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on March 12, 2014
IF YOU ARE MATURE AND HAVE HAD A GOOD UPBRINGING BY YOUR PARENTS, THIS BOOK WILL NOT BE A BAD INFLUENCE ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I am 13. I have just finished reading this book about 30 minutes ago. I loved it. I was short, took me less than 8 hours to read (unlike some books), and amused me. I do have to warn some people though: If you do not want your child reading stuff that normal teenagers talk about, do not be offended when you or your daughter reads pages 10 & 11 or any of the others like them. I understand that some people find that kind of stuff offensive and think it is too "mature" for their pre-teen/young teen. This book has no plot. There isn't supposed to be one. It is a book about 3 girls who have been best friends for 4 years (Angela: the outgoing one; Maddie: the wild one; Zoe: the calm Church-goer). They Instant Message each other all throughout the book and discuss what is happening in their lives. The stuff they talk about and/or do is mostly amusing and funny, but some of it can be just the thing some moms want their children to stay away from. The friends go through every-day normal things like break-ups and grudges and even embarrassing party moments that get the whole school talking.

Even though many mothers would think that since Maddie danced topless on a table because she was drunk, that it would be a bad influence on their daughters. Well, if that influences your daughter in a bad way, it's not the book's fault. Right now, I have no desire to go to a party, get drunk off spiked Kool-Aid, and dance topless on a table while boys throw quarters at me. Most likely, neither will you or your daughter just because a book character did it. Yes, there is cussing. Yes, almost all teenagers cuss. Don't say that your teen doesn't because your teen most likely has done it when you are not around and just lies about it. Everyone I know cusses (I know A LOT of people, even if they aren't my friends) even if it's only once a month. My teachers cuss, my entire school cusses, and you probably do, too. I didn't read the reviews before buying this book (I bought it because I love the author) and I was not offended and I don't think bad about Lauren. I suggest you read the book. Some parts are nasty, I know, but sooner or later, it'll all be a part of life. If you disagree with anything I'm saying, I'm sorry, but I really don't want a bunch of angry mothers commenting that I'm a bad kid or that I hang around with bad people if everyone I know swears. Thank you.
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on January 26, 2008
I'm a senior in high school who sometimes gets bored in the library during study hall. As a result of said boredom, my friend and I decided to select a book from the display our librarian had decided to put up full of iffy-looking young adult books and read it to see if it was as dumb as it looked.

That book was Lauren Myracle's "ttyl".

Has Ms Myracle ever HAD an IM conversation? I cannot believe that people are using the word "realistic" to describe the complete mess that is this book; they must be adult readers because NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT, not even on IM. Trust me. I'm practically sobbing as I write this because I want you to understand...TEENAGERS ARE NOT THIS STUPID IN REAL LIFE. Good god. This book offends me and makes me ashamed to be a teenage this what people think we're like? AHHH. No. No. Nonononono. Just...No.

Please please please do not buy this book. It might encourage the author to type out more stupid things and sell them to unwitting publishers who don't know what they're unleashing on the world. *shudder*
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on April 10, 2004
Just picked up this winner in the Young Adults section of Border's for my about to turn thirteen year old daughter. As defined in the book description the target audience is 13-17. At least the creators of Sex and The City target their show to adults and don't enter it in this category. However the subject matter and crude descriptiveness in this book could have found it's way onto that show. If you don't believe me, pick it up at the store and see if you would be willing to read pages 10-11 aloud to a group of junior high girls'.(although doing so would probably subject you to arrest) It's bad enough the pressures on young girls' to be sexualized everywhere they look, but it would be nice if we could turn them loose in the literature for kid's; especially when the book jacket tells us of the author's credentials in writing for young people. Perhaps Larry Flynt might have a place for Ms. Myracle in his Letter's to the editor section.
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on February 29, 2008
I want to know if I read the same book as the people who gave this thing 5 stars. Reading TTYL made me want to break down in tears. Is that how society truly views teenage girls? As a sophomore in high school, trust me on this, no middle/jr/high school female acts like that. The whole book basically made it seem as if all we're interested in is boys, sex, and boys. I was deeply disappointed in the fact that the author was promoting this. Although, I have more issues with the publisher who thought this one was a winner. And I don't believe anyone on this planet, or the next, types like that.

Do yourself a favor, and don't even bother reading TTYL. You've much better things to do with your time, like watching the grass grow.
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on December 23, 2014
I typically finish every book that I start and I usually don't write reviews for books that I don't finish, but this is a book I just couldn't keep reading. It was such a waste of time. I thought that the format of texts would be fun and interesting, but it wasn't at all. The format was distracting and the language was unrealistic and annoying.
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on October 24, 2012
...Because they are being complete twits. In my opinion anyway, which I am not going to force upon you. However, I would like to provide my reasoning for why I disagree with the majority of the more recent reviews on this book, TTYL.

I read this book when I was in the sixth grade, and it has remained one of my favourite books. People complain that there is no plot, but allow me to explain: the plot is that of a teenager's life. It's not like Harry Potter or Twilight or the Hunger Games in the respect that it is simply a book about three friends in high school. However, it simply follows the development of the characters throughout a few years of their lives, throughout all of the trials they experience. It shows them growing up and seeing and trying new things, which is exactly what teenagers do.

Another complaint I see is that it portrays teenagers in a negative light of cursing, rebellion, unintelligence, and stereotyping, but that could not be any farther from the truth. It does portray teenagers accurately. They make mistakes. They can act silly. But they can also be serious. They have drama. This is also not degrading and stereotyping to teenagers. There is Zoe, the intelligent, school-focused girl who is also a very loyal friend. Then there is Maddie, the very smart but always-up-for-an-adventure girl. She makes some mistakes, but one look at her inner character shows what a remarkable person she is. Lastly, there is Angela, the pretty-girl. She can be a bit absent-minded at times, but she's a very smart and kind girl, who could never hurt anyone if she tried. The characters are very sincere and believable. No person is perfect, so they all have their flaws, their families their issues, so on and so forth.

Lastly, I saw people suggesting that the writing style (IMing, or Instant Messaging) is very relevant to today's youth and the way that they communicate. This is used a device to explore the characters' personalities. Maddie, the "wild child" of the bunch, tends to use more shorthand than the others, and curses with more frequency, but that portrays an actual "brand", if you will, of teenager. Zoe, the witty and well-read one, doesn't capitalize her sentences, but uses and immense vocabulary, showing off her mental capabilities. And then Angela, the bubbly socialite of the group, tends to use little inside jokes of made-up words with her friends, and uses asterisks (*) to express her outgoing tendencies. All three of them type in ways that I can confirm, I myself being a fifteen-year-old girl (using my father's Amazon account, to clear up any potential confusion), teenagers of the present time period do use. It is not showing a lack of intelligence, but a common ground for those which this book is based upon.

With high hopes that you all give this book a try,
Ellie S.
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on July 10, 2009
My daughter said that she saw someone at camp reading this book and she wanted it.
She not a big reader, so when she says she wants a book I buy it. This books appearance makes it look like a young reader book- I thought it was odd that it was in the young adult section; however it had some cussing it in- no big deal to me. To cut to the chase here and what I think is a big deal - about 10 pages in my 12 yr old daughter asked me "What's this word?" It was "ejaculate", I then read on a few lines - It was talking about a girl acting like a whore at a party and that she squirts when she comes.

I'm writing this as a warning to any parent of a tween that wants to read this and you are not prepared to deal with the questions this book will arise.
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on August 31, 2014
First of all, to all you people who say this book is inappropriate to teens is completely wrong. This book is for sure appropriate for anyone 13 and up. There may be lots of sexual references, however this our 2014 society needless to say. Just graduating from high school, I have witnessed much worse in the hallways of my very school. Even as a 12 year old 8th grader, I heard worse talk about sex than the 10th graders in this book. People in my school at 12 were already practicing sex. I by no means condone this behaviour. However, Ttyl gives the reader a realistic perspective on teenage life and the characters are well developed. I can relate to nearly everything the 3 internet girls have gone through. Crush on a teacher, the wrong guy, getting wasted at a party and regretting it, being threatened to move somewhere far away: been there done that! At school I have had to read "classics" that were 100 times worse than this. For example, House of Spirits which was absolutely disgusting! There's a fine line between being realistic about sexuality or being perverted and ttyl sure fits the realistic category.
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on February 18, 2011
I picked up this book at my library thinking it might be a fun read. The cover was cute and the back sounded interesting, and I had read the first page, and there was nothing wrong or anything, so it seemed reasonable. I should've dug quite deeper to realize the truth.

Crammed, spaced, and shorted to IM form, TTYL is a story about three teenagers going through the same things all the other teenagers are going through, boy drama, mean girls, odd teachers, while trying to keep up their friendship. The first few pages were ok, but then, the book got...a bit overboard. I mean, I know teenagers swear, but this was going a little too far, shoving in all the bad words where, it's not needed. There are a thousand other words in the english language but Myracle has to go ahead and use the f word a bunch of times, which leaves some parents not happy with their child's read.

But really, this book is totally gross, and I didn't find it funny. It talks about sex and boys as if they are the last things on this Earth. Shouldn't the girls in the books be using their high school time wisely? Well, they don't, and I'm annoyed.

Another reason i'm mad is because of the cover: Cute, funny, overpowering to young girls; hint, hint, young girls, reading these books, getting into this stuff at an early age. Now, I admit i'm young too, but I don't read books that swear off every page just because the author believes everyone is doing it, and it's perfectly ok. Well, teens do tend to swear, but some try not to go too far. Myracle, you went off a cliff this time.
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on July 7, 2004
In the future, robot archaeologists will be sifting through the rubble of a long dead human civilization, patiently searching for the ultimate cause of mankind's extinction. After sifting through the remains of our fallen society, searching through libraries and the streets of ghost towns and the insides of long-dead computers, they will eventually find the horrific shout that set off the avalanche that would destroy us.
They will find TTYL.
It will be the first time a robot weeps.
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