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on October 14, 2010
I love my Tuff-Luv kindle case! I chose black 'cause it's a classic, and a flip-style cover since I don't like the book-style type -- I don't wish to emulate reading a paperback, I just want to read comfortably.
After going through kindle 2 + 3 cover reviews on various manufacturers -- among them Amazon, M-Edge, Oberon, Mivizu, JAVOedge and more -- I decided on the UK-based i-nique and their Tuff-Luv line. You can check out the i-nique website, they make cool stuff.
I'm living abroad, so I ordered this case from Amazon UK -- the total price turned out cheaper for me compared to the US site. I'm not sure if it turns out cheaper for an American, too, though.
The case is quality leather, beautifully stitched. Soft to the touch on the outside, yet reenforced with an inner tough layer. A pleasure to look at and to hold, with no weird smells ;)
The Kindle slips into a pocket and fits snugly, and for extra-safety, there's a small retainer-strap that snaps closed over it. I prefer this method of securing the Kindle to Amazon's hinges method. Even without the snap closed, when I held the case upside down and tried to shake out the Kindle (over a soft, cushioned surface!!!), the Kindle stayed snug in place.
There's easy access to all of the Kindle's buttons, USB port, audio jack. Needless to say you can plug in the USB and charge the device while in its case.
The top flips closed over the kindle, and also has a strap with a snap-fastener, so when you shove the Kindle in a bag, the case stays closed. In one review for a Kindle 2 flip-style case, someone recommended putting the case inside a Neoprene sleeve for extra-protection during long, rough trips. I don't have a sleeve, so I haven't tried *that* trick yet.
In the upper back of the case, 2 speaker grilles are cut out in the shape of the speakers (there are no actual holes, though -- the grilles are sealed with some type of weave-material).
The top folds back easily when you read holding the device in your hands, and to me reading the Kindle while in its Tuff-Luv case doesn't feel "heavy".
The top+stand are stable enough when you open the stand and place the Kindle on a table.
To sum it up: a beautiful, durable Kindle cover, yet not a flimsy one.
By the way, a good site to look for reviews is kindleboards. Users sometime post elaborate reviews with images.
It appears that since I purchased this and wrote my review, manufacturer has changed the product's design. No retainer strap. See Steve Birnbaum's review + comments for details.
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on December 8, 2010
(Note: This review was re-written after the vendor changed the pictures & product description)

I spent a considerable amount of time looking at the various options for a case for my new Kindle, and finally settled on this Tuff-Luv case. I chose it because it protected the sides a bit more than the Amazon book-style case, and I also preferred the way that this opened. The stand was something I don't know if I'd need, so I appreciated that the pictures appeared to show snaps holding it closed so that it wouldn't be in the way if I never needed it.

Unfortunately, the vendor was a bit late in updating the web site pictures to include some design changes that they'd made. As a result, they had unfortunately taken away one feature that I felt was important (the strap that snaps the cover closed) in response to feedback, but as the comments show, they still have it in some of their other colors. In this version case, they replaced the strap with a magnet that holds the lid in place when closed, without any straps. If you are going to handle it nicely, this should be fine. If you want to be able to toss it into a bag, then you should get a version with a strap as the cover will most likely be pushed open.

That being said, I didn't have a lot of time with it, but it seated the Kindle quite nicely and the design appeared quite solid.

I noticed that they also replaced the snap on the little retention strap that hold the Kindle in with velcro, apparently in response to some concerns that pressing the snap closed might put too much pressure on the device. I can understand that, but the "loop" side of the velcro is a felt surface rather than a proper loop patch. As such, my experience is that these tend to wear out over time, so I would consider that it may be necessary to fix this or cut the strap off entirely at some point. Since the cover folds over the top when closed and will hold the kindle in place, this strap isn't a critical piece.

I like the design, and feel it's a solid case, and very well made. It certainly provides more protection to the sides than the Amazon Kindle case. At the vendor's invitation, I'm going to switch over to the saddle brown version that still has the retention strap. If you prefer to have just the magnetic hold, then get this version.

I'll post a longer review once I've had more time with the other version. I gave it 4 stars because while it's not what I need, I still respect the quality of the design and the vendor has been extremely responsive to fixing the problem.
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on November 5, 2010
Although delivery was delayed, it was well worth the wait. I was concerned that the cut of the case might make it hard to press some buttons, but the design is perfect, leaving everything easily accessible. The stand is sturdy, at a good angle, and the soft but sturdy leather feels nice to the touch and doesn't add too much bulk. It is rare for me to give 5 stars.
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on November 4, 2010
There are a number of things I really like about this case and one that I don't. As far as form and functionality, this rocks. It protects the kindle wonderfully. It is easy to hold and grip while reading. The flap that folds over the top is great. It allows me to rest the bottom of the kindle and balance it by holding the flap. Very comfortable and easy. I think this is easier than holding a book type flap that folds to the side and provides a function. The stand is useful if you want to prop it for table reading and not distracting when not in use.

My only complaint is the fit. The kindle nestles snugly in the groove for it but the holes for the buttons just don't line up perfectly. This seems nitpicking but for the cost, I would expect it to fit exactly. In addition, the portion that spans the top hangs over the screen by about a millimeter. this makes it feel like it is crowding the screen and can cause a slight shadow on the screen from overhead lighting. There is also a snap that secures the kindle in place. It is raised and creates even more of a shadow on the screen.

Other than the fit issue, this is a great product.
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on July 14, 2011
I had a Tuff-Luv cover for my first generation Kindle and loved it, bought one for my dad when I got him a second generation Kindle, and now have one for my third generation Kindle. I love the feel of the leather, how snug the device fits, and how it is a flip top with stand. I often use the stand for hands free reading. I would never get a cover that is like a regular book cover, it is so much easier to read with one hand with the flip top covers. Also, I like to pull the ribbon out that attaches the stand and use it to help me hold it with one hand.

I have tried other covers and returned them - this is the only way to go!
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on January 4, 2012
I bought this for my new Kindle with keyboard. The Kindle fits very securely and I feel it is well protected. The leather case does not cover or interfere with the screen or keypad. The keys are easy to press and buttons easy to access. The flip cover folds back so its easy to hold while reading and a nice thickness makes the case easy to hold. There is a stand that can be folded in or out but I don't use that much since I just hold it while reading. But the stand would be nice if you wanted to prop it up, like if you were reading something like a user manual, directions or a recipe. There is a snap button to hold the Kindle securely in the case while it's open. Plus I like the feel and grip of the real leather. I am happy with this purchase.
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on January 17, 2012
Beautiful craftsmanship, fits the kindle like a glove. All the ports on the bottom are accessible and so are the buttons for navigating (a little difficulty with the right directional cursor). Love the stand for reading at the table. My unit came with the snap (instead of velcro like mentioned in some other reviews)to hold the kindle securely inside. I find that the snap casts some shadow over the first few lines of text but not too annoyingly. This case is excellent and the only thing I would have liked is for them to offer stamped designs (like Oberon)or different colors to make it even more stylish and personalized. Also took a little longer to arrive than most things I've ordered on Amazon.
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on December 26, 2010
I bought my 3G Kindle a few months ago. I've been a little reluctant to travel with it without a protective case. But I didn't want to give up the thin nature of the device with an overly thick book-like cover. I wanted something that would swing up and over like a steno-pad. In addition, I didn't want to contaminate the screen with anything the cover contacted on airplane of train tray tables, etc.

So, I was happy to find this design.

I placed the order with Prima Products who arranged to drop-ship it from the producer in the UK.

This whole transaction took place at the same time the air-freight network went upside down, and it took a while for the cover to arrive.

But, it's not exactly life-saving medicine & I could wait. I was impressed by the prompt and courteous communications I got from Prima Products. I never felt like my business was unimportant, or that I was lost in the shuffle. They always gave me alternatives and whatever information they had either from the vendor or from other customers as the goods started to get delivered.

With 30 years of retail work experience, I know that things happen, especially to small companies. I've always thought it's not so important that nothing ever goes wrong, as it is how problems get resolved. In this case, I'm happy to say that I'm very happy with the product AND the vendor.
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on January 9, 2011
The item took longer than I expected to ship, which was a bummer as I didn't recieve it in time for Christmas. However the exceptional customer service communication impressed me enough to still rate the item with 5 stars.

The case is very well designed. The Kindle is very secure in it. The flip cover folds all the way back with no resistance for easy handling while reading. There is a magnet that keeps it from flopping open when it is closed. The stand is secure while folded in or out. The Kindle is actually easier to hold while in the case as it gives it just the right bit more thickness. The case does not obscure the keypad or reading area, and has never interfered with the performance of the Kindle.

I'm very glad I chose this case over the competition. Thank you for a quality product!
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on November 9, 2011
After searching Amazon and reading all the customer reviews, I picked this product. I was NOT disappointed. It is a quality product. I thoughly enjoy using it and recommend it to anyone that needs this type of product. You won't go wrong and the price is right.
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