Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Ear Force X-Ray Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset
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on April 15, 2013
The XRAY is spec for spec identical to the XP400. It's an excellent headset just like the XP400. The minor changes are all cosmetic. Besides the COD branding the LED's on the receiver are orange along with the power LED on the headset. They look pretty nice actually, and are a pleasant change from the typical blue. The mic features a polished stainless steel guard on the end along with pleather ear pads and a stitched pleather headband. Small touches that surprisingly make it appear more upscale. Shiny orange plastic bands accent the ear cups instead of green. That's it. The rest of my review can be applied to either the XRAY or the XP400.

Fit: The headset is relatively lightweight for a wireless type, and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The ear pads provide excellent noise cancellation. However, I prefer the mesh foam used on their other headsets. These tend to stick to your skin if you're a hot head. 4/5

Setup: The receiver plugs into a USB slot on your 360 along with a fiber optical cable for Dolby Digital sound. A digital out is provided to daisy chain to your receiver in case you're not using HDMI. It also has an analog (mini plug) line-in if you want to listen to music wirelessly through the headset. The headset is charged (about 2 hrs) via an extra long USB cable, and can be used while the unit is on for uninterrupted gaming. The headset is pre-paired with the receiver from the factory, so once your connections are made all you have to do is power on your 360 and the headset and its ready to go. Pretty painless. 4/5

Sound: This is where it matters most, and the XRAY does not disappoint. The Dolby Digital processing is excellent with great positioning and wide separation. For a headset with only one large driver per ear it sounds pretty darn good. I can hear everything the sound designers intended you to hear in a virtual 3D space. Some Dolby Digital games I've tested these with are BF3, Dead Space 3, and COD Black Ops II of course. All sound incredible.

The headset features 4 EQ presets that sound strangely similar to one another. Flat, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Bass and Treble Boost. I prefer setting 4. A common question is "Can these things bump?". I'll say the bass response is great. Grenades in BF3 or COD will rattle your ear drums thanks in part to the large 50mm drivers.

A big issue in the past with 2.4Ghz wireless headphones was interference. This led to annoying pops, clicks, and outright disconnection. This has finally been resolved with the dual 2.4/5Ghz receiver. After hours of gaming I've heard no interference, and I'm in a household dense with wifi use.

There are several surround angle presets that can selected depending on the 3D environment you prefer. Generally this is only found on the expensive flagship models that are programmable, so its nice to have some control on the positioning. Overall sound, 5/5

Additional Features:

Turtle Beach claims 15 hrs of play time with these, and I can attest that their claim is accurate. I rarely find myself charging these. Lithium Polymer FTW!

The Blast Limiter feature I see as kind of a gimmick. It has multiple settings for its intensity, but I can't hear much of a difference. Maybe its just me, but it hasn't saved my ears from loud explosions.

The mic monitor allows you to hear yourself and is adjustable. It works. There's also an independent chat volume, so you can balance it accordingly with game audio.

The built-in Bluetooth is dual pairing, and works like the old ear pieces you hardly see anymore. This was primarily designed to be used with the XBA bluetooth adapter to allow wireless chat from the 360 controller. Unfortunately, its not included in this edition. Ya, really. You'll have to spend another $30 for the adapter. Although I have used it with the XP400, and it works great. A true all wireless solution.

Overall, this is an excellent wireless surround headset, and if you can score a deal because of the COD branding I highly recommend it. Otherwise, go with the XP400, which is roughly the same price and includes the bluetooth adapter.
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on October 6, 2013
This is my first headset for the Xbox 360. I was looking for a wireless surround sound solution so that I could play at night after everyone has gone to bed. It had been difficult playing any FPS with the sound turned down very low. No problems with that now!

* Wireless - easy to set up, the range is acceptable. I have the transmitter in a heavy wood (not particle board) entertainment cabinet and if I go a few rooms over I lose signal, but it works everywhere that I can see the TV, so I'm satisfied.

* Bluetooth - I like the addition of this so I can use it with my phone. However, it only connects for voice and not music. Either that, or I can't figure it out or it doesn't like my phone. It was very easy to pair with my phone (Nokia Lumia 920).

* Sound - The sound quality is very good, but not the best sound I've heard. The bass booms, and I don't hear any clipping unless I have the volume up to the highest and the limiter is on. The ear cushions completely cover my average sized ears, and block out a lot of sound. I've tried this with games, DVDs, and online streaming and was happy with the quality.

* Surround - The simulated surround works well enough to get a general sense of direction. I can tell someone is behind me, or a car is moving from left to right, but I haven't found that it is specific enough to know someone is at my 4 o'clock vs. my 6 o'clock position. Then again, it could be the game. I've tried it with COD:BO2 and Halo 4.

* Chat - one thing I want to mention is that IT WORKS WITH XBOX 360 OUT OF THE BOX. When I was reading reviews, I saw a few that said it doesn't work unless you buy the Bluetooth adaptor. Well, that's true if you want 100% wireless, but it comes with a chat cable to connect the headset to your controller, making it Xbox Live chat ready. I'm more than happy with this. I was more concerned with avoiding wires going from me to my Xbox. The cable comes with chat volume and mute controls and is only about 2 ft. in length, btw. The mic's boom is also removable. While playing online my friend was able to hear me clearly, and it picks up my quieter voice.

* Comfort - once I put this on, I realized what people meant when they said their headset was heavy. You definitely feel these, but I've gone for a couple 4 hour sessions without any issues. Other than the weight, they sit comfortably on my head and have plenty of room to expand. I have an average size head, and it is at the smallest setting, and they extend quite a bit beyond that. Someone with a huge Sputnik-type noggin' should have no problem with this.

* Charge - I have yet to discharge these completely. When I first got them, it took maybe 3 hours to charge fully, even though the manual said 6. Every time I plug them in to recharge, it is back to full in 30-60 minutes. I expect I could get 10 hours of use before needing to plug them back in.

Overall: I'm very happy with my purchase, and I feel that I couldn't have done better unless I spent double or more on a higher end set.
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on July 20, 2013
This headset is very good for the money.
The wireless works fine and it can be used in many ways.
It has a 3.5mm input for anything you want and then a opt. input.
You can however use the headset in Bluetooth mode only and listen in that way, although the sound is not great.
I am using these for my ps3 xbox 360 and Bluetooth on my laptop to not bother the wife when in bed.
Also the part that goes over your head is great because it is a little forward on your head.
That makes lying in bed with these on perfect.

Good product over all 5 stars
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on April 27, 2013
This headset is great. Great sound, built well, good mic, easy install. I got these when my tritons broke. And I am so much happier. For one no cords stretching from my tv, and two the mic on the tritons sucked, I always play with friends and when they miss things I say it drives me insane. No problems with the TB, they hear everything I say. The sound quality is great but so were the tritons so I can't say they are better in that area, I feel like they are but it all comes down to personal preference. The only thing about these TB is the headband, it is huge, I have a lg head, L, XL hat size and I have the headband on the smallest setting and they just fit my fat head, if I wear a hat to play they are perfect, if I don't then they become uncomfortable after about an hr of playing. But otherwise I have found nothing wrong with them. I play with the, every night for about 5-6 hrs for about 4 months now. I hope this was helpful to you guys.
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on March 23, 2014
For the casual gamer this I think this is the best headset you can buy, it is wireless, has a rechargeable battery, has surround sound and EQ presets, and will connect to your phone via bluetooth. The title of the item says it is manufacturer refurbished but I cannot tell it looks brand new and came in the retail packaging I haven't had any issues with it and I used it 3-5 times a week. If you want to compare this headset to another Turtle Beach they are the exact same thing as the XP400's they just say Call of Duty Black Ops II which isnt a big deal to me I cannot see it when I wear them anyway. This headset will work with the Xbox One as long as you update the controller and have the latest (March '14) update. I use the Kinect right now for chat and I have had no issues there either, just turn the mic monitor on the headset up and you cannot tell a difference as long as the Kinect is set up right.
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on July 13, 2013
I won't make this review long here's what I think about it:

5/5 - Sound, these headset really pack a punch and you can really hear everything that's happening around you which is a major advantage for those who plays first person shooters

5/5 - Aesthetics It really looks neat and I thought it the earpads are unreplaceable well I was wrong you can replace them which is a good thing

4.5/5 - Button/Chat controls, it's not really the downfall of the headset if you know the controls and how to use/utilize them you won't have a problem with this the only thing that I didn't like here is the boom mic, they should've made it that you can take the "whole mic" off instead of just the "stick" not including the base.

4/5 - comfort, it's not really the best headset that you want for long hours of gameplay just because of the "fake leather" material they used it will make you sweat so better have an extra pair of earpads to replace them.

all in all I love the headset this is my first turtle beach headset and it didn't let me down.

I got my pairs off 2nd hand market and loving it.
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on August 30, 2013
they didn't go into detail about the side buttons on the headphones and how to use them, that could have been better. I get some interference sometimes, especially if they aren't fully charged. sometimes they will cut out randomly even after having been charged, thats annoying.

took me a minute to figure out you have to turn the chat up for other people to hear you. I thought the cord was loose at first or it wasn't working. pairing wasn't that bad once I figured that out as well but it isn't an instant start up.

sound quality is about the same as my other turtle beach dolby digital set (only really used for call of duty and youtube).
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on July 18, 2013
This is my first headset so I have nothing to compare it to, but I am satisfied. Great sound helped me improve my skills in call of duty, amazing sound enhanced my experience with "The Last of Us". I am happy with the purchase, worth every penny.
Extremely comfortable even though its summer and its hot, the headset is still comfortable
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on September 14, 2013
I purchased this headset for use with my PS3. They arrived quickly, well packed and in the OEM box. The COD Black Ops II motif is very nice. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods. The adjustability of the surround sound field really makes games and BD movies come alive. You can hear burbling brooks, crickets and a hidden enemy lock and loading, pretty cool. Listening to music only comes across as stereo unless you're watching a video'd concert then you get the full surround effect. I got them on sale for half price and they are definitely worth it at that price. I also like that you can plug the surround module into your computer and use them that way. The sound limiter function is a nice and useful addtion as well. It works when you're creeping in a stealh mission and explosions pop up suddenly. Saves your ears. The boom mike is fully adjustable and chat volume is separate from game volume, nice touch. Unless you are a jaded audiophile you won't go wrong buying these.
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on May 12, 2014
I bought these for my 12 yr old son for use on his Xbox 360. Out of the box, they were supposed to be factory paired. However, they were not. After 20 minutes of trying to figure out why no sound, trying to pair the headphones and reading the book, I finally decided to go to the manufacturer's website and their troubleshooting guide. There I found that it may take several times to pair the headphones to the station. After the 4th attempt, I was successful and all was working great. However, a week later my son was upset because he was trying to play his game and the headphones didn't have any sound. Apparently, they lost their pairing again and I had to re-pair it to the control (which only took 3 attempts before I was successful). I showed my son how to pair it and he says once a week he has to do this and it takes several attempts to get them to work. If the headphones would no lose it's connection, I would rate them at 5 stars, but having to re-pair it several times makes them a 3 star item.
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