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on January 30, 2014
This works better than anything I've tried- and I've tried a lot! Wanting to get away from the harmful chemicals I'm conventional deoderant, I was less than impressed with my options. They were either ineffective, had strong hippy scents, or were simply chemicals masked under the term natural (I'm looking at you, Toms of Maine.)
So I decided to make my own. At first it was too soft. So I added beeswax. Then too hard. I started getting irritated from I thought the baking soda, so I tried arrowroot. It left white rings on my dark clothes. If it worked well, I could have dealt with this but, it didn't.
Maybe the sugar was the missing puzzle piece, and making it myself would certainly be cheaper. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and they sure got it right with this formula. Smells faintly of coconut cookies, right up my ally. Does not smear on black clothes, and most importantly, works AMAZING. If I get paranoid I might reapply, but honestly it lasts longer than anything I've used. Ever. Couldn't be happier. Love love love. Buy it.
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on September 9, 2014
I'm very sad to say that this has stopped working for me. It worked so well for a few months and now I had to stop using it. A few hours after applying, I would have worse BO than without it. Not sure if it's my body feeding off the sugar or what.
Anyways, I have had to continue my search for other alternatives... :(

I have long battled perspiration/B.O. since middle school. As a young woman, it's not something that's really talked about. Cut to the little girl in the commercial on Family Guy when she asks her mom if she ever feels "not so fresh" *down there*. Same idea. I'm 24 now, and I can happily say I have it under control. I've only ever used antiperspirants and I finally thought, "Maybe THIS is why I'm sweating so much!". Antiperspirants MAKING me sweat? Well yeah, Harry (or Lloyd), your body is trying to get all of those chemicals you just put on, out. Every morning, I would slather on those chemicals and 2 minutes later, I would drench the clean shirt I just put on. Three hours later, I would start to smell funky and I would be like, "wtf...". It got bad, people. I would wash my clothes and the armpits would STILL smell. It turns out that all that antiperspirant would never fully wash out, and once I put a clean shirt back on, my armpit became the messiah of bacterial breeding grounds. Thus, a dirty, smelly, vicious cycle that I thought would be my fate forever.
SO, I cut out the antiperspirant and started using another "natural" deodorant with a brand name that rhymes with... "Pom's". I got the excessive sweat under control, but I would start smelling funky half-way through my day with this particular deodorant. So one day, I was on Amazon, aimlessly browsing and thought, "lemme see what other deodorants are out there.". In comes Truly's. I'm going to be honest, I was not only skeptical that 1) it's all natural, how could it possibly work?! (yeah, yeah, I know) and 2) I have to rub it on with my fingers??
As my grandma would say, HOT DIGGITY DOG! This stuff is fabulous. I rubbed a *pea-sized* amount on each underarm after my shower yesterday morning, and even after sweating my butt off at my serving job AND being out in the humid Texas night, I woke up this morning with no smell. None. WHAT?!
I would start giving this stuff out to people as gifts if they wouldn't become offended. I'll probably do it anyways...
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on September 22, 2015
This COULD be a great product - I've ordered from here on Amazon and from the company directly. The first four tubs I had were great, but, in the past year, the consistency quality of the product has nosedived. The product consistency is now very lumpy, with hard little bits of beeswax or something in it, which makes for a very uncomfortable experience in both rubbing it on and wearing it. I contacted the company with a request for an exchange but was told I would get a refund and that "We make the product by hand as we don't have a factory to make it. Thus we cannot guarantee consistency, so I should find another product that works for me" (quote from Tammy Miller). Truly's, you truly could have been great!! :(
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on December 22, 2014
I can't even begin to say enough good things about this product.

First off, let me tell you that by profession I am an Analytical Chemist. I should be spanked for using regular commercial deodorant/antiperspirant all those years. I cringe now when I think that i was applying all of those harmful chemicals to my skin which absorbed into my bloodstream

An antiperspirant works by using a Cl- ion. The Cl combines with water from your sweat to form HCl (Hydrochloric Acid). The Hydrochloric acid irritates your skin enough to cause it to swell, shutting off the pours not allowing any more sweat to come out.

I have actually had the underarms of my shirts and bed sheets eaten up over a period of time by regular deodorant/antiperspirant.

I tried all kinds of "Natural" deodorants. None of them even came close to working.

I then searched Amazon and found "Truly's". This product is AMAZING! I first tried Truely's in the late summer months. I walk 2 miles on my lunch hour every day. The hot summer sun could not make me smell ripe. This stuff works. It really works!!!

Don't be scared off by the price. I am still using the container that I bought and started in the begging of August. It is now just before Christmas. I just put a little dab on my finger and rub it in under my arms every morning. It is not the least bit greasy and it all absorbs in like nothing is there. Truly's offers all day protection against odor. This product does not stain clothes and is completely invisible after applying it to your skin.

If I could give Truly's 10 stars I would - it's that good. I highly recommend Truly's.
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on June 15, 2014
It does block odor and I'm glad that it is all natural and all that, but it messed up my underarms BADLY. After using it for about a month, both of my armpits developed huge, red clogged pores that itched and hurt. I haven't used this thing in several months and I still have the irritation under one arm. No thanks.
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on October 3, 2014
I really wanted to love this natural deo! I switched to all natural health and beauty products 2 years ago and finding a deo that works has been the biggest roller coaster.. Truly's really has been the only one that kept the odor at bay for a whole day! Sadly after about 2 weeks I started developing really red underarms, thankfully the skin wasn't raw and didn't itch. I stopped using it for this reason, just because it's unpleasant to walk around with bright red arm pits. My search continues!
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on July 25, 2014
This is the ONLY natural deodorant that has ever worked for me. Everything else I've tried has been a joke (I'm looking at you, Tom's and Crystal Essence!-- horrible).

You only need to apply a pea-sized (more or less) under each arm. It's very moisturizing from the coconut oil, which is an added bonus. I put it on before my lotion, so the remainder of deodorant on my fingertips sort of just blends in and melts away with that. Wiping off excess with a towel is sufficient enough, no need to have to wash your hands with soap after application.

Just make sure you're aware that this is a deoderant only, not an anti-perspirant. You'll still be able to sweat (that's the point of it being safe for use without chemicals blocking your sweat glands), but you will absolutely not stink.

I live in a hot, often humid climate, and I'm active. Since I've been using this (about six weeks now) it has continued to work. Also, a little goes a long way, so I still have enough left to last at least another couple of months (maybe more).

It smells like coconut icing (due to the ingredients, NOT added fragrance), and the scent dissipates after application.

I highly recommend this line, especially if you've had bad luck in he past with other brands of natural deodorant.

UPDATE: After using this deodorant for over a year now, there are a couple of details I'd like to share in the interest of helping this product work better for you. I'm listing them here as pros and cons:

CON: If you accidentally apply too much, you will have sopping wet pits within an hour, and you will smell EXACTLY like a wet diaper. :(

CON: In order to achieve a perfect "no stink/no sweat" scenario, you'll need to apply this natural deodorant, followed by your regular old gland smothering, aluminum-laden one. But this combo works AMAZINGLY, when applied in this order.

CON: Getting cream deodorant stuck under your nails is super annoying, so if you have long nails, digging coconut deodorant out from under your nails will be your new reality.

PRO: Oh my god, look at my armpits! No, seriously, for the first time in my life I have movie star armpits, free of razorburn, and all the other gross crap that happens under armpits! (I hate the word "armpits", by the way.) I was not expecting this added bonus, and I'm freakin' thrilled!

PRO: This little container will last FOREVER. Like almost a year, this same little container.

PRO: My body has not developed an "immunity" to this deodorant, like it did with all my other former chemical ones. It works in a very simple way, and works well.

**Also, take note that I found the deodorant slightly cheaper on the product's website, but prices may be subject to change.**

I personally feel the pros outweigh the cons, and I have already recommended this product to health-minded family and friends, but you may feel like this product just isn't a good fit for you; regardless, I hope my honest review is helpful to your decision making. :)
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on March 21, 2014
Truly's is a lifesaver. Literally!

Reasons I love it:
1. No more stinky pits for me.
2. No more white clumps under my arms.
3. No more embarrassment or wondering if there are white clumps, no peeking necessary!
4. No more white residue on my tanks or little black dresses.
5. No more scrubbing my laundry by hand trying to get out the pit stains.
5. No more pit stains on anything! I learned that the discoloration of your clothes is due to a reaction between your body oils, the toxins being emitted and the chemicals in your deodorant. Since using Truly's there is no more reaction and my clothes can stay like new!
6. I actually like feeling the sweat under my arms. At first I was conscious of it, but I don't smell, and I actually feel like I sweat less. Plus it doesn't make a goopy mess of sweat and white clumps. I feel clean and detoxified... like I'm letting my body breathe and I love that.
7. Best of all... I've been diagnosed MTFHR c1298A mutation which means my body needs help with the detox process. This stuff is a lifesaver to me to avoid aluminum! And lessens my worry of breast cancer as well. Thank you Truly's!!

A little wet sweat on hot days... but I used to sweat through silk sleeves anyway, so its really nothing different. At least now, the sweat can dry clear instead of streaky from the residue and not ruin my shirt!
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on January 22, 2015
While the fact that the ingredients are natural and organic the fact that it serves as a terrible replacement for regular deorant. Ive used it for almost 3 weeks now and i can clearly say this is not a viable alternative to deodorant is supposed to do. After putting on at around 7am by 12 at work with little activity i begin to smell like body odor NOTIBLY to the Point where i have to be causious about lifting my armpits around coworkers. Ive used other natural deodorant and this one through out the day seems to amplify your BO unless you reapply every 3 hours amd still then your just adding to the BO smell until you take a shower. Ive decided to stop using it because not only was it NOT providing ANY odor protection, the combo of deodorant amplifying BO started creating and perminent reoccurring odor in my clothes even after they were wash.
Ps. I was also using old spice body spray help with the odor Still didn't help. This is by no means Worth the price tag they put on it.
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on April 11, 2015
Deodorant made with powdered sugar, baking soda, and coconut oil?? Yes!! And it is by far the longest lasting deodorant that I have ever used!!

I received a jar of Truly's All Natural, Long Lasting Deodorant a couple of weeks ago. Since then it is all that I will use! After reading the ingredients and applying it, I was very skeptical. How in the world would these ingredients that sounded like the beginning of a recipe for cookies, keep me dry and fresh??
Let me tell you, it does!!

To really review this correctly I tried an experiment. I applied it, and for 3 full days did not wash that area, and was still dry and fresh on day 3. That was all I could bear, I had to take a shower, but the point it, it was still working after 3 days!!

I love Truly's All Natural Deodorant and will continue to use it!
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