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on February 1, 2011
I have read several reviews regarding the additional filing fees associated with a state tax return. With this particular version of TurboTax the federal tax return can be e-filed for free and the state tax return can be e-filed for an additional $19.95 fee. When setting up the e-file information you have the choice of having the $19.95 state e-filing fee deducted from your return or paid with a credit card. If you choose to have the fee deducted from your return you are charged an additional $29.95 for using that particular feature. If you choose to pay the state e-filing fee with a credit card you are not charged an additional $29.95.

Intuit should have described the fees and circumstances under which they are charged more clearly. Other than that, I love TurboTax and have been using it for over a decade now.
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on December 23, 2010
Up until 2009 I had an accountant for years do my taxes. They did a good job but the price was steep and I always wondered if I could do it myself like I did years ago. Last year I purchased the 2009 edition and was pleasantly surprised with the ease I was able to do the taxes. It is very intuitive to use and really doesn't require much of a manual. It asks question that require only a yes or no answer and from you answers (i.e. Did you sell any stock in 2010?) It will further customize the program to accommodate your answers. Whenever you start the program it goes to the Turbotax website to see if there is any updates or patches for the program and automatically downloads latest revision. You're able to do the program in the interview mode or for more seasoned tax preparers, you can manually input numbers to the specific forms that apply to you and the program, based on your answers, selects all the forms that apply to you. A side bonus was you have the option to file electronically or print out and mail. I decided to "e" file both Federal and State and I received checks credited directly to my bank account in under 10 days! It cost nothing to file electronically for the Federal but there's a $29.95 charge to "e" file the state return. If you choose instead to print out the forms and mail to the state instead, there is no charge for that. You "e" file the state and pay the fee only if you want your money quickly. Otherwise, save the 29.95 and just send in the return "snail mail". I now have the 2010 version that is advertised here and it is substantially the same as 2009 (except, of course, latest tax info. What is really nice is once you've done one year (in my case 2009), once you purchase load the next year and load it on your computer, it "looks" for previous tax year data on your computer and "suck over" all pertinent info from the previous year (i.e. Name, social security number, other personal info plus it'll even grab "carry forward loses" from stock transactions for previous years. As you enter your data you see instantly the effects on your taxes and it instantly shows changes to your refund (or what you owe) as you enter those numbers.

I was paying hundreds of dollars each year and now, for a fraction of that I get to do my taxes in the privacy of my home at my own leisure. You do not have to do it all in one sitting and it saves your work as you go. No apparent downside here. I think this program is well done and easy to use. you also are allowed to do up to 5 Federal returns so you can actually split the cost with someone on the program and even save more. I like my accountant but with my savings last year, I could almost go out and buy a 16 gig Apple iPad with the money I saved.
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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2011
I've enjoyed using TurboTax for several years now - it simply reduces substantially the research and filling-out time needed to do taxes. I opted for the Deluxe edition, even though we have some investment income it's small and not complicated to figure out. You really don't need the next level up if you just buy and hold stocks or have assets in retirement accounts that you're not yet drawing from.

What I did NOT enjoy this year was the pile of bloatware attached to my Amazon download. You have to install the Amazon Games & Software Downloader in order to download this software, then actually download and install TurboTax.

My first clue was that the download - ~115 MB - took nearly 30 minutes. This is atrocious, at our connection speed it's usually more like 5. After the download, my PC (a 3-year-old HP running Vista on 3 GB RAM and a 2.97 GHz dual-core) was LAGGING so horribly I ran a virus check. After restarting, idle time was showing 57% utilization. I pulled AnswerWorks 5.0 off the registry and force-uninstalled it (Window's Program Manager wouldn't allow me to) - this is a software piece that I remember uninstalling last year, I think, too. After reboot, my PC is running at 7% utilization while idle (antimalware suite takes up most of that).

So, I'll publish a follow-up with how well I used this year's tax software, but in following years I'll be buying a CD.


Follow - up:
The software was a huge help, probably saved me around 8 to 10 hours of work on my taxes this year. It was just as easy to use as in previous years. I'm not sure what additional comments I can offer, but I highly recommend TurboTax.
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on January 7, 2011
I was reading one of the reviews that commented that TurboTax would not even install. I have Windows Vista 64 bit operating system and, LAST YEAR, I did have the same problem. It was a nightmare and I finally had to give it up and put it on our Mac. I just bought it for the year 2010 with great reservations, however, I have used it for many years and, up until last year, had absolutely no problems at all. So, I decided to give it another try. It seemed to take a long time installing and several times I lost my faith and figured it would be the same sad experience again this year. Point being, so to speak, whatever glitch developed last year, either due to their product or my computer, seems to have been resolved. I tend to think it may have been an issue with their istallation problems rather than my operating system....If you had problems last year because of your Vista / 64 bit operating system, you might want to give it another shot this year (for the tax year 2010). I have read that many people had problems last year (tax year 2009) so I was not alone in my experience. The "Deluxe" version (same as last year) purchased a few days ago loaded with no problems and seemed to download the updates with no issues. There will be an issue regarding some delays in our ability to file for mortgage deductions, etc., however, we have the federal government to thank for that and not TurboTax. My final comment will be that I have been very pleased with their product over all these years and my only complaint was the problem last year. If you have reservations about using this software to prepare your income taxes, get over it. You will actually enjoy using it to pull things together. It is not, however, a magic wand that gets all your information together for you, however, when you have everything ready, you might actually enjoy the process....well, at least until the point you MAY have to write the check!
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on December 28, 2010
I downloaded this tonight to get a jump on the tax season. I've used Turbo Tax for many, many years and am happy with the product.

However, this download file does not even extract properly, let alone try to install. Further, there are supposed to be software keys that show up in your Amazon Software Library, but the option to "View Keys" does not exist for this product. I have filed a support complaint with Amazon and will follow up on the resolution of this issue as comments to this review when I have updates.

For now, I'd go by the CD version at brick and mortar store.
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on January 14, 2011
Download and install was super fast! I got to choose what state I wanted, and the entire thing was up and running in about 10 minutes including all the new updates. I even entered some preliminary numbers to make sure everything was working properly and it is! I have used Turbo Tax for a decade now and it has helped me to get accurate, quick refunds and it double checks everything so I don't make errors. I highly recommend this product!
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on February 10, 2011
I just saw a Turbo Tax ad on TV where it states that unless you are completely satisfied with the product they will refund your money. So where do I sign up?
I purchased the software because of the e-file feature. I processed my return and when you get ready to e-file they give you options to prove your identity. One of them is to provide your AGI from your 2009 return and the other option is to provide your pin number from the 2009 returns. I opted for the pin number option and proceeded to e-file only to have the return rejected because the of the wrong AGI. How can it be a wrong AGI when I used the pin method? I logged on to the IRS web site and verified that I had used the correct pin number and resubmitted the return to the IRS. Again it comes back with a message that it is the wrong AGI. Looking in to the Turbo Tax community I see multiple posts where others have the same problem with rejected e-file returns because of wrong AGI, pin numbers, social security numbers and, like me, they know that the correct information was entered but still rejected. This seems like a major flaw with Turbo Tax.
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on February 19, 2011
I had the same problems many others did in the reviews. The download would not work many times, I just could not select the correct PC out of the many duplicates in the Amazon downloader.
A trick I have used before - reinstall the stupid thing; my download worked immediately. It likely has something to do with a hidden name for the PC used by the downloader. Of course this creates yet another duplicate PC name in the flaky downloader, but who cares? After reading the reviews I had turned off my antivirus - probably not necessary, and forgot to turn it back on during the install; mistake. Later updates would not work without adding a firewall rule manually.

Bottom line - reinstall the downloader if the download repeatedly fails, and do not stop your antivirus during the install. As usual the TT product itself is great, the Amazon downloader can be a pain.

Amazon - when you version the PC names (e.g. Laptop, Laptop 2, Laptop 3), it would be nice to expose the full stinking name in all dialogues (the previous examples show as Laptop, Laptop, Laptop).
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on January 23, 2011
Am I ever disappointed! I've used TurboTax for several years and it ran seamlessly. But this year's edition is a royal disaster! I recently upgraded (clean install) to Windows 7 from Vista; my desktop computer is a newer one with lots of RAM memory, speedy processor, etc. I still use the same security suite as I have for the past several years (Norton Internet Security). I went through three complete uninstalls and reinstalls with this TurboTax 2010 software, with and without my security suite engaged. The results were the same: TurboTax freezes at the registration screen. I did circumvent this screen and managed to get the program to download the data from my 2009 TurboTax returns (state, too) but the screen hung up right after that and would not allow me to enter an address change at the edit window nor would it proceed onward (it froze up again). I have no other issues with my computer...the only problematic program is this TurboTax 2010. I give up...I am returning this faulty software for a refund (to Intuit) and going back to the old TaxCut software that I used years ago. Who needs the grief from this year's TurboTax program...there is enough GRIEF just to prepare my tax returns!
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on January 26, 2011
I purchased this deluxe + state because it included state. So why is that I had to pay an additional fee Of $19.95 for Turbo State and another $29.95 for e-file?? Yes, I did continue, I had already purchased the product and wanted to send my refund in as soon as possible. I just feel that if a product states certain features are included you should not be charged extra to use those products!TurboTax Premier Federal + e-File + State 2010
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