Customer Reviews: Trustfire Cree Xm-l T6 5-modes 3800lm Led Flashlight Electric Torch
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on May 19, 2012
I actually purchased another flashlight before this one. I had researched for a week to find that one and after I purchased it, this Trustfire TR-3T6 was in the recommendations. This light on paper was 2x times better than the one I had bought. So I cancelled my order with the other light immediately and bought this one for $4 more. Im glad I did.

This light is impressive to use. Well built and machined from aluminum, has coated glass, and good switch in the rear. It is too heavy to use as a tactical light, although would be wicked if you could. It is pretty compact for how bright it is. Using it indoors at night can make you see spots and stars at full brightness setting. It doesn't "seem" like 3800 lumen, but I don't have a light meter. It's BRIGHT. It doesn't throw the light as far as I was expecting 3800 lumens to go but where it does throw light, you can see EVERYTHING. It has a wonderful bright super white/bluish wash of light that throws very wide (almost 180* throw)and a much warmer soft white color temperature hot spot. Outdoors at night this thing lights up huge areas as bright as daylight. Nothing can hide from this thing in bushes or in a corner, where a mag light would miss them.

I tried to find the best places to test it. I think I found some; went into some miles long drainage tunnels and tried it there, probably the most intense place you would want a light to work properly and be as bright as possible. It was amazing. The wash light lit up all the ground, walls and the ceiling in front of me without taking the hot spot from down the jet black center of the tunnel. In high mode, it was awesome- as long as you pointed it down the tunnel, if you pointed it too close to you on the concrete, temporary blindness was the result. Medium setting was the best for me there, and on low, it was good as any other "normal" flashlight like a surefire or something like that. The wash light output on low was a bit too dim to use for lighting your path or looking for huge hanging spiders off the ceiling. The hot spot on low was adequate but you actually had to point the light at whatever you were looking at to see it. On Med, you could just point it straight forward and not move it and see whatever you wanted. It lights up a bigger area and whiter light than a street light. In the woods, I wouldn't go into them without it, you can spot anything moving easily. The wash is so bright on high your periphial picks up movement anywhere in front of you. In the desert, you can see the beam up to about 1000 feet and it can be seen for over 10 miles easily. It was brighter than my Lexus HID Projectors.

The high and medium setting are similar in output and usability, low was considerably dimmer than the other two settings. Strobe and SOS was a nice feature, it is pretty debilitating to be on the receiving end of those settings. This thing will attract attention, so be prepared for it.

Another nice feature is the flashlight can be taken down to a super compact space probably 3" by 3" by 5". Great camping or outdoor light. Double o rings are only on one section, single on the other two. It would be nice to have all three threads with double o rings. Switch operation was High, med, low, strobe, sos. You can turn the flashlight on/off on any of the 5 settings and have it come on with that desired setting. Once it is on, half press will cycle the settings. Full press will turn it off/on same setting and a hard full press will turn it off and cycle the setting by 1.

Mine came scratched on the edge of the head, like someone dropped it on concrete and was sold as new. Subtract one star. Otherwise great 5 star light. Would also like the ability to add a tube and a battery for extended use with 3 18650 batteries if I wanted. Hard to find it for sale anywhere...

Mine lasted over 2 hours in the tunnel, on one set of batteries. Mixed settings mostly low and med with some high blasts sprinkled in there. On high and leaving it on, it lasted for about 20-25 min on 3000mAh ultrafire batteries, even though it was 20 min on high, it just turned itself on low when the batteries were spent it lasted another 20 min on low. I would expect low to last a few hours. Yes it gets very WARM when you leave it on high, but this light is so bright you almost would never use it that way. It gets hot to the touch. I want to get the 5300mAh batteries from ebay and see how bright and long it will last with those.

I want to buy the 5 cree led trustfire TR-J12 next and see what that will do. Much bigger light. Fun stuff. That TR-J12 light was measured at 2200 ansi lumens, so this thing is probably under that. Still redicilously bright though.

Threw a pic of the tunnel- that tunnel is over 5 miles long in that section perfectly straight. You can see for about 1000 feet before it goes black. Pic doesnt show that.
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on July 13, 2012
I am always searching Amazon for the brightest reasonably priced flashlight and this seems to be the current winner. I measured brightness with a light meter and got 2691 lumins, not as bright as they claim but impresive.The sun around here is about 5000. I added a third battery to see if it got any brighter but it did not seem to (i did not test with the meter). I guess the third battery just makes it last longer but i would rather have a smaller light and two batteries ready in the charger. The switch works well and overall quality seems excelent. Just like most, i would like some documentation and a customer service number but I can live without at this price. One problem I found that when I left it on for an extended period while "surveying" above a comercial building ceiling, it shut down, apparently from over-heating. It resumed working after i let it cool down. I have no way of knowing if this is normal or a defect. update - mine has suddenly stoped working. it will not come on in any mode. i am very disapointed. I tried fresg batteries. Since there is no manufacturer name, web site or phone number i guess i have wasted my hard earned money.
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on June 18, 2012
I bought this flashlight due to the "claimed" specification of 3400 lumens. I tested this flashlight alongside my Fenix TK35 with a 820 lumen specification. After testing them side by side I found that my Fenix is at least twice as bright at greater distances with the same batteries and only one "bulb" instead of the Trustfire 3 "bulb" flashlight. I thought that the Trustfire would be three times as bright, only to find that it is about half as bright. Keep in mind that the Trustfire is about a third of the price of the Fenix which could be a factor with many buyers. In short, buyer beware of misleading specs on this item.
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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2012
The title of this review needs to be repeated. This is the "Brightest Light I Have Ever Seen". It is so bright that one must be very careful not to shine the light directly in someone's eyes at close range since it will have a similar effect to looking directly at the sun and any prolonged exposure will surely damage one's eyesight. The effect upon older people will likely be greater because their eyes do not adjust as quickly to changes in the brightness of light. Also, never allow a child or someone who is not mature enough to understand the damage very bright light can cause to play with or use this flashlight. I am serious. Please be careful.

The flashlight and its extension for an additional battery was packaged in a plain cardboard box wrapped in opaque black plastic bag material with no description as to its contents other than serial/product numbers which are indecipherable to the buyer. While the flashlight appeared and felt to be made of quality materials, mostly milled aluminum with a black electro-coated exterior and substantial heat sinks to dissipate the relatively large amount of heat generated by the three high output LEDs, there was no information concerning what company actually made the flashlight or its country of manufacture. I would guess that the flashlight was made in China except for the high output LEDs which are much closer to the state of the art design and construction. However, this is just a guess based upon trends in the manufacturing of high-tech electronics where only a portion of the product is really high-tech. The flashlight, with batteries, feels quite substantial and could be used as a weapon should circumstances warrant. I have not used the flashlight long enough to measure the longevity of the 3,000 mah, 3.7 volt lithium batteries. However, the circuitry in the flashlight allows for 2 or 3 lithium 3.7 volt batteries. I am not an expert in electronics, but to my knowledge, this is the first time I have come across a consumer product with circuitry that will adjust for a 50% variance in voltage. Generally the total battery voltage must remain within a much smaller margin in which the product was designed to operate. I would recommend buying rechargeable lithium batteries with a 3,000 mah output to provide a reasonable length of operation before the batteries are depleted of usable charge. I noticed that there were 4,000 mah rechargeable batteries advertised for use with this flashlight, but I am not aware of any reputable battery supplier who has yet made or distributed 4,000 mah batteries and accordingly I would be cautious to research such long output batteries before buying them.

My only real criticisms of the flashlight, other than a lack of warning concerning the danger of its brightness, is that it does not have a manual or any other information that would help the consumer learn how to operate the flashlight or what types of batteries are suitable for use within the flashlight. It is an unsubstantiated assumption that all users will have knowledge of such details and it is possible that the flashlight could be damaged by lack of knowledge of such details. If the flashlight were damaged, there is no information on how to get it serviced or who to contact with respect to LED failure or other malfunctions. This seems to support my guess as to where the flashlight was made. It may also indicate that the manufacturer is not planning on being in this business for a period long enough for such details to matter.

Regardless of my concerns, this flashlight seems to live up to its brightness and multifunctional claims so well that I have to rate it with 5 stars. Since my other criticisms, while valid, have not caused me a problem, I cannot reduce its rating for faults based upon lack of warnings or operational instructions. In this instance, anyone who would spend such a substantial amount of money for a very bright flashlight and batteries is getting what they paid for.
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on January 21, 2013
The flash light worked well for about 2 weeks. After that whenever I turned it on the light would flicker on and it could not stay on.
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on February 21, 2012
Overall this little light is awesome! This is my first super bright LED flashlight and this thing blows every other flashlight I own out of the water, it's that good. I have a mix of various LED flashlights (old 5mm types) and maglites, none of them are even close, this light is more focused its bright spot and it also throws more wide light than the cheaper 5mm led flashlights. For the brightness I would definitely buy this light again.

The not-so-good, the other reviewer said this came with the extension tube, but this one DOES NOT come with the extension tube (see description it's not there). The other cell isn't a big deal, they only sell them in 2 packs that I could find and the other extension is $5 from various sellers. I am giving this 4 stars because in addition to not being clear on the version (2 vs. 3 cell), this light didn't come with a manual. Even though operation is pretty simple (half press for modes), it still should include a manual and in searching online I can't find a PDF version.
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this flashlight and it started out great, bright as could be, super long distance and beam. However, much like other reviews that I chose to ignore this flashlight lasted 1 week before it started flickering, then would turn off randomly and eventually would not even turn on and became a paper weight. I work in Corrections and needed a dependable flashlight...... THIS IS NOT THE ONE!! DONT BUY IT!
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on December 2, 2012
This flash light looks great but rarely works properly. When I first got it the flashlight worked fine. Then it started to glitch all the time. Shame. The housing is solid and a good weight in the hand. In the end it is a cheap product with no thought given to longevity. Save your money and do not buy this product. All the reviews tell you what a great product this is and it would be......if it worked.
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on December 30, 2013
Useless. I didn't get all the necessary batteries so owned it about a month before I finally got it going. After charging the batteries I started using the light. Extremely bright with amazing range. I was using it to view some plumbing I was planning to work on when it flashed twice, and never lit again.

Seller told me unit was past return period. So this is a paperweight
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on October 6, 2013
I bought this model Cree and the switch apparently, went bad a few months ago. I have tried very way available and no one wants to assume responsibility for this item. TRhe end 5 pos button switch simply is haywiure. 2 of my spare bats are leaking and the charger waay over heats.

I amsure you all will get right on this, righr? Spent some $40 with you.
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