Customer Reviews: Super Bright 3800 Lumens 3 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Flashlight Torch
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on January 2, 2012
I have been a flashlight geek all my life. I'm forty years old and I love flashlights. I have so many different lights or torches that most people would say it's silly. But what can you do.
The only light that is close in brightness that I own to this light is a double bulb two million candle power spotlight. The nice thing about this light is that it is a fraction of the size and weight of a normal spot light.
I am very happy with this purchase of this light-torch. The quality is good the price is great. This is my second trustfire the other is the 1300 lumen light and I'm very pleased with it as well.
One of my favorite things about these lights is that they have an extention tube that you can add to them when you are not worried about size or weight. This extra tube gives you one more battery and extends the life of your light by a good bit.
The only con that I have about this light is that it is not very focused. It is a wider beam than a typical spotlight. But the light is so bright that it hasn't been to much of an issue because it's just so darn bright.
I highly recommend these lights. You can spend a lot more money for other high output LED lights but why when you can get these so much cheaper.
Thanks Amazon for the great stuff.
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on March 7, 2012
This flash light isnt bad. Is it 3800lm? NO way in hell. Is it bright for the price? Absolutly! It comes in two pieces. This gives you the option of running it on two or three batteries. Its bright either way. I would guess somwhere around 600-800lm but have not measured it. Even with it full size and all three batteries in it I still can fit it in the glove box and its no longer than a 2 cell mag light. However the handle is only about one ince in diameter so if you have big hands it may be hard to hold on to. The face is about the size of a mag light face. Each seal for the multiple pieces, about five, are double O ring sealed. I havent tested its water resistance but if I droped it in a puddle I think it would be fine. The life is short if you use it on the brightest setting but that is why I have multiple lights in the car at all times. I havent tried, but will in the future, to mount it to a shot gun or rifle but im sure there is a way with the small size of the handle. The strobe is very fast and disorienting, even in daylight. Would be a good light to have around the house in case of power outage or intruder. If you dont blind them long enough to make them want to leave your house you can beat them with it. The edges of the face are farely sharp and the head is fairly big so im sure it could be used as a weapon if need be. All in all I like this flash light. I own more than I care to admit and have some very bright ones in my collection. This one is prity high up on the blinding scale but since it is no where neer the 3800lm labled on the handle I gave it 4 stars. However I would buy a few more for around the house, shop and as gifts.
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on March 3, 2012
Bang for the Buck - this is it. Output is realistically around 1000 Lumens, but very few flashlights of this size can output this much light - and no others that I am aware of at this price point.
This is a floodlight, the beam is wide. For a floodlight, it still has impressive range. I find it quite bright inside of 100 yards. Inside of 50 yards, it is dazzling. (Range numbers are largely subjective, but this is how I call it)
I own several smaller single cell 18650 powered flashlights with SSC P7 emitters. They are more pocketable, and quite bright in their own right, but they can't match this one.
If pocket-ability isn't a priority, then this is probably hard to beat for $50.
My only complaint is that it doesn't remember the last mode it was in when switched off. It always advances to the next mode when switched on.
As far as modes go, the low setting is plenty bright for lighting your path at night - much brighter than many cheap LED lights. There are five modes High-Medium-Low-Strobe-SOS (in that order).
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Six weeks after getting this light and using it only a few minutes per day it failed completely. After being on for about two minutes it simply went out and would never light again. I immediately checked the batteries and they were perfect and fully charged. This light had been on for about one hour max for its entire life before it failed. It did not pop or dim it simply went out. Based on my experience I cannot recommend the flashlight based on this premature failure. What good is a security flashlight that would fail at a critical time?

I have lowered my rating from 5 stars to 1 star as a result of this failure.


This is an excellent flashlight and it is well worth the money you pay for it. I had some minor issues with the light but if you watch my attached video you will see that I resolved them. This is a good unit and I would buy another. At 75 to 100 yards it lit up my entire home and back yard. At 300 yards the stop signs were glaringly bright.

Trustfire features

* The torch uses 3Xcree XM-L T6 LEDs and produces a very bright beam rated up to 3800 Lumens.
* Internal electronics maximize the life of the batteries.
* The body of the light is aircraft grade aluminum and the machining quality is OUTSTANDING!
* The flashlight comes nicely black anodized
* The batteries are firmly held in place with strong springs and they do not vibrate or move.
* The light is a high white spectrum produced by three LED's and it is extremely bright.
* The LED lifespan is rated at 100,000 hours of use.
* The basic light uses 2 batteries style 18650 rated at 3.7 VDC.
* The flashlight has a coated glass lens.
* Each section of the flashlight body screws tightly closed with O-ring seals.
* The switch is on the tail of the flashlight and has five modes of operation. They are strobe, SOS, high, medium and low light levels.
* The reflector is a high gloss smooth finish with three deep well reflection sockets, one for each individual LED.
* The flashlight with two 18650 batteries weighs exactly one pound.
* It comes with a tube extension to allow the use of three 18650 power cells to increase usage time.
* This is a great price for such a high power flashlight.
* It is not a narrow focus beam but a broad beam with a lot of splash over light. This is a plus and a minus depending on your use of the light.
* Long range beam but not as far as I expected.
* The switch remembers the last lighting mode you used and goes back to it when you turn it on.
* A full pressing of the switch button turns the light off and on and a light press skips to the next lighting mode.

Trustfire Cons:

* It comes with no documentation, instruction manual or contact data for warranty and repair.
* My tube extender had a broken O-ring right out of the bag.
* The other two tube components each had a missing O-ring on each piece. They are designed for a double O-ring.
* The individual components were not properly lubricated with Silicon grease to extend the life of the O-rings and prevent the aluminum threads from galling while being screwed together.
* The tube handle seems small for my large hands and it made the flashlight feel top heavy because I could not get a tight grip on its smooth handle surface.
* I would like to have a lanyard hole on the tail of the flashlight for a wrist strap for use when my hands are wet or I have gloves on.

Suggestions For Use:

* Most importantly buy a good grade of 18650 power cells that are protected and put out 3100 mAh for longer life and safety. I used Orbtronic Li-ion industrial NCR 18650A Pansonic cells with dual protection circuitry. They are protected from over current, undercharge and over charge with built in circuitry. They charge to 4.2 VDC. I recommend them. They are much more expensive but worth it.
* Replace any missing or torn O-rings with Danco Inc. stock No. 25749B number 35 O-rings for the smaller battery tube. Helps increase your water protection. Each section will take two O-rings for increased safety.
* Lubricate all the O-rings and threads with a good grade of silicon grease like Danco 88693 to protect the O-rings and aluminum threads from damage and galling

My summary:

* This flashlight despite a few minor issues is a great purchase for any outdoorsman or worker that has to work at night. It is an ideal flashlight for home security and emergencies.
* I recommend it to you as a 5 Star rating!
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on April 7, 2013
Look, I read all the reviews on here and thought I'd try my luck and get a flashlight that hopefully worked, was bright, and not $100. Well, the light arrived today and after throwing some expensive 18650 batteries in there, it's just not that bright. It's OK, but it's not as bright as I would've liked. I can't attest to its longevity, but as with most things, save yourself the hassle, bite the bullet, and just go buy a name brand expensive light.
Or, just get a Nebo Redline. $25 and just as bright as this light, plus it's way more versatile, smaller, and uses normal AAA batteries. That thing was rated at 220 lumens and I swear it's as bright as this light.
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on May 22, 2013
I've had mine for four days and its crapped out three times now. Like mentioned, a slap on the palm restores functionality, but that's not acceptable for me. Returned.

*edit* Less than a day later, it's completely dead. Batteries are fully charged, inserted correctly, it's dead. As soon as I print the lable....Returned.
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on May 20, 2013
When I got this it worked great for about two hours total. Five minutes here and there. Then while using the light it made a popping sound and was DOA. Since I did not use for extended time I ran past the time to return or exchange it. For the price I got ripped off. The only choice I have is keep or pay to ship back and get a partial refund. That would not do me any good since I had to buy batteries just for this light.
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on July 6, 2012
The Trustfire 3800 was Dead On Arrival... I even went so far as to test the batteries I was using.. They were fine. It just doesn't work. That's something to think about when ordering a flashlight that your life may depend on. A lack of proper testing and quality control.

In addition, the light didn't come in a box or any packaging marked Trustfire. It was packaged loose in a plastic bag. It also DID NOT come with any instructions, guide or users manual. There's really something NOT RIGHT about this whole Transaction. I wonder if it was really a Trustfire?!!!
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on January 21, 2012
I have a Fenix TK35 rated at 820 lumen. I recently purchased this torchlight thinking with 3800 lumen it would be far more brighter than the Fenix. Well, at the highest setting point of the both lights, it is still not as bright as the Fenix. The focusing spot of the Trustfire is wider, so I figure if it could be focused into smaller spot as the Fenix, the light emission of them both might be the same. Therefore, it should be rated around 800 lumen at the most. Consider it is about haft price of the Fenix, I don't complain much about it. However, they (the manufacturer, maybe) should not rate it at that big number. It seems like they are lying to customers about their product. That is why I take 2 stars out of this review.
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on March 21, 2013
If there can be such, this is a Chinese Knock off of the Chinese Knock off brand "Ultra Fire". At least with Ultra Fire, your flashlight will arrive in working condition. I have ordered (3) of these and each one arrived DOA (Dead on arrival). The quality control is completely non-existent. Don't bother with these, you're wasting your money!! Go get the Ultra Fire, they are a little more, but not a whole lot more.
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