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on June 19, 2013
I have been a gaming headset user for quite some time now. From the moment I got my first headset I knew I'd never go back to a normal headset or ear buds. Just no where near the same quality. I have always opted for the more expensive models such as Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Premium Wireless Dolby Digital Gaming Headset, but I understand that type of budget is not for everyone.

Enter the Turtle Beach PX22. It offers an affordable price, but doesn't lose any of the solid Stereo sound quality. This is not a Dolby Surround sound model, but it doesn't have to be. It offers solid volume control, bass and tremble sound is clear and crisp, Chat quality is also really good with controls on the control box.

Easy to hook up and painless to understand. Sometimes, well most times really, simple is good and that's exactly what the folks at Turtle Beach have done here.

This headset is the obvious successor to the PX21 and is better in every way. The PX22 feels much more sturdy than the PX21. A larger headband, more comfortable ear pieces, more crisp sound, and better chat quality. All wrapped up in a reasonably priced package.

A feature that may be missed by some, unplug it from the little mix amp toggle thing and it's a standard headphone jack usable by MP3 players, phones, Playstation Vita etc. Sound quality doesn't suffer at all.

Bonus for reading this review. If you are new to Turtle Beach headsets or just unsure about how they name their products. Anytime you see PX or a combination of that the P stands for usable on Playstation, X for Xbox so PX means it will work for both systems. I only bring that up because I didn't know that until a couple months ago. :-)

Regardless, the PX22 is a fantastic headset and one that should certainly appeal to gamers on a budget that don't want to sacrifice quality.
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on January 28, 2014
I never really considered sound as an important area to spend money on with console gaming. I own a Logitech G35 7.1 surround sound headset for my PC, and I absolutely love it. Being a PC enthusiast gamer the ~ $125 price tag was justified at the time, and it was worth it considering how much it added to the experience. I built my current PC a few years ago when I felt the PS3 and Xbox 360 were overdue for next gen, and before that I had never thought about getting a quality headset for console gaming.

Enter the next gen systems with PS4 and Xbox One. What really spurred me to want to look into console gaming headsets was the fact that the PS4 makes it so easy. I just had one requirement- something with a 3.5mm jack to plug into the DS4. I did some research and found lots of people commenting on their current Turtle Beach headsets and how many were working fine on the PS4. My Logitech G35 actually works fine on PS4 plugged into USB, but the sound quality of the G35 in stereo is not great. I also wanted something that would work with the Xbox One as well. The X1 controller has a proprietary headset jack on the controller now, but they announced that they would be releasing an adapter. So I aimed for a Turtle Beach pair for PS4 compatibility, future Xbox One compatibility, and based off of all the positive reviews I had read about them.

The PX22 fit the bill. Its a universal headset with an inline amp that is advertised to work on PS4 and Xbox One (audio only), so the flexibility was a plus. I also snagged it for a great price, on sale for $55 (retails for $80). For the price, I really don't think you could find a better performing gaming headset. For the PS4, I'm just plugging the detachable 3.5mm cable from the headset directly into the DS4 controller. It works great, you can adjust audio levels in the PS4 OS. For the Xbox One, I'm using a Digital to Analog converter from the optical connection in the back of the console, and I'm using the inline amp and plugging the 3.5mm headphone cable into the DAC. I'm getting game audio, and the headset comes with an Xbox 360 chat cable that plugs into the inline amp (and then into the 360 controller) that I'm assuming will work with the yet released Xbox One adapter. So I will be covered for chat in the future, no worries there.

The sound quality of this headset really blew me away. I wasn't expecting much honestly, I had read mixed reviews on the sound quality before purchasing. Honestly, after hearing this headset first hand I do not understand the negative reviews at all. The sound quality on Xbox One using the inline amp is outstanding. The directional sound is incredible in Forza 5, I can hear cars coming up from behind for the pass, and I can hear which of my wheels is losing traction. I've found that increasing the bass slightly on the inline amp gives the best mix. The bass is excellent on these headphones, its much more hard hitting than the bass on my Logitech G35s even at the default setting. The clarity of sound is also very good, much more clean than any headphones I've used previously.

On the PS4 plugging into the DS4, I've found that the sound quality does not suffer at all without using the inline amp. Its still just as awesome, you just lose the ability to alter treble and bass and mic volume. What's great is that the DS4 basically makes these into a wireless headset, since all you need to do is plug into the controller. I've used these on AC4, NBA 2K14 and Killzone Shadow Fall and have been really impressed. I'm hearing lots more detail in AC4 including footsteps, rustling of leaves and bushes, and the ambient music soundtrack that I didn't even realize was there before listening through these headphones. They really shine for a shooter like Killzone Shadow fall, the amazing directional sound adds to the immersion and also helps you play better.

I also tried these on my PC to compare to my G35 7.1 pair, and I was really impressed with the results. Despite the fact that these are only stereo, I actually felt like the directional sound was better on the PX22s than the G35. Its probably because the overall sound quality is just better. The bass is especially noticeable, makes the explosions and rumbling tank sounds in BF4 even more immserive.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the sound quality.

The PX22s are a wired headset, and depending on how you are using them, there can be a lot of wires going on. With the PS4 its essentially wiress with just the headphones connecting to the DS4. However on Xbox One, once the adapter releases my setup will be the headset plugged into the inline amp, which is plugged into the DAC from the optical cable out the back of the console with a USB split at the end plugged into the console's USB port, and then also an additional chat cable from the inline amp leading to the X1 controller adapter. Its really only an extra cable with the chat cable, but those who hate lots of wires should probably steer clear. On PC you would need to plug the inline amp into a USB port, and use a headphone and mic splitter to plug into your sound card. Its more annoying than a simple USB headset like I have with the G35, but its not that much of a mess. I think the complaints about all the wires are overblown...setup is really simple, and all of the options allow this headset to be truly universal.

I've seen a lot of complaints about build quality. I'm really not sure why. I think my G35s are better built quality for sure, but I also paid over double what I paid for the PX22s. I don't find the build quality of the PX22s to be bad at all, the material used on the ear pieces feel fine against my ears, the headband has leather coverings, and the mic feels pretty solid. The wiring is relatively thick and doesnt tangle easily. I also don't have any problems with the headset being tight as other reviewers have said, it feels just fine on my head and is perfectly comfortable.

Excellent sound quality, works on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for audio with chat in the future. Directional sound is the best I've heard from a stereo headset. Comfortable fit, wires might be a turn off for some. For the price, I'm really happy with this headset.
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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2013
First a quick PS3 game system use review:
I love this headset! The cable is a total of 17 FEET from the USB end to the headset, plenty of room to either sit as far away from the TV as you want, or to hide the cables to keep everything neat.

The unit looks nice, black with blue stitching. The ear pads are nice and comfy AND vented(the blue plastic has tiny holes in it).
The top of the headset is cushioned and thinner than PS one, it also has a nice tilt - it so it doesn't lay on your head if you don't want it to -even after several hours playing Borderlands 2 I barely noticed them on.

It has separate bass and treble controls so you can tailor the sounds to just the way you like and it. These have a nice sound to them it sounds clean and crisp and you hear a nice *thud* when you expect it - really really nice. Besides a master volume, On the chat side it has separate chat/game volume setting and also "Dynamic Chat Boost" that raises the chat during loud gameplay (explosions firefights, etc..)

The unit is 100% powered by the USB, no extra batteries/charging, it uses the PS3 Multi-cable (or the Xbox 3609 Audio adapter cable).
another cool point -The RCA jacks allow the headset to put them INLINE, so you can hook them up AND still have the sound running to whatever they were running to previously (the TV, sound system, Surround sound, Amp whatever...)- no need to have set up for either one or the other.. nice touch!
Basically once you are set up, you are good to go!

Basically many people love wireless headsets, (I do also, and have the Basic Sony PS3 Model) but they do seem to have a bad habit of dying at *just the wrong time*.
These are a great addition if you already have a cordless set.. and if you don't have any headphones? Get these first! :)

Really nice!

More detailed review w/iPod use reviewed:
As stated above, these are very comfy and sound GREAT. I had these on (playing Borderlands 2) and totally was immersed in the game.
I have a pair of PlayStation Cordless Headphones (the 7.1 virtual surround model) and they work fine, but the battery dies after a while.. nice to have a cabled model to just plug in and not worry about it, so that's where these come in.

Last night I was on for a pretty long time, was also online in coop mode so I was trying the chat also. The Mic is on a swivel with a goose-neck. You can control your volume as well as others as on other models, but on this one it's pretty cool how the voice levels adjust to when the gameplay is quiet, but when it is loud (during firefights or other loud sequences) the chat volume also gets louder, so you aren't yelling, (and you can still hear others clearly). I tried it on Borderlands 2, there isn't as much talking as in other games, but I am sure you will find pretty cool also!

Sound wise, these have more of a "left/right" sound compared to a surround model, but these have a better *sound* to them since you can adjust the boost and treble. It just sounds clean and crisp and You hear a nice *thud* when you expect it - really really nice.

The cable from the USB to the controls is 14 feet, then you plug the headphones into it, and that is another 3 feet (of much thinner cable) so yeah, you have oodles of cable. I use it with a PS3, I also tested it with an iPod (7th gen Nano) for this all you do is unplug it from the control and plug it into the iPod like any other headphone. You use the iPods equalizer & volume and it sounded great, no problems no over-driving. (I may be wrong but I think the Headphone's amp is stronger than an iPod, so I doubt you can over-drive the speakers.)

You can also use this with your phone by having having the control box/amp plugged into a USB, you then you hook your phone into it.
this way you can listen to your music and still take calls (with the headset's mic) I haven't tried this, but figured I would toss it out there. Finally you can use this with our computer with the USB and audio out jack.
The unit comes with a Xbox 360 Chat Cable, RCA Splitter Cable, 3.5 mm- 4 Pole Aux Cable and even Turtle beach stickers.

Let's see I think that about covers it, this is a REALLY nice headphone setup and here are 6 reasons why I like it:
1)The cable is super long (major plus in my book).
2)The sound is VERY crisp, with separate treble/bass.
3)The unit can be VERY loud without breaking up.
4)Really Cool chat controls
5)Versatile - not just stuck using these with a game system.
6)RCA jacks allow the headphones to go inline with your existing setup if any.
7)Comfy - with vented earpieces and they look nice!

Five Stars :)
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on March 23, 2015
I've had this for about 3 months, I got it from Sam's Club at a really good price.
Very comfortable on the ears, great sound and mic was very conveniently adjustable.
However, yesterday my wife was talking to me so I pulled the ear piece away from my ear so I could hear her and the thing broke apart!
It was in no way a strong pull, just lightly pulling it away from my head so I could hear her talking to me.
Now I have a heap of great headset parts I can no longer use. See picture.
review image
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on April 23, 2014
I don't care how careful you are the PX22 and X12 both the plastic band part of the headset that goes over the head just above the ears about an inch or two will crack through- in the X12 case there is no metal band underneath to give any support to the fine wires underneath- the PX22 will hold together because the metal band inside the plastic goes all the way down- still you will have cracked plastic bands just above the ears and the headset will lose it's support shape. I have a normal sized head but with pulling the headset out to go over my ears just a bit and after as little as a few days to a week it cracks- up to a month of daily use. The X12 is worse because the metal band under the plastic causes a stress point to virtually assure it will crack. Other than that the tech is great- wonderful to hear your own voice at this price. Sound quality is good too.

You could consider reinforcing the area above the ears by first pulling out the ear cups to the point ideal for you head and maybe using epoxy glue or something very strong place a strip of unflexable metal about an inch in length on both inside and outside where it will break-- do it on both sides of the headset. This should fix the problem and with care you will have a headset that should last a long time. Other than that the cable quality are good and the length is very good- the included 3.5 mm male to male patch cable is very short they don't tell you it in the advertisement but it is basically worthless so you will have to get a longer one for setups requiring such a cable. I also used the cell phone port to be able to talk on cell-- had problems with people hearing using the headset... not absolutely sure it is just not a bunch of bad connections. The main super big problem is the headsets crack just above the ears- this is ridiculous- we have a bunch of other headsets going to just 6 dollars a pair all the way up and none of them crack like that. It makes no sense for such a reputable firm to do something like that. If you want to get the headset anyway- which I can understand because of features make sure you do the reinforcement first you will probably need to glue one side at a time --this will make it hard or impossible to adjust the headset and will have them void your warranty.
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on August 2, 2013
Let me just say this, if you are considering the PX21's, don't bother. These are far superior. I bought the PX21's and the Tritton AX180's to test out first. I didn't like the Tritton's at all, so I used the PX21's for about a week. The mic on the PX21's broke after a week so I returned them and found these PX22's. They had just come out, and they were $30 more, but they were worth every penny.

The overall construction is much better than the PX21's. They are much more comfortable and you have more audio control options on the controller. You can adjust bass and treble as opposed to just bass on the PX21. You can adjust the volume of your own voice in YOUR headset. You can even hook up a phone or ipod and listen to music while you play. You can control the game, chat, and music volume all independently. And the cable is longer than any of the others I tried, so it reaches my couch!

Even the packaging on the PX22's were much better than the PX21. It's like they hired a new company to do the packaging. That means something when it's not falling apart after you open it.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on July 11, 2014
Very impressed and pleased!

- I'm largely an audiophile when it comes to headphones and have used everything from my favorite Shure SRH440's up through some of the highest end AKG, Audiotechnica, ect... and plenty of other great non-mainstream companies. Having said that, I find it very VERY hard to even spend more than $40 on a gaming headset under the impression they all sound like garbage...which 99% of the time they do.

- Moving on to this product I'll start off my saying (no it does not compare to my Shures in any way in terms of sound quality) that however is not a fair comparison since they serve two WAY different purposes and are acoustically tuned differently by fact. The Turtle Beach PX22 is outstanding in it's category or budget gaming headphones (which I think can span anywhere from $79-160)

Sound Quality (with USB only) - ordinary...nothing special
Sound Quality (with 3.5mm + USB) - Amazing! clear highs along with an adjustable sound warmth made from the Bass and Treble tuning on the amplifier. BONUS! You can actually set these up to do virtual 7.1 that actually processes sound correctly due to Turtle Beach's engineering that allows the circumaural feature of their premium headphones to replicate 7.1 well EVEN if they aren't engineered specifically for 7.1 *although that's a whole other topic I won't discuss here*

- Fair mic that has a very clear and controllable sound recording *not to harsh or too soft*

------Ease of use------
- Ehh it's a little confusing at first but basically plug the headphones to the Single opening on the amp then the USB and 3.5mm jack to ur speaker outlet.

- It's very light and comfy enough to use for a while although it is On-Ear vs Over-Ear.

- Features upon features upon features! just kidding, BUT there are plenty of great features that this headphone offers including in-game + phone call combining where I can take a call from a person and still hear and play my games, then switch right back over to my in-game chat.

- You WILL NOT! get the full sound quality if you do not properly setup your headphones!

Step.1 plug the 3.5mm jack in the a SPEAKER outlet (green one or just which ever is the one you plug your speakers)
Step. 2 plug the USB into whichever USB port it can reach
Step.3 (IMPORTANT) go to > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage audio devices > *find your SPEAKER output and Set to Default!*
Step. 4 (OPTIONAL) right click the speaker output you set to default and "configure speakers" set 7.1 surround.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on August 12, 2015
To date I've owned 3 pairs of these. The first was purchased as a gift and they were great for about a month. During a gaming session I noticed one of the ear cups felt like it wasn't positioned properly so I removed the headset to adjust it and noticed the arm on the right cup was cracked. As it was a gift and I had no way of returning it to the store I contacted Turtle Beach and got absolutely no response.

That wasn't a big deal to me, so I went to Gamestop and got another pair as I really liked the first pair I had and was hoping that it was just a fluke. Second pair lasted for another month when the same thing happened. I promptly returned them to Gamestop at which point they gave me a brand new pair. No charge, no questions.

Third pair has now lasted roughly 4 months with very careful use. I play nightly and use my headset every time I play in order to chat with the people I game with. Extremely careful with how I treat them, if somebody is in the same room and talking to me I made sure to remove them completely so as not to stress the arms, never get dropped, never get bent or twisted in strange ways, etc. This evening after work I get home and put them on and notice that yet again, one of the ear cups feels odd. Yep, you guessed it, same spot same side, there's a crack running right through the plastic. The other side has stress cracks as well.

I will never buy another Turtle Beach product and will make sure everyone I know avoids them at all costs as well.

Only reason it's getting 1 Star is because that's the lowest you can go...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2015
EDIT: I am changing my review due to negligence upon Turtle Beach's part.

I live on a college campus, and sending mail out is a struggle, especially when you have no car and the nearest post office is pretty far away. I contacted Turtle Beach about an issue with this headset playing an extremely high pitched noise when I try to use the headset for skype. It was determined that the amp box provided with the headset was the issue. Yet, they want me to send back both the amp and the headset. Why would I bother returning the headset when I've already made it clear that the headset has no issues whatsoever, and it's the amp? The e-mail back from their support was very hostile and they were completely intolerable of my situation, and they've made it nothing but a hassle to handle this situation. I will never buy from turtle beach again.

Onto the headphones, I've been using these for a few weeks now. Honestly, I really don't like them. When plugged into the amp box, there's constant feedback that varies in severity, and it honestly hasn't shown much improvement to the sound quality (other than a tiny bit of bass, and I personally don't care much about bass). Setting up the amp for a desktop PC was incredibly frustrating.

These headphones sure as hell aren't worth their price, and the amp is utterly useless. My Logitech H540 headphones (a very very simple $40-ish pair of headphones, but have never failed me) work just as good as this pair. A pair that's supposed to be higher quality for gaming. And it's not. What a huge disappointment. I will probably return these and buy a decent pair.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on May 24, 2013
They are fairly comfortable to wear and are adjustable so that you can fit them to your head. The sound is very good for the price, some of the more expensive headsets have better sound but for the price of these you can't beat the sound. I like that they are compatible with multiple devices like and ipod, ipad, xbox360, ps3. There are no worries at least for me that they will work with my games and hardware. The cables are really long which gives you a lot of room to roam but that can be bad too because they do get tangled and twisted after a while, there is supposed to be a shrink wrap type of tubing you can put on these to protect the cords, we might do that. Right now my kid has them folded and wire tied because he knows how the wires can get and once they get twisted too bad they do not straighten out. These are definitely nice that they don't need external power or batteries to die just plug them into the USB on the xbox and for the ipod and ipad just use the jack like any other headset.
The headset is bulky and I prefer a smaller headset myself but they are comfortable for now, when it gets hot they may not be so comfy.
So I would recommend these, they have good sound, stay on your head, work very well all for a lower price than many headsets, they should last for quite a while and no worries about batteries dying.
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