Customer Reviews: TNA Turning Point 2004 Destiny Awaits!
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on March 7, 2016
This show was much improved over the previous one. A ton of great matches and it flowed great. X-Title Match, Abyss/Brown Hardcore Match, awesome 6-Man with Styles & Jeff Hardy and ending with a fantastic AMW vs. XXX Steel Cage Main Event. Awesome.
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on April 23, 2011
The NWA Tag team title match between The 3Live Kru(BG James & Ron Killings) against Team Canada's Eric Young & Bobby Roode was not great but pretty good. The 6 six tag team match between Sonny Siaki,Hector Garza & Sonjay Dutt against Kid Kash,Michael Shane and Kazarian was pretty good for a 6 man tag bout. The Monty Brown-Abyss-Serengeti Survival match was while not bad,it's forgettable and the same goes for the tag team match between Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd against The New York Connection(Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertty). The DDP-Raven match was simi-hardcore and pretty good. The X Division title match between Petey Williams & Chris Sabin was a fantasic bout which really showcased the talents of both wrestlers. The 6 man tag team match between AJ Styles,Jeff Hardy & Randy Savage(who came in later in the bout) against The Kings of Wrestling(Jeff Jarrett,Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) was a overbooked trainwrack whose only saving grace was Styles's performance. The Steel Cage match between Triple X(Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper) against America's Most Wanted(Chris Harris & James Storm) was a great bout filled with exciting high spots from bell to bell. I give this event a 7 out of 10.
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VINE VOICEon June 17, 2006
This was TNA's second 3 hour PPV and they delievered a better card here than Victory Road as far as in-ring action.

Tag Team Champions 3Live Kru (The Truth & B.G.) vs. Team Canada (Eric Young & Bobby Roode) - Nice tag team match but nothing really memorable.

Kid Kash, Kazarian, Matt Bentley vs. Hector Garza, Sonjay Dutt, Sonny Siaki - Nice six man X division match.

Serengeti Survival Match: Monty Brown vs. Abyss - This was better than the Monster's Ball match earlier in the night but there were parts where it just seemed the drag. The ending with Abyss taking the thumbtacks spot was the sickest spot I saw with thumbtacks since he landed on the back of his head.

Johnny B. Badd & Pat Kennedy (Simond Diamond) vs. Glen Gilberti (Disco Infernio) & Johnny Swinger - Filler, skip it.

DDP vs. Raven - Solid match between these two & this one match was better than DDP's whole WWE run.

X Division Champion Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin - This is tons better than the Victory Road match with Williams & Styles since they let the wrestlers do the wrestling & not much interference from D'Amore.

A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, Randy Savage vs. Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash - Putting the whole Kings Of Wrestling storyline aside (including those Honky Tonk Man ripoff costumes Hall & Nash wore)...this was the best Hall looked thought his TNA run and the heel team did a great job making Styles & Hardy look good throughout the whole match. The big jip though was that Savage came out at the end & did a horrible pin on Jarrett & ended up pinning the match.

Steel Cage Match: America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X - Weather it's WWE or TNA...this was the best tag team match (to this point) that I've seen in years! Just great chemistry & the whole "losers can never team again" stipulation just added more to this encounter. Primetime's stop from the top is really something to see for yourself.

DVD extras just include backstage footage.

Aside from the one dud, this again was solid from top to bottom & worth the money weather you get this alone or as part of the TNA Anthology set.
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on July 15, 2006
When I saw this show I considered it the best wrestling show I have EVER watched period.


Tag titles: Team Canada v.s 3LK: strong way to open the show. It is amazing how much better TNA's Tag team division is than WWE's!


Kid Kash, Kazarian, and Bently v.s Hector Gaza, Sonjay Dutt, and Sonny Siaki: Average X-division tag match. But an average X-division match is better than alot of good heavighweight mactches


Monty Brown v.s Abyss- Serengeti Survival match: really stiff physical match. Ends with a sick thumb tack spot where the back of Abyss' head becomes a pin cushion! 8/10

New York Connection v.s Pat Kenney and Johnny B Badd: Pretty much a filler, but it's kept fairly short which is good. 5/10

DDP v.s Raven: Suprisingly a good performance from both men. 7.5/10

X Division title: Chris Sabin v.s Petey Williams: AWESOME X DIVISION MATCH. These two have INCREDIBLE chemistry. 9.5/10

AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy v.s Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarett: I was dispointed about no Macho Man, but his short appearance at the end actually drug the match down. Other than that is was a good tag match with tons of star power. Jeff(Jarett) and AJ do alot of the work. 8/10

6 sides of steel: Losing team must disband: AMW v.s XXX: Absolutly incredible main event! Primetime's hurricaranna was amazing, but there were MANY other strong points to this match!


Also I should note they did a parody throught the night of Vince Mcmahon and Triple H which was really funny. It leads to TNA showing the footage of TNA wrestlers greeding WWE Superstars in Orlando!

I suggest buying the TNA Anthology which contains Victory Road 2004 and Lockdown 2005 as well. (Two other great shows)

Final grade: A
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on September 1, 2007
The PPV opens with Jarrett, Hall, and Nash dressed as Elvis and driving a car. They say they are the kings of wrestling and some other junk. It was funny to a point but nothing really speical.

Team Canada VS 3LK: Boring opener; BG James should really stop using his gimmick that got him famous. Of course TNA at the point was trying to find its place. I've never seen Team Canada wrestle a good tag match and they always win with help from Scott D'Amore.

Kid Kash, Kazarian, and Bently VS Hector Gaza, Sonjay Dutt, and Sonny Siaki: Siaki diffently looks like the Rock, doesnt he? Other then saying that, I have nothing else to say. Regular X-Division tag match.

Monty Brown VS Abyss- In my opinion, neither men can wrestle. Abyss is good in hardcore matches but his moves always seem to be the same. Surprisingly, it was a good match.

New York Connection VS Pat Kenney and Johnny B Badd- Suddenly TNA enters a time warp here they enter WCW. Johnny B. Badd's finisher is cool but the match sucks.

Raven VS DDP: I was surprised at how well this match went. There WCW matches were better but it was still good. Then Erik Watts shows up and screws up the match. I'll get back to the at the end.

Back to 2004.

X-Division Champion Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin : Really good match.


A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, Randy Savage vs. Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash: The one of the worst six men tag match ive ever seen. Savage comes in with about two minutes to go and fights off Hall, Jarrett, and Nash. He then pins Jarrett with one of the worst roll ups ive ever seen in wrestling history.

Steel Cage Match: America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X - Good match but I thought it was a bit overrated.

Also, The Vince and Triple H sketches were not funny. The only thing I thought was funny was how Tenay and West didnt act crazy when they took place. I got more respect for West and Tenay afterwards. Then Dusty Rhodes shows a clip of 3 Live Kru acting like idiots with Abyss greeting WWE stars as the filmed a commerical for Royal Rumble at the Universal Studios. TNA hasnt learned by now, WWE doesnt budge when someone mocks there product. A few years later BG James would attempt the same thing but that failed like this skit.

Two quick things I want to point out: I watched Turning Point 2004, Victory Road 2004, and every TNA PPV in 2005. The problem with TNA is outside interference. You have a tag match or singles match going on and its going really well. Then out of nowheres someone interferes and the match is ruined. I dont know TNA fans kept coming back for more but they did. Team Canada is a prime example and Jarretts title runs in TNA as well.

Anther funny thing I find about TNA is fans on Amazon. It's like someone reads a bad review for a TNA PPV and they get all there friends to click on the no was the review helpful button.
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on May 27, 2008
I have been a wrestling fan since 1996 and have watched all kinds of wrestling. I have a wrestling DVD/VHS collection spanning over 50 all together. This is the most complete and accurate review of this DVD you will find. I hope you find this review helpful; remember to vote helpful or not helpful. (Note-Each DVD I review has a "Match of the DVD" award somewhere in it.)

TNA Turning Point 2004
TNA's second ever three hour PPV. The return of two legends in DDP and Macho Man take place on this event. Not all the matches are good, but overall it is a pretty strong show. The Main Event will be talked about for ages. Most of the matches are here due to the fallout from TNA Victory Road 04.

-Disc 1-

NWA World Tag Team Championships
3Live Kru(c) VS Team Canada
This was a solid way to start off this show. BG James and Ron Killings represented 3Live Kru. Bobby Roode and Eric Young represented Team Canada. BG James uses his usual antics to get the crowd behind him. Killings hits an outstanding top rope Axe Kick. The return of Johnny Devine at the end is a real surprise as well.
RATING- 7/10

Kid Kash/Kazarian/Matt Bently VS Hector Garza/Sonjay Dutt/Sonny Siaki
On paper, this looks like it would be a decent match with some good X-Division action. Unfortunately, it's not what you would hope for. Sonjay Dutt is kept in the ring for almost the entire match and hardly ever gets any offence. Usually this would just be called Tag Team Wrestling, but it goes on for so long it just gets boring.
RATING- 4/10

Serengeti Survival Match
Monty Brown VS Abyss
Abyss costs Monty Brown his NWA World Title match on a recent addition of iMPACT! In this match you could win by pin fall or submission, or you could slam your opponent through thumbtacks. Abyss is well known for thumbtacks, so this makes this interesting. Most of the match, Abyss is working over Brown's injured ribs. Brown hits some good spots like powerslamming Abyss. The thumbtack spot is just brutal as Abyss lands on the back on his head on the thumbtacks.
RATING- 7.5/10

Special Referee- Jaqueline
The New York Connection VS Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd
For those who don't know, The NYC is created of Johnny Swinger and Glen Gilberti. Glen Gilberti is better known as the Disco Inferno. The match is you basic tag match until the end when Gilberti gets a little too pushy with Jaqueline and costs himself the match.
RATING- 5/10

Diamond Dallas Page VS Raven
One of the favorite wrestlers of all-time, DDP, wrestles again and this time it's for TNA. The match started out as a great brawl through the crowd. DDP hit 3 Russian Leg Sweeps on Raven into the guardrail. Erik Watts is doing commentary on the match. He talks about how he has nothing to do with Raven and DDP, despite what they say. Erik makes his presence know later in the match.
RATING- 8/10

TNA X Division Championship
Petey Williams(c) w/Scott D'Amore VS Chris Sabin
There is plenty of action in this X Division title match. D'Amore doesn't interfere too much throughout the match. In the middle of the match though, they seem to slow down the match considerably. The ending consists of Petey cheating to get the win.
RATING- 8/10

-Disc 2-

Jeff Jarrett/Scott Hall/Kevin Nash VS Macho Man/AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy
Macho Man was abducted earlier in the night; that just leaves Styles and Hardy to fend for themselves. This is a decent tag team match that shows Styles pulling a lot of his moves out on the opposition. Jeff Hardy does okay as well. Macho makes an appearance near the end and ends the match horribly.
RATING- 7.5/10

Six Sides of Steel- Loser Disbands (Match of the DVD)
Triple X VS America's Most Wanted
This is one of the most emotional matches I've ever seen. Both teams are battling it out and holding nothing back. Elix Skipper hits the over replayed walk the cage hurricanrunna. Daniels hits an awesome elbow drop from the top of the steel cage. There is an amazing tower of doom spot. Both teams work their heart out to put on one of the greatest matches of all time. Every single part of it was perfect.
RATING- 10/10

Extras Include-
Backstage Footage
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on September 22, 2007
TNA has long been mocking WWE for its decline in quality, and judging from the performance here at Turning Point 2004, they're likely to rise to replace the gaping void WCW left for the WWE to monopolize and get lazy with its quality.

This is the second 3 hour TNA ppv, and the first TNA ppv I've ever seen. It by far exceeds any WWE PPV of 2004 I've seen.

NWA Tag Team Championships
3Live Kru (C) vs Team Canada
I knew WWF's Road Dogg Jesse James and K-Kwik had ended up in TNA, but I had no idea they had basically transplanted their entire gimmick over to TNA! Complete with a different version of the song "Rowdy", Ron 'The Truth' Killings (aka K-Kwik) and B.G. James (aka Road Dogg) came down to the ring, spinning the same stuff from the WWF, what with the greeting "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!" but with the obvious name changes, such as "NWA-TNA proudly presents to you, your NWA Tag team Champions of the woooooorld!!" etc. Team Canada, I could tell from the start, didn't look very appealing. Watching TNA iMPACT these days, I recognized Eric Young and Robert Roode there, working together. B.G. James isn't that great a wrestler, but he has incredible ring charisma which more than makes up for it. I didn't really like the match, but it was definitely a good one. (6/10)

Kid Kash, Kazarian, and Matt Bently vs Hector Garza, Sonjay Dutt, and Sonny Siaki
I had no idea who any of these people were, aside from Dutt and Kash, but this match was a brilliantly executed one, with the definite star being Sonjay Dutt. He's got amazing likeability and great high-flying and technical talent. This kind of match is everything high flying pro wrestling should be. (10/10)

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs Abyss
I dislike it when no disqualification matches are given crazy names like "(Insert City Name) Street Fight" or "Extreme Rules" or in this case, "Serengedi Survival Match". Monty Brown proved to me that a brawler/power wrestler can be a justifiable superstar (and not just pushed because Vince McMahon has a tall fetish). Even Abyss showed a sort of great style and power reminiscent of the old Kane. Despite Abyss showing us his ugly naked torso, this match was a great power brawl that exceeded all my expectations. (9/10)

New York Connection vs Johnny B. Badd and Pat Kenney
To be honest, I don't remember much from this match, despite having viewed it only a few days ago. It wasn't very memorable at all, I suppose, and I recognized no one here, despite Badd being claimed as being a former WWE star and Intercontinental Champion. (2/10)

Diamond Dallas Page vs Raven
Not having been a WCW fan, my only impression of DDP comes from his horrendous WWF run, where he permanently made a name for himself as the asshole to end all assholes. This match was not really helping show off his wrestling skill, though he dominated Raven most of the match. Not a goodin. (2/10)

X Division Championship
Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin (C)
This was another show of TNA's strength over the WWE. Pure athletic talent. Although I was somewhat bored with the match towards the end, I could easily see the potential in each of them, and hope they move up to even greater stars. (8/10)

Jeff Hardy, A.J. Styles, and Macho Man Randy Savage vs "The Kings of Wrestling" Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash
Despite being the second to last match on the card, it was hyped up as the main event. At the sight of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash reunited, I had a chilling disgust, remembering the times of greasy Scott Hall and monstrous Kevin Nash dominating WCW with the NWO and essentially burying it by holding so much power and refusing to put over anyone they didn't like. Thankfully they don't have that power in TNA.

And amazingly, they managed to work well with Hardy and Styles to put on a great match. Randy Savage was taken out of action earlier, so it was a 3 on 2, though really it was evened out by Scott Hall's obvious lack of wrestling ability. Most of what he did consisted of looking 10 years older than he was in 1999, and smacking Styles and Hardy on the head like a big bully. The others were phenomenal in their own right, and even Savage got a huge pop from the crowd when he showed up. (9/10)

Six Sides of Steel
America's Most Wanted vs Triple X
I know of Christopher Daniels from watching TNA iMPACT! and from his days in the beginning of Ring of Honor. He's never really impressed me, save for one match in ROH I saw in the DVD "Scramble Madness". While the match was far superior to anything the WWE puts out nowadays, I felt bored for most of it, up until the end when the superstars really started to pull out amazing spots, such as Primetime Elix Skipper walking along the top of the cage to where Daniels and Harris were fighting at the other side, and just as he's teetering off towards the ring, he jumps and catches Harris in a Frankensteiner off the top of the cage. From there, even more innovative and spellbinding spots followed, almost making me forget the boredom I suffered in the first half of the match. (7/10)

This being my first TNA PPV, if any of the others follow this standard, I can expect, with more publicity and star power, that TNA should rise to challenge the WWE's monopoly on pro wrestling and become a powerful presence in the business.
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