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on April 16, 2012
I bought this headset because I had the old X11's and wanted to upgrade to wireless because the wire for the X11 is ridiculously long and was never needed for my gaming since I play about 5 feet away from my tv.

Let me just say this headset is great. I read a bunch of reviews before I bought it because I wanted to be sure it would be worth the $100 price tag. I read complaints from people saying that it produced static constantly and others saying the game sound or voice chat drops out a lot. This worried me but I ended up trying them out anyway.

I've owned the X32's for a good month now and as of yet I haven't had a single technical issue that made me question my purchase. So I'll keep the review nice and simple:


+For the most part a very solid connection. The headset's wireless capabilities are very reliable.

+Sound is very clear and voice chat is incredibly audible. The difference from this and a typical headset it very easy to notice. I now can't stand to chat online with a regular mic.

+Has an auxiliary connection for mobile devices. I love this for listening to music while I play. The game sounds, chat and music all blend perfectly.

+Nice battery life. I bought some rechargeable batteries so I'm set for a long time. I get a good 20+ hours of use before the headset tells me to change the batteries.


-It does produce a few minor hiccups in connection that last no more than around 3 seconds every once in a while.

-I decided to list this as a con even though it doesn't bother me one bit. It does produce static if the volume is cranked up high and there isn't constant sound coming in. So if you're watching a movie with the volume up it will have some static during the quiet parts. But I don't play or watch anything with the volume high enough for the static to be an annoyance.
^^^Others may find this extremely annoying though.

-It can become a bit uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. But this could just be me.

-Although the chat and game sounds are vivid, it does often take me some time to adjust the two volumes to get a good balance. If this is not done, I have trouble hearing my friends over the game or hearing the game over my friends' voices. But this is easy to fix.

-A few other very minor and insignificant annoyances that don't hinder the experience whatsoever for me. An example is that people you are chatting with can hear pretty much any noise around your mic. So if there's a window open next to you with a loud noise outside, they will probably be able to hear it.

Hope this helps you decide if these are for you. I didn't have any issues because my setup is very simple and there isn't much room for error or interference with the sounds. More complex setups may encounter issues that I don't have. All I know is that they work wonders for me.
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on July 31, 2012
The TB x42 is my first gaming headset and I would normally use my Tv's speakers (ie non-directional)

Packaging was secure and easy to open, the item got delivered (to Australia) in 4 days with express postage through DHL.

Product - compact, light (not flimsy), well balanced, easy to set up, over detailed instructions with pictures(which is a good thing I guess).

Sound quality is great, 5.1 surround took a while to get used to, and there is obvious ~360 sound directions. Bass isn't going to rumble the set of my head, Treble isn't going to pierce ear drums either. There is button on the headset to adjust, and I have found in multiplayer that I lean toward more treble than bass.

Wireless has worked seamlessly.

Mic is great, picks up all I say and my friends have said my voice is clear with no ambient noises. Chatting feels/sounds natural, and Mic monitoring controls the volume levels

UPDATE: after two month or ~100 hours of use.
Sounds is still great and the the Direction altering button on the transmitter is useful once you get used to the directional sound.
The head band for my average sized head is very comfortable, I have worn for a couple of long gaming session and have had no discomfort, but they feels a little lose if I move around, I can still walk around the house but wouldn't play Wii bowling/tennis (bad example but I am sure Knentic has a similar game)
The range is good and connection is great, I am not sure about distance but the signal will get through two brick walls (not a third).

MAKE sure you take the batteries out when it starts beeping (low battery warning) will only do it once and your chat friends won't be happy. I get about 12-15 hours out of my rechargeable batteries. I am lazy and rely on the 5 minute auto shut off.

I have sat on them (not very comfortable) and they did not break with no sign of damage.

I recommend this product, but i have not owned any others!
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on April 13, 2012
These finally, finally arrived - were they worth the wait?

Let's start off with what's different from the X41, XP500 and earlier models - things that can be downright confusing. I'm NOT talking specs, which you can read on your own; I'm talking operability.

(For sake of reference, I've owned the EarForce Deltas (which are remodeled XP500s), the X41s and the earlier analog-version X4s.)

* The Unusual (and Not So Good) *

Unlike earlier Transmitters which were always "On" so long as they were attached to an active USB port and powered on, the X42 Transmitter and its LEDs will turn OFF when you turn off the headset OR if there is no active audio signal for around 5 minutes. (For this latter, the headset will also turn off - this information is hidden at the back of the User Manual in the "Technical Specifications" section - something we never read, right?)

There are two ways to turn the Transmitter back on: (1) power on the headset or (2) unplug/replug the Transmitter's USB connection. (Obviously, turn on the headset.) It takes a few seconds to power all the way back up, which is, again, an issue we never had with the previous, always-on Transmitters.

Frankly, this is a little confusing if you're expecting the X42s (and probably the XP400s) to function the same as previous wireless Turtle Beach models.

Build quality. I hate to say it, but these feel definitively cheaper than ALL of the models I've mentioned so far, especially the XP500 branch. The smaller and very portable X42 Transmitter feels flimsy and delicate. The headset feels like a light, hollow-plastic housing. And out-of-the-box, they're not as comfortable or well-fitting as previous headsets. This may change after a break-in period, so I'll update accordingly.

Paired Out-of-Box? My headset and Transmitter were not properly paired upon first use. Took a minute to figure out how to pair them, but it's something I shouldn't have had to do. The manual itself says they should be pre-paired to work together. Oops!

* What's good - or even great - about the X42s? *

Interference? NONE. Unlike other reviewers, I am NOT having any sound/buzzing issues. As a matter of fact, the X42s have eliminated all of the cracking issues I had with the X41s and XP500s. The sound is super-clear. We run a dual-wireless household here, with 2.4GHz/5GHz active, and the X42s have performed flawlessly. I am VERY happy and impressed by this.

Sound quality? Better. The lack of interference is no doubt at the heart of this, but I can't help but notice a marked improvement.

Transmitter Size? Excellent. Think 'the size of a square hockey puck.' While it feels incredibly delicate, it is SO SMALL compared to previous Transmitters, that you can put it pretty much anywhere. Early transmitters suffered from 'where the heck do I put this thing?'-itis. No more.

* The Questionable *

The Transmitter and USB cable are now hard-connected. I'm NOT a fan of this, as I used to move the Transmitter from one room to another. It was much easier to have two USB power cords, one in each room, and just move the Transmitter between the two. Can't do that anymore. Also, if anything happens to the USB cable, you can't buy a replacement cable. If you're crafty, perhaps you could open the Transmitter and replace the cable if something happens, but there are no obvious open-points on the Transmitter.

No Stereo Output Port? Previous models had a stereo output port, which allowed you to hook up a wired headset. Personally, this will be sorely missed, as I would hook up a wired headset for visiting friends if we were playing late at night, or if the batteries in my wireless headset were running low, I'd switch to wired. But no more.

Missing: An Additional Optical Input. With so many digitally capable audio devices, it's just unfortunate that there isn't more than one optical input. If you've got two of any of the following - Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Cable/DVR, Boxee Box, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, etc. - you can only hook up one of these to the Transmitter at any given time. Some of these play well via HDMI->optical sound on some televisions and audio receivers (to date, the PS3 plays fine this way, but not the 360), but it's an unfortunate and missed-opportunity for Turtle Beach to make a more functional wireless headset.

* Conclusion *

A competent headset that suffers from change: eliminating inference and improving sound quality comes at the price of strange power issues and unexpectedly poor build-quality; a smaller form factor is offset by loss of functionality.

Whether or not the X42s are right for you will depend on whether you experienced interference with earlier 2.4GHz models. If you did, these should be a huge improvement.

If you've ever owned (touched or even seen) the XP500s, you'll be severely underwhelmed by the X42s sturdiness. For everyone else, they'll feel hollow.

If you've never owned a Turtle Beach surround sound headset, you won't be thrown-off by the changes. If you have, just be aware of the changes and differences, and set your expectations accordingly.

Personally, I haven't decided to keep them or send them back. I still have time to decide. Perhaps something more impressive is on the horizon. Your move, MadCatz?
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on January 28, 2012
I bought this a week ago at a local retailer and have LOVED being able to play without disturbing anyone.

So, for the review:

The headset is very comfortable. It fits my big head very well, and the padded top does not "dig in" to your head like most headsets do. The ear cups also are comfortable around my ears, and I haven't had any issues whatsoever with them.

Bass/Treble/Mids - Surprisingly clear and loud. Bass sounds really good and deep to be coming from such small speakers.

Chat: great! the boom mic is very clear and folds out of the way when not in use (like all of them).

Setup: pretty easy. I just used the included splitters for audio, and plugged the transmitter into the xbox USB port. It comes pre-paired with the transmitter and headset, so don't do what I did and attempt to re-pair the two! That is actually my biggest complaint. Pairing per the instruction manual never worked for me. I had to turn off headset, hold down the transmitter "pairing: button until it rapid flashed, then hold down the headset "on" button for 6 seconds until it beeped (not the normal on/off beep!!!). After that the unit paired.

I've read some people having issues with a hiss or whine on the older wireless headsets, but I have not had any issues with this one.

Hope my review helped! I would buy these again in a heartbeat.
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on September 27, 2013
I like to use my stuff for about a week before I do my reviews just to get a feel for the product. If you've read any of my other reviews, you know how much headsets I've purchased and tested. The reason why I purchased this is I sold my Astro A40s along with my Xbox a little while ago to buy a gaming PC. Now that GTA V was coming out soon and all of my friends were getting it, I got really hyped and wanted my Xbox again. I got my Xbox a few weeks before the game came out. I played Gears of War 3 in the mean time while waiting for GTA V with just with my stereo output but I couldn't really hear a whole lot. It's really hard to try to play a game when you're so used to having a surround sound headset. I then decided to buy a headset but I didn't feel like spending a whole $250 on a nice headset (not only that, I don't have the money for it). So I did some research and looked into it and decided to go with the DXL1. I couldn't be any more happy.

For starters, the headset itself is very lightweight. Typically with my experience with Turtle Beach, they don't have a good reputation with comfort. With these, I have no discomfort at all. I can wear these for hours and not have any problems. I have glasses and I still have no problem wearing these.

The sound quality is amazing. With the DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound processor, these things are great. It's virtual 5.1 surround sound. They have nine different equalizers and six different surround sound angles so you can set up what sounds best for you and the games you play. Whenever I play Gears of War 3, or Search and Destroy in Modern Warfare 3 (and yes, I still play both), you can hear where the enemy is. Not only that but the fact that you can use basically any headset for the DSS2 processor is awesome. If you want to upgrade to a different headset later on, you can do that and hook it up to the processor but I really don't see the need to upgrade because of how nice the DXL1 is.

I love how long the wire is for the headset. When I just want to relax, I can lay down in my bed and play with the headset, or I can sit down on my chair and game too. And I do like the fact that it's wired and not wireless. I've dealt with wireless headsets before and having to replace batteries all the time is a pain the back.

The only problem I have at time which is really not a huge deal but I sometimes have to shut off the DSS2 and turn it back on when I turn my Xbox off and then later play it. The Dolby Surround Sound won't turn on at times when I start up my Xbox so I'll have to shut off/turn on my DSS2. Not a big deal, just something to be noted.

Overall, this headset is amazing. After having high-end headsets, I really think they don't really compare to this. I paid $70 for this here on Amazon. You really can't beat the price for this wired headset. If you're looking for a nice, comfortable headset with great sound; look no further.
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on March 25, 2012
I love the sound quality and microphone quality of this headset. They fit comfortably and being able to use them without having a wire going from your headset to your Xbox is a huge plus. Please note, you do have a wire that goes from your headset to the xbox controller, just like the plain Microsoft headsets that come with some of the consoles.

The most annoying thing was getting them setup. As someone else said in another review, the instructions in the manual for "pairing" the headset and transmitter are incorrect. Go to turtle beach's website, and on their knowledgebase, pick this headset model, and there will be an article called NO GAME AUDIO, with a pdf attached titled the same. Follow the instructions there. Once I had the headset and transmitter paired correctly, I was still not getting game audio. I had to adjust a setting on my HDTV to make the "audio out" ports work, and then it worked perfectly.

But once they are finally working its worth it. Great audio quality in terms of both game audio and chat audio, and your voice will sound better to the peeps you are chatting with. Very happy with my purchase.
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on June 15, 2012
I am not a hard core gamer. I'm just your average one who upgraded from the Turtle Beach x3's from many years ago. I expected these headphones to be better than the older ones from many models ago. I must say that overall I'm pleased. In most categories they are better than the old x3's. Although, you would expect them to be.

Better because:
*They look cooler.
*Dual Band WiFi. There was no interference with my router,
*There was no buzzing, or humming, or noise of any kind. They are very quiet!
*Microphone is removable!
*Range works well for me. I can hear throughout most of my (small) house. Almost got the 30ft they claim.
*The wire to hook up to my controller for chat now will work with my "Chatpad."
*They do a much better job at letting me hear where the noises are coming from.
*Sound quality is good enough to allow you to hear the subtle things you want to hear.
*No more infrared blackout areas if I bend down, or leave the room.
*Uses optical audio cable to deliver 5.1 Surround Sound
*No more faulty/crackling/noisy microphone to controller connecter that plagued the x3's.

No different because:
*Sound quality is no better than the old x3'a. I thought it would be much better. But it is hard to tell any difference.
*They feel about the same quality. Not too bad, but certainly a lot of plastic. Not a major problem though. They don't feel flimsy or feel like they'll break.

Worse because:
*The bass on these is for sure worse than my old x3's. The bass on those was actually impressive. These headphones do a very poor job of giving you any punch. After playing more games, I'll update.
*The bass boost or treble boost give only a very subtle change.
*The instructions are STILL wrong on how to pair them. But a simple youtube video later, you're golden.

Overall, I really like them. And when I picked them up at $120... they weren't so bad of a deal. Whenever I am in an online battle, I never really like the bass up too much, so I can hear the more important sounds. I would recommend them for sure for anyone who is looking for a good inexpensive gaming headset.

UPDATE(11/28/2015): Just wanted to add, that these are compatable with Xbox One. With the original Xbox One controller, you need an adapter, but with the new one, you don't. I've had these headphones now for about 2 years. I still like them! Battery life is really good. They sound nice and are still surviving life with two children. The foam over the microphone is on there tight and is still there. The foam on my old x3's fell of quickly. Great for gaming, great for music. Really nice headphones, and for $99, that's not bad. They can be a bit finicky though. They don't seem to like weak rechargeable batteries. When they start to beep to let me know the batteries are low, sometimes they will start to squeal at me. It's really the worst sound in the world, I can't even begin to describe it. They stop responding and the squeal won't stop until I pull out the batteries. This is a behavior that Turtle Beach knows of, and they do blame the batteries. Just an inconvenience. Also, when they are connected, they are great, but sometimes the transmitter receives some stray signal when it is off from some other source and it turns on randomly. After a few times of this they must be losing their pairing and the headphones won't turn on the transmitter. Usually just means I have to pair them again. Just an inconvenience. So for the price the inconveniences are minor and are usually pretty rare. Still a great set of headphones, just wish they wouldn't scream that awful sound at me. I lose sleep over it.
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on September 2, 2012
Bought these from walmart because i wanted to try our several different headsets and return what i did not like.

The Good:
First off the sound on these is much better then I anticipated. Pinpointing the directions of footsteps without the need of an equalizer was much better then I expected.

The wires were nice and long. I had no problem with reaching my couch or chair.

The DSS2 Processor was a nice addition to a basic headset, however i did pair the DSS2 with my steelseries V2 and unlike advertised I didn't notice any difference in sound.
With the Turtle beach headset attached to the DSS2 I noticed a big difference in sound.

The Bad:

Although very light, these we the most uncomfortable headsets I have ever used. The pads on the ear cups were more rough then using an off-brand toilet paper.


If it weren't for the extremely uncomfortable headset I would have given these another star or two. I would recommend the upgraded version of this headset the DX12 because you get the same sound processor but a much more comfortable headset, the X12
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on April 16, 2012
This review is from the perspective of one who had the X-4 headphones and bought these X-42 headphones to replace the X-4 model. I am disappointed that the X-42 isn't really better than the X-4 from two generations earlier.

On the plus side:
- the headphones do block out much more external noise than the X-4 did
- no power receptacle is required - runs off the X-Box 360 USB port (can be considered a plus or a minus depending on how one looks at it)
- more choices for customizing the surround sound experience (six possibilities)

On the negative side:
- the X-42 ear cups are less comfortable than those of the X-4
- the X-42 has dropped the signal for a second or two on numerous occasions from a distance of 6-8 feet - the X-4 never dropped the signal for as long as I owned them (three or four years) until I got about 25-30 feet away.
- the on/off button needs to be held down for two seconds to turn the headphones on or off - a pain if one needs to leave for a short break and wants to conserve the batteries. And when turning them back on, it takes a few seconds beyond that two second button push to completely power up. The X-4 was an instantaneous on/off and took maybe a second to fully power up.
- it was not paired upon receipt. When attempting to pair them (I have two sets), one set paired relatively easily (not intuitively though - had to break out the instructions), but the other set would not pair up. The LED on the transmitter would "rapid flash" and the headset would flash twice instead of once like it should when properly paired. Went to the TB web site and there is no information on what a "double flash" on the headset means. Maybe it is defective?
- not thrilled with the bass and treble boost. With the X-4, the difference in the bass (there was no treble boost on the X-4) between the normal mode and boost mode was startling. I really liked the bass boost on the X-4 much better.

All in all, I really was expecting something way beyond the X-4 in performance - and I was sadly disappointed, especially after months of anticipation waiting for it to come out. It isn't a bad headset, but two generations after the X-4, the X-42 should perform much better than it does.


Update: After using these headphones for some time now, I have found the dropout rate of the connection a bit excessive - the X-4 never dropped out. Also, the "surround sound" sometimes reverses and left becomes right and vice versa. I have to turn the headset off, then back on, to reset. The headphones fit much more loosely than the X-4 also. When I bend by head down, they tend to slip off. If I shift to get up, lean back, or bend over for something, I have to hang on to them to keep them from falling off. Last item - a minor one - but the X-4 had a stand the headphones could be placed on. The X42 does not have one.

Overall, sound, when not disconnecting or getting static, is of better quality than the X4 and it does a good job of decreasing the distracting environmental sounds, but in all other ways, the X-4 was a much better product.
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on June 29, 2012
I was in the market for some good surround sound gamine headphones. I Compared the price of these and astro's and tritons and you really get the better deal with the DXL1's. the DSS2 sound processor is alone $70 which is pretty crazy but just for about $20 more you get the surround sound headphone too! The regular x11's, x12's are stereo headphones where the speakers are only Left and Right outputs. Including the DSS2 into the mix will increase the quality but will not come close to these headphones. If you buy the DSS2 by itself then you most likely already have purchased the x11's or the x12' for about $50, totaling aprox. $120! Dont be that person, get this and you wont be disappointed :)
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