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on December 21, 2013
I have used TurboTax for years and have been very pleased with it. I am especially pleased that Intuit and Amazon offer a version WITHOUT the state because I do not need to do state taxes. You can't find this version in stores so I always purchase from Amazon. There are 9 states that do not require income taxes: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming, and Washington. TurboTax takes a lot of heat every year for having this version without the state, so I wanted to give a review from the other side of the argument.
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on December 28, 2013
Ditto to Satisfied User's comments listed above.

There are 30 million people if you count just the state of Texas. I would guesstimate that the 9 states without a state income tax have a population of about 75-100 million people. That's a base of 75-100 million Americans that would have no need for the "Federal plus State" version of TT.

Please do not give this a One Star rating because it "only" comes with the Federal version. TT tells you that in the Description.

My state has no personal income tax so this version gets FIVE STARS from me.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 20, 2014
DO YOU NEED TO FILE STATE TAX? Make sure you get a state version if you do, or federal only if you don't.

This review is for TuboTax 2013 Deluxe for Federal Returns. Fortunately I live in Texas and there is no state income tax so I don't have to worry about the state portion.

TurboTax has had its share of issues but I came back to it because it does seem to be the best there is, but I'm knocking off a star because of the history of issues I've had with the program in previous years (like it not calculating tax correctly until I deleted some assets and then re-entered them). However, I was a little shocked to read that it requires 515MB of HD space PLUS up to 1.5GB more if Microsoft .NET 4 if not installed (Mac is only 360MB). Wow! That could be over 2GB of HD to do taxes. How inefficient we have become, bat at least HD space is cheap nowadays.

The system requirements specifically mention Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/8 but not Windows 8.1. When I installed it on my Windows 8.1 64-bit machine, installation (mid Jan 2014) seemed to go well without any problems. When it checked for updates, it found 4 updates and they all seemed to install properly... so no major install issues for me (unlike a few years ago).

NOTE: Deluxe will do a Schedule C just fine, but it may not provide as much help as the Home & Business version. If you have been doing taxes yourself for awhile then you might not need to pay the extra money for the additional help.

I will update this review as I continue to use the product.

* Price includes federal E-File
* Overall, probably the best tax program there is
* Does not say it works on Windows XP 64-bit (but does with 32-bit XP with SP 3+) (anyone even use XP 64-bit anyway?)
* Works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7/8/8.1
* Deluxe version can do a Schedule C for the self-employed - but it doesn't provide as much guidance as the Home & Business edition
* Claims that your return will be accurate, guaranteed* (with some fine print)

* Not perfect (but how can US taxes ever be perfect)?
* Have encountered bugs in previous years that caused me to have to delete and re-enter assets
* Might take over 2GB of HD space on Windows according to the system requirements
* I'm not happy with the reports I've read indicating saying that Intuit lobbies Congress to keep taxes overly complicated, presumably so they can make more money from sales of their tax software.


* Intuit has removed the ability to do Schedule D and E in TurboTax Online Deluxe (you need Premier)
* Intuit has removed the ability to do Schedule C and F in TurboTax Online Deluxe (you need Home & Business)
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I do our taxes every year and it is a tedious job. If it wasn't for TurboTax I probably would have it done. This year's version is pretty much the same as past years and I am glad because I have used the software for as long as I can remember and I like following the same walk through routine that TurboTax makes you follow. Using TurboTax is fast and easy and I like several features that I use every year:

* The ability to import last year's data automatically into this year's preparation.
* The ability to E-file your taxes with the federal government which speeds up your refund, if you are getting one.
* The itemized deductions for gifts to charity is very helpful as we donate quite a bit every year and it makes it easier to compile a list, keep it for your records and come up with a reasonable value to claim on your taxes.
* I actually pre-calculate my next year's taxes and print out the forms to mail in quarterly payments for the next year's taxes to avoid a penalty.
* The ability to keep a PDF copy of your tax return forms for your records as well as print out the forms it you need them.
* I always save my tax computer files and I buy the disk version of TurboTax in case I have to reinstall the software and make an update or file an amended tax return later on.

The nice thing is that you can update the program and make sure that you have all of the latest updates to the tax laws and forms. Having TurboTax walks me through the forms and helps me fill them out faster and easier than reading all of those tax pages written for lawyers.

I always use the combined federal and state version of TurboTax and file electronically. This version includes the ability to file up to 5 Federal tax reports electronically. The state version of TurboTax for one state is not included in this version so it you need it you might look around for the other version that is also for sale on Amazon. If you want to file your state return electronically then you have to pay for the privilege. I like the fact that I can quickly do my state taxes after finishing the federal forms so I always purchase the version with the state forms included. I also always estimate my next year's taxes and print out the prepayment forms that I customize to fit what additional income I am expecting.

These are just a few of the main features that I like with TurboTax and I recommend the software to you as an easy tool to use. I do wait to find a good price on it as the price keeps going up and up every year.

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on December 22, 2013
I first started using this product when it was known as "Macintax" the very first personal computer tax software accepted by the IRS to create the forms. When TurboTax bought "Macintax" I was fearful that just as Microsoft had done when it bought the "Excel" spreadsheet program, that they would let the Mac sector wither on the vine. Yes, "Excel" was written for and came out first on the Mac. That was not the case. TurboTax has maintained the product and improved it over the years. Since Reagan "simplified" the tax code in 1986, it's been so complicated that without TurboTax I wouldn't have a clue how to do my taxes. Now, it's just standard practice that I order TurboTax every year, and I don't have to worry about it. A good, dependable product, and it has been for decades.
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on March 2, 2014
The software works fine. I have used Turbo Tax for years and it always performs as expected. A little glitch this year when e-filing the return but reloaded software and it worked.

My beef is with the Amazon 10% offer. I selected a portion of my refund to be issued in Amazon gift cards with a 10% bonus. Seems like a good deal until they ask you to agree to terms which includes sharing your data internally AND EXTERNALLY with other financial institutions. I have a very long standing relationship with Amazon but I really have an issue with them offering the 10% bonus only to wrap the bonus up in onerous terms.

Shame on Amazon for doing this. As a result I am only awarding a single star.
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on February 9, 2014
I have been a loyal Turbotax user for 16 years. Not anymore. Intuit decided to remove schedule F from the Deluxe edition without any notification. I spent about 90 minutes doing my fathers taxes only to find out that I could not enter the deductions. The Intuit "help" site is a mess. I entered "where is schedule F" to find out that someone else had asked the question a week earlier with no reply. I spent more time navigating to the chat section. Notice said "wait less than 30 minutes". I was still waiting over an hour later when the wife informed my that supper was ready. You can't go back to where you were without asking the question again and navigation to the website.

I had trouble with Intuit last year when I got triple billed for a 2nd state download. After spending hours and hours trying to get it straightened out, I said if I had anymore problems, that was it. Intuit used to be a great company, not anymore.
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on February 6, 2014
I bought the "TurboTax Deluxe Fed and Efile 2013 with Refund Bonus Offer" (CD version - PC/MAC) here at Amazon.
- Arrived in 2 days, today! Installed (on WinXP, SP3) and worked flawlessly.

Got all the way down to filing the return (tonite!) ...and even up to: "How do You Want Your Federal Refund" but WAS Very dismayed to Not see the option for the Amazon Gift Card purchase! :-(

What I learned from intuit help forum:

Problem Scenario (just like mine): "I am currently on the File -> How would you like to get your federal refund? page and I do not see an option to receive part of the refund on Amazon Gift Cards. The only options that I see are Direct Deposit, Paper Check and Split into Multiple Accounts."

Resolution: "it is past that section. Enter that you want the refund to be deposited to your account, and enter bank info. The page will come up after that."

I did that, and sure enough, it worked! I see option: "I'll use all or some of my refund to purchase an e-gift card and get an extra 10%" And the Amazon logo is there, etc.

Cool! :-)

Hope this helps somebody else to bypass a bad moment I had there.

Also note that, to get the Amazon Gift Card, you have to e-file and Not split your refund over multiple accounts (just one bank account). Some other restrictions are there, but don't apply to an average guy like me.

For about 10 years now, I have enjoyed the perfection of the Turbo Tax software. Only one year did I have an install issue, and that was quickly resolved by Customer Support. And as a bonus - the tip I got from the support rep has been used to resolve other software installs and shared with others over the years. (Thanks *again* to "Rey" from Turbo Tax customer support!)

Love the way I can import last year's tax data and don't re-type squat! This is HUGE to me! W-2s are tedious!

-> Please note, I always go with the CD/ROM version exclusively. (I note that the download version reviews aren't so hot this year)

You just can't beat the completeness, rapidity and perfection of the Turbo Tax experience as delivered on the CR/ROM version.

I was able to do the Schedule D (stocks) even tho the higher versions are recommended. Again, in contrast .... the download Deluxe version does NOT do the Schedule D whatsoever (must go to Premiere or higher) -- so this is another reason to go with the CD/ROM.

On the CD/ROM Deluxe version you can enter your stock sales, and functionality is not broken whatsoever! Also applies to CD/ROM Basic version too -- I used Basic for Sched D last year and prior years.

Went with Deluxe this year for the 10% gift card bonus -- In contrast, Basic CD/ROM version is only 5% bonus on the gift card. So the Deluxe version will be money well-spent, cuz I'm gonna put a LOT on the Amazon Gift Card, whoa yea!

Also note that State Filing is Not included in this product (and I don't need it).

I will be back to give updates. IE: the day my Amazon Gift Card arrives. I'm sure many of you are eager to know if it is legit. So far, so good.

UPDATE 2014.02.15 - You cannot apply ALL of your refund to the Amazon Gift card as advertised. I've contacted Amazon already about the discrepancy. You can apply all of your refund except $200, per the intuit website ( https://ttlc(dot)intuit(dot)com/questions/1981054-amazon-e-gift-card-maximum ). Hence:

Max Gift Card = Your refund - $200

Minus one star until the description detail matches the product. Product Detail change request submitted.

UPDATE 2014.02.25 -- The Gift Card deal is legit! Email came and I redeemed today -- IRS refund + 10% as advertised.
- Still a tiny bit disappointed that the "some (or all)" in product details is not corrected yet (discussed in my previous update of 2014.02.15) This issue did not impact me, as I put some in the GC, some in the bank. But somebody will.
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on January 11, 2014
I have used TurboTax for over 15 years and have always been happy with the way it guides you through the process. The error check and review applications are very helpful in ensuring a good submission.
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on November 18, 2014
So, I did my taxes with this program. I wasn't sure about the results, so I also did a free online version from another company to compare, and their results said I owed less money! Going back and checking the Turbo Tax results, I found that indeed TurboTax had calculated incorrectly, and so I ended up having to do an amended return to fix the mistakes. Definitely not going Turbo Tax again!
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