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on April 18, 2012
This headset is actually not bad at all. What impressed me was the 50mm diameter speakers, while playing a game you will have no problem hearing little sounds like footsteps. Another thing I noticed is that these are actually not bad when it comes to noise cancellation. The build quality is not the best but don't forget this headset is under $40. If you somewhat are a gamer and you need an above average headset, these are for you. Trust me you will not regret buying these.
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on May 6, 2012
I previously had an $180 pair of headphones that were really comfortable, but the mic kept cutting in and out. GameComPro1 PC Gaming Headset A friend I play games with recommended Turtle Beach, and I saw this cheaper pair that had not yet released. I preordered and got it earlier than I expected, so I was pleased on the response time.

With the actual headphones, I've found two problems. One, I'm worried that the mic moves TOO much, but with the design, I'm not worried about the wires getting messed up with the dynamic link-type of movement. So it's plastic, but very protected. Then, the cups of the actual headphones clasp completely around my ears. At first it was painful to wear, but they've morphed to my large head since then, and fit wonderfully. So just the mic one is a really big deal, but that just means don't wrap and unwrap the mic and twist it every which way for long periods like any other mic.

But the sound quality is amazing, and the volume and mute buttons on the cord are higher up, compared to my last set which was at my feet pretty much. The cord is also not that long, so my chair isn't on the cord all the time. The plastic itself is pretty indestructible, my roommate stepped on it and it was fine. A bit big to take for handheld devices, especially with the mic, but wonderful for online gaming. The sound quality of my voice sounds great, better than my last pair. I would recommend this to anyone.
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on June 3, 2012
This is an excellent headset for its price, the best I have used for its price bracket. I have used extensivley the Turtle Beach X12, the Logitech Clearchat Premium, the Microsoft Lifechat lx-3000, and this Z11.

Why is it the best?

The second best are the X12's which are similar. The x12s are designed mainly for console gaming, but they work great on the PC too. The main issue I had with the X12's were that they were amplified which I personally do not like. There is a constant quiet hissing noise in the background due to the amplifier, which may not bother other people. The Z11's get louder then my ears can handle so amplification is not needed.

The Microsoft Lifechat lx-3000's were ok. They hurt my ears after about an hour on my head and the earcups did not breathe very good. The earcups like to popoff the headband sometimes too, but it was never an issue popping them back on. Also they had a very strange issue. They had a strange limited volume range. If I moved the volume slider all the way down (doesn't matter the computer or operating system I tried this on) a normal headset would be completely quiet, but these seemed like all the way down was around %33 volume which is strange.

The Logitech Clearchat Premiums were crap and I do not reccomend them. One of the earcups snapped off. They sounded worse then the other headsets, and they made my ears feel terrible. I do not reccomend these. The price was right however.

The Z11s are the best I have used for cheap headsets. They are the most comfortable by far (same as x12's). More importantly they are not amplified, so there is no hisssssss in the background constantly (and I think they sound a little more pure for some reason). They also use a 3.5mm jack instead of USB which I personally prefer. There is a handly volume dial on the cord. USB headsets have a similar volume dial, but it just controls the windows volume slider via software. This gives ultimatley the same effect, but the hardware dial on the z11's is faster, more accurate, and can be fine tuned better. These also have the 4-conductor 3.5mm that can be used it laptops and Ipads that use it. The mic sounds great, no issue there. It has excellent sound quality with great bass, better then the others I have mentioned.

These are not 100+ dollar premium headsets. They are built cheaply to reduce costs. However I do not ever feel like I will break these. The build quality is perfectly sufficient. Overall these are the best bang for your buck if you want a good set of headphones for gaming, don't want to spend a lot, and don't want to worry a nice set getting destroyed on accident.
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on February 1, 2013
I break headphones every few months and each one is generally uncomfortable and there is always some background fuzz when I listen and play games on the PC. (THESE ARE NOT FOR CONSOLES, DESIGNED FOR PC, PHONE, LAPTOPS, ETC)

Enter Turtle Beach. I've heard their name a lot esp. for console gamers but I never bothered. I saw a deal on Amazon with high marks and I recently broke my Plantronics 995 (beware) and I needed a replacement. I'm so happy I chose these.

Sound Quality:

INCREDIBLY Crisp and sound comes out so smoothly that I cannot believe I have been using such subpar headphones up til now. People are very clear and perfectly loud. There is no background sound or static and music sounds excellent. When you play FPS games you can hear each footstep and bump. I was playing Deadspace 2 and I was freaking out half the time. Great for Counterstrike, Battlefield 3, and other competitive FPS games if each sound can make the difference between life and death.


My friends said that after switching to the new headset that they can finally hear me clearly without any issue. They said it was very clear and precise to the point where one friend even mentioned how annoying and stupid I sound after hearing me so clearly... I cried a little but was overjoyed that I made such a great purchase.


This is where the headset has its weakness but it also may be its strength to some others. In the picture the headphones seem very sturdy and made of nice quality but this couldn't be farther from the truth. The headphones are INCREDIBLY light and feel very cheap. I'm afraid if I throw them around that they will explode. If you tend to be rough with your gear or frustrated after a match, be wary when making a decision to buy these. This is the only true weakness of these headsets.
Other than that they are very comfortable around the years and are very spacious and don't heat up your ears.


It is difficult to find the middle ground between headphones whether they be wireless, noise-canceling, or high surround sound quality. For $30, this would be in the lower-mid range but I am very glad I made this purchase. The second you put it on you know that these were meant for gaming and they will help you OWN noobs!


+ Great Price
+ Excellent Crisp Sound Quality
+ Comfortable
+ Nice clear sensitive mic


- Delicate construction, be wary
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on May 26, 2015
I don't really write reviews, but I'm going to take the time to only because I want to assure you it is a good product. I bought this headset 4 years ago for $40. Its managed to last me that long through extreme use. I spend a lot of time (if not too much) on my computer. These headphones have been through 2,000 hours of PC gaming, countless hours of TV shows and movies, thrown on the ground, stepped on, spilled on, you name it- its gone through it. Not only is it durable but it's comfortable, too. They're light and allow your ears to "breath", I sometimes forget I'm even wearing them because they don't smash your head. The sound that comes out of them is exceptional with great range of tone. Finally, my most favorite thing about this headset is the mic quality. I've even compared it side by side with a professional recording mic and I couldn't tell the difference. I've used it for dozens school projects, plus it always feels good to be the guy in the group chat with the clearest mic. No buzz fuzz quality damage. Just your voice, and I love it.

However all good things must come to an end. A few days ago my younger brother dropped them on the floor and ever since the mic has been dead. I've taken it apart and my engineering skills have failed me (so far anyways - still trying to fix them). So here I am about to buy another pair to last me 4 more years, and $10 cheaper. Long live the z11s.
Sound- 9/10
Durability- 9/10
Mic- 10/10
Comfort- 10/10
Price- 12/10

Buy these, you wont be let down.
review image
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on November 27, 2013
I purchased these hoping they would be a cheap solution to a gaming headset for my new PS4. The PS4 has a standard 3.5 mic'd Stereo plug and although it was not explicitly advertised for the PS4, I hoped it would work. The good news is, it works perfectly for both chat and game play audio through the controller with very minimal setting changes.

Here is what I did to get the headset to output BOTH chat AND game audio:

1. press and hold the "PS" button in the center of the Playstation Dual Shock 4 controller
2. A blue screen should appear after 2 seconds with the option to "Adjust Devices"
3. There you will see settings for your controller and the option for "Output to Headphones" where you can set what mix of chat audio and game audio you would like.

Note: You will not be able to change audio sources without the headset plugged in.

That is it. You now have a headset that works perfectly and sounds great, at a fraction of the "Official PS4" headset prices. The sound is very good and does get warmer after a few days use, which is normal for headphones. I have regular man ears and the headphone cups fit over them comfortably. Other users have complained these headsets are tight and I have a big head and after adjusting the headband these feel very comfortable, no squeezing on my temples.

I will say I am a little worried about the wire that delivers the right headphone audio. It does look as though constant adjustment of the headset could stress and weaken the cable, but thus far I have had no problems.
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on July 7, 2012
I bought these a little over a month ago and so far they are amazing. Before buying I read alot of reveiws and thought long and hard but i think I made the right choise. Many of the bad reveiws said that it put alot of pressure on your head and that it didnt create a perfectly sound proof sheild. Both of these are true. But as a Let's Player I find them perfect anyway. As you wear them you get used to both the pressure and the slight distortion of your own voice that slips through the sound barrier. The mic has a very good quality for the price and if you'd like to hear it in action watch a few of my newer videos here: [...]
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on January 3, 2013
I purchased this headset about a week ago with middling expectations, not really knowing what to expect. On one hand, it's a Turtle Beach, and on the other hand, it's only $30..After using it for one week I'm going to tell you my initial reactions.

Upon getting the headset I crudely tore through the packaging, just like anyone else would. The headset itself doesn't have a $100 feel to it, but it feels solid and no part particularly weak. The cable is insanely long, especially if you're splitting it into two cables, one for the mic and one for the audio. Not really the best thing if you're on a laptop, but on a desktop you probably won't notice.

The first thing I did once getting everything out is plugging it into my desktop. (I have to split the cable, my case doesn't support both in one cable.) I plugged it in and immediately booted up Left 4 Dead. After a couple seconds of tweaking in-game settings, the mic worked perfectly. I've heard in some reviews that the microphone is too sensitive and picks up background noise, but that's not the case for me. (Note that even if this is true there's software that can adjust this, and most games have mic sensitivity settings built in.)

The microphone itself is excellent. It picks up on everything you say and gets it to the other players very quickly. It doesn't cut in and out like some lower end mics will, and it won't pick up ingame sound or keyboard presses like laptops do. When you push it up out of the way it stays firmly in place and doesn't slide down, and using the mute/unmute switch on the cable has yet to fail me.

The sound quality is the only thing I can say I'm not super impressed with. When you first put them on, you'll notice a distinct lack of deep sound and bass. But once you're in the game, you probably won't notice. The sounds move clearly from side to side and it's crisp and clear.

Overall, this headset it excellent. I really don't have any cons for it except for middling sound quality. A reccomended buy, especially for your budget minded gamers.
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on September 6, 2012
I purchased the Z11 with high expectations, based on everyone elses review of course not based on price. However, the z11 is just an average headset. The sound quality is adequate, nothing great whatsoever, but nothing bad. The mic is alright, it's not the worst thing, I don't get what everybody's saying that the quality is so clear? It has this annoying background noise, almost like a fan blowing in the background.

Overall, I'm satisfied with what I got because I just needed this so i'm able to play games, and or talk to my friends without bothering my roommates. If that's all you're looking for then look no further, but if you're looking for a mic that does all of that and kicks your ear drums in everytime you play, it might be worth forking up the extra $20-30.
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on September 6, 2012
My previous "gaming" headset was getting quite old and worn out - and by warn out I mean it's starting to break after about a year worth of drops, step on, etc. I decided it was time for a new headset, and since I've always heard such great things about Turtle Beaches, I decided to try them out. Overall, the headset is great! The quality is VERY nice and very clear. While playing BF3 with these, it sounds so much more 'realistic'. The mic on it is not "the best", but hey, for a $40 headset it's pretty good. Regardless, it's still far better than my previous one.

- Comfortable
- Looks nice
- High Quality Sound
- Very good Mic quality
- Cable is short, but not too short.
- Volume Adjustment and Mic toggle are position very well
- Full ear enclosure (for me at least)

- Feels a bit, low quality
- Mic is very sensitive to touch
- Mic lever moves very easily, allowing it to fall to low at time.

Overall, it's a great product. This is something I would definitely buy again if I needed to. I'm sure there's better headsets out there, but for a low-budget headset for an average gamer/user, I would say this is perfect.
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