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on December 21, 2014
I like all of Moceanu's Go-For-Gold books - as father of a 8-y old aspiring gymnast. She devours them too, avidly, reading at levels much higher than her grade. Moceanu's books are not only about gymnastics, although there's plenty of this too, but also about building friendships, differentiating between true and false friends, teamwork, and striving for goals. And yes, even introductory romance. I encourage parents to read the books too - they provide plenty of grist-for-the-mill for family discussions.
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on May 16, 2013
The Bellevue Kips are a gymnastics team with five girls who are very different. Sara has OCD. Nadia is obsessed with getting the gold. Beth has a hit a growth spurt. Kelly can't decide if she wants to pursue gymnastics or dance, and Jamie is not focus because her Grandmother is really sick. All of these problems affect their teamwork and their chances of placing in the tournament.

April Adams is a former gymnast and it shows in her descriptions of the girls routines. She really makes you feel like you are sitting in the gym or at the tournament watching these girls tumble, do handsprings, and flips. My favorite part of the novel are the relationships of the girls and the journey that they all have to make throughout the story.

You can tell that April Adams put a lot of herself in the character of Coach Jodi. Her knowledge of the sport and her understanding of what they girls were experiencing shows the compassion that a former gymnast would feel.

The only issues that I could say about this book is that there is some language that may offend some readers.

Overall Tumbling Dreams is a great sports themed book that immerses the reader in the gymnastic world, and the trials and tribulations that these five girls undergo to get to the tournament.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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on May 3, 2015
I love this book so much. I liked that it's about gymnastics and real life problems that they have. I didn't like how they switch characters so often. I recommend this book to everyone especially gymnasts
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on December 28, 2013
If your a gymnastics-fanatic like me this is the book for you! This series follows the Kips Gymnastic Competitive Team and their journey to The Nationals!You might also find some hidden facts in the book so read all of The Gymnastics Series books and learn the true meaning of gymnastics and any other competitive sport: Its not all about winning or losing its about having fun.
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on November 5, 2015
Amazon product review.
Tumbling dreams
By April Adams
Publish date December 21,2012
Published by Lechner Syndications; 1st edition (December 21, 2012)
Sold by Amazon

This book is called Tumbling dreams by a remarkable Woman named April Adams.I got this book a while ago and I have been reading it every day But I have only read two of the books.When I first got this book I didn't really think that I would like it but then after the first chapter I just kept reading and reading until I finished the book and then I got another one.
I recommend this book for everyone especially gymnasts and children 11+.

A few reasons that I liked this book so much is because I can relate in the book they pretty much do the same things that I too except that I have a lot different routines that them and we have different apparatuses like I do not do the beam and they do not do the rings.This book was also really good because everyone was different and they all had a problem like one character had OCD and another one was to tall and that was a problem but they all helped each other out.


In conclusion my thoughts about this book are I wish the series never ended and this was the best book that I have read and everyone should read this book.
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on May 1, 2013
Author Name: April Adams

Title of Book: Tumbling Dreams

Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Performing Arts/Gymnastics

Review by Barbara Bamberger Scott

Tumbling Dreams is Part Two of "The Gymnastics Series" by April Adams, following the progress, the ups and downs, hopes and discouragements of a girls' gymnastic team, the Bellevue Kips. The author, Alice Adams, is a former gymnast turned author/reporter.

This book finds the girls, five of them, practicing hard for their next tournament. But each is privately going through a lot of stress. Sara is battling with OCD: "I feel crazy one minute and fine the next." She may have to take medication, and doesn't know what that might mean for her ambitions as a gymnast. Nadia, the acknowledged star of the group, is convinced that all she needs to get Gold is some new trick, flip, or twist, but it takes the team to show her that something else is missing. Bethany is getting tall all of a sudden, shooting up ¾" almost overnight, and scared this will ruin her chances at fame: "Bethany felt like her own genes were a time bomb." Kelly is yo-yoing between her gymnastic skills and her love of dance, little knowing that her secret passion may be just what the team needs for a new kick-start. And Jamie, the team's friendship glue, is backing away because her beloved grandmother is sick. The team's coach, Judi, is "a pro at getting all their jittery energy out before a practice," but even she is struggling to keep the team spirit alive as the girls battle their own demons.

Because of the author's personal understanding of the art of gymnastics and what it takes to be a competitor at a young age, she has made these characters come alive. Their personal struggles, common in some ways to all pre-teen girls, are put aside as they work on tzuks, yurchenkos, and the ever-dreaded stomach crunches, all part of the gymnast's discipline. Girls interested in the sport will get a realistic view of what it's like to eat, sleep and live the gymnast life, told through the eyes of the five characters, all of whom also enjoy Facebook, food, and family outside the gym. Well proofed and demonstrating a solid grasp of grammar, syntax, and punctuation as well as plot structure and characterization, this is a book that can unhesitatingly be recommended to juvenile female readers.

The only caveat is the use of the word "god" as an exclamation/expletive. Some parents and daughters may object to that, and one wonders why the author felt a need to include it.

Overall, judging from the success of Adams' first book in the series, Balancing Act, the equally enthralling Tumbling Dreams looks like a shoe-in for gold among its target audience.
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on October 5, 2013
Awesome book. Teaches you to not be greedy but thankful about what you earn and to take your medication if you need it. I would recommend this series of books to all other gymnasts out there that think all that it's about is medals and trophies. As I always say to myself 'if I don't succeed try, try again!'.
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on March 6, 2014
I think that this book is great for gymnasts as it inspires and motivated you, it also is good to see what techniques and tactics to use to help you cope with stress wether gymnastics related or not
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on April 13, 2014
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT SOOOO MUCH AND I'M ONLY 11 years old but I would recommend this book for kids in gymnastics because there's something tricky words (:
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on March 14, 2014
I loved this book. It is about the gymnastics team the Kips that go to a gymnastics competition and learn friendship. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves gymnastics.
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