the reticles is very useful for that last bit of fine tuning. The sight comes with the allen wrenches you need to make adjustments.

Bottom-Line: Great sight for the price!
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9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on May 24, 2012
Having four reticle shape choices, two reticle color choices, and five reticle brightness settings really makes this red dot useful in many different light and target subject/surroundings situations. While I prefer the simple dot reticle, the color and brightness settings are great for varying light, as well as for different targets.

I bought this to put on my Arsenal Bulgaria AK-47. I used a quick mount and take it off the rifle for storage. It works well and retains zero well.

My only problem is that the battery life really suffers when you forget to turn it off. But it uses the very common CR2032 batteries that you can get nearly anywhere batteries are sold. And when you remember to turn it off when it is not being used, the battery really does last quite a while.

When you install this sight, make sure you tighten the bolts well beyond finger tight. I made that mistake when I first tried this site, and after firing about 30 rounds, my AK began shooting consistently four feet left of my target at 50 yards. I checked the screws and they were both loose. Once tightened, I was dead on again without making any more adjustments.

I love this sight. It works well for night or day shooting. Target acquisition is fast and it adds no noticeable weight to my rifle.
review image review image
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2011
I really wanted to like this sight. In fact, when I opened it and got it turned on, I loved it. I loved the selection of reticles and the option to go red or green with it. Sometimes red is a little hard to see so the green is a nice option to have. Other times, I want the red. This sight appears to be built very well and made from good materials. The on/off dial and reticle selection switches have firm clicks as do the elevation/windage adjustments (unlike the other green dot I use which has very faint click stops). All of these good things and I just couldn't love this sight, and here's why...

It won't hold zero on my Ruger 22/45 Mark III Pistol. It's a .22 for crying out loud!! I mounted my gun on a shooting stand and used a boresight to get the reticle on paper. I fired my first shot and it was just a hair from bullseye. Cool. I fired my second shot and it was about an inch low. I fired a third shot to complete a three-shot grouping and it was an inch lower than the second shot. I realized then, that in order to get the reticle back where it needed to be, I had to tilt the gun down about 15 degrees. I put the boresight back in the gun and mounted it to the stand and the reticle was about 2 inches above where the laser dot from the boresight was hitting the paper.

I adjusted the sight again and fired off three shots. Same result.

A .22LR pistol shouldn't kick hard enough to knock this sight out of zero. At least not in three shots. I was extremely disappointed as every other aspect of this sight was excellent.

I'd say give this a cautious try as your results may vary, but don't get your hopes up.
I may have gotten a dud, but Amazon is out of them so a replacement can't be had.
I only had the option to return it for a refund, which I am doing promptly.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 29, 2013
I may adjust when the next one comes. VERY disappointed as I've read all the reviews literally for three weeks before deciding on this. I'm going to try to order another and see if it works.
The good:
1) EASY mount. No tools.
2) Intuitive use. It worked great out of the box - turning it on at my kitchen table.
3) Solid-seeming. Not brittle plastic. Cold, hard metals.
4) Handsome.
5) Easy Battery Access. No Tools.

The BAD:
1) Just "goes off" when it wants to.
2) There's like 4 settings of "off". You turn the knob to select - but a bunch do nothing. I was in a DARK room to make sure it wasn't just on low.
3) Double Images!? It didn't do it at first. Five minutes later I started getting messy "dots". One is a circle with a dot in it, i.e. a "bullseye". Instead it was a MESS of a spirograph. My wife confirmed. The crosshairs were not only at least doubled, but you don't know which is the right one, and ALL BLURRY.
4) BLURRRRRRRRRRY sight laser images altogether.
5) All went bad after five minutes. Not at first. Suggests BAD.

Ordering another. I'm returning tomorrow - Jan 30, 2013. Look for my next review.


EDIT: Just got the second one. BIGGER PIECE OF #*!@ than the first one!!! NEVER WORKED! Spriograph as last time for "bulls-eye". ALL DOUBLE IMAGES.
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