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on July 7, 2007
I bought this DVD a month ago and I LOVE it. This is the fastest way to help lose weight I have ever tried. The workout starts with a short warm-up, then into a moderate cardio, and boom! A high-intensity turbo. Studies have shown that switching from high-intensity to a lower intensity throughout the workout gets much faster results. Well this is proof! I would have paid twice as much for this DVD and still thought of it as a bargain. The other DVD's she has are great too, but this one is my favorite because it gives FAST results! I lost 20 pounds last month from diet and this workout. Worth every penny!
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on August 29, 2007
I love love love this video!!! I have only been using it for 4 days but it is fantastic! This video is something I can stick with because of Chalene's high energy and upbeat personality, she gets me smiling and enjoying the workout every time. I feel like after the workout I have sweat more than any other workout and I have more energy during the day. It has everything you want in a great a workout, I think my favorite is the cool down where I am forced to stretch (something sometimes overlooked when working out on your own) causing little pain in my muscles afterwards.
Be warned though, this workout is hard and it will push you. It also takes a few times to learn the routine, but stick with it and turbo jam to a healthier you! :)
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on June 18, 2008
This one is packed with the Warmup and 4 Turbo's compiled from other Turbo Jam workouts! You do each one in slow/learning mode, and then you repeat it in turbo mode. And, since your going from low impact to high and then back to low then to high, it revs your metabolism. I know that another review said that the que's are terrible, but they are there. Plus, these workouts are meant to be done a few times a week, and since you will learn the routine and get more used to it, you would eventually tune the ques out anyways and just have fun with the work out. I would definately reccomend this one to any one wanting to add to their Turbo Jam collection.
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on July 1, 2008
This is a very good dvd in the Chalene Johnson series. I already had the Cardio Party 1 but was looking for something a bit more challenging. This dvd pushes you a little bit more with its relatively fast beat and lasts only 30mn for days when you're a little bit too short on time to do the whole Cardio Party. A very good buy!
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on May 15, 2008
If you are getting in shape for a wedding or other special occassion buy this DVD. I own almost every Turbo Jam dvd. Fat Blaster is one of my favorites. If you're looking for a fun, effective, intreval workout this is for you. The workout last 30 minutes (with a wonderful warm up and cool down)and you will sweat! It's so much fun it feels like 15 mins and you'll want to do it again. This is a very high energy workout but includes low intensity demonstrations for those new to TJ or for those who may have weak knees. The cardio sect of the workout consists of 4 turbos (1.5-2.0 mins of high energy cardio)!! That's right 4 but do not be intimidated to try this out! Chalene does a slow version (walk through) followed by the same turbo at full speed. Many of the turbos are taken from her other workouts so if you're familiar with those you should have no problem. If this is the first video you try take it slow and get used to the moves. Chalene says this is to be used only for special occasions---but I find putting it into your rotation will help bust through any platueas. Anytime I want to have fun, feel accomplished and get a really good quick workout I grab my gloves and go. (you know it's really fun when your 5 year old asks if you're going to do the pink tj so she can try to do it with you) Happy turboing!!
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on April 21, 2008
My best friend turned me on to turbo jam. She told me how mush she loves doing it. She told me she loves doing it, actually looks forward to it. (PS my friend's body looks incredible)Well you know what it's true! It's all true! Chalene is so much fun, following her is like working out with your really good friend. And you want to come back and do it again to get all your steps right. For those who say the cuing is bad, she doesn't give the most exact cues but don't whine about it. do the tape get the steps down! And for those who say they do not break a sweat must not doing turbo jam or merely watching the tapes. I sweat, I love it. It works, I love it. It's fun, I love it. GET THIS DVD!!
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on June 5, 2008
This one is a very intense video. It contains 4 turbos, but luckily Chalene and crew walk you through them first. But it's 30 minutes of full-body, sweat 'till you drop workout! Great workout!! Yes, the "teaching sessions" are a little dull, but once you know what you are doing, you can add intensity to those and end up with a great workout! I recommend this to someone who likes to sweat and get the workout done quickly, but still wants results.
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on August 9, 2010
I began my foray into Turbo Jam with the first DVDs released (Turbo Jam Beach Body 5 Rockin' Workouts) and have ordered additional DVDs from the line to keep the variety fresh. Fat Blaster is a 30-minute workout consisting of four sets of turbos that you may have done in other Turbo Jam DVDs (a low intensity "practice" followed by a full intensity version). Instructor Chalene Johnson mentions that Fat Blaster is for "special occasions" and when you don't have time for a full 40-50 minutes. Side Note: It is best to be accustomed to the Turbo Jam moves (via the 5 Rockin' Workouts) because sometimes the instructor's transitions/cues are lacking. This is not a problem with practice!

I have performed Fat Blaster with and without one-pound weighted hand gloves and found that I can burn up to around 300 calories on average (I use a Polar heart rate monitor). To compare, for the Cardio Party 1 and 3 DVDs I am able to burn approximately 500-700 depending on how "into" them I am.

PROS: The intervals - you do low intensity followed by a relatively brief high intensity jump, and back again. Interval training is shown to improve performance and lead to the adaptation response; the body building new capillaries and being better at taking in and delivering O2 to your muscles. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, more cals are burned during short, high intensity exercise compared to long, slow endurance exercise. For more HIIT (high intensity interval training), I'd recommend Turbo Fire - an advanced version of Turbo Jam that incorporates more plyometrics and challenging moves in a series of DVDs (about 11 or 12 in total) done over the course of 20 weeks.

CONS: Fat Blaster isn't necessarily challenging enough for elite athletes. Same can be said about the entire Turbo Jam series, but I must say that you get out of it what you put in. Your intensity = more calories burned and a more effective workout no matter what you're doing. Also, it can be disheartening that you don't pour sweat in the first 10 minutes of Fat Blaster. At least it was for me the first time I did it. But by the time I was cooling down, I noticed that not sweating was no longer a problem!

That being said, I do enjoy Fat Blaster for the variety it offers into my normal Turbo Jam lineup and in ramping up to Turbo Fire.
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on February 12, 2008
I already have a few Turbo Jam dvds but this one is the best. It is jam packed with Turbos. If you are addicted to Turbo jam, like me, this is a MUST HAVE. I have tons of energy when I am done doing this workout. I love turbo jam!!!!!!
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on April 29, 2012
This is a GREAT workout! I lost fifteen pounds by using it and alternating with Turbojam's Twenty Minute workout. I plan to lose more and this dvd will absolutely help. It goes by fast and I love the tai chi she does at the end to help you cool down. All in all a GREAT and FAST way to lose pounds and inches! G.J.
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