Customer Reviews: TurboTax Home & Business Federal + E-File + State 2012 for Mac [Old Version]
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on March 20, 2013
TurboTax is an awesome product. I've been using it for the last 10 years and have been completely satisfied with what it offers. I don't know whether Amazon or Intuit is responsible for advertising minimum system requirements on the Amazon store, but the only requirements listed were that of the Operating System, which my OS was listed.

What wasn't obvious in any of the upfront requirements was that this year's TurboTax requires a 64-bit system. I hadn't thought to read some of the reviews (which would have saved me from ordering), but since I've had such great results with past versions I never thought to look at them.

So while this review is not fair for Intuit, maybe it will make them realize they need to be more explicit in listing critical requirements.
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on March 20, 2013
I have been using turbo tax for more than 10 years (don't know exactly how long). I think the quality is going down. The UI is slowly getting more cluttered and slower to get through. I suspect that they are adding things to the UI to try to make it more friendly for people who just go through once, from beginning to end, without going back to review. Unfortunately I don't work that way. I work on parts as the data becomes available so I have to fight my way past the UI.

But the bug rate is going up. I have bumped into several major bugs, including one that had me getting >$400,000 back from the IRS. Not too likely. I had to hunt around through the forms to figure out what TurboTax did wrong.

Right now I am blocked on a bug in the California state tax review. It says there is an error. But
1. there is no error
2. TurboTax will not let me change the values so that even if there were an error I could not fix it.

I have been on hold with Intuit's "Chat with a Pro" for about 1 hour. After about 30 minutes, the person I was told I was chatting with a PC person and I need to chat with a Mac person. Yes, the interaction was that slow. So now I am in queue position one for a Mac person with a projected wait time of 41 minutes.

That is pretty piss poor service. All I want to do is report the bug, and get a work around or a ticket number so I can know when it is fixed.

Over at the "TurboTax Community" there were at least 2 reports from other people running into the same problem, so I am pretty sure it is a bug introduced in the latest updates to the California state return.

Next year I will try some other mechanism. Perhaps I will do my taxes by hand. TurboTax is just too big a time waster.


That thing about queue position 1 with a 41 minute wait time seemed strange. It was. They definitely have a problem with queue management. Eventually, I was in queue position 1 with a 1 minute wait. This repeated 6 times, then I was in queue position 43 with a 37 minute wait (or something like that). Some time later I got bumped from the queue. That sucks.
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on February 25, 2013
I've been using Turbo Tax Home & Business for several years now and find it quite easy to use. Over the years they have "simplified" it more and more, so the explanations that help you figure out whether you have anything in that category are getting less and less helpful. The "simplification" process has also buried some categories as subcategories of others, but the topic search tool works pretty well to find them. All in all, a pretty good product, and from my experience with others, pretty easy to use. They do have Live Chat and expert advice available to help, which is also a plus.
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on March 13, 2013
I successfully transferred my H&R block tax info from my windows computer via PDF to the 2012 turbotax tonight. I wasted time downloading a trial of Acrobat pro to the PC after PDFLite and another pdf making program failed to make files turbotax could read. The pdf file created by printing to acrobat did not work either. In the block software's file menu choose save as pdf (not apparently the same as printing to a pdf.) I got a box that said install pdf995 software. This software pdf995 came with my windows H&RBlock program last year. i installed it. Once the pdf995 program was installed, choosing save as pdf in the pull down menu will get H&RBlocks's software to save your files as TWO files. One called "Your Name 2011 Tax Return_T11_For_Filing.pdf" and another called "Your Name 2011 Tax Return_T11_For_Records.pdf" I copied the files to a flash drive, plugged the drive into my iMac and turbotax was able to read the For-Filing pdf. Apparently, the PDF995 and Block software work together to create pdf's that are a bit unique. (Although, I do really like acrobat pro.)
I had no problems doing my taxes so I am very pleased with turbotax.
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on January 25, 2013
I used TurboTax for many years, then switched to H&R Block in 2009 - 2011. After purchasing a new Mac, I decided to switch back to TurboTax since I needed business tax prep software and H&R Block didn't have theirs readily available for Mac. After using Turbo Tax, I wish I'd just broken out an old laptop and run H&R Block on it. Here are my issues:

Turbo Tax Home & BUSINESS: Uhhh, yeah. If you sell pottery at a craft show, I guess this will help your business. If you actually have a small business, this "business" tax prep software is a joke and won't help you at all.

Sales Tax Deductions: I live in Texas (no state income tax) and can deduct sales tax. I went through the question/answer process in its entirety and TurboTax never asked me about sales tax. I had to go back in and manually search for the sales tax deduction part and force in my information - we had significant sales tax expense beyond the standard deduction, so this resulted in a reduction of income tax liability (i.e. a credit, not a deduction) of nearly $700. But TurboTax didn't even ask if we wanted the standard deduction.

Dependents: We had another kid in 2012 - it prompted for all their info... except SSN. So when it comes time to calc Child Tax Credit, it doesn't include the baby. It did propmt at the end in the error check, but why the heck didn't it just ask for it up front?

So, I really recommend H&R Block for anyone that has a small LLC or incorporated business. Its *CHEAPER* and better software than TurboTax.
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on January 20, 2013
I have never used the guiding hand approach provided by this software, where one it guided through the hell of taxes by answering questions. I like the thrill of filling in the forms on my own. These are the features that I use: transferring last year repetitive tax data to the current year, like name, occupation, that stuff. Being able to dump my categorized Quicken data into the appropriate lines in an appropriate form. Error feed back that is direct yet inoffensive. Forms search on first letter. Running total of how much tax is owed. Simple electronic filing. Being able to download the software and update it before using it. Transferring Federal data to the state form effortlessly. I like he incremental improvements from year to year.
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on May 3, 2013
Every year I buy TurboTax, and every year, I decide early on I'm going to take the Standard Deduction and just avoid the endless questions, hair pulling, and digging through file cabinets for reciepts to see if maybe, *just maybe*, I had enough deductions to make itemizing worth my while. And then I remember that you can't just "take the standard" and skip the whole process, TurboTax FORCES you to go through the entire exercise in futility...only to be told "We think you should take the Standard Deduction". No S*^#!? I know what you're thinking: "why did you get Home & Business" if you know you are going to take the SD? That's because my taxes are actually pretty complicated. I have some investments, a rental house, and a little bit of freelance income on the side. Just enough to make my tax bill a pain, but not enough to actually make me rich. So I end up taking the Standard Deduction. But not before going through the exercise of trying to deduct vehicle expenses for this venture or that one and ultimately changing my mind and telling the software "No, I am not going to deduct those vehicle expenses after all". But even after that and deciding on the Standard Deduction, TurboTax has found some tiny error in my (now hypothetical) deductions, and won't let me pass go until I have "fixed" it, usually by taking you helplessly to the arcane government forms interface and searching out the offending decimal point or check box. One more thing, if you have to file state taxes, you can skip the "pay $19.99 to file your state taxes electronically", but TurboTax will be NO help with that once you have proceeded to the next step and filed your Federal taxes electronically. There are NO cues, and no menu items that help you figure out how to actually PRINT your STATE TAXES. You'll have to Google that. Because you won't find it in the TurboTax help section. I know because it happens to me every year. You want to save a $20? Sorry,TurboTax has a lot of interest in helping you save money, just as long as it's not coming out of Intuit's pocket.
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on July 9, 2013
Kinda sad that the state of Intuit Mac Software is that if a new version shows up each year you're happy, but that's the case here. As far as the software, it works great, was continually updated, and let me do our admittedly complicated taxes again this year, which is the purpose.
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on April 8, 2014
For most of us, there is no reason to pay $300 or $400 for a tax account to ask us the same questions that TurboTax does. Actually TurboTax does it better, and you'll have plenty of time to answer those questions better. Tons of IRS forms are included, including the "Extension" form. Also handles stocks, real estate, all kinds of stuff that you may or may not need, but it's in there.

Educational because you can see the bottom line difference as you input every number. Some types of deductions are major, so you'll see that and you can dig up every receipt you've got for those. Other categories not so much, and you can gloss over them a bit. The important thing is that TurboTax is a great value, and well worth the price.
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on April 3, 2013
I have been using TurboTax for what seems like forever and plan to use it next tax year. Download from Amazon was pretty straightforward as well as installation (Mac version). No performance problems, even on a 2011 MacBook Air.

Product performed as expected, updates were easily installed, taxes were e-filed without incident.

I did have one problem that I reported to Intuit. I accidentally put the wrong SSN for one of my kids and my Federal e return was rejected (like in 5 mins - pretty impressive). When I went in to TurboTax to determine what was wrong it opened to a different dependent and indicated that that was the one with the error... I pulled out the SS card, checked last year's return and even called the SSA to ask what was going on. It was only when I went back in and reviewed everyone's SSN that I found the error.

I am not sure why TurboTax opened the wrong dependent as I would have preferred that it list all the dependents instead so I would be forced to check them all instead of focusing on the one they indicated. Oh well.

I'll be back next year.
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