Customer Reviews: Power Rangers: Turbo Pr Movie
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on August 31, 2001
This is a very cool movie, especially if you like either Power Rangers or generous chest and butt shots of five...well, I'm getting off the subject. Long story short, there's an alien called Lerigot who is captured by a space pirate named Divatox, to free her fiancee Maligore. On the way she grabs two humans to turn evil (where have we seen this before?), coincidentally two of the first Rangers, Pink Ranger Kimberly and Red and Gold Ranger Jason. Meanwhile, one of the Rangers (I won't say who) falls and sprains a muscle in his back. The other Rangers, along with his replacement, have to go to the island of Muranthias to thwart Divatox's plans and to save their friends. They aren't quick enough, the movie and and out what happens!
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on December 1, 2000
If you are a fan of the show, this movie has a lot going for it. The original Rangers, Jason and Kimberly, are back. Since I don't care for the new series, I really enjoyed seeing Austin St. John again for his martial arts skill and trademark over-acting prowess that made the original series so fun to watch. The very pretty Amy Jo Johnson makes this movie easy on the eyes, and the rest of the fun, cheesy story, along with the comically fun characters round out this movie in an awesome way. If you don't care for Power Rangers and you don't enjoy a lot of Nacho Cheese, this movie probably isn't for you. But if you're into the Japanese rubber suit sci-fi superhero shows, you'll get a kick out of America's take on this genre.
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on March 10, 2000
not being a power rangers fan myself but living with two children who are (3 & 6 years old) BIG fans of the rangers i have had occasion to watch this movie. in comparision to some of the other p.r. movies and the tv show i thought this had somewhat less senseless violence and actually had a few scenes showing the power of teamwork and compassion (they have to rescue a furry little guy). the kids will love it and if you're forced to watch it enough times with them you'll actually come to enjoy laughing at divatox and her cronies and cheering for the (ever-good) rangers.
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on March 24, 2001
Guess I did spill it! Well, I'm writing this review as 'Anonymous' no one will know the difference. Anyway, I'm a 17-year-old girl and actually like the Power Rangers. Sad, I know. But I like the show mostly because I see guys on it (certain Power Rangers) whom I think are cute. So I can't help it but watch the show! Anyway, I think TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE is better than the first film, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE. I don't know why I liked the second one better...I guess I just do (I've seen both, by the way). It's got more action and more Martial Arts moves (a lot are pretty cheesy, of course...but most people these days like watching cheesy stuff anyway!). The plot is better, too. Also, two of the original Power Rangers (Kimberly and Jason) come back in this movie, too. And one of the best things about this movie is that not all of the Power Rangers are young adults or of them's a kid. He's the new Blue Ranger, Justin. In TURBO, the Rangers are trying to help Larigold, get new Zords - the Turbo Zords - and try to defeat Divatrockz, the new villian who is using Larigold's powers (Larigold is a creature from another planet) to bring back this monster - I forget his name - who she will marry and they will comebind their powers to become the most powerful villians in the universe and have the power to destroy and take over the universe. It's really cool and if you're a Power Rangers fan, then this movie is definitely for you!
Also, check out my rankings for favorite Power Rangers: 1.) Power Rangers Turbo 2.) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy/Lost In Space 3.) Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue 4.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 5.) Power Rangers Time Force 6.) Power Rangers Zeo
Great show full of cute guys and lots of action. Some people may think Power Rangers is a "wimpy" and "lame" show...but those are probably teenagers who used to watch Power Rangers when they were kids. So don't listen to them and keep watching the show if you love it!
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on February 10, 2001
This movie is one episode - one episode in a long saga of action and insanity that is the Power Rangers Universe. Quite honestly, many people just don't understand it, but it dosen't matter. Power Rangers is the most watched kids' show of ALL TIME, beating Pokemon, Thundercats, Voltron, Sesame Street, and whatever else you can think of, with a toy series that has sold in excess of 5.5 BILLION dollars worldwide, and is thus the #1 action figure of the DECADE, beating Pokemon, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars (all of which are superb franchises - Pokemon is hilarious, and Marvel and Star Wars are just legendary giants in the business). You don't honestly think that all of these fans are KIDS, DO YOU? Not possible. Just Not Possible.
Power Rangers is great. It's got everything. Don't take my word for it. Go. Suspend Disbelief. Dispel Preconcieved Notions. Don't be concerned with foam rubber and spandex - look at the storyline. See the show. Watch the movies. Judge for Yourself. And May The Power Protect You All.
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on March 17, 2002
I love Power Rangers,hence I'm writing a review.Okay,so an ewokish wizard named Lerigoht is needed for Divatox's plan to marry the evil,scary Maligore.But the Rangers will stop her,except for Rocky.Rocky got his back injured in a fight,and is no longer the blue ranger,but 12 year old Justin takes his place.Divatox kidnapps former pink ranger Kimberly and Gold ranger Jason as part of a sacrifice,and turns them evil. To stop Maligore,the zeo power rangers upgrade to turbo rangers.This movie rocks,but not as good as MMPR:TM.
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on January 23, 2015
This movie should get 1 star if it weren't for a certain cameo but I won't give away any spoilers. btw not that it matters but the DVD box looks nothing like the picture shown. I'll attach a picture of what I got.
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on March 4, 2002
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on June 15, 2013
I loved this movie when I first saw it, & I still love it now. I didn't like the series as much, even as a kid. But you know that if you've read my Best of Power Rangers review. I think that it was a great set-up for the new show, as Justin was perfectly fine here. Too bad the series wasn't better. But about Justin, I've seen far more annoying characters so I'm not gonna complain, and just so you know the White Ranger in the actual Sentai series was a kid, so it's not as ridiculous as you think it is. I personally thought Divatox was a good villain. I actually laughed alot at her lines. I also loved the return of Kimberly and Jason. This movie also had great action, atmosphere and music (I am SO buying the soundtrack). I understand why people didn't like it, but I'm all for it.
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on December 21, 2015
My son is going to be so stoked to finally own the movie. I think we have rented it on DVR like... way too many times. Awesome price. ships fast and without any damage. I would totally advise any power ranger lover to buy this movie!
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