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on December 21, 2011
I just downloaded TT Deluxe, and did my usual preliminary tax computation for 2011. (I'm using Windows 7, on a pretty fast computer, with all Windows updates current.)

I had no problems with the program. It installed with no problems, checked for updates (none), found various copies of my 2010 tax file, allowed me to select one of them. I quickly reviewed the imported 2010 info, and it all looked correct.

I don't use the "import from Quicken" feature, because I find that it sometimes causes problems. Instead, I create reports in Q that I export in TXF format, which I can then import into TT. This worked fine. I couldn't download my brokerage & mutual fund information yet, obviously, since that will not be available until late Jan or early Feb. Same with the W2 info. Instead I entered some info based on my records, just to go through the preliminary calculation. Everything worked as expected. BUT note that some forms (e.g., Sch D) aren't finalized yet, are waiting for the IRS.

One note: Intuit pushes the more expensive Premier version for those with investment income, but you don't need it unless your situation is rather complex. If all you have is mutual funds and some brokerage stock/bond transactions, you're likely to be fine with Deluxe. (If you have option trading, you'll have to look into the details, Deluxe might still be fine.)
NOTE: Thought it might be helpful to briefly report here what TT says about why they recommend Premier; they help if the following apply to you: Unsure of your capital gains? Don't know your cost basis? Confused by ESPP sales?

Also note that in the past I've used H&R Block (aka TaxCut), and have found it to be about as good as TT. If I were paying money, I'd get the one that's cheaper. (I get TT discounts from my fund company, hence it's cheaper for me.)

I'll update this review in Feb after I've done more with the program. (See below.)

Quick note on hidden privacy option:
Just noticed that Intuit hid a privacy option nice and deep. Go into Help-About, and select the Privacy tab. You'll see a box to permit sharing metrics about your usage. Seems perfectly reasonable and harmless, but it annoys me that they felt it was ok to hide it like that. So guess what, I unchecked it. You can decide for yourself, I don't think it's a big deal either way.

1/12/12 Update:

Since my review above I've been able to download the state program, and it did fine with my preliminary information. Full test will wait until I have all my data.

I ran into a problem with W-2 imports: the program won't let me enter cents in the box 1 & box 5 fields, just whole dollars, but then the import fails saying data mismatch. Interesting. I spent about 40 minutes in a chat session with someone in tech support, who was unable to provide any useful information at all. (Began with the usual "it works on my machine". I used to say "ok, then ship me your machine".) Intuit brags about the excellent US-based tech support, but I was unimpressed.

2/17/12 Update:

There have been many bug fix updates over the last few weeks (at least 5, maybe more), which is good in the sense that they're delivering fixes quickly as they have them. (No one's found a way to create bug-free software yet, of course!) I've not run into any problems lately, and the W-2 problem I mentioned above was also fixed (I can't fully test it, not having multiple paychecks).

One good thing to report: my state tax return (MA) took very little time to do and review: the initial data entry captures just about all the useful information that transfers neatly to the state return, and all I had to was to go through the yes/no stuff and then review the return.

One area TT could improve: the entry of capital gain transactions is unnecessarily tedious, requiring that you go through several screens for each transaction. This became particularly annoying when I had to go through them to correct a set of errors I found in my data (incorrect records). It would be so much easier to have an option to enter the transactions on a table. (No, the "quick entry" spreadsheet doesn't do it for me, it's an ugly user interface in my opinion, makes it too easy to make errors.)

On another note: I used TT to do some what-if calculations related to getting a Schedule K-1 from an S-corp (with "material participation"), and found it quite useful. When you get to this kind of thing the program doesn't really help you much, you have to know the tax laws and rules (or learn quickly!) in order to do the right things. But at least I was able to have the program do the calcs for me, which saved me a ton of time.

In summary, I found this year's TT to be a pretty good program, worth the 4 stars I initially gave it, with enough shortcomings to fall short of a 5-star product.
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on November 27, 2011
Let me first say that I have always used Turbo Tax and will continue to do so. However, I bought the 2011 yesterday and installed it on my Mac, running Lion. The install was fine, BUT I was then asked if I wanted to install 3 updates (a never ending, but necessary function for tax software). I agreed and after being patient, as requested by the update, for over 30 minutes, I realized that the install had frozen my computer and I had to Force Quit my Mac. Thinking that this was just a fluke, I tried it again and the same thing happened during the install, including the Force Quit. I then decided to reinstall Turbo Tax and not agree to the update. It worked, but it couldn't find the Turbo Tax 2010 automatically and I had to find it myself for this function to work. Hopefully, for 2011, the ability to password protect my return will work since, for whatever reason, the password protect doesn't work on Mac - this was confirmed by Turbo Tax Support last year.

My conclusion- Intuit was in such a rush to get the product on the shelves for Black Friday and sell as many as they could as soon as possible, that they didn't really care about how good a product they were selling initially thinking they could always correct problems with updates- too bad they didn't think about how to correct an update problem which will prevent any corrections to take place.

I would wait a month or so until to buy Turbo Tax and let Intuit fix all the bugs rather than get frustrated. Tax returns are not a lot of fun, so why double the pain?
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on November 30, 2011
I've used TurboTax for many years and trust Intuit with calculating and filing my taxes.

I've read a few poor reviews for TurboTax 2011 as they mention some software bugs. But I don't agree with their advice to hold off on purchasing, as the updates from Intuit will be available via Internet software updates. Intuit will not be pulling the current boxed version off the store shelves and replacing them with an updated revision. TurboTax, as well as the competition, often do scheduled updates throughout the tax season from the original boxed release of the product for that tax year.

My advice is if you find TurboTax priced right, buy it and wait to install (or begin your taxes) until the initial updates are released. It is advised that you always check for updates every time you execute the program to work on your taxes or file.

I purchased my copy of TurboTax from Amazon at 17% off List Price with Free Super Saver Shipping.
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on December 27, 2011
I have used H&R Block tax software for years, started when it was affiliated with MS Money and was using Money. I switched to Quicken 2 yrs ago and decided to try TurboTax this year. Big mistake!

They say you can transfer last yrs return from H&R Block and several other software programs. Don't believe them, unless you had a simple return with no investment, interest income, itemized deductions etc. It does not work and the software crashes.

I did transfer my daughter's file with no problem but her's is only income from salary with a std ded. A more complicated return/file does not transfer.

I tried contacting support via online chat and phone six times with no solution, just a lot of meaningless talk. Suggestions like, restart your computer, reinstall the software, the datafile must be corrupted, we don't support transferring data from other software, etc. They have no clue. Finally bought H&R Block software, loaded last yrs datafile with no problem and told TurboTax I wanted a refund.
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on January 19, 2012
First let me say that I have used TT for about 20 years. It is an excellent tax program - and I have no reason to believe that this year's version won't be excellent as well. But my installation of the CD I bought here about a week or two ago today was a horrible experience.

Eric wrote:

<<The CD would not load on my XP Professional PC. I just returned this software to and TurboTax is sending me a corrected CD free next week. Their support WEB sight (e-mail back to me)states that a fix will be available Jan. 5th 2012. If you need help let me know and I will try to share my expereinces with this problem and how you can make contact with TurboTax. Also check out FaceBook and like the TurboTax page to see my posts.>>

I - like Eric - run XP Pro SP3 - on a pretty new computer - 2 years old (because newer versions of Windows won't run some of my business apps). I try to install the program from the CD - and it says it needs to get Microsoft.Net Framework 4 (whatever that is) to install. Now I don't know whether the CD is supposed to have Framework 4 on the CD - or whether it goes to the MSFT website. But - in any event - the CD freezes at 3% load when it apparently can't find and/or install Framework 4. So then I try to download and install Framework 4 directly from the MSFT website. But the CD has done something to my system that won't allow me to do it. So there is a first phone call to Intuit support. Tech is friendly - and tries to help - but can't solve the problem. He suspects it's a problem with my Windows Installer. So I get off the phone - and fiddle with that for a while. Windows Installer seems to work perfectly. So I get back on the phone with Intuit support. And although I get another tech who is friendly and tries to help - we haven't made a dent in the problem.

So then I try to fiddle around a bit more. Get nowhere. Call Lenovo (I have a Thinkpad with XP Pro factory installed as an option) - and we basically figure out it's a software problem. Note that at this point - I have been trying to install the program for about 4 hours (minus a 20 minute lunch break). Lenovo suggests I talk with MSFT - and connects me. Of course - even though my computer is still under warranty - MSFT has since discontinued free support for Windows XP. But I am desperate - and really need to get started on my tax stuff pretty soon. And so I agree to pay the $59 fee that MSFT will charge me to fix this (fee is waived if problem isn't fixed).

Anyway - I explain my problem to this tech - and allow him to "take over my computer" (which I don't like to do). He really seems to know what he is doing (I am not a total geek - but can tell this guy is good). Yet it takes him well over an hour to clean up whatever the TT CD has done to my Windows files - and to get and install Framework 4 and the necessary updates correctly. He stays on the line with me to make sure I can install TT - and that everything else on my computer still seems to be working properly. We have interesting conversations while we are waiting for stuff to get done (it is 4:00 pm here - 5:00 am in Manilla - where he is working the night shift). Anyway - at about 4:30 pm - 6 hours after I started - I finally have TT installed.

Now I don't know whether newer MSFT operating systems have Framework 4. Or whether the glitch I encountered is just with Windows XP in terms of having/downloading Framework 4. Or what versions of TT have this problem (I just bought TT Basic - Federal Only - but am posting here because this TT title has the most reviews). But I can say that this is a big black eye for Intuit IMO (big smile for MSFT too - the $59 I paid to MSFT was a total bargain compared to having to slog through this myself for another 5 or 10 or who knows how many hours).

And although TT promised Eric a fix by 1/5 - I can tell you that the CD I bought here hadn't been fixed. And - of course - there is no way to update the program with a "fix" unless you can install it. Shame on you Intuit. Robyn
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on February 4, 2012
Long time TurboTax user. This is the first time I will be using some other software.

I purchased the download for Windows 7 and the program says a font is missing. I followed the instructions on the support page and it still doesn't work. I then chatted with a TurboTax support person and he had me update something and then uninstall/reinstall the entire program.


I'll be submitting for a refund.

This is bad service and a real shame.

My computer runs Windows 7 Home Edition Premium and has all updates. The problem is not my PC.
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on January 18, 2012
First time I tried the down-loadable version of Turbo Tax. Should have stuck with the cd. I never had any issue with the cd version. It always installed easily, imported last years info, I loved it!But for an average person, I do not recommend this down-loadable version. I have been jumping through their hoops for hours, "disable cookies" "disable anti-virus software", still no luck, are you kidding me?I wouldn't buy this unless you are a techie who can spend hours trying to figure out this stuff. BUT, GOOD NEWS! Amazon will refund my $ and now I can buy the cd version!Thanks Amazon! That is what customer service is all about!
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on January 28, 2012
I'm with the others that say to hold off. I just received this product and immediately applied an update. After entering my first W-2 I was told that the Medicare tax withheld was too much and I should request a refund and a W-2c from my employer. The interesting thing is that I can click a button for more help and it tells me the exact formula used to calculate Medicare tax. I pulled out my trusty calculator, punched the numbers in and 10 seconds later I see that the number on my W-2 is correct. So, they knew the formula and somehow were unable to multiple two numbers together to get the correct withholding. In a nutshell, Turbo Tax used .145% instead of 1.45%. Considering what a basic piece of functionality this is, I'm now going to be skeptical of every other calculation.
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on November 29, 2011
Just in case you aren't sure about the first notice to hold off, be advised this early version will hang when it tries to automatically update and it will not automatically find your 2010 data to transfer.

Recommend you hold off until the new version Intuit promises on 15 December as this version was rushed out too quickly.

I have been a loyal customer of Intuit's for both Turbo Tax and Quicken for over 15 years. One of these year's I'll bite the bullet and make a transfer to something else since Intuit really doesn't seem to care whether I purchase their products or not. I do appreciate that Intuit Turbo Tax VP Bob Meigan posts here and on other forums -- but if an Intuit VP has to spend his time trolling the web doing damage control something is really, really wrong!
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on January 29, 2012
4 February 2012. Intuit now has a fix for the problem described below. Robb

Have used TurboTax for many years and this is the first time I'd encountered a serious problem. Purchased and downloaded TurboTax 2011 for XP SP3 when it came out, perhaps a few months ago, and was forced for the first time to install MS Net 4 (why?) before TurboTax finally installed but to-date, I can't get the TurboTax to update. No matter what I've tried or done, I keep getting the same error message and can't get a single update.

Contacted Intuit Support repeatedly and we were in email contact which was a feat in itself. I've done exactly what they've suggested, including the rudimentary uninstalling and reinstalling Turbo Tax 2011 and Net 4 countless times but to no avail. After uninstalling, sometimes ran a reg and other cleaner programs, too, so that I could start out with a clean re-installation. I've even Googled the problem of no TurboTax updates many times and discovered some useful information to try and even found a NET checker program which I ran and it was verified as "successful" and working okay.

Fast forward, it is now almost February. I have been in contact with both Intuit and MS Windows support teams. The very helpful Window's guy and I exchanged emails and he made me jump through many hoops and do computer changes but nothing we've tried fixed this bug. Intuit had first told me it was Windows problem.

I am too embarrassed to admit just how much time I've wasted trying to fix Intuit's damn program. Intuit representatives told me before XMAS that many other users are experiencing the same problem and that a fix was in the works. I'm still waiting for this because TurboTax 2011 in it's present state is totally useless for again, it will not allow me to obtain a single update. Come on Intuit, fix the bug!
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