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on February 17, 2012
I have been crocheting for over 40 years. I worked as a postal clerk for 26 years so after throwing mail for that many years I have issues with my wrists, elbows and shoulders. I sometimes use plastic or bamboo hooks but they just don't slide through the stitches as smoothly and quickly as metal hooks. I decided it was time to try out some of the newer more ergonomic hooks. I have tried all of the metal ones with cushioned handles that I could get a hold of and the Caron Tulip Etimo is my favorite. There was only one other that even came close. The handle has a nice soft suede feel to it and it is about 1/4" longer at the bottom end than some of the other hooks. What was also different than other cushioned handled hooks is that the Etimo has this little bump and slight dip in the cushioned material, right below the metal, for thumb placement. The head of the hook's inline notch isn't as deep as the Bates hooks but it is slightly deeper than some of the other cushioned handled hooks I tried. This whole kit is lovely. It comes with a nice case with nice scissors. I highly recommend these hooks. Once you have tried them you will never be able to go back to crocheting with all metal hooks.
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on February 5, 2011
This crochet kit is awesome. The handles really are easier to use than regular aluminum. I didn't think I had a problem with regular crochet hooks, but these are so much easier to use in comparison.
I am so impressed with the quality of everything in this kit. The scissors are from Italy, the needles are from England. Everything is so conveniently in one spot! LOVE THIS!
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on February 6, 2012
I'm a Bates-head preferrer and this hook has a different, less sharply defined approach. But the design, taken as a whole, offers just the right everything else for my "knife-holding" hand. There's cushiony comfort, balance, just the right length. I could use a smidgen more of metal shaft when I'm creating bullions, but then again, it's that i didn't want to put down the hook. I have bullion hooks to gather 12 wraps on. The kit is my first kit ever, (I've been crocheting over 40 years, now) one gets nearly every size at once and it is handsome, well wrought and a joy of efficient portability. So nice to not have to search for the scissors and its extra pocket now holds stitch markers and extra needles. I was well-organized before this, but that's not the same as having everything at hand, at once. This kit makes that possible. This price is fabulous as of this writing -- I'd searched all over the net for nearly a year and purchased my kit with a Joann's 50% off coupon which made it less, but then with their high shipping and taxes, this is now the better deal. My only regret is that the B and C aren't included -- as single hooks the best price is more than $9.00 each, not including shipping.So you can compare hook preferences as you assess these comments my go-tos until I got these were Clover Soft touch, Chiagoos and for larger (L-S), and Turn of the Century. I'm grateful for this ergonomic, thoughtful design.
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on September 5, 2015
This is a great kit, and I love both the clutch that holds the hooks as well as the included scissors. (I already had tapestry needles with bent tips, so I haven't used the ones with this set. I haven't used the ruler yet either.) It may seem that you get more bang for your buck ordering the Clover Amour set linked below because it contains 10 hooks, but you just get hooks. This set includes the eight hooks, plus a clutch in which to keep them that has room to store two additional hooks, and you also get the scissors and tapestry needles; all stored handily. This Tulip Etimo set is a bargain, especially if you watch the prices for a while and catch the set when it's at its least expensive.

ADVANTAGES: How Tulip is better than Clover
For comfort, Tulip Etimo hooks are, hands down, the best I have used. They are more comfortable than Clover Amour (and generic ergonomic) hooks and regular aluminum hooks (like Boye and Curtzy). While the Clover Amour handle is flat where the thumb rests, the Tulip Etimo handle is more rounded. This means that when rolling the hook to create stitches, the edge of the Amour handle rubs against the finger, causing soreness, as do regular hooks, but the Tulip Etimo handle doesn't. Also, the finish on the Etimo hooks is even smoother than the one on Amour hooks, so that scratchy yarns move more smoothly and squeak much less. (The smoothest finish of all, though, in my opinion, goes to Curtzy hooks.) It's a dream to crochet with Etimo hooks.

DISADVANTAGES: How Clover slightly edges out Tulip
Sadly, Etimo hooks aren't as deep as Amour hooks. This means that yarn sometimes slips off the hook when making complex maneuvers, such as when I am using the join-as-you-go method to connect granny squares. Really, that's the only advantage of Amour over Etimo, and it's not that big of a deal, in my opinion. I still prefer to use the Etimo hook, even if it means I have to spend a few extra seconds trying to pull one loop through another. I will say that, in the case of the smaller hooks, the Amour hook shaft and handle are longer than that in the corresponding Etimo hook. This applies to hooks B/1-2.25mm (not in this set), C/2-2.75mm (not in this set), D/3-3.25mm, and E/4-3.5mm. By the time you hit the larger hooks, things start to even out.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I highly recommend the Tulip Etimo hooks. Clover Amour hooks are very good, but Tulip Etimo hooks are better, I think. Even though it does cost more per hook to buy these hooks separately, I would recommend buying one to try it out before committing to the purchase of this set. It's worth it, even if you end up with extra hooks. I bought the G and H hooks first to take them for a test drive, since those were the hooks I was using most at the time. I don't regret it. Get the I (5.5mm) hook here.
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on January 9, 2012
I suffer from Osteo Arthritis in my fingers. I love to crochet, and until I used this wonderful hook set, it was painful and I could not crochet for very long. Since this set arrived I have been crocheting like crazy!! These hooks are perfect. The hook end grabs the yarn smoothly and the cushion grip is so comfortable I can once again crochet for hours.
I highly recommend these wonderful crochet hooks as a gift either for someone else or treat yourself. You will never grab another crochet hook. Thank you Tulip!!!!!!!
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on February 10, 2012
Since I bought this set, I have completed two bed sized
afghans (a twin and a full). Having crochet for over 40
years, I am enjoying the comfort and feel of the hooks
in this set. Previously I only liked and used Susan Bates because
of the in-line construction. It took only a small amount
of practice to be able to adjust to crocheting with these
just as speedily but with less hand cramping.
I am a pencil-hold crocheter.
The five star rating I gave only extends to this set, not
the two smaller (B and C) hooks not included in the set.
I have reviewed them separately.
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on October 26, 2015
Love this set of hooks! I received these as a Christmas gift from my husband a year ago now. After a year of heavy use and the abuse and occasional chewing of my toddler these are still in fantastic shape! For anyone who may be worried about the sizes, which are kind of stamped on to the grip, they are showing no signs of fading for me.
The hooks are comfortable to hold and use. I tend to prefer boye style hooks, just to give you an idea of what hook style I go for. These hooks are nicely made and glide through the yarn easily. They're lightweight as well.
The accessories are also pretty decent. The ruler is big enough that it does come in handy when checking gauge. The two darning needles are slightly different sizes, which is great! I like to use various types of yarn and make all kinds of projects from amigurumi, to baby items, to bulky blankets, etc. So I've found having the two sizes really help me to finish of any project with ease. The siscors are nice and sharp and also the perfect size to carry around with you. I usually keep a few of the stitch markers I like in the zipper pocket with the ruler and darning needles. Very handy! It keeps everything secure and it's so easy to grab and bring along with me no matter where I'm going so I can work on my current project.
It has become my first choice out of various hooks and sets I've ordered.
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on June 29, 2012
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I love crocheting. I like the metal hooks because I crochet faster with them but I can't crochet too long because my hand and fingers will cramp because the hooks are small to hold for a period of time. Well I saw a review on youtube from a subscriber doing a demo withe the Tulip Etimo hooks and I ordered 3 main hooks from Amazon. I have to say I love these hooks!!! I am ordering the full set now. So if you have issues your hands, these are a keeper. The soft touch and indentation where your fingers would go is great.
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on February 24, 2016
WOWWW ok so i bought the clover amore set they are wonderful but kinda stickier rubber handles on them than the Tulip etimo's ( more of a smooth rubber) ... hook is much smoother yarn glides like butterrrr, similar hook heads, slightly different though , have had less yarn spltting with Etimo...i learned on Boyes... never tried inline😊..i will put pics of both and i already noticed a tiny chip on the clover amore hook already. tulip etimo's has a thumb bump where the amore is flatter. both great, but etimo is superior in quality .. absolutly no wrist burning or pain🤗🤗🤗🤗whootttt!!! THESE ARE A DANDY TO WORK WITH 👍🏼👍🏼 case is cuter than expected and wow the sissors are amazing but scary sharp😳 over all you couldn't be disapointed
review image review image review image review image
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on September 22, 2015
This set contains everything but the yarn in a tidy little gray package! The range of sizes is awesome, and includes the elusive SIZE 7 hook the rare 4.5mm hook that occurs between sizes G & H. That in itself makes these little darlings worth their weight in gold. (In my neck of the woods finding a size 7 in a store is practically impossible).

These were my very favorite set, with perfectly shaped heads and throats, and just the right length on the necks. Slick, shiny gold metallic shaft glides effortlessly through yarn. Heads and throats are tapered, so if you're a Bates enthusiast, these may not be your cup of tea, or soda, or whatever floats your boat.

But, the deal clincher for me was an entire set in this attractive little roll up case, which includes a tiny little ruler, a couple of yarn needles, and a dainty little pair of scissors. Everything I needed to toss in my project bag with some yarn and be set (I like to crochet in waiting rooms, or just waiting in general so that I am entertained and not becoming testy about waiting). There is a little zip up pocket on the extreme right end of the case, which is VERY handy!

Alas, I lost this set at an early age due to a house fire, and have been making do with my second favorite hooks. But, I do hope to replace these, maybe with the Etimo Rose version.
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